Why the Progeny of Slaves Will Strike Gold at the Olympics

John Naish, Daily Mail (London), July 2, 2012

Could the world-beating sprinting prowess of Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt really be down to his West African ancestors’ horrific ordeals at the hands of British slave traders and plantation owners?

Jamaican athletes have certainly made a speciality of dominating sprint races in recent years. At the Beijing Olympics in 2008, they won the men and women’s 100m finals, the men and women’s 200m finals—and the men won the 4 x 100m relay. Quite something for an island with a population smaller than Wales.

That supremacy is likely to be reinforced at the London Olympics, thanks perhaps to a new pretender, Yohan Blake, who trounced Bolt, his training partner, in the 200m final at the Jamaican Olympic trials in Kingston last week. Bolt, meanwhile, still holds the world 100m sprint record, with a breathtaking time of 9.58 seconds.

Clearly, such dominance cannot be gained without gruelling training regimes, specialised diets and expert coaching. But U.S. sprinter Michael Johnson, who is of West African descent, now believes that athletes like him have another weapon in their armoury: a unique genetic inheritance.

In a TV documentary, Johnson argues that descendants of slaves from West Africa (all Afro-Caribbean people owe their presence in the Caribbean to slavery dating from the 16th century) have a ‘superior athletic gene’. And it’s this that will put black Caribbean sprinters on the podium top spots at the London Games.

Such talk is controversial, alarmingly redolent as it is of the racial-superiority theories propounded by Nazi scientists in the Thirties and used to justify the genocide of millions of people deemed ‘genetically inferior’.

Johnson, however, is unabashed: ‘It is a taboo subject in the States, but it is what it is,’ he says. ‘Why shouldn’t we discuss it?’

Usain Bolt holds similar beliefs. The sprinter was born in Trelawny Parish, a Jamaican area that was formerly the site of several slave plantations.

Asked about his record-breaking 100m performance in 2009, he said: ‘It’s a background from slavery. The guys back in the day were so strong from physical work . . . the genes are really strong.’

The controversial theory supporting these claims goes back to 2003, when Australian scientists discovered  that a gene called ACTN3 has variants which may give performance advantage to the muscles of elite athletes.

In effect, it can give sprinters a boost because it gives extra power to muscle cells that are required for fast, forceful actions. Studies show that this ‘sprint’ version of the ACTN3 gene is more common in Jamaicans, for example, and others of West African descent than in people of European ancestry.

The theory speculates that this gene has been concentrated in these athletes because their ancestors journeyed from captivity in West Africa to slavery in the Caribbean under brutal conditions.

Only the toughest survived. During one such voyage in 1732, more than 95 per cent of slaves perished—170 were herded on to the ship and only six got off alive.

Cruelty on board those ships could compound the effects of disease, insanitary conditions and overcrowding. One notorious case involved the British-owned slave-ship Zong, which lost its bearings while bound for Jamaica in 1782.

After three months, 60 of the 440 slaves on board had already died. Captain Luke Collingwood’s human cargo was perishing and his hopes of profit were being replaced by fears of bankruptcy.

So he decided to pull an insurance scam, and ordered his crew to throw 132 of the weaker slaves overboard to drown.

He told insurers that he had been forced to do it because of dwindling water supplies.

The captain would have succeeded, but for the whistleblowing conscience of the chief mate, James Kelsal, who revealed that there were still 420 gallons of water on board when they had docked at Black River Port in Jamaica a month later.

The ship’s owners were taken to court in London—for insurance fraud rather than murder. No officers or crew were charged over the deliberate killings.

Clearly, those few slaves who survived the crossings were made of extremely tough stuff. For them to survive long enough subsequently to have children involved them being resilient enough to withstand life in slavery on plantations.

Towards the end of the 1700s, another factor came into play: selective breeding.

In this period, the price of imported slaves to Jamaica was rising rapidly, and there was increasing talk of abolishing the barbarous practice of slave-shipping.

Plantation owners began to believe that their most economical answer was to raise their own slaves. They went about it with characteristic inhumanity, breeding the toughest slaves for strength and treating their charges as though they were breeding cattle.

One Jamaican plantation inventory from 1790 listed 408 slaves by occupation, such as cooks, watchmen and field workers. But the largest group listed 62 women who were ‘kept for breeding’. These were called ‘breeding wenches’ or ‘belly women’.

Where possible, parents were selected for their strength.

Around the same time, a white Jamaican sugar plantation owner’s wife, A. C. Carmichael, wrote a pamphlet on breeding one’s own slaves. It recommended separating babies early from their mothers, so freeing the women for menial labour while their children were raised by women too old to work on the fields.

The children were to be integrated into the workforce virtually as soon as they could walk—to do any light tasks around the plantation they were thought capable of performing. Such conditions would, understandably, work in favour of a physically stronger population.

It has led Jamaican scientists to propound the theory that Caribbean sprinters are athletically special because those tough enough to survive these awful rigours must have had genes which made them unusually resilient.

William Aiken, a Jamaican sports doctor, believes the fact that Jamaicans excel at sprinting is a legacy of being descended from the ‘fittest of the fit slaves’.

But can it all come down to something as basic as a variation of one gene—ACTN3?

While many commentators are happy to suggest it does, one of the scientists involved in originally discovering this gene’s powers is far more sceptical.

Daniel MacArthur, a researcher at the Institute for Neuromuscular Research at Sydney University, was part of the team that found how the ACTN3 gene helps stimulate the muscle cells which are needed for generating rapid, forceful contraction in activities such as sprinting.

His studies show that the ‘sprint’ version of ACTN3 is, indeed, more common in Jamaicans—98 per cent of black Jamaicans have at least one copy, compared with 82 per cent in individuals of European ancestry. Yet he believes it plays only a ‘pretty small’ role in Jamaican sprinters’ success.

In the journal Genetic Future, he writes: ‘It is almost certainly true that Usain Bolt carries at least one “sprint” variant of the ACTN3 gene, but then so do I (along with around five billion other humans worldwide). But that doesn’t mean you’ll see me in the 100m final in London. Unfortunately for me, it takes a lot more than one lucky gene to create an Olympian.’

For success at the Olympic games, MacArthur believes there are going to be many other factors—cultural, social and economic—also at play. Indeed, Jamaican experts believe in this ‘combination’ theory of success.

For example, Dr Errol Morrison, an endocrinologist and the president of Jamaica’s University of Technology, says that diet may play a crucial role—particularly the staples of salt fish, yams and bananas which are rich in protein, carbohydrate and vital sources of  energy.

Dr Morrison says Jamaican youngsters grow up on a diet that is so beneficial they might as well take a daily dose of steroids. And such nutrition may well boost any genetic advantage that Jamaican athletes are born with, he says.

But there is surely something else at play, too—the national will to win.

The short-term explanation for Jamaica’s success is that the country took the decision to pour its resources in recent years into getting better at its most winnable events. And in its case, these events are the sprints.

The same has happened with Team GB concentrating on cycling, and its remarkable subsequent success with stars such as Sir Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendleton. So while the ACTN3 gene may play some contributory role in the wider recipe for Jamaican success, would anyone seriously suggest there is a single British gene for riding bicycles quickly?

Instead, we are only at the beginning of scientifically beginning to unravel the complex tapestry of factors which give Jamaican athletes the capability of beating the best of the rest of the world at sprinting.

Some of these factors will undoubtedly be due to powerful elements in Jamaica’s modern culture, such as diet and a deep sporting passion—but also, somewhere in a wide variety of genes, there will be the bigger story of a cruel past.

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  • Jamaican athletes have certainly made a speciality of dominating sprint races in recent years.


    What’s that you say?  Jamaican drug testing?  Hardy har har.

    • There has been no Jamaican sprinter ever failed a drug test. These drug test are done randomly, not just after a race is over.

      • The__Bobster

        Don’t you ever research your facts?


        Usain Bolt says positive drug tests for five Jamaicans is a sad day for the sport
        Friday 24 July 2009 14.46 EDT
        Usain Bolt last night expressed his shock at the news that five Jamaican athletes have tested positive for banned substances, calling it a backward step for the sport. The athletes have not been named, but at least two are said to belong to the same club as Bolt — the Racers Track Club — and are coached by Glen Mills, although none are thought to be high profile.

        The triple world record holder, who last night won the 100m in 9.91sec in the London Grand Prix at Crystal Palace, said: “It’s sad to know there is still drugs in the sport. It’s sad for the sport because things were progressing well. This is a step backwards.” Bolt acknowledged that the renewed speculation would bring his own performances into question: “They will question everybody again now, especially people from Jamaica. I get tested all the time and do my best.”

        • Every elite track athlete gets drug tested on a random basis. This started in 1989.

      •  There has been no Jamaican sprinter ever failed a drug test.

        Even if that was true, and Bobster just proved it isn’t, wouldn’t you find that suspicious?  Barry Bonds never flunked a dope test, either.

        These drug test are done randomly, not just after a race is over.

        Administered by the athlete’s country’s Olympic committee.  There was no way that they would ever test Bolt or any other serious medal contender from Jamaicamahn, and if they do, they’ll never run a serious test of the samples they collect.  Sure, they’ll ring up some nobodies with no chance to win or medal, just to maintain their testing regime’s “credibility.”

        • Marian Jones went to prison because of steroid  use even though she never tested positive for steroids. Florence Griffith Joyner was accused for steroid use and it is alleged that she retired after the 1988 Olympics because random drug testing was to begin in 1989.

          • Marion Jones went to prison for perjury.

          • But despite the lies, she never tested positive for steroid use. It was only on the basis of her admission of steroid use in the 2000 Olympics which got her medals taken away from her. I still wonder what made her finally admit to steroid after years of vehemently denying it.

          • Now we’re getting somewhere.
            She admitted to steroid use, but never tested positive for them.

            It’s obvious that Barry Bonds used them, but never tested positive.

            Put two and two together, and what do we have?

            The testing is insufficient, and/or there are ways to beat the test.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Marian Jones went to prison because of steroid  use even though she never tested positive for steroids.
            Because there are many ways to get around drug tests AND some of the tests, at that time, did NOT test for certain classifications of performance- enhancement drugs.

            This is why Lance Armstrong is under scrutiny – at the time he won the Tours de France, he also NEVER tested positive for drugs, said he was the “most tested athlete ever — BUT, after improvements in drug testing methods itself, his blood DID test positive:

            Lance Armstrong is being haunted by his own seven-year-old stored urine samples, which French press reports claim offer damning evidence of long-ago blood doping by the American Tour de France legend.The charges, however, stem from recent testing of one of six urine samples that were taken seven years ago, when there was no test for erythropoietin (EPO). The hormone was indistinguishable from the red blood cells it was designed to stimulate. Now there are telltale markers.The French press reports claim that new analyses of the long-stored samples show conclusive evidence that Armstrong at the time used EPO for what was called blood doping. The urine samples were taken during the rider’s first Tour victory.The Tour director, Jean-Marie Leblanc said: “For the first time — and these are no longer rumors, or insinuations, these are proven scientific facts — someone has shown me that in 1999, Armstrong had a banned substance called EPO in his body.”

            The winner of the 1998 Tour, Marco Pantani, was subsequently banned from cycling after testing positive for markers of EPO while leading the Tour of Italy.
            As for Jones:
            Jones never failed a drug test using the then-existing testing procedures, and insufficient evidence was found to bring charges regarding other untested performance enhancing drugs. 

            On December 3, 2004, Victor Conte, the founder of BALCO,  Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative, appeared in an interview with Martin Bashir on ABC’s 20/20. In the interview, Conte told a national audience that he had personally given Jones five different illegal performance enhancing drugs before, during and after the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. In the course of investigative research, San Francisco based reporters Lance Williams and Mark Fainaru-Wada reported Jones had received banned drugs from BALCO, citing documentary evidence and testimony from Jones’s ex-husband C.J. Hunter, who claims to have seen Jones inject herself in the stomach with the steroidsBay Area Laboratory Co-OperativeOn December 3, 2004, Victor Conte, the founder of Looks pretty convincing, doesn’t it??


          • Conte gave Jones a concoction called “the clear” which was supposed to help her test negative for steroids and other banned substances.

  • Wouldnt 50,000 years of not being the slowest person when a lion was around have more to do with it.

    •  I don’t think lions were ever indigenous to West Africa.  Where lions are, East Africans are, and East Africans are better distance runners.

      • This_Name_Doesnt_Exist

        Lions were once found over nearly all of Africa.  They were only absent from the Sahara and Congo regions.  They were even known in Ancient Greece.

        • holyflower

          Wikipedia: ” Two prehistoric lions lived in Europe, namely the Early Middle Pleistocene European cave lion, Panthera leo fossilis, and the Upper Pleistocene European cave lion, Panthera leo spelaea . . . 
          The lion is reported by Herodotus to have inhabited northern Greece in historic times . . . Lions feature heavily in Ancient Greek mythology.”

  • holyflower

    Narrower hips, longer legs, higher center of gravity, higher testosterone levels… 

  • mikejones91

    SO maybe that’s white men have MORE upper body strength. (see ANY Worlds Strongest Man competition) From the grueling workout routine know as SELF RELIANCE/PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY/WORK ETHIC.

    • Which is why whites do better at discus, shot put and javelin.

      • Dan

         They also do extremely well at collegiate wrestling, swimming and powerlifting.

  • alltoohuman

    Black running ability can be easily explained.  Over the course of many centuries, the blacks that ran the fastest after stealing something from the neighboring tribe made it back to procreate, while the slower ones didn’t.

    • The__Bobster

      And I thought it was only the fastest ones who made it to a tree when the lions were chasing them.

    •  all the slow ones are in jail *rimshot*

  • You don’t need to be able to run fast when you can build a FERRARI!

  • frmore

    “One Jamaican plantation inventory from 1790 listed 408 slaves by occupation, such as cooks, watchmen and field workers. But the largest group listed 62 women who were ‘kept for breeding’. These were called ‘breeding wenches’ or ‘belly women’.”
    Ah, some things never change.

  • Jimmy the Greek was fired and branded a racist for making such a claim:

    “Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder is fired after 12 years as a CBS football analyst for remarks he makes to a Washington, D.C, television reporter about the physical abilities of black and white athletes. Among other things, Snyder, 70, says the black athlete is “bred to be the better athlete because, this goes all the way to the Civil War when … the slave owner would breed his big woman so that he would have a big black kid.” Snyder later apologizes for the comments but his career as a broadcaster is over. “


    • I always believed he told the truth. During slavery days, the slave owners needed strong hardy slaves to work the fields. This genetic pattern carried on through today’s black athlete.

      •  But the only real way in which West African blacks and their diaspora are really athletically superior is in short distance sprinting.  West African blacks dominate the 100 and 200, and not all of their descendants were slaves. 

        Besides, why would slave owners want to breed the ability to run short distances really quickly into their black slaves?  What agricultural or domestic purpose would that have served?

        West African blacks run fast because of their genes, which they had long before any white man laid an eye on one.

        • What is interesting is that there are very few if at all sprinters from West Africa? If the descentdents of West Africans who came to the new world could run short distances fast, you would think that there would be some sprinters from West Africa but the only Africans are in long distance running.

          •  West Africans in West Africa tend not to do as well in athletics and sports as the diaspora in the first world, who have the benefit of training, preparation and medical care, and the happy juice in a syringe in some cases.

          • America First

             In other words, all the benefits the racist, white West has provided to them.

        Does anyone know of verified, written, historical evidence of black slave owners engaging in breeding programs or even arranged marriages?

        I’ve never heard of them.

        What would slave owners be breeding for? Strength to work the farms or docile behavior to produce a submissive worker?

        I doubt there were any such programs.  

  • IstvanIN

    They can sprint.  We built Rome.  They can sprint.  We created the world’s geatest empires.  They can sprint.  We put a man on the moon.  Then we decided that sprinting was more important.  And here we are today.

    •  Usain Bolt can run 100 meters in 9.58 second on his best day.  On even my bad days, I can travel 100 meters in 3.2 seconds, which figures to 70 miles an hour.  Faster if I want to disobey the speed limit. 

    • Wallace

      They can also pull white womenz.  

    • BUT BUT BUT, the black man invented the COMB! Where would western civilization be without the COMB?


      There used to be a website that debunked black invention myths but it seems to have been disabled. It appears in the google search but the link is now invalid:


      As with most black invention myths, there may be a grain of fact, such as claiming a black man invented the automatic traffic light (which he didn’t. A black man invented a hand cranked traffic device but others had already been invented. It was nothing new or revolutionary. It was merely an invention that had already been invented).

  • Athling

    Yes it makes sense that if you were buying slaves you would naturally select the strongest ones. Then their offspring would be genetically predisposed to being strong as well. You could selectively breed for any desired trait. Height for example.

    Years ago I met two Polish firemen who were here in the US as part of a cultural exchange program. The two men were giants. 6′ 9”, 360 lbs. They both were just naturally enormous. Completely proportionate and healthy. Imagine having a group of these men matched with some amazon-type women. Their children would also be naturally large and so on.

    Its therefore not surprising that Africans would be genetically predisposed to do well in various strength related endeavors since their ancestors were selected for such traits.

  • Interesting aside: Whenever you read about the 1936 Berlin Olympics, you always hear about how Jesse Owens won an unprecedented 4 gold medals in track & field and how that showed ol’ Adolph who’s who.

    But what you’ll NEVER read/hear in the main stream media are 3 other facts:

    Q1: What country won the most bronze medals at that Olympics? A: Germany

    Q2: What country won the most silver medals at that Olympics? A: Germany

    Q3: What country won the most gold medals at that Olympics? A: Germany

    •  And it wasn’t as if Jesse Owens had to hot foot it out of Berlin before Hitler threw him into a concentration camp.  In fact, I understand that Hitler himself was rather cordial toward Owens.  Hitler wasn’t fond of blacks, for sure, but they weren’t his central focus, either.  Only because Germany had virtually none.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Blacks:  To know them is to loathe them.

      • QD, when Owens got back to the States, I don’t think he was invited to breakfast at the White House by FDR. Nor did they hol any ticker-tape parades for him. 

        He might have smashed the notion of “Aryan supremacy”, but at the same time, he reaffirmed the idea that Bantus have this inherent ability to run fast.

      • WhiteGuyInJapan

         Jesse Owens has repeatedly said that Hitler was polite and gracious with him during their brief encounter.  The US media constantly ignored or distorted that fact.  Gee, wonder why?

  • MekongDelta69

    Jon Entine had a scientific version of this in his book – Taboo:
    Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports And Why We’re Afraid To Talk About It
     – Public Affairs Books – 2000Jimmy the Greek got bounced from the air for saying a laymen’s version of this. Howard Cosell got bounced for saying something as harmless as (paraphrase), “Look at that little monkey run.”Let’s just say, for the sake of the hell of it, that blacks have faster twitch muscles and are better sprinters (which it’s fine for blacks and leftists to bring up, b/c it makes blacks look good).Now let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that someone wants to bring up the fact that Sub-Saharan Africans and their offspring have IQs which are (on average) 30 points below certain groups of European-Americans.[And people have, as in The Bell Curve, The ‘g’ Factor and a bunch of other books.]Were they ‘best-sellers’? Not quite. They were villified b/c they made blacks look bad and ‘polite’ society won’t be having any of that. “Truth” is what the ‘elites’ deem ‘acceptable’ to shovel out to the masses in this country and all other white, Western civilized countries.

    • Paul

      This is the real problem. The issue isn’t so much as to whether blacks are better sprinters or not. Yes we should recognize racial differences in athletics, crime, and test scores, but it’s the double standard and the anti white propaganda that is most damaging. It’s OK to say something good about black genetic abilities but don’t point out something that they aren’t the best at.

      Craig Bodeker’s film did an excellent job of showing this.

  • alastairabbacle

    “Such talk is controversial, alarmingly redolent as it is of the racial-superiority theories propounded by Nazi scientists in the Thirties and used to justify the genocide of millions of people deemed ‘genetically inferior’.”
    Such talk is the most inane journalist speak.  All who believe in genetic basises for behavior and strengths must be “naziswhowanttokill6millionjews”. Even black men.  

  • KenelmDigby

    It’s all a load of rubbish.

    Basically, there hasn’t been enough time for any ‘evolutionary advantage’ to accrue. Anyway , how can enduring harsh, cramped conditions aboard a ship possibly selectively bias for long legs and fast twitch muscle?
     The west African populations ancestral to Jamaicans are just as athletic as modern Jamaicans are – the only haven’t been recognised due to the fact that sporting and training facilities are under developed in west Africa.
     Methinks that this bad science is yet another politically motivated attempt to bash Whites, brand them as evil and keep them down.

    • Jerrybear

      Great points. I’ve also wondered why blacks dominate football and basketball. We used to do well in those sports but the current bias in favor of blacks in the sports world has poisoned scouting in high school and college. As well as the intimidation factor that blacks pose in high school and college sports that scare away otherwise talented white players.

      •  It’s a vicious cycle as far as that goes.  The source of this mischief are Rivals and Scout, who start “starring” high school athletes early in their high school years.  And 14-year old blacks are more physically mature than 14-year old whites.  Because the scouting services all trumpet blacks, this means the college recruiters think they need them, and it feeds the college ranks and then the pros.

        Steve Sailer discovered that white Americans playing in the NBA went to high schools that were virtually all white.  The reason is obvious:  Because the HS was all white, the basketball team had no choice but to be all white, there were no blacks for the coaches to fawn over.  And because of that happy coincidence, marginal whites who wouldn’t make the team or get serious playing time even if they did if there were blacks on the team do make the team and get playing time, and get a chance to grow and mature.  If the school has any significant percentage of blacks, they will quickly eclipse the whites in basketball terms.

      •  http://www.castefootball.us/

        This site has a lot of info on this subject.  The false notion of blacks are more athletic than whites is a bunch of bull.  MANY, MANY, white athletes are passed up in recruiting from H.S. to College and then to the pros. 

  • JohnEngelman

    Such talk is controversial, alarmingly redolent as it is of the racial-superiority theories propounded by Nazi scientists in the Thirties and used to justify the genocide of millions of people deemed ‘genetically inferior’.              
    – John Naish, Daily Mail (London), July 2, 2012        
    The intellectual abilities were schooled in the course of centuries. Today the Jew is looked upon as ‘clever,’ and in a certain sense he has been so at all times.
    – Adolf Hitler, from Mein Kampf, Volume I, Chapter XI, “Nation and Race”
    Hitler did not think the Jews were genetically inferior. Like others who hate Jews he resented them because of their superiority. 
    The association of Nazism with race realism has made it difficult to have a dispassionate discussion of innate racial difference.           

    • Jerrybear

      They are smart but so are Germans. He recognized their abilities of intellect but hated them because they threatened German society with their ability to control powerful institutions. Such as banks. I’m sure he preferred German appearance and physique compared to the Jew. This isn’t to say all Jews are guilty of banking conspiracies but it’s very hard to ignore the evidence of their influence on societies where they are a tiny minority.

      • JohnEngelman

        I am unaware that Jewish businessmen are less honest than Gentile businessmen, or that Jewish bankers have less integrity than Gentile bankers. If anyone has evidence of Jewish malfeasance in these areas that is documented by credible authorities, please post it.  
        Jews do not control the world of finance. They have a presence out of proportion to their numbers in a population because of their high average intelligence. It is this superior intelligence that arouses antisemitic hostility, rather than Jewish character – which is equivalent to Gentile character.  

        • Jerrybear

          They aren’t necessarily dishonest but the banking system, designed by Jews (Rothschilds), is a rigged game. International banks threaten our sovereignty while taxpayers work endlessly to pay the indebted governments so that they can pay back the banks. The bank is unnecessary when the government has the power to print or create its own money without having to pay back some bank at interest. With our fiat money system, the only service the bank offers is that it creates wealth out of thin air.

  • Remember when Jimmy the Greek was canned from his sports job, years ago for saying the same thing, about how slave masters would breed their slaves for work and muscle prowess?

  • Not likely. He’s deceased.

  • Unperson


    “Why the Progeny of Slaves Will Strike Gold at the Olympics”
    Presumably tomorrow there will be a follow-up article, “Why the Progeny of Slaves Never Strike Gold at Maths Contests, Spelling Bees, or on Jeopardy“.

    • Paul

      According to the mainstream media that answer to the second question is easy: Because white people are evil racists.   They have to dance in the middle and convince whites that on one hand blacks are elite role models and valuable to society, and on the other hand convince us that blacks are being kept down and need more government (ie white taxpayer) handouts and AA quotas.

      I think the con job is wearing thin on whites.  At least I hope so.

  • Frankguest

    or work ethics…or building up a civilized Nation..or…or…or….or…

  • A few years ago, Hakeem Olajuwon of the Houston Rockets was sued by his ex-girl friend (a Bantu), after he dumped her, because he wanted a  taller woman who would “bear him a tall son” (his own words), and this woman didn’t fit the bill, he thought. If I remember, absolutely NO ONE said anything about it, while they all went mugabedung over Jimmy the Greek’s words.

    Now here we have Jamaican sprinters talking about genetics in Bantus and everyone is cool with it. As long as it’s a Bantu talking about it. If it were James Watson, on the other hand, he’d be barraged.

    It’s the same with shootinmgs. As long as Bantus are killed by other Bantus, buildings are safe from arson. If a Bantu were shot by a white police officer, up in flames the buildings go.

    • Doug

      So blacks excel at straight line sprinting over short distances.  Big deal!  Whites (and Asians) dominate just about every other sport contested internationally.  The London Olympics, far from showcasing black athleticism, will instead show how very few sports blacks are competitive in.  Whites will win about 70% of the medals; blacks very few outside of sprinting.  The results are even more lopsided at Winter Olympics.  Whites are far and away the world’s best athletes. Don’t fall for the Cultural Marxist propaganda.  Get educated, go to http://www.castefootball.us.

      • Achaean

        Exactly. Google the sports events at both the Summer and Winter Olympics, and you will find that Whites have won the vast majority of the medals — testimony to White superiority as measured by BOTH intellectual and physical prowess. 

      • I’ve been talking about this all the time. There are ca. 200 sport disciplines, even more.

        Whites dominate in more than 90% of them (Winter sports, various martial arts, swimming, motorized sports, power lifting, gymnastics, water polo, soccer, tennis, cycling, handball, ..). Blacks- parts of American football, basketball & sprinting. Not too much.

        • BTW, last weekend, a 16 year old Black girl named Gabby Douglas won the US Olympic women’s gymnastic trials and won an automatic berth to the London Olympics. Also John Orozco, a Puerto Rican from the Bronx placed 2nd in the men’s gymnastics Olympic trials and won an automatic berth to the London Olympics.

          • Now, read what I’ve written & what you wrote. There are literally hundreds- depends on counting, but it’s from 150-250 – sport disciplines,  and you mentioned one Black girl & a Puerto Rican of unknown racial heritage.

            S0me Asians, especially girls, are prominent in many fields of gymnastics, but if you look at past 10 or 20 or ..50 years, there is absolute European phenotype dominance in almost all sports, from fencing to soccer, from tennis to Formula One, from power lifting to ultimate fighting. 

          • Not totally true, the Chinese have dominated both men’s and women’s gymnastics. The Japanese are dominant in men’s gymnastics. The Chinese totally dominate diving. China uses the old Soviet System of placing children in sports according to their body type and the promising ones are sent to Soviet style sports schools to develop their talents.

          • Yeah- small women who are like girls. Big deal. When I’m talking about gymnastics, I’m referring to the right stuff:

      • You are forgetting that the Kenyans usually win the long distance races.

  • Cecilhenry

    Notice how the theme of this article is how whites did horrible things and now look at what we have….

    Its contemptible….. some would call if anti-white hatred and promoting hatred and anger towards whites..

    Because that’s what it is

  • Sailer has a detailed article on similar matter:

    I’m neither interested enough nor qualified to form an opinion re his arguments.

  • Why would the slavers breed intellegence when they were only wanted for hard labor. They were thinking of today and not tomorrow. They did not have an inkling that slavery would end and the economy would change from an agrarian economy to an industrial one. In fact, slaves were not allowed to learn to read and write, They would punished severely if they were caught with a book in their hands.

  • Why do black people resemble gorillas so much?  Seriously, the resemblance is uncanny and their muscle mass is very strong.  Strong, like a gorilla.  I’m curious about the resemblance.

  • It’s due to West African genes, not slavery. If whites had enslaved Vietnamese and chosen only the toughest, they would not still amount to much athletically.  Also, diseases wiped out 90% of indigenous people of the Americas and only the toughest survived but they are not great athletes. 

    The real danger is not in sports but in the streets. Because blacks are tougher, they will beat up white boys in the streets, schools, etc. And white guys will lose white women to black men because white women will see black men as racially-sexually superior to slow flabby white men. It will be humiliating for the white male.
    Interracism or mixed-racism is unequal in that black males will lord over soft and dweeby white boys. For every black athlete, there are 100,000 black thugs in the streets and they see white boys as wussy cowards and see white women as sexual prizes. Anti-racism will destroy the UK.

    • “white guys will lose white women to black men because white women will see black men as racially-sexually superior to slow flabby white men. It will be humiliating for the white male.”

      Blacks are dumb as hell, any white woman worth having stays clear of them because she knows they are lazy, useless, stupid and violent. White women (all women actually) prefer white men. Even if black men do have a slight physical edge on white men, that is not enough, by any stretch of the imagination, to make the assumption that blacks are somehow racially or sexually superior. A White Alpha Male is the most sexually appealing man in the human species, period.

    • KenelmDigby

      Women are attracted to, primarily, money.

      As long as blacks are over-represented amongst the indigent (which is unlikely to change, despite AA), nothing much will change.

  • JohnEngelman

    When discussing Negro proficiency in athletics it is acceptable to consider genetics. When discussing the race gap in academic performance it is not acceptable, and often dangerous.  

  •  Not Winter O.

  • So, the battles of :
    etc., which were fought during summer, were also too destructive ?

    German Army couldn’t stand cold. German Army couldn’t stand heat.
    What the hell they could ?

  •  Not all, but 97-98%, as some investigations show.