Basketball Hoops Taken Down in Springfield, N.J.; Some Scream Racism

CBS New York, August 28, 2012

Young men crowded into town hall on Tuesday night to call foul on officials for effectively squeezing them off the town’s basketball courts.


For more than a year, basketball players in Springfield Township have been sidelined, forced onto a half court because the town took down hoops at four different parks after neighbors complained about rowdy behavior, CBS 2′s Jessica Schneider reported.

“We got out-of-towners coming here and just me going to the car with my daughters or even taking them for a walk, I got the finger,” Springfield resident Valerie Ahrens told CBS 2′s Christine Sloan on Tuesday.

“Thirty guys hanging around urinating on my front lawn,” resident Bob Thompson added.

“One night there was 38 people there screaming and yelling!  I asked why did I move here?” Sue Bonkowski added.

But a lot of the young people in town said these claims are exaggerated, and now they’re putting on the full-court press to get their hoops back. They’ve launched a Facebook page and they’re venting their frustrations, concerned that people who live around these courts are trying to keep people from other communities out, igniting cries of racism because many of the players are black or Hispanic.

“They see outsiders coming in here and don’t see the changing demographics of our town,” Stephen Sussman said.

“If you looked at me right now out on the basketball court, would you be able to identify me as an out-of-towner?” Justin Grant said.



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  • I gather this neighborhood in Springfield, New Jersey is either one of two things:  It’s either already white and in the process of becoming more “vibrant,” and the removal of the hoops is a an attempt to keep the thugs away, or it was white and is becoming whiter and richer, i.e. gentrifying, and taking away the hoops is sending a message, that you’re now in yuppieville.

  • Ulick

    Something similar happened in my town.  The town is nearly all white, and we had two well kept basketball courts at the local park.  White teens would play on the courts well into the night with there hardly ever being a problem.  I went away to college and grad school for several years, and when I returned and saw the courts I couldn’t believe what I was seeing — They were completely trashed.  All of the nets were ripped down, three of the rims were completely bent down, and one rim was straight up missing.  I asked my dad what happened, and he said that “the kids” from a couple adjacent cities started coming down to the courts and trashing them.  Apparently, the town fixed the rims of few times, but eventually just threw up their hands and never fixed them after the Nteenth time they got destroyed.  Probably in part because the town didn’t want to waste anymore money, but probably in larger part because the town mangers knew “the kids” from these cities wouldn’t return if there wasn’t a court for them to play on and destroy.

    It’s the never ending cycle of black white relations.  They have nothing nice in their end of town not because of poverty, but because they destroy it.  Then when they have nothing left where they live they try to take advantage of the nice things where we live, but they invariably destroy that too. 

    • Up to my neck in CA

      You are absolutely correct and the cries of racism start when Whitey has had enough and refuses to waste any more money on black carnage.

    • Strider73

      “They’re like locusts. They move from neighborhood to neighborhood. After they’ve  trashed everything they move on. And we’re next.”

      If that quote sounds familiar, it’s because I adapted it from President Whitmore’s description of the genocidal aliens in Independence Day, changing “planet” to “neighborhood” and “consumed” to “trashed.” IMHO it perfectly describes what has happened in Springfield, and anywhere else that more than a token number of blacks show up. Predictions welcomed regarding when we will have to invoke his all-or-nothing counterattack:

      Nuke ’em. Let’s nuke the bastards.”

  • MekongDelta69

    ‘If you looked at me right now out on the basketball court, would you be able to identify me as an out-of-towner?’ Justin Grant said

    Nope. I’d identify you as one of the people destroying my neighborhood, just like your ‘bruthas’ have destroyed every other piece of our once-great civilization which with they’ve come into contact.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Let me guess- the basketball court the “out-of-towners” used to frequent got too dangerous to use.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    I happen to have a nice park and walking trail in my neighborhood. The park was recently rehabbed, and I noticed that, while the tennis courts went largely unused, the basketball courts were magnets for blacks from neighboring areas. Well, surprise, surprise! The hoops were all vandalized and broken, and they were NOT replaced. No more basketball, but at least, no more riffraff from neighboring areas either.

  • Fakeemail

    White people can no longer inhabit public spaces, parks, pools, or recreation centers.  Even  ones in the vicinity of their homes.
    All public space paid for by the white tax payer is quickly taken over by the browns and blacks who act like they own it (and I guess they do).  They trash the place and it make it extremely unwelcoming for any foolish white person who would wish to partake in the public space that he paid for.  And they always stay till the late hours of the night dealing drugs or just yelling at the top of their lungs.  Whites NEVER did this to public spaces; white teens NEVER created a menacing and loud environment in rec. centers close to where people lived.
    If whites want their own space and equipment, they have to shell out and buy it for themselves.  Just like they have to shell out for private schools.  And to live in safe neighborhoods 50 miles from work.  Meanwhile, they have the “white privilege” of  building more hoops for Dontavius and his crew from the other side of town.  What a nightmare.

    • Biff_Maliboo

       And do you know why?

      Ees a free country, maing.

  • IstvanIN

    A liberal chosen member of my community association wanted to replace half our tennis courts with basketball courts.  The tennis courts are not used much as most of us are older with grown children or young married with no kids or babies.  One of the few association meetings with a packed hall.  That proposal was shouted down and never brought back up.  We all talked about the element they would attract.  Scared the living daylights out of most of us.

    • 360man

       I used to take piano lessons from an older lady that lived in an older part of a city.  An neighborhood with a nice, established feel.  It had a HUGE park with a pond and several fountains, little wooden patches, and walking path.   I once saw signs about a public meeting.   Though I didn’t live there I went anyway.  Sure enough, they had received a GRANT that was burning a hole in their pocket.  And they got some dingleberry moron who came up with all these “improvements.”  Sure enough, there was a basketball court.   At the first of the meeting there was some presentation and some discussion.   I was trying to figure out a way to object to the basketball court without giving myself away.  Someone finally spoke up and said they liked everything but something like “what could we do to get you to NOT put that basketball court there.”  The room sighed a relief and the moron tried to maintain some sense of confusion but quickly relented and instead they planned to put in tennis or vollyball or something.

  • Sounds like a diversity problem to me….

  • How is it racist to take down the hoops?  White people play basketball too!  

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      Yes, of course the TV news station would never ask this question.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Bet they don’t care to when the bantus are on the court.

  • Church_of_Jed

    Residents don’t want “out-of-towners” making trouble,

    but the Whiteys are obviously racists for interpreting enrichment as trouble.

  • Gene Dandy

    Someone with a little more street smarts should have advised Springfield not to take down the hoops. That just gives people a chance to play the race card. If Springfield would have just left the hoops alone the people who used them would have destroyed them soon enough and quit coming to Springfield anyway.

  • Church_of_Jed

    Will they settle down if we throw them a basketball?

    South African Youths Demand Better Housing For Poor — Or An Uprising

  •  Reason I asked is because the most recent basketball hoop removal controversy out of St. Louis came from a park that anchors a very expensive gentrified neighborhood.  The neighborhood never went black, but as late as 40 years ago, it had seen better days.  But it’s big time yuppieville now.  About ten years ago, the residents demanded and got the basketball hoops taken out of their park, because the ghetto is only a few blocks away, and you know who came to do you know what.

  • redfeathers

    I haven’t been to a Garden City, NY park for a couple of years.  But we would always have to give a name, phone number and address.  To keep the punks from Hempstead out.

  • TonyWestfield

    Don’t worry, Springfield, the Supreme Court of the United States has already settled this question in your favor.  Back in the early 1970’s there was a case called “Palmer” in which a bunch of troublemakers (including the demonic William Kunstler) sued Jackson, Mississippi, because the city closed its municipal swimming pools rather than integrate them.

    The plaintiff side argued that the city violated 14th Amendment “equal protection” and also violated the 13th Amendment (which prohibits slavery) because the closing of the pools signifies — swear to heaven, I’m not kidding — it signifies a “badge or incident” of slavery; therefore, the city must keep the pools open, indefinitely, regardless of cost or any other reason to consider closing the pools.  Ridiculous, right?

    GOOD NEWS: The city of Jackson won.

    BAD NEWS: It was a 5 to 4 decision by SCOTUS, which means that normal human sanity prevailed by the skin of its teeth.

    • MrGJG

       Great story, unfortunately we don’t live in the ’70’s anymore when commonsense wasn’t code for racist.

  • El_Magyar

    It is well known that when one is choosing a neighborhood to live in, that the more outdoor basketball facilities, the  less desirable the neighborhood.

  • El_Magyar

    The problem is too much entitlement for too long. The Blacks now live in a perpetual psychological “reality” of never having enough “stuff” (not enough handouts) and the reason they don’t have enough “stuff” is some racist’s fault (victimhood).

    The Blacks need a serious kick in the ass. They have to be forced to work and earn things while facing real consequences for their bad behavior. It may take one or two generations, but I think we would see a marked improvement in their general behavior. Some Blacks can behave and do well. However, society must stand over the entire Black race with an iron bar and not allow it to step one foot out of line.

  • Detroit_WASP

    White people did the same thing in the last Detroit neighborhood we lived in.  Whites kept cutting down the basket ball rims and the city would take about a year to put them back up.  It kept the crowds of black males out of our neighborhood.    They couldn’t shoot hoops in their own area because they destroyed the courts.   Sad but totally true.

  • Ulick

    Only blacks could flip off a dad with his child and piss on people’s lawns, and then spin it so that they’re the victims in the situation.  That takes a special mix of narcissism, stupidity, and victimhood. 

    Of course their actions are pathetic, but I don’t put full blame on them.  Most of them are like children who will try to get away with anything unless their parents lay down the rules and occasionally spank them.  That’s why I put a good bit of the blame on the allegedly big-hearted, but obviously small-minded whites who acquiesced to these demands in the first place.  These fools thought (and continue to think) that if you give minorities what they want, they will see it as a gesture of goodwill and will reciprocate with kindness and less demands in the future.  As history shows us, though, the exact opposite is true.  Minorities view such gestures not as goodwill, but as weakness.  Thus, rather than lessening future demands they will actually increase future demands because they’ve seen that demands, regardless of how unreasonable, can bear fruit.

    Stop giving in delusional whites.  Stick your foot in the ground and say, “No more!”

    • MrGJG

       You deserve two thumbs-up for that bit of truism, or should I say;   tru-dat.

    • TomIron361

      Well said Sir.

    • TonyWestfield

      Ulick correctly ridicules the fools who believe that “if you give minorities what they want, they will see it as a gesture of goodwill and will reciprocate with kindness….”

      A couple of big examples can reinforce Ulick’s point.

      1. Most of America’s notorious race riots of the 1960’s occurred AFTER the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

      2. The deadly rise in race-motivated violence (melanin-concentrate attacking melanin-deprived), including so-called “flash mob” incidents, is occurring AFTER the election of Barack Obama.

  • Sloppo

    A friend of mine developed a small subdivision.  It was in an area with some diversity, but the population was still mostly white.  He was selling lots at a relatively slow pace, but it looked like the project would work out okay.  Then he thought he would ad an amenity to attract customers.  A basketball hoop was the cheapest and easiest thing to add because he already had a big flat area with asphalt.  He put it up.  The basketball hoop was a popular addition and it got used a lot.  No more lots were sold until the basketball hoop went away.  The project lost a lot of money and the inexpensive hoop turned out to be very expensive.  I believe a large well built swimming pool would have been much cheaper than the simple hoop.

  • “dis·crim·i·nate Verb: Recognize a distinction; differentiate.”

    Yes, it’s literally discrimination: Springfield, NJ, differentiates between people and  thuggish assholes.  Things that draw thuggish assholes are eliminated.  White kids who play The Sport Of Thugs suffer.  Hint to said white kids: find a better way to occupy your time.  Another hint to said white kids: Remember this when some Liberal moron starts yammering about racism.

  • Michael C. Scott

    My own homeowners’ association had precisely this discussion in 1997.  The question was whether to put up a basketball hoop near the tennis courts and swimming pool.  After a rather heated discussion, we decided not to do this, because it would attract the wrong sort of non-residents.  I’m glad the sane heads prevailed.  We pay for our facilities and their maintenance so we can enjoy them – not for the benefit of others, and we like the quiet nature of our neighborhood, which is mostly populated by retirees and young families.

  • Xerxes

    Vibrant Diversity is a term that the left uses for an area that has a lot of non-Whites. They think it is wonderful when a town or a neighborhood becomes less White.