A 20-year-old woman from Ireland visiting New York City spoke out Friday about the brutal brick attack she suffered last weekend in the Bronx.

An unidentified assailant walked up and smashed Alisha Jordan in the face without warning. She is so afraid that she didn’t even want her face to be shown on T.V.

“Its completely ruined me. I used to be completely independent,” Jordan told CBS 2′s Lou Young in an exclusive interview.

Jordan nervously folded her hands as she spoke about the attack that changed her life and split the front of her skull. Last week, she was young, strong and self-assured, but now, Jordan is facing reconstructive facial surgery.

She gave Young a first-hand description of her assailant, who struck without warning.

“He was a tall, skinny, black male. Almost skinned hair to no hair and a small bit of facial hair—kinda was muttering to himself. You know, like there was something wrong with him,” Jordan said.


Jordan came to the United States to play Gaelic football in a local woman’s league and to enjoy a summer of sport and fun, but now she is devastated.



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  • Up to my neck in CA

    The young black ambassadors of NY State are welcoming foreigners with their special own greeting. On the plus side, White eyes are opening one brick at a time. What is it with Bantus and bricks? Weapon of opportunity? In Florida they would “accidental” rear end rental cars and rob and sometimes murder the tourists when they pulled over to inspect the damage. Here in CA. the tourists get shot when they get caught in the gangland crossfire, you know “wrong place at the wrong time”

  • Francis Galton

    Being a native of Ireland, she has probably never been around a large group of blacks in her life, and her contact with individual blacks has probably been minimal at most.  I sincerely hope, for her sake, that she draws the “right” conclusions from this episode, but I have my doubts. 

    • Church_of_Jed

      She’s obviously been turned into a raging racist:

      “He was a tall, skinny, black male. Almost skinned hair to no hair and a small bit of facial hair—kinda was muttering to himself. You know, like there was something wrong with him,” Jordan said.Just because a Diversity acts Diverse is no excuse for a White girl to make the divisive and inflammatory claim that “there is something wrong with him”.

      What, does she think Diversity is only “right” when it acts White? 

      He was acting completely normal, and just because her White privilege blinded her to his vibrant authenticty doesn’t mean we have to be subjected to her racist hate speech.  You don’t have to send her home, but get her out of my country asap before she has another chance to spew her racist venom.   She’s not welcome here.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

         something wasn’t wrong with HIM.

        something is wrong with THEM.

      • Thats what  George Zimmerman said about Dear St. Trayvon Whose Untimely Death Was An American Tragedy: “There was something wrong with him…”

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

       One time I knew a girl who just came here from Germany. She always wondered why me and my friends  said such bad things about blacks: She thought they were normal. After she was here about 3 months and started to attend nursing school, she had her first real encounter with the black element. She wasn’t physically hurt, but after a month in school she had to leave and seek psychiatric help. It was the blacks intense stupidity that drove her insane. She ended up taking about the blacks stupidity more than me and my friends.

      • Redtailrav

        That reminds me of a young Russian woman I spent some time with a few years ago. She referred to blacks as ‘blacksters’-a new word concocted from black and monster!

  • Athling

    Diversity has its disadvantages.

  • Hahha …KKK looks like a flower-power bunch in comparison with this.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      Actually the Do-Gooder whites are far more violent than resistance whites. Fortunatlly the Do-Gooders are cowards and will require at least 10 to 1 odds in their favor.  

  • Church_of_Jed

    Why wasn’t she terrified to go outside even before the attack?  The Bronx is very Diverse.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    The great thing about the unwritten “Diversity Tax” is that you don’t need to be a legal citizen of the United States in order to have it levied on you.

  • I wonder what would have happened if these quotes from Europe’s and US great minds were circulated freely & continually exhibited on TV ? Perhaps nothing, because dumb public wouldn’t be able to comprehend vocabulary & syntax.

    “Humanity exists in its greatest perfection in
    the white race. The yellow Indians have a smaller amount of
    talent. The Negroes are lower, and the lowest are a part of the
    American peoples.” “It is impossible to cite a single
    example in which a Negro has shown talents, and. . . that among
    the hundreds of thousands of blacks who have been transported
    elsewhere from their countries, although many of them have been
    set free, still not one was ever found who presented anything
    great in art or science or any other praiseworthy quality.”

     –Immanuel Kant, Anthropology From a Pragmatic Point of View,
    trans. Mary J. Gregor, The Hague: Nijhoff, 1974.

    “No rational man, cognizant of the facts,
    believes that the average Negro is the equal, still less the
    superior, of the white man. And if this be true, it is simply
    incredible that, when all his disabilities are removed, and our
    prognathous relative has a fair field and no favor, as well as no
    oppressor, he will be able to compete successfully with his
    bigger-brained and smaller-jawed rival, in a contest which is to
    be carried out on by thoughts and not by bites.”

     –Thomas H.
    Huxley Lay Sermons, Addresses and Reviews (New York, Appleton,
    (bites- hmm, reminds me of Tyson)

    “Why should the people of your race be colonized,
    and where? Why should they leave this country? This is, perhaps,
    the first question for proper consideration. You and we are
    different races. We have between us a broader difference than
    exists between almost any other two races. Whether it is right or
    wrong I need not discuss, but this physical difference is a great
    disadvantage to us both, as I think your race suffer very
    greatly, many of them by living among us, while ours suffer from
    your presence. In a word, we suffer on each side. If this be
    admitted, it affords a reason at least why we should be
    separated. It is better for both, therefore, to be

    — Abraham Lincoln (Spoken at the White House to
    a group of black community leaders, August 14th, 1862, from
    Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, Vol 5, page 371).

    The Negro race has perfect contempt for humanity and
    is incapable of contributing to civilization.

    –Hegel, The
    Philosophy of History

  • IstvanIN

    Thank goodness that Ireland is importing Africans by the tens of thousands so that the Irish can be prepared for visits to the US!

  • Unperson

    Wow, they sure are. Gotta be 95% angry White people, using lots of slurs forbidden here at AmRen. And on a site for the local CBS-TV station!

    I’ve been out of NY for a while, but  from what I understand the Irish are about the last significant White group who still have any numbers in Da Bronx. Maybe still some Italians? Pretty sure the Jews have mostly split for the exurbs. That leaves browns and blacks. Now the Irish may want to think about vacating the borough, too.

    Well, either vacate it or retake it. Yeah, retake sounds better.

    • The__Bobster

      The CBS sites used to ban and block me on a regular basis. Not anymore. It’s a regular free-for-all now that they use Disqus. And our side is winning.

      • tickyul

        Urban Americans have destroyed city after city………..but we are winning.

  • 1proactive2

    Several years ago on a working trip to Germany, I had several casual evening conversations over coffee with my hosts as well as local residents.  Enough German tourists to the U.S. have been murdered or violently assaulted by American blacks that the entire country of native Germans has learned to avoid blacks at all costs when visiting here. 

    The irony is that Germans, even those in the former eastern block, finally got the word, but so many white Americans haven’t. 

    • Up to my neck in CA

      My company imports German products, you don’t know how right you are about their attitudes with blacks.

  • sarah stein

    First Nicola Furlong and now this girl. They must not have blacks in Ireland.

  • Southern__Hoosier

    The best way to explain it to Europeans, is to tell them that Blacks over here are like Gypsies in Europe, only more violent. Most can understand that.

    • MekongDelta69

      Good, practical info.

    • MekongDelta69

      That is a very cogent explanation.

    • godzillabloggs

      No explanation is needed,  I live in a part of west London that is not particularly diverse  but is within reach of a few pockets of vibrancy.  Although I have not (yet) been attacked by any teenagers, individuals or protesters,  a nextdoor neighbour was given a severe beating in the local high street when he happened to pass a group  of ..er.. teenagers who were kicking up a ruckus because they were being kept out of a burger bar.  Two work colleagues living in more vibrant areas have been assaulted  and robbed.  One of them – a small, inoffensive woman – was punched in the face.

      Less violently, a youth tried to break  into the house in broad daylight, thinking it was empty, and ran off when he discovered his mistake.  Another neighbour was burgled and had a laptop stolen.  

      Londoners and residents of several other British cities have no excuse for being ignorant of the blessings of diversity.


      • Southern__Hoosier

        I wonder if there are any major cities left that are safe to live in?

        • godzillabloggs

          London is not too bad if you are  lucky enough to live in a district which is not overly blessed  by diversity, and  you pay attention to the advice given by John Derbyshire in his version of the talk.

          The attempted burglary had its funny side.  Someone was kneeling by the inside of the front door, carrying out a  repair job, when a small glass panel was smashed from the outside ,and a dusky hand came through the hole and felt for the latch  Unfortunately, the repairman let out a shout of surprise instead of grabbing the hand.  By the time he opened the door the teenager was halfway down the street.

          • SLCain

             A pity that the repairman didn’t have a skill-saw handy

  • I find it strange that so many people are unable to look ahead and understand the issue(s) with blacks.  They only seem to learn after the application of some great pain, I call this the Quaker Disease.  To understand this idea read Wilderness Empire by Allen W. Eckert.  

    Women seem to be very strange in this matter.  They claim that they are strong, that they can take care of themselves, etc.  But once they get robbed or beat up, they lose all confidence and cannot even go out again. 

    • SLCain

      “Women seem to be very strange in this matter.  They claim that they are
      strong, that they can take care of themselves, etc.  But once they get
      robbed or beat up, they lose all confidence and cannot even go out
      again. ”

      That’s because, when they say such things, they are deluded.  Both men and women used to understand this.  But we are so much smarter now that we believe things which are not true.

  • Woody Woodpecker

    Music, OK.
    But only in the undisciplined styles of jazz, r&b, “boogie woogie” (that still cracks me up), etc..

    I am no expert, but I do not know of any blacks who have composed classic symphonies or operas, the areas we usually associate with musical “genius”.
    No black Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Verdi, or even Bernstein, Gershwin, or Rodgers & Hammerstien.

    I refuse to give credit to the noise the blacks call music. OK, the “motown” was not so bad, and the “funk” stuff like Sly Stone’s music was OK,  but was more like popcorn compared to someone like Wagner’s filet mignon.

  • JustaWhiteMom

    Check out what some black guy had to say:

    leonard•4 days ago

    Regardless of whether the victim is black or white, a crime is wrong. However, I’m fcuking sick of being held responsible for sh!t I didn’t do. This from a guy who no doubt profits from, and never speaks out against, massive collective guiltmongering for whites.

  • In my book, the only 20th century music that will last are Stravinsky, Ravel, Orff, Hindemith, Messiaen, Skryabin, Rachmaninov, Prokofiev, Strauss, Debussy, Sibelius, ..and a few others.

    Popular music will have the same destiny as 19th century Viennese operettes & British musicals (Gilbert & Sullivan) etc. The stuff no one listens to anymore, except aficionados.

    • hierax

      I dunno — nothing is ever so ‘black and white’ as it were. Admittedly they are a scurge, but the one and only credit they deserve is in the advent and evolution of rock and roll. Even there, it was mostly white groups, inspired by the likes of Muddy Waters etc that took it to the ‘next level’. Wagner and Ravel are still light years ahead, but the one and only contribution of merit made by blacks or hippies was some of the rock music of the 60’s and 70’s. Try as I might to dismiss it I can’t stop from enjoying it.

      • vladdy1

        Too many don’t realize that rock is a mix of country and blues. We owe as much to Hank Williams as to Muddy Waters. It bugs me when white culture is dismissed and black culture praised, when BOTH contributed to the final product.

    • Sardonicus

      People still listen to 19th century operettas like Strauss’s Die Fledermaus and Lehar’s The Merry Widow, as well as Gilbert and Sullivan, but most 19th century music hall music is not played today. Few can remember black popular artists, other than a few Jazz greats, from the 1900s to 1930.

      • I’m sure that some people listen to Lehar or Strauss – but they are in small minority. I doubt they account for more than 1-2% of all people who listen to classical music.

        Let’s be frank- operettas & musicals are boring and absurd. As absurd as 1940s Westerns with John Wayne yodeling or Edward G. Robinson making idiotic faces.

  • if Obama had a son, he would look like…

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    ” Jordan came to the United States to play Gaelic football in a local
    woman’s league and to enjoy a summer of sport and fun, but now she is

    The practice of sending female teams to NYC and regions like it ought to be stopped.  Not just because of this incident, but because many of these white girls, when not being harassed or attacked like this one, are being impregnated by local blacks.  This is exactly what happened to my cousin’s daughter when she went there on a softball “scholarship.”

    (Also, note that my cousin is a lifetime conservative living in Idaho.  He and his wife are raising the child and treat her better than their own biological kids and white grandchildren.  We’re on the outs over the issue).

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     I disagree with you on the issue of Rock and Roll.  I do mostly because it is actually such a wide term.  Its greatest influence came from white country music that evolved early on as Rockabilly, and some elements from Southern Church music that both whites and blacks participated and  from which the influence came.  But there is much more, folk music, and even classical music have been influences in the development of the form that goes under the term, Rock and Roll.  I would also remind you and anyone who thinks that symphonic classics are the only real or “pure” music that many of them, Mozart, notably, but many others including Beethoven and yes, Wagner, lived like “Rock Stars,” drinking, partying, womanizing in the same mode and spirit as the most notorious rock stars on record.  What was once “scandalous” (even the Waltz was considered scandalous from Queen Victoria down at first, new art forms are often scandalizing to those of average intellect and with an inherent stubbornness that denotes an average intellect.

    That said, I would agree with everything else, including the claim that it was blacks that made Jazz dirty, Rock and Roll dirty, and have now succeeded in taking American culture and the culture of many other countries to what must be the bottom of possibilities.  The only thing that could come next would have to be interracial sex-torture on stage.  (It’s already all over the internet).

    • You’re just partially right. Most Classical composers lived ordinary lives, nothing special. Portrayal of Mozart in Forman’s movie is totally fake (for instance, Mozart main source of income were teaching lessons; plus, he was a faithful husband- not reciprocated by wife). Only Wagner & some other composers were “rock stars”- others had been mostly ordinary guys or even ascetics. “Stardom” is associated with opera & loose morals of this kind of showbiz- if you didn’t have connections with opera (Bach, Bruckner, Mahler, Brahms, Debussy, Franck, Haydn, ..), you were completely out of this.

      As for rock & ethnic music- I suppose parts of it will survive as a popular music in some future. Most “black” forms will vanish, and about jazz I’m uncertain- I don’t care about it a bit, but it has attracted too many intelligent people to be be dismissed just like that. Or- this is not a criterion: I guess most 20th century painting will vanish, too.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        As you no doubt know, much classical music was borrowed or let’s say inspired by folk, or ethnic themes.  It’s all related.  Since opera was so much front and center in European culture, what it was about was known, talked about and written about in popular reporting, just as celebrities are today.

        A great deal of Rock and Roll is now considered “classic” and there must also be a great deal of credit to so much incredible, lyrical poetry it has provided.

        As for the future, my opinion is that the crash of civilization will likely render all valuable and less so, pretty much to the past.  As some music scholars have reproduced the musical notation of the medieval period, some idea of what the  music sounded like is possible.  But imagine a future where modern musical notation has been completely forgotten, along with most other valuable knowledge.  But it seems that we can count on some religions to persist.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         I’ve been thinking about something; Every time someone here replies to me with a counter or “correction” they never provide examples, where I do.  I often check out claims and EVERY TIME I find they were either completely making up things or they distorted history so far that it completely contradicts what they claim.

        My policy is that I don’t and won’t give any credence to any reply that does not provide at least half the examples I give (with references when they exist or are required).  There is far to much BSing on these posts.

  • Herman

    People in Ireland probably can’t believe it.

    On all the movies they see from the USA black people are faultless and are doctors, lawyers, judges and cops (tracking down white criminals).

  • Q.D.’s Axiom #40:  “Words are as meaningless as dirt.  Actions have consequences.  Pay attention to people’s actions, not words.”

    I don’t care what Lincoln said.  I judge him by the consequences of his actions, and those were to mate presumed Federal supremacy in public affairs with the lie of the multiracialist / egalitarian genesis of the United States.

    You’re also playing “what if” games with history.  I once bought a “what if” history book, read about half of it, and then put it with the doodad that gives me rock hard abs if I use it five minutes a day somewhere in storage.  Hypothetical history is snake oil, because there are too many variables in this world.  There isn’t enough computing power on Earth to figure out what would have happened but for a few circumstances.  I’m going to add that to my list of axioms, now that I think about it.

    Pray, when has Ron Paul ever said that the Confederacy should have won the WBTS?  Maybe DiLorenzo might have.

  • Hirene

    It reminds me of a young woman from a suburban part of New Jersey who moved to Harlem and went jogging in a nearby park.  Her dead body was discovered off the jogging path.

  • Looks like she just got culturally enriched.

    Bad jokes aside, is anyone else noticing how more and more news sites that report things like this are either closing down the comments entirely or else turning into a borderline Stormfront meeting (minus the moderation)?