Group Wants Birmingham to Add Restrictions on Payday Loan Stores

William Thornton, Birmingham News, August 19, 2012

A crowd of 60 people chanted “At least a mile!” with raised fists at Harvest Community Church Sunday night, calling on the City of Birmingham to restrict the number of payday loan stores in the area.

The demonstration at the church was sponsored by Birmingham Faith in Action, an interfaith group calling for the city to adopt a zoning policy which would mandate that new payday loan stores cannot operate within a mile of an existing one. The group contends that payday loan stores charge exorbitant interest rates and disproportionately affect the poor and minorities.

To illustrate the point, Quinn Rallins, director of Birmingham Faith in Action, showed the crowd a photo showing dozens of sharks swimming alongside each other.

“We have to pick between living in two oceans. Sharks live in this ocean because it’s acceptable that they can feed on the weak,” he said, pointing to the photo, before showing another with only one shark. “Which ocean do you want to live in? This is where we’re headed if we don’t do something about predatory lending.”

Rallins said Faith in Action is making a push because the city’s ban on new payday loan stores ends in September. He contends that before the ban, Birmingham had the highest concentration of payday loan stores in the nation. He said the group would like the city to adopt a new zoning ordinance which would also mandate distance requirements for payday loan stores from welfare offices.


“Three out of four payday loans are used to try to pay off other payday loans,” Rallins said. “There’s a difference between businesses making a living, and making a killing.”


Harvest Community Church


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  • The group contends that payday loan stores charge exorbitant interest
    rates and disproportionately affect the poor and minorities….“Three out of four payday loans are used to try to pay off other payday
    loans,” Rallins said. “There’s a difference between businesses making a
    living, and making a killing.”

    Most people get the government they deserve most of the time.  The same is true of interest rates.  A person who pays off a greasy spoon payday loan with another greasy spoon payday loan deserves to be charged hundreds of percent interest.

    Besides, knock out the payday loan joints, and where will most residents of chocolate city get credit?  Are they expected to fall back on their lines of commercial paper?  Do they have a prime rate with the Fed?

    • The__Bobster

      They will use loan sharks, who have rather interesting “collection” methods.

      •  So if a black guy has a white trash girlfriend that applies for the loan, would a loan shark make a deal with a mud shark or do they have different territorial waters?

      •  That’s a good point. I bet a lot of this “community” opposition to legal payday loan joints is funded by gang banging loan sharks.

  • JackKrak

    Everything from borrowing money to a candy bar costs more in the ghetto since doing business with blacks is always riskier. Whether it’s high interest rates to cover high default rates or plexiglass protection from bullets for cashiers, trying to earn – that’s right, earn – a dollar from these people involves a business approach normally reserved for post-apocalyptic war zones.

    • chuck_2012

       as is typical with large black populations it has descended into a large ghetto, one where the inhabitants simply wait for money to be given to them. Imagine if Asians sat back and demanded to be supported. No other group of citizens has shown such a propensity to laziness and stupidity as black people.

  • Predatory lending = blacks taking loans they can’t afford.

    How often can blacks afford any loan without government assistance?

  • WmarkW

    I know I’m in the AmRen minority on this, but I actually do wish the government would do more to protect blacks from their low IQs — payday loan stores, state lotteries and liquor stores all proliferate in black neighborhoods, exploiting lower intelligence to make a profit and making their ‘hoods even less desirable than they otherwise would be.

    Low IQ drives STD rates and unwed parenthood too, to the detriment of EVERYONE. 
    But the “we need to do more to help blacks, and dealing with their intelligence level where they actually live” is about the least popular political position there could be.

    • RisingReich

       We can start with a positive eugenic program offering these liabilities to society $5k to be sterilized to assist with their ‘poverty’.  Within a generation we wouldn’t have these kinds of problems.  I can’t take credit for this idea – someone else here brought it up and it’s a darn good idea.

      Heck, double or triple the monetary value I laid out above and it would still be a long-term positive in SO many ways I don’t have enough space to write it here most likely.


      • Nah, just sterilize them, give em 500 Obama money and a bucket of fried chicken and send them on their merry way.  They think that’s a lot of money.

        There’s a woman paying crackheads $300 and they do it.

        My idea is to have Medicaid and free clinic affiliated doctors give “family planning counseling” to a woman who has had a 3rd illegitimate child.

        Something along the lines of: “Ms. Washington, little Devariashius is your 3rd child from another absentee father.  Proper family planning is crucial in producing happy and stable families.  Would you consider sterilization?  There is a federal sterilization program that pays $500.”

        • Sherman_McCoy

          I like it.  But I also want to see a reinstatement of modified anti-miscegenation laws with compulsory sterilization of white and blacks who marry each other.  Mulattos can be dangerous!

          • Having mixed-race children is child abuse.

        • RisingReich

           $300 is a super hot bargain!  That’s so completely fantastic it’s hard for me to express my delight!

          I’d institute a one illegitimate child threshold on the discussion and pretty much mandatory after two, but I’m a bit harsh I realize.

          Glad to see I’m not alone in my thinking on this and thanks for the link.

    • IKantunderstand

      What pray tell, do you suggest be done? Other than brain transfers from dead Caucasians, I can’t think of anything. Do you seriously think that ridding the hood of liquor stores,payday loan stores and establishments that sell lottery tickets will transform the hood into an urban utopia that becomes a magnet for everybody else? How much more money needs to be spent?  If the money already spent on the blacks could have been translated into elevated I.Q.’s,  this website would be superfluous.

      • Oil Can Harry

        WMarkW, payday loans exist in the ghetto because some of the residents have such awful credit ratings they can’t get traditional loans.

        Eliminating these businesses will hurt, not help, the poor. Now their only lenders will be gangstas.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Read between the lines, what they are really saying is “save us from ourselves, we are too stupid to think long term.” They can’t wait for Obummer to get another 4 years. He is dead set on providing for all of the dusky brothern’s needs via “wealth redistribution.”

    • chuck_2012

       yes i agree they are too stupid to make decisions about managing money or, in fact, anything else for that matter. The reason these places survive is because blacks choose freely to patronize them. Its free will and they can choose to do otherwise.

  • Have these idiot blacks never heard of a pawn shop before?  Although I guess to get an effective pawn loan you have to have something worth pawning in the first place.

    • The__Bobster

      No problem. They’ll just steal something worth pawning.

  • I fixed the paragraph for Quinn Rallins, as he was obviously misinformed:

    To illustrate the point, Quinn Rallins, director of Birmingham Faith in Action, showed the crowd a photo showing dozens of negroes congregating on a street corner.

    “We have to pick between living in two neighborhoods. Negroes live in this neighborhood because it’s acceptable that they can feed on the weak,” he said, pointing to the photo, before showing another with only one negro mowing his well cared for lawn. “Which neighborhood do you want to live in? This is where we’re headed if we don’t do something about Section 8 housing.”

  • I don’t quite get this.  Does “payday” equate to a legitimate paycheck, or a welfare check?  Are poor blacks getting hosed because they cannot get from welfare check to welfare check without borrowing on the promise of another welfare check?  How sad.  I so feel for these poor exploited souls.

  • How do blacks get a Payday loan without identification?

  • crystal evans

    Before you accept the money from these places, you are given a disclosure form with the interest rates that the loan will cost. So there is no excuse as to not knowing the interest rate is before taking out the loan.

    •  Giving an interest rate disclosure to the typical Booshondia that uses a payday loan outfit is like giving me a newspaper written in Chinese. Too, it’s not as if Booshondia looks at the WSJ every day to compare her 928% interest rate from the greasy spoon to the prime rate or the average for a 7/1 ARM today.

    • The__Bobster

      Come on now. These same people took out subprime mortgages knowing what the loans would cost.

  • IKantunderstand

    So,  let me understand this, it’s better for people to be eaten by one shark, versus people being eaten by many sharks. I don’t get it. You are still eaten. Is this like a campaign against shark obesity? 

  • Sincerely Concerned

    About fifteen years ago I was working for some gentlemen who decided to start a payday loan business.  I was to be the clerk. 

    They obtained the proper licensing and set up and began advertising.  Within a day, the phone began ringing off the hook with people wanting these loans.  After a brief Q&A over the phone, appointments were made and the people came in to fill out the paperwork.  All of them were black.

    Often, I had to do business with them when I was completely alone in the office and honestly, I was afraid I’d be robbed.  There were two other businesses that I was also running from this desk.  Busy as hell is an understatement, but the reason why I left the company is because I had that payday loan job pushed on me and because the collections end of it was exasperating—customers simply wouldn’t pay back on time so then I had mounds of letters to write.

    Out of all these transactions came only one conversation about why the person was there to get money.  He volunteered that he had other payday loans to pay off. 

    It seems that some people will do anything to not work a real, regular job and there seems to be nothing they can do without, materially.  Sure, we required collateral and we kept a lot of cars and junk but I still don’t see why anyone would really want to get into this business.

    That said, people are indeed free to choose.  We were not predatory—every person I dealt with knew perfectly well what they had to lose.  Further, I’d be willing to bet that if the payday loan places in Birmingham all suddenly closed overnight, the people would complain about where they were supposed to get badly needed money and would then continue their robberies and burglaries, saying they had no other choice.  And of course, they’d scream “racism”.  

  • Blacks cannot go to a fast food restaurant without substantial government intervention because they cannot control themselves to order responsibly.  Now, they need the government’s assistance to save then from taking out loans they know they cannot pay back. Blacks should be ashamed of themselves….

    • ncpride

      Your post sums it up pretty much. They need to be saved from themselves. These places are as bad as those rent to own stores. A total rip off. You end up paying triple what the product is actually worth, when you could get a better deal at a yard/garage sale, pawnshop or local newspaper ‘for sale’ section. Just use some common sense…. oh wait..

    • chuck_2012

       being ashamed requires a step back with reflective thought…something blacks are incapable of.

  • tickyul

    Huh, I have a credit card……..interest free loan for 30 days.

     As a bonus I very rarely carry cash……rob me and you will get nothing.

    • Strider73

      Dittos on the credit card. Pay it off in full each month and it’s 0% interest.

      My bonus, however, is that I very rarely don’t carry a gun. Try to rob me and you will die.

      • tickyul

        Haha, good one………take out the trash.

        Welcome to Mad Max America!!!

  • Dear negroes, get on direct deposit, make and stick to a budget and learn that malt liqour isn’t a basic human right, problem solved.

  • Howard W. Campbell

    “We have to pick between living in two oceans. Sharks live in this ocean
    because it’s acceptable that they can feed on the weak,” he said,
    pointing to the photo, before showing another with only one shark.
    “Which ocean do you want to live in? This is where we’re headed if we
    don’t do something about predatory lending.”  Why didn’t Quinn Rollins ever point out that those sharks tend to stay away from middle and upper class neighborhoods? Granted, with a group that has an average IQ of 85, it is a lot easier to present a tautological situation than demonstrate alternatives. In the wealthiest areas around the major metropolitan area near where I live, there are no strip joints, tattoo parlors, minimal rent to own, payday loan, and similar bottom feeder businesses. In the days of Bull Connor, most of these bottom feeder types of businesses probably operated openly in the black areas of town, but were not pervasive throughout Birmingham.

    Chris Rock: “Here is the difference between rich & wealthy. Shaq is rich; the white guy who signs his check is wealthy. Here you go Shaq, go buy some rims, bling, bling”. A fairly simple definition; but it can be quite profound.

    Fortunately, I have never needed the services of a pawn shop, a title loan company, or payday loans. I have had two occasions to rent furniture and both involved a move where it would be a while before my stuff arrived. Instead of the typical rent to own place, I looked around for companies that worked with businesses to take care of employees who would be in the area for just a short term. We have stuff that is functional, but not a lot of bling. Once again, here is that darned white privilege, when I am looking at a major purchase, I look at operating and maintenance costs too. Personally, I cannot stand living in a situation where you are one paycheck from bankruptcy and there is no slack in the system. While I can understand short term circumstances, is this the way people should live for years on end?

    I am trying to get my kids (who are in elementary school) to start thinking long term and trying to get them to understand why some cultures succeed and others fail. Talking to them and relating stories only goes so far. I have also shown them videos of the rubble women in Germany after WWII and various videos of failed societies (i.e. Haiti, Detroit, etc). Sixty seven years after WWII, Germany & Japan are not begging us to rebuild everything.

    In addition to banning payday loans, will the city of Birmingham ask the Cable TV provider to block the tv show “Hardcore Pawn” or other similar shows? For many in the Amren audience, on the surface, we may laugh, but deep down we are just appalled. It is the TV equivalent of watching a train wreck. Will the city demand TV shows that demonstrate people acting responsibly and move to a series of channels that have the kind of shows that you see on “Masterpiece Theater”. I’m not holding my breath either.

    Years ago, I remember reading a story in an airline magazine about a guy who set up his own sports betting/handicapping system. This was in the era of calling into a 900 number and paying $3 – 4 dollars a minute for advice. For most of the football season, the handicapper did fairly well. He revealed in this article that his betting strategy involved putting pictures of the helmets in front of his 2 year old son and observing the helmet that was chosen. From there he would back fill the reason for the pick. When the Super Bowl came around it was one of those years where either team had a real chance of winning. Lo and behold, his team lost. What happened later was what really surprised him. People were calling in death threats because they had mortgaged the house (literally), gone all in and then were going to have to explain to their wives why they were suddenly $150K – $500K (or more) in the hole with nothing to show for it. Gee, don’t the guys who mortgage the house on a football game need protection too? Aren’t the handicappers, the casinos in Vegas, and myriad other forms of vice just taking advantage of people? Do we need to ban flights and junkets into Vegas and Atlantic City?

    • Strider73

      That story reminds me of the famous octopus in a German aquarium who correctly picked the winners of Germany’s games during the 2010 World Cup. The managers put food in plastic containers having the flags of the nations in the upcoming game. Whichever container the octopus chose to feed in was the predicted winner. Lo and behold, the octopus was right every time and German fans were ecstatic. Then it predicted Germany would lose in the semifinal. When Spain beat them, the death threats began.

  • TomIron361

    That’s because the “nicer areas” aren’t as nice as they once were.

  • The__Bobster

    Dat would beez razzzzist, nome sane?

  • RisingReich

     Don’t worry, soon they will be protected from the inherent ‘raycis’ nature of interest rates.  Already in the cross hairs lie pre-employment credit checks and the hidden ‘raycis’ features of those checks will eventually call for society to ‘protect’ them against. 

    After those protections are in place, society will have to start looking to ‘protect’ them from other ‘raycis’ truths of reality like lower production rates on the job, higher rates of drug dependance, higher absenteeism, etc, etc, we all here know the list.

    There a few other societies in history that got tired of this upside down madness and did something about it.  Way may not believe it, but other groups of people once paused and said, “The past is true, the present is false.”