Ex-Leader of Major California Union Faces Theft, Tax Charges

Paul Pringle and Richard Winston, Los Angeles Times, August 1, 2012

Not long ago, Tyrone Freeman was a rising star in the national labor movement, already the head of California’s biggest union local and a force in Democratic politics from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C.

Freeman’s quick climb up the ranks of the powerful Service Employees International Union burnished his reputation as an advocate for the disadvantaged, a man who helped improve the lot of some 190,000 workers paid about $9 an hour to care for the infirm.

Tyrone Freeman

On Tuesday, though, Freeman was indicted on federal charges of stealing from those workers to enrich himself — even billing the union for costs from his Hawaiian wedding. The 15-count indictment, which also contains allegations that he violated tax laws and gave false information to a mortgage lender, carries combined maximum prison sentences of more than 200 years.

The charges resulted from a nearly four-year investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor, FBI and Internal Revenue Service that grew out of a series of Times reports on Freeman’s financial dealings as president of SEIU Local 6434. The ensuing scandal cost Freeman his job and spread through the SEIU, leading to the ouster of several other California officials as well as the president of the union’s biggest Michigan local.

Citing records and interviews, The Times reported that Freeman funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars of his union members’ hard-earned dues, and money from a related charity, to his relatives. He also spent lavish sums on a Four Seasons Resort golf tournament, expensive restaurants and a Beverly Hills cigar club.

Last month, his wife, Pilar Planells, pleaded guilty to an income tax charge in connection with more than $540,000 she received in consulting payments from the union. She is expected to be sentenced to three years’ probation and must pay about $130,000 in back taxes, interest and penalties, according to court records.


At the time, Freeman’s total compensation was about $200,000, making him one of the higher-paid union leaders in the nation. He is charged with three tax counts for allegedly failing to report about $100,000 in income from 2006 through 2008.


Still pending in state court is a civil lawsuit the union filed against Freeman and Planells over more than $1.1 million they allegedly pilfered. The suit contends that the money financed Freeman’s lifestyle of $175 glasses of cognac, $250 bottles of wine and a $3,400 trip to the NFL Pro Bowl.

Before the scandal broke, Freeman had the ear of mayors and Congress members, in no small part because of the election dollars and campaign foot soldiers his union could muster.


Freeman also represented 30,000 workers as president of the California United Homecare Workers.

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  • Up to my neck in CA

    Blacks steal? Say it ain’t so!
    “A heartless hospital worker in Florida is accused of swiping credit card numbers from a patient who had died only hours earlier. After pocketing the information last month, police claim, the 53-year-old staffer paid for airline tickets, phone bills and even bridal shoes.”

  • dhs

    This is just one more example of lack of impulse control among  the Africans. Even those with triple digit IQs,  often cannot restrain themselves from grabbing what’s in front of them, irrespective of longer term consequences.

  • The SEIU…It ain’t no union, it’s shake-down scam targeting illegal aliens.

  • mikejones91

    Tyrone is no longer a FREE MAN. HAHA.

  • “Before the scandal broke, Freeman had the ear of mayors and Congress members, in no small part because of the election dollars and campaign foot soldiers his union could muster.’

    This is the type of criminal scum our congressmen take their marching orders from. The system is broken…

    • Major

      Wait a minute…..I’m more concerned about our a$$ hat fools in Congress having the ear of the Muslim. Islamist murdering fascists masquerading as friends of America.

      The Islamists aren’t stupid like the gullible Negro….the Negro serves to make a fool of himself…the Islamist that has the ear of the FBI, the military, the CIC is a very dangerous individual. It’s the Islamist that I fear….has America by the bialis. 
      I’ve got a few years under my belt in my beloved Corp…..I know the Islamist wants to kill us. The Negro…nope…he wants us to live happy healthy, productive lives…..so he can rob us blind.

      Our elected fools in Congress are cowards…and traitors for not standing up against this faux “religion”. Trust me folks….we will have to fight these animals…right here. And if the Negro has any sanity at all…he’ll join us.

  • APaige

    Black leadership (yes an oxymoron-even a Jumbo Shrimp laughs at that cruel kindness) is either ‘Big Chief’ or “Big Thief”.

    • Rocky Bass,

       Black leadership is proper and not an oxymoron at all, the question becomes in what direction do they lead?

  • dukem1

    $3400 trip to the pro bowl.
    What a putz.

  • Chimp Master Rules

    No doubt that when he gets out, he’ll be running for president of Haiti (or emperor, or whatever they call the head negro in charge down there).  And if there are no openings in Haiti, then some sub-Saharan hell-hole that used to be a prosperous white colony.

    You can’t have a better resume as a negro then to be a 1)  a politician,  and  2)  be a convicted felon who stold real big money.

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  • Major

    LMAO…the Negro only knows one thing….REPARATIONS…for himself. This guy is the same as Maxine Waters, a thieving witch if there ever was one..yet…will we ever see her prosecuted? Hell no…Charley Rangel would have been in jail if he was in the real world and the private sector…..another black hoodlum and thief in Armani suits, “representing all the p!$$ poor idiots in Harlem for the past 40 years. Just like the pimp Al Charlatan another hustling thief. Back in the old days even the biggest heroin dealers gave like Bumpy gave back to their “brothers”.

    Look at DC under Marion Barry…or Detroit under Kwame Fitzpatrick. Every Negro in the House or Senate is a scam artist, a hustler a thief and a liar….OH…and a racissss POS too.

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    • Rocky Bass,

       Must agree 100%, every black that get into a leadership position is a thug, a “General But Nekked”  in training. Blacks don’t aspire to the betterment of anything and only desire political positions to feather their own nests. Not that polits of any color are much better these days, the statesman is long since extinct (Save the Pauls, maybe).

  • Classic negroism

  • alastairabbacle

    See “Keith Ellison”

    “Keith Ellison (D-Muslim Brotherhood) whitewashes his own links to Brotherhood and Hamas-linked CAIR”http://www.jihadwatch.org/2012/07/keith-ellison-d-muslim-brotherhood-whitewashes-his-own-links-to-brotherhood-and-hamas-linked-cair.html

  • alastairabbacle

    See US rep “Keith Ellison”:

    Keith Ellison (D-Muslim Brotherhood) whitewashes his own links to Brotherhood and Hamas-linked CAIR”http://www.jihadwatch.org/2012/07/keith-ellison-d-muslim-brotherhood-whitewashes-his-own-links-to-brotherhood-and-hamas-linked-cair.html

  • Major

    Why is he smiling?

    Cause he’s getting 200K a year and his Negro slaves are getting what…$240 a week minus SEIU dues, taxes and what else? Meanwhile ( like Maxine Waters ) he funnels 540K to his “wife”?

    He lives the high life….loose shoes, tight pooty and a warm place to???

    Disgusting…insulting AA BS.

    You and I..would be in jail…not making “restitution”. 

  • Rocky Bass,

    I know a great analogy to this situation, and that’s the public pool. If there is one black a$$ in said pool, not long after (not saying one equals the other, well…), you will have fecal matter floating.  Seems our dusky brethren all share this trait, in every aspect of life, wherever they roam.

  • This is why Barack is such a magical negro, he’s not actually involved in any actual crimes.

  • Hirene

    He didn’t do much for the members.  I don’t think he had the ability.