Posted on August 13, 2012

D.C. Gave Away 200,000 Condoms at Public High Schools Last Year

Penny Starr, CNS News, August 9, 2012

The Washington, D.C. Department of Health gave away 200,000 condoms at public high schools last year, according to department communications director Najma Roberts.


Distributing the condoms was part of the Wrap M.C. Program, a 3-year-old initiative that expanded the long-time practice of handing out condoms in D.C. schools.

According to the D.C. Public Schools website, there are 20 public high schools that serve 12,792 students. Roberts provided the names of 18 public charter schools that receive condoms for distribution to students, including Maya Angelou-Evans Middle School and Two Rivers PCS Middle School.

The 200,000 free condoms distributed at the school works out to about 16 for each of the 12,792 students.


[Editor’s Note: As of 2009, 84.4 percent of DC Public Schools students were black, 9.4 percent were Hispanic, and 4.6 percent were white.]