White House Expands Title IX Support to Science, Tech

Lauren French, Reuters, June 21, 2012

The White House announced new measures Wednesday to help increase the number of women in the science, math and technology fields as part of a celebration for the 40-year anniversary of a law prohibiting discrimination in education based on gender.

The new guidelines are reinforcements to the law, known as Title IX.


New guidelines will also be issued to grant-receiving universities and colleges to help institutions comply with Title IX rules in the science, technology, engineering and math fields.

Obama adviser Cecilia Muñoz, director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, said more work was needed to ensure equal access in academics.


In 1972, when Title IX was passed, 43 percent of students enrolling in degree-granting institutions were women, compared to 57 percent of new students in 2010.


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  • Boereseun

    Yay, still waiting for that title IX whatever program that enforces ‘deaths on the jobs’ and ‘deaths in warfare’ to be 50/50. Right now it’s over 95 % of men that get to die to keep these ‘hell on Earth’ nations going.

    The Matriarchy of America keeps jugging along… Whooop whooop!

    • Southern__Hoosier

       I’m still waiting for half the women to become rapist.

      • Boereseun

        Are you really suggesting that half the male population are rapists? Not that it matters but it is rather nice to once again hear want women really think of men…

        Also to claim ‘rape’ as a reason why men should die on the battlefield and in coal mines and being firefighters and rescue workers is just about the most inane thing you could say. I don’t really think rapists would care about dying for their country.

        Best to take that piece of flesh from men who don’t rape and actually care about nations, that’ll show them…

        • Southern__Hoosier

          Failed reading comprehension 101? 

          Yay, still waiting for that title whatever program to be 50/50 for rapist. Right now it’s over 99.99 % of the rapist are men.  Is that better?

          • Boereseun

            You should have said… ” Still waiting for half of rapists to be women”.

            My reading comprehension skills are A okay, thanks. That would have made sense. Anyway, making good men pay for the crimes of bad men is just peachy, it works wonders I’m told.

            Check those abortion stats lately, clearly certain that’s it’s 100 % of women that do that…

          • Southern__Hoosier

            How about a quota system on abortions?  Women couldn’t get abortions till an equal men got one. Wouldn’t Christian fundies love that?

        • Xanthippe2

          I think Southern Hoosier meant, “I am waiting for half of rapists to be female.”

  • TonyWestfield

    The article’s final sentence: “In 1972, when Title IX was passed, 43 percent of students enrolling in degree-granting institutions were women, compared to 57 percent of new students in 2010.”
    Females are about 51% of the population.  So, 57% is pretty impressive.  Mission accomplished, right?

    No, oh no, there is a lot more work to do.  Funny, according to the political Left, there is always more “work” to do.  TRANSLATION: We have Whitey-Male on the run — he is retreating — so why stop now?  Also, in the lexicon of The Left, “work” is the deployment of the force of law to reward favored groups or to punish un-favored groups.

    Title Nine wasn’t necessary (or Constitutional) in the first place. We ought to take the advice of the great Adam Smith, a dead white male, who praised the power of “moral suasion” to improve society.

    • The__Bobster

      We have run White males out of the STEM fields, so we have to import their replacements.  Funny how most of the replacements happen to be male.

  • Spartan24708

    These sorts of things just crack me up. Men and women are different- there I said it now get over it and go on. I don’t see a parallel program to enroll more men in nursing and education.

  • IstvanIN

    Nursing is a good career choice for a young man to meet a girl to marry.  Worked for my brother.  Your out numbered.  Gotta see the positive side sometimes.

    • IstvanIN

       What is heavens name could have been upsetting with this post?

    • Xanthippe2

      If you can stand all the tranny Filipinos, that is.

  • This is all cr+p. Most women simply don’t care about exact sciences. I’ve been in these areas for some time & normal development is:

    1. women are or will be the majority in biomedical sciences, chemistry (some cooking images in the field), biology and some other fields

    2. in physics, mathematics, geology, astronomy and interdisciplinary fields- maybe 20% or similar. In math, many women are and will be teachers, but not scientists

    3. in engineering (mechanical, civil, electrical) plus computer sciences- less than 5-10%

    Why these nutcases can’t comprehend that women DON’T want- with minimal exceptions- to be mechanical engineers ? Geez…

    Added male rant: why do we hear all the time about female verbal superiority ? Or male “insensitivity” ? Heck, most of the post- WW2 (so, after the “liberation”) enduring fiction & poetry & non-fiction have been written by males, across all Western languages. Also, most moving lyric poetry about love & all the spectrum of emotions & sensations is also male, from Horatius and St.Paul and Kabir to Octavio Paz and Yeats.

    So much about us “Neanderthals”.

    • Southern__Hoosier

      Sure it will work. Just slap a quota on schools and threaten  to cut government funding if the quota isn’t met. Look how well quotas and civil rights  worked getting minorities into college.

      • But not at the expense of being top universities in the world. There are quotas that are annoying, but do not change the excellence of the important field such as science or technology (black studies are parasitic, but don’t change anything in cutting edge technology).  Women quotas would destroy too important fields no one wants to tamper with.

        • Southern__Hoosier

           ” Women quotas would destroy too important fields no one wants to tamper with.”

          Uh, you don’t get out much do you? The government tampered with the school system by forcing schools to take  unqualified Blacks and exclude qualified whites. Do you  think Chairman Obama really cares about our education system? After all he is hell bent on destroying America and things that made America great. Education is one of those things.

          • Global Minority

            To be honest the Republicans are better. Both parties are more alike than NOT.

        • The__Bobster


          France is embarking on a grand experiment: how to diversify the overwhelmingly white grandes ecoles, the elite universities that have produced French leaders in every walk of life…

          The background is that the winners of WWII, America and Britain, kept their old-fashioned elitist colleges like Harvard, Yale, Oxford, and Cambridge old-fashioned and elitist. The losers, like Germany, France, and Italy, after the war trashed their great universities on the altar of egalitarianism by going to open admissions. (In the U.S., CCNY was the only famous college to take the Spirit of ’68 seriously enough to dump selective admissions.) Today, that’s why ambitious Korean and Chinese students want to go to American or British universities, not to Continental ones: We won The War.

      • Look how well quotas and civil rights  worked getting minorities into
        gubmint jobs.

    • Well, they have to be made to care! We need to force a square peg into a round hole and compel women to enter careers they don’t have the heart for. This will ensure that more women will become even angrier and blame men for their unhappy, infertile lives. 

  • Title IX – Dick Nixon’s BIGGEST mistake!

    • Southern__Hoosier

       What about EPA and opening the door to China?

  • Global Minority

    Feminism has all but destroyed All white countries.

  • These initiatives always remind me of the Saturday Night Live skit, ‘Chess For Girls’.

    “It’s a classic game of strategy and wit and bubbles”:


  • MekongDelta69

    In 1972, when Title IX was passed, 43 percent of students enrolling in degree-granting institutions were women, compared to 57 percent of new students in 2010.

    And now, it’s approx. 60-40 women.

    Leftists won’t be happy until ALL straight, white conservative male American citizens are DEAD, DEAD, DEAD.

    Then – and only then – can they have their 3rd world marxist ‘utopia’ – with them in charge of hundreds of millions of ‘perpetually oppressed, government-sanctioned and approved, grievance groups.

  • MekongDelta69

    Unfortunately for you, that’s what affirmative action brings. No one will believe you earned it on your own.

  • .

    There can be equality of opportunity or equality of outcome. One can’t have both.

  • MikeofAges

    The goals behind this push (putsch?) are multitudinous. The most simple one is to set a goal 50/50 faculty representation. This will effectively give women who gain a Ph.D. degree in the physical science a guarantee of a college or university faculty position while making life immeasurably more difficult for white men. Now, if native born white men are replaced with foreign-born men or native born non-white men this will be considered less of an issue and matter of concern. In reality, these factors are at work already. What the political left would like to do is make them a matter of law .

  • TonyWestfield

    FemaleEngineer, you make a thoughtful and provocative comment.  It took me a long time to figure out that we guys are in competition with one another when there is one female (or very few females proportionally) in the mix.  Engineering is tough because you are a pathbreaker; things will improve mightily for a female engineer when there’s a critical mass of women in the field.  Meanwhile, if you could get together with a handful of other female engineers and form your own consortium…easier said than done.

    By the way, this “competition” dynamic occurs only if the female has some sex appeal.  If you were a husky bull-dyke with a deep voice, life would be easier in this one facet, i.e., the political difficulties might persist (see the comment by MekongDelta69 regarding affirmative action) but the sexual dynamic wouldn’t emerge.  Nature has worked its way with us guys for a million years or so, and the effects are mostly subconscious: We wind up taking it out on the female because her presence overturns the camaraderie that comes more easily to guys when there’s no sexual competition.  Think all-male school environments.

    The medical field is home turf for me.  Only recently do we see a critical mass of female med students and docs, but in certain specialties (surgery) you might be the only female in a class of twenty or thirty.

    Military service is salient.  The presence of a small proportion of females — in combat units, especially — causes a lot more trouble than we hear about.  It can make a mess of the comraderie among the fighting men, not to mention the adultery and the occasional rape.

    Alas, the social “engineering” (mostly from The Left) can’t eradicate Nature.  Our very fine civilization does experience growing-pains, and occasionally one of us takes it on the chin.

    Blessings, FemaleEngineer.

  • Xanthippe2

    Math and science (especially physics) were my favorite subjects.  In the 4th grade I wanted a poster of René Descartes for my birthday.  Most girls could not do well in the advanced math and science classes and were (understandably) not interested.  I never had any problems with men because I was female, and didn’t get any special treatment in high school or college.  In grad school, the school clearly gave preference to admitting women and non-Whites.

    Pushing girls who have little interest or ability in math or science to study them would be a disaster.  It would just make the girls unhappy and would not lead better results in these fields.  Girls should be encouraged to study the subjects they like and are good at.  And of course all Affirmative Action in college admissions and  hiring should be abolished.  Pushing people to their level of incompetence is a disaster.

    I was not racially aware before grad school.  After seeing how much “extra help” was given to non-White medical and dental students and how specialaccommodations (such as being able to re-take exams for just about any reason — Whites only could when seriously ill at exam time.).  I would never see a non-White doctor.  I also try to see males when it is at all possible.

  • Xanthippe2

    Actually, there was talk on and off about how the nursing school had too few men in it.  But I really think that most nurses only wanted more men at the lowest levels (to help move pts. in bed to prevent bedsores for example).  I think there would have been outrage if a male “Doctor of Nursing” degree holder ever got a top level admin position.  In fact, I do not think there were any male Doctors of Nursing.

  • Xanthippe2

    I heard a couple of NeoCons (one male, one female) on a local talk show saying how females and males should be drafted in case of a war with Iran.  That would show how much they value women of course…  They were totally excited and thrilled with this idea, I assure you.

  • Xanthippe2

    No it is not about envy, it is about trying to destroy White societies — and White women aren’t the main force behind it.

    Like most women “envy” a guy who writes code. They think he is a nerd. (But still a good mate if he has okay social skills and makes enough money.)

  • Xanthippe2

    I have a sister who is a mechanical engineer and a sister who is a programmer and they do not report these problems.

    One had some problems in a past job.  But from her descriptions it sounded like she was not blameless.  She has the female trait of sometimes taking things personally that were not directed against her as a person.  When she got into a more relaxed work group, things got better.  No one asked her about her sex life.

    The other sister never had probelms in the office.  She did hear obscence remarks from Mexican workers at job sites however.

  • The__Bobster

    Do women’s college sports ever pay for themselves? Even the tubesock lesbian version of basketball is a pale imitiation of the real thing.

  • The__Bobster

    In the 80’s, my company was forced to hire only female engineers under the threat of a court order. Most of them weren’t up to the job…..and don’t think the people working under them didn’t notice.

    This made it very difficult for the good ones to do their jobs, as every one had to prove herself to those who wondered how she got the position.

  • The__Bobster


    On the other hand, it’s also worth pointing out how many great achievements in American (and human) history were accomplished by what would now be considered shamefully non-diverse collections of white men. Here, for instance, is a picture of the Launch Control team that controlled Apollo 11’s Saturn V rocket to the Moon 43 years ago.

    I can see a young woman in the third row, and the man standing behind her might have dark skin. Yeah, but, still …


  • AngloKraut

     I’m glad to hear from a female who works in the sciences. I just graduated from a community college; I took one look around and said “there’s no work” so I decided to apply for admission to the University of Arizona.
    My passion is history, and there is no subject I like better, but a former co-worker gave me some spectacular advice: Art, music, video games, and history are great *hobbies*. Math and science is what gets you a *job*. I can’t fault him for that logic, when I see commercials from tech companies, flat-out BEGGING American schools to push math and science again. No one cares about history, unless it’s sexy, Hollywood-style, and inaccurate enough to make people like me wince. I know it’s not going to be where my strengths lie, but I’m looking at hard science majors, like computer engineering, optical engineering, and math; if that doesn’t pan out, I’m looking at media arts and computer science. Anything in a field that can pay for the loans.

    My mother asks why I can’t just get married–because “catching a man” is clearly the answer to all my problems. My reply is that–clearly–I’m repellent to men. I’m not good enough in looks, personality, or wealth, and I understand this. The best prospect I’ve had in months is an alcoholic, coked-out computer hacker from MIT. Sad thing is that I really like that guy too, until I found out about the drugs, the drinking, the bastard teenaged son…

    I guess that makes me the shallow one.

  • MekongDelta69

    I think you misunderstood me. I didn’t mean you personally didn’t deserve it or earn it, but every time a group is designated as a “perpetually oppressed, government-approved, victims’ grievance group of the month club,” people not in that group become extremely resentful after endless decades.

    The ONLY people NOT so designated above, are straight, white, conservative male American natural born citizens.

    Nobody EVER questions us about our qualifications, because opposite of the left always babbling about our “white, male, heterosexual ‘privilege’,” we are THE MOST discriminated against group. When you see one of us anywhere, you KNOW we *earned* it.

  • ageofknowledge

    Of course we must lower our standards substantially while denying brilliant young men their opportunity to accomplish these modern liberal goals.

  • I tried to reason on the subject at Huff post. Apart from a few sane minds- most are despicable “male” liberals. Women you could, generally, talk to.