Students may be catching a break if they misbehave in school. The rules surrounding suspensions in New York City schools are changing.

The changes to the discipline code should result in far fewer suspensions, CBS 2’s Vanessa Murdock reported Wednesday.

“Our goal is to make sure the schools are providing a safe environment for our students, but also we just don’t push students out of the classroom where they’re not learning as well,” Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott said.

What will be different? Well, for starters Walcott said cutting class and cursing will no longer be grounds for suspension.

Neither will smoking, something that left a few parents bewildered.


For kindergarten through third grade, shoving used to warrant a suspension, but won’t anymore.

“I don’t think suspension should be on the table for shoving in kindergarten. They’re so little, they need to learn,” parent Sharon Kennedy said.

Education law specialist Nelson Mar said the adjustments are a great “first step” toward changing school culture.

“Often times when children are removed for disciplinary measures it has a negative impact on education, so they have a greater likelihood of actually failing their classes and also a greater likelihood of them dropping out,” Mar said.


Vandalism and physical altercations in middle and high school still warrant suspension.



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  • we won’t see  the desired results until they lighten up on assault, rape, theft and vandelism

  • So you can’t be suspended for smoking in school.  Can you still be suspended for having a 32-ounce soda or consuming foods high in trans fats or sodium?

    • Oil Can Harry

      I see you’re familiar with my mayor, Mike Bloomberg, the Nanny State ninny who wants to outlaw soda, salt and cigarettes.

      Thanks to Bloomberg, adults in Noo Yawk can’t smoke in bars, restaurants or public parks but black and Latin kids can smoke in school!

      • Varina

        When I was in high school in New Jersey in the 50’s we weren’t allowed to smoke on the block that the school was on. The whole block! Not one parent complained.

      • CoweringCoward

         The “crano-rectal inversion” is an act many liberals are quite proficient at.

      • toldev

         So if a minority kid smokes in school, he is going to get a slap on the wrist. If an adult smokes in a bar, he will be fined several hundred dollars.

        It sounds like the liberals need to get a sense of proportion.

        • Oil Can Harry

          What if a student is expelled for smoking pot in school?

          He can defend himself later by claiming it was just a “normal” cigarette and not a “funny little one”.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Just when you thought the bar could not be lowered any lower for blacks. Why discipline them at all? Do ANY of them follow any rules of conduct? Dat be raysiss!
    This is only instilling a great sense of entitlement in their already inflated egos, nothing they do is ever going to be perceived as wrong or immoral.

    • Brianviejo

      What be raysiss is allowing a chaotic unstructured classroom that makes learning difficult to impossible-  setting every kid in the school back.  The worst victims are those who have some desire to study and learn.  Liberals have no clue about this.   

      Here is a real generation gap. When I was in grade school in small towns in Kansas and Colorado, serious misbehavior resulted in the kid getting spanked. Most of us never were because we knew what would happen.  Result was we were on course for learning well.     

  • For kindergarten through third grade, shoving used to warrant a suspension, but won’t anymore.”

    I wonder if New York schools can be sued for failing to provide a safe environment when the inevitable children are hurt with this weaker policy on violence.

  • JohnEngelman

    “Often times when children are removed for disciplinary measures it has a negative impact on education, so they have a greater likelihood of actually failing their classes and also a greater likelihood of them dropping out,” Mar said.          
    – CBS New York, August 29, 2012       
    Removing trouble makers for disciplinary measures has a positive impact on the education of those students who are trying to learn. 

  • JohnEngelman

    This is like improving the test scores of blacks by making the tests easier. Anyone who has sat in a predominately black class room knows that they need more discipline, rather than less. 

    • CoweringCoward

       Anyone who has had the “pleasure” of being trapped in a majority black class knows they need a zookeeper.

  • Dr. Möbias

    Not suspended for cursing, smoking or shoving?  

    What if they’re caught with an aspirin, a plastic knife or an asthma inhaler?

    What if they’re caught reading the Bible?

    And, don’t even think about drawing a picture of a gun.

    • In California you can get sent home for wearing an American flag T-shirt as it may offend the illegal and anchor-baby students.

    • CoweringCoward

       I think these things are all contingent on the caught student being the right color for it to be taken up the chain to the zero tolerance folks. Of lower, less is expected.

  • But this isn’t the answer, because they need to hit the goals of Obama’s Affirmative Action School Discipline program.

    So if they aren’t suspending the MAJORITY students for minor infractions anymore, what the heck are they going to be suspending the MINORITY WHITE students for?

    Welcome to educational hell on Earth.

    Principals will be placing notices in the teachers lounge stating “I need a WHITE child to be guilty of a suspend-able rule infraction by tomorrow”.

    “Tommy, you threw Dejango’s test paper on the floor.”
    “No I didn’t, it slid off his desk.”
    “No, you threw it on the floor because you are a racist. Go to the principal’s office.”

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    New York City is filled with Demon Spawn, full of Debauchery and is Due for Destruction.

    Sometimes, you just need to let things go.  While I strongly believe in NEVER giving up any piece of America, it’s worth it in the long run.

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    I’m betting Communities have the ability to seek out like minded folk and form their own classrooms.  Lots of White People are very Informed and Educated and Worthy of Teaching our Young and, back in the day as it shall be Today, all it takes is a REAL American Teacher, a room and a little bit of money for Books.  “We” can and will make sure our Teachers have what they need.

  • Church_of_Jed

    The quality of new teachers will rise dramatically, because so many young White women will be excited to participate in these innovative and reimagined education practices for the 21st century that finally move us forward to a revisioned purpose that puts us on the right path to building a truly inclusive and welcoming learning environments for all.

  • IKantunderstand

    Hmmm, suspending a child from school, as punishment for not going to school.Wow, that is absolutely brilliant! That works out quite well; now, they can curse and smoke as much as they want away from school. Why on earth are they stopping punishment for these crimes? Seems absolutely counterproductive. And shoving? Well, who as a little tyke didn’t enjoy a rousing shovefest? Except we all have a pretty good idea as to who the shover and who the shovee is. I say let the little piece of shover  be suspended. 

  • Rewarding failure. The road to zimbabwe is paved with liberal intentions.

    • Major

      Yea…we tried that with Liberia to in 1850 I think…among others. And the lights are still off and no ones home.

  • anmpr1

    What our ancestors knew, and what even more intelligent blacks understand, is that all children require discipline and punishment.  Blacks require discipline in greater numbers, and to a more severe degree due to their inherent nature, a nature that is from the beginning less amenable to that behavior required to maintain high culture.   It is because high culture is alien to blacks.  They never created it, and on their own cannot maintain its requirements. 

    Also, one’s schooling must necessarily be commensurate with one’s ability.  Like Jethro Bodine, most blacks can probably be expected to graduate the 6th grade, but unless subsequent IQ testing shows otherwise, advanced schooling is, for them, pretty much a waste of both their time and our resources. 

    In any case, segregated schools are imperative in order for blacks and whites to achieve their potential.  There is generally no need to subject white kids (or Asian kids) to the extreme discipline required in order to make blacks behave. 

    My impression is that brown mestizos (Mexicans, etc.) are somewhere about half way between white and blacks in this regard.  However one need only look towards the crime and anarchy in Mexico to understand where that group will end, when left on their own.  The only sane solution is separation between whites, blacks, and mestizos/chicanos.  If we continue to persist down our multiracial path (now it is an interstate highway) the only hope for order is to institute Singapore style punishment for misbehaving.  Otherwise things will continue to degenerate with these people.

  • School students in NYC smoking ? How could they do so in Bloomberg’s ” Nanny Land” city where adults are ostracized for doing so ?

    How can these “poor students” afford the heavily taxed cigs ?

  • anarchyst

    It was Stern’s own “tribal brethren” that pushed this “multiculturalism” and “diversity” crap.  I am glad that the Sterns had to endure the racial animosity that busing brought.  Ususally, those of the “tribe” don’t have to endure racial animosity as they tend to keep “separate”.  I don’t know what happened in the Stern case, but I’m glad it happened.

  • MartelC

    This is going to backfire.What these kids need is MORE discipline, not less – this will only encourage worse behavior. But to liberals APPEARING equal is more important than helping these kids.

    When I do see well behaved black kids 9 times out of 10 they belong to religious group with a strict moral code  like the 7 day Adventists . But New York City is fervently anti-Christian and actually recently specifically banned Christians (and only Christians) from using public school space off hours. 

    These kids NEED structure and discipline – liberals deny them that, and deny or discourage Christian groups from providing it….. so what liberals are actually doing is pushing these kids into the hands of the Nation of Islam.   

  • HamletsGhost

    Add one more to that list:

    9. Smoking is allowed, as long as the cigarettes are Menthols.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Oh, you have no idea!!  Some of the tales I have are unprintable here — I’d be kicked off the forum permanently if I related some of the things I’ve seen and heard!!

    If it’s possible, Hispanic administrators, IMO, are worse than the black administrators.  Like black administrators before them, there was such a such a rush to “seat” Hispanic administrators ( only 6% of Hispanics complete college) that many of questionable credentials and character were quickly shoved through into positions of power.

    I have found most of them to be full of themselves — puffed up, semi-literate phonies with little knowledge and a bit power who get off on lording over others, especially Whites.  We White teachers are floored at the utter stupidity of most of them and make sure we stand out of the way when they inevitably implode and destroy themselves — no matter, the district usually moves them somewhere else, often to a position with more power, prestige and, of course, more $$.

    I’m surprised there is any vestige of White America left in the Los Angeles schools, including the English language.  But somehow, I keep hearing in teachers’ meetings that Hispanic and black school failure is due to White oppresion — hell, Whites haven’t been in any power here in a generation, there aren’t enough White left for a coven!!

    Did I ever relate the tale about the union rep, a White guy, about 40, spoke softly, highly intelligent — carried a big stick — and how he was called into the new Hispanic principal’s office for a meeting?  Seems this particular principal had completely f-ed up a previous school and the union rep knew it, was transferred into this school against the union’s wishes —  the White rep knew the failed Hispanic was a White-hating racist…..


  • Larry Klein

    How do they square the “tolerance” of shoving  with the hate crime laws? Shoving is ok as long as you don’t mention fried chicken or AIDS?

    • MartelC

      Yep. In fact beating whites is probably ok too – just a schoolyard tussle like the “Jenna Six”. 

  • susann

    Let’s see, how far is it from cursing, shoving, cutting class and smoking to physical aggression and vandalism. You might as well call it what it is, law breakers 101!

  • This is kinda weird, in a world where almost every nation is imposing bans on smoking this public school is easing penalties, don’t understand that.

  • Why are they easing penalties for smoking, cursing and cutting class? This doesn’t make any sense.