Two teenage girls were charged in the beating of a mentally disabled man after a video of the attack was posted on Facebook, provoking outrage in the community.

The incident happened about two weeks ago in Caruthersville, Missouri.

The video shows the girls punching Louis Crocker, a man known around town as ‘Cool Breeze’ who is mentally disabled and drinks heavily, according to his family.

They can be heard laughing and joking as one of the girls reign punches and kicks the man’s head.

She then shows her swollen knuckles to the camera to demonstrate how hard she was punching.

The girls are in juvenile custody and were due in court yesterday on undisclosed juvenile charges.

Prosecutors are also considering charges against a man who is seen with the girls in the video clip.

He told KFVS-TV that Crocker threw the first punch, something the homeless man denies.

Crocker told the station the girls simply attacked him.

‘I told her (one of the girls) to leave me alone,’ he said. ‘She’s 15. I said “Baby leave me alone”. I mind my own business, and I sit here and I drink.’

He said he refused to fight back because the attackers were girls.

‘My mama always told me before she died, “You hit a woman you’re not a man”,’ said Crocker.

He said he wasn’t seriously hurt, but he thinks the girls should be punished.

Police Chief Tony Jones said Crocker is well-known in town as an eccentric.

Crocker has been known to dance on people’s porches, but he’s harmless, Jones said.

‘It was horrible, plain out horrible. There’s a lot of angry people,’ Jones said. ‘I am one of them.’

Crocker admitted to the station that he was drunk that day, but his family said that’s no excuse.

‘He didn’t deserve this,’ said Racheal Self, a relative of Crocker’s.

‘They knew he’s not mentally right, and I just want to see justice served and this not happen to anyone else,’ Self said.

KFVS12 News


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  • Caruthersville is almost all black, in the delta portion of Southeast Missouri.  Culturally, the Southeast Missouri delta and the Mississippi delta are the same place.

  • Rocky Bass,

    Of course it was a white guy these “lovely young ladies” chose to show their kindness and gentility to. Arm up folks, this is just every day now.

    • Hirschibold

      I am armed up, and have my CCW but think about it. Say I am attacked late one night by an African-American and I return fire. If he happens to be holding Skittles, or if the FBI confiscates my computer and realizes I post at Amren, it doesn’t matter whether or not I was defending myself, even with witnesses and closed-circuit camera footage to boot. The black kid had skittles and I post at what the $PLC calls a “hate site.” Holder’s sending me to Old Sparky to cook off some of my white privilege.

      • My friend, we need desperately to stop “talking ourselves out of” defending ourselves. If you feel you’re threatened, shoot first, shoot to kill, and worry about the consequences later.

        • Maybe not shooting to kill is a better solution. If Zimmerman had only subdued his attacker he might be in a better place right now. Aim for kneecap.

          • anarchyst

            Paralysis by “lead poisoning” would be a just “reward” for this human vermin.  It would be difficult for “young master trayvon” to commit his crimes from a wheelchair . . .

          • Brutus

            My own understanding is, that that is a very bad strategy. First, one is more likely to miss if one doesn’t shoot for the center of mass. Second, shooting to disable can create the presumption that one didn’t feel oneself justified in killing the bad guy; but a shot in the leg can be lethal: So you’re saying in effect “I don’t think I’m justified in shooting him, but I’m shooting him anyway:” An attitude that doesn’t look very good in court, especially if in aiming for the kneecap you happen to sever an artery and the bad guy dies.

            Really, I think one should regard the question of whether the bad guy survives the encounter as basically irrelevant. If you’re justified in shooting, you aim for the center of mass to maximize the likelihood of a hit and minimize the danger to any bystanders, you shoot until the bad guy /stops doing/ whatever he was doing that justified you in shooting him, and then you stop shooting. At least, that’s the attitude I’ve seen presented in books by Ayoob etc, and it makes good sense to me.

          • Dave4088

            Wrong.  As Fred Reed said in a column years ago about the D.C. area; you better dispatch the black assailant otherwise they have the opportunity to lie about events to the all black jury.  Think the black jurors will believe you over one of their own?   

          • Center mass is a much better target. And that’s what police are taught to do if they feel their lives are threatened. Besides, whether you’re charged with anything after such an incident involving death depends on the prosecutor/district attorney. Some of them do, in fact, have common sense.

        • Hirschibold

           In the Army they taught us escalation of force. You shoot initially to let them know you have the capability, then you shoot to disable the threat, and finally you shoot to eliminate the threat. The problem is that the Rules of Engagement and Escalation of Force don’t mean jack unless you’re fighting against somebody who has the same sense of fair play. There’s no Marquis De Queensbury in Detroit or St. Louis.

          • HenryHolliday

            What army did you learn that in, and when? I’m not being antagonistic here, it’s a sincere question. I never heard of military training with such emphasis.

          • Hirschibold

             It wasn’t taught in garrison. It was SOP for convoy security. Command was terrified of any kind of ‘incident’ (i.e. the British beating in Basra. “Use the minimum force necessary to control the situation and accomplish the mission.” Some of it is Geneva and JAG officer corps jargon taken to extremes. You can never “shoot to kill” but you can “shoot to eliminate the threat.” I fail to see the difference but it helps to know the law(s) to stay out of Leavenworth.

      • Sounds like you might want to ditch that concealed carry then. I read that the laws around it are so tight that there is a very fine line on the legality of even drawing the gun in the first place, let alone actually firing it. Apparently, brandishing a weapon is a crime, especially if you’re white. I read that you can only even draw if you are under serious threat of harm. But who knows – a guy in Salt Lake took a knife wielding looney down in a grocery store parking lot a few months ago. The news hailed him as a hero. Then again Utah is a very anti-govt. cowboy state. Like Wyoming.

      • HenryHolliday

        Your life will suck if you shoot him. It will end if you don’t. Your choice, my brother.

      • Dave4088

        No doubt our political beliefs will be scrutinized by the bureau of intimidation in such an eventually.  But, we have to protect ourselves regardless of the risks because the police simply won’t do it and won’t prevent these incidents from occurring for fear of being charged with racism, racial profiling and police brutality be the lefty media.  And the Holder DOJ will open a civil rights investigation and the cops and chief (or sheriff) will have their lives ruined.

        The late Sam Francis aptly labeled the USA an anarcho-tyranny whereby the laws are only enforced against those who are most likely to follow them (i.e., white people). 

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Is there any creature on earth more vicious and unpredictable than a black female? They seamlessly go from pissed, irrational and personally offended (I believe this is actually the default setting) to super-pissed, hyper-irrational and extremely personally offended in a microsecond. It’s like zero to ultraviolence in the blink of an eye.

    I would rather deal with the angriest, hungriest, most frightened jungle animal than have to interact with a black female on any level. I could possibly predict what the animal will do to counter any move I make, but a black female? Forget it.

    And then there’s the roving shark packs such as this that seem to share a primitive, reptilian ‘hive mind’ mental connection centered on the innate “gibs me dat” concept…

    • As I said above, go armed, and if you have to use it, then shoot to kill. That’s ONE thing they understand, at least.

      • Biff_Maliboo

         I’ll have to get a certificate from the Feds declaring me ‘not a racist’ first.

  • If somebody’s beating on you, and you don’t try to defend yourself, you’re not a man, all right; you’re a fool. But of course, the guy was mentally disturbed.

    Note how the incident is twice referred to as a “fight.” No, folks; a “fight” has two sides; this was simply an unprovoked racial assault.

    • Athling

      Good points Wayne.

      I do not want to see anymore whites end up like this…

      Caution: strong images

  • Tim in Indiana

     He said he wasn’t seriously hurt, but he thinks the girls should be punished.  

    He must be made of seriously sturdy stuff, then. You can knock on a hard wooden door without your knuckles getting all swollen up, so I can imagine the pummeling this guy must have gotten. Of course, you don’t pound on a door for minutes at a time either. And I believe that this guy started it about as much as I believe I would stick my hand in the mouth of a wild badger. 

  • Angry White Woman

    It sounds like a black-on-black attack, what with the guy’s name being “Cool Breeze”. Nowhere does the article even so much as breathe a hint about the ethnicity of the girls, so naturally we know who they are, aside from the fact that most white girls don’t gang up and beat on a mentally handicapped man for fun. I’m glad the town is outraged on the man’s behalf, but this is just incident #28,594,517,365 of emotionally explosive black females with no scruples against causing harm to another person, man, woman, child, white, black or something else, for no reason at all.

    • MekongDelta69

      It was a white on black attack. Check the pictures in the original article.

  • kjh64

    “He said he refused to fight back because the attackers were girls.
    ‘My mama always told me before she died, “You hit a woman you’re not a man”,’ said Crocker.”

    Yes, but if you are a man attacked by a woman  you have every right to fight back and defend yourself. How about carry a can of mace and if attacked, just blast the little b-s in the face.

    •  That’s because in the old days, when a woman hit a man, it was halfway assumed the man had it coming, and the woman’s hit was never with lethal intention.

      Women of the Bellcurvius persuasion…another story.

      • MekongDelta69

        “Women of the Bellcurvius persuasion”

        I like that one.

        I would simply add, “Women on the FAR LEFT of the Bellcurvius persuasion”

        •  I call the subspecies Africanus Bellcurvius.  I’ll shorten it to Bellcurvius because we’re not supposed to use that “other” word anymore.  They own it, I know they do:  Black callers (public school lunchroom cooks) to St. Louis talk radio have said so.

          • MekongDelta69

            How about, Africanus Negroinus Bellcurvius?

            It’s got a certain ‘ring’ to it…

    • Such white knighting can be suicidal.

      The exact same mentality prevents whites from defending ourselves as an ethny, when we’re under attack from immigrants.

  • MekongDelta69

    ‘My mama always told me before she died, You hit a woman you’re not a man,’ said Crocker.

    This white guy has 10,000x more class than the two black thugettes who punched him.

    Btw, that rule about not hitting women USED to be a cardinal rule in America, but when it comes to feral DIE-versities, you’re unfortunately going to have to give up your principles and defend yourself.

    That rule was in effect when America was a 1st world country.
    However, when you’re in the jungle, you have to become part of the jungle.

    • ncpride

      Speaking as a female, I would have no problem with a White man defending himself against this nonsense. Slap ’em silly if ya have to.

    • tickyul

      BS…..anybody assaults me, male or female, no matter the race, I WILL defend myself.

    • The__Bobster

      But they’re not women, so they’re fair game.

  • Like a brick.

    Until I saw this Daily Mail version, I presumed that the victim was also black, because of Caruthersville’s demographics and the way the media here and in Southeast Missouri described his “fun loving” nature.

    But he is white, probably the only white man in Caruthersville.

  • If one of these ‘diverse’ women attacks you, just lay em out like that cop did in Seattle. Old school swift justice. If you are attacked by a bear or lion you shouldn’t be worried about the gender.

  • Fueled by the Animosity of Envy.  Triggered by Racist Hatred. Protected by the MSM. Empowered by Liberals.

  • Yet another lifeguard threatened at a black pool:

    Pool Closed After Lifeguard Threatened

    • Up to my neck in CA

      “As a result, each pool is now staffed with armed security guards, making them safer, says Mayor Byron Brown.”

      I have never seen an armed security guard at a public pool before. The very idea is completely insane that it has come to this.

  • You have never been in a life or death situation. I almost died because I didn’t respond with deadly force. I tried to disable, he tried to kill.

  • TheTruthHurts4

    Why aren’t I surprised that they are black girls? 

  • HenryHolliday

    Don’t make the mistake of underestimating women. Would you stand still and let an 8 year old girl punch you in the face as hard as she could? How about 3 times? I’ve seen 130 pound women knock 180 pound men cold with a good chin hit. Change your worldview, my friend. Anyone can hurt you.

  • LaSantaHermandad

    I never ceased to be amazed at how these crimes are reported in UK newspapers but not here.

    • Covered in the St. Louis and Southeast Missouri media.  Because it happened in the town in which it did, it was obvious that the doers were black.  But they didn’t show pics of the vic, and this Daily Mail article was the first that did.  Before that, I assumed the vic was black, because of his “colorful” habits.

      • robinbishop34

         A little off topic but yesterday morning I went to the art museum in Forest Park. I entered the park via Hampton Ave. but left out the west exit via Skinker Parkway where I made the mistake of going North trying to get back on 40.

        It’s amazing to watch the landscape disintegrate so quickly from the Wash U. campus area with trees, sidewalks, nice homes, people walking their dogs, etc to an blocky, grey area devoid of foliage and replaced by chain link fences, spooky buildings, condemned two/four family flats, and blacks hanging on street corners and literally walking in the middle of a 4 lane, divided highway.

        • You’re not the only one who has noticed the figurative Berlin Wall around there:

          Ever watch “Meet Me in St. Louis” starring Judy Garland?  The Smith house is said to be at 5135 Kensington Avenue, and the movie is based on a novel called 5135 Kensington.  Look up that address (zip 63108) on Google Street View now.

          Those houses on that block are almost as big and spacious as many of the houses south of the figurative Berlin Wall.  (Trivia:  Pershing Avenue, through the nice part of the CWE, used to be named “Berlin.”  Changed in the WWI anti-German purge.) They would be worth big money if white people lived in them, with Bellcurvius, they’re either wrecks or about-to-be wrecks.

          • robinbishop34

            My gosh, the video you provided is exactly what I experienced, but what I saw actually looked worse. It went from nice and vibrant to dead and hopeless in a matter of a mile or so.

            As soon as I turned north on S. Parkway I knew it was the wrong way and I literally did an illegal U-turn at the Delmar intersection before I hit Wellston. Imagine a 34 white woman and her 70 y/o mother getting lost there?

            I have seen the movie and it’s so depressing to witness the decay. Those homes and areas should be the pride of the city but those days are done. I wonder how long before Clarkson Valley becomes a ghetto?

          •  I gather you’re relatively new to St. Louis?  What you experienced is something St. Louisans know instinctively.  Your shock at the contrast makes me think you’re not a native.  Delmar isn’t the only figurative Berlin Wall around here.  There are lots of places around here where you could walk a few steps and go from nice and white and expensive to crummy, run down and black.

            I think that Clarkson Valley is safe for quite a long time.  My “beloved” Ballwin, on the other hand, and its “affordability,” is a near future sitting duck.  Ballwin already has a big Mosque, but mainly for immigrant Muslims, not native black converts.

          • As much as blacks complain about their condition, if white people moved in, fixed up properties, raised housing values and community standards, blacks would be screaming “Gentrification” and that they were being forced out by higher property values.

            PBS did a show where gays were moving into a black area and blacks were upset. It’s called “Flag Wars” (gays putting up rainbow flags and blacks putting up pseudo-African flags):


          • robinbishop34

            I’m not a native but have been here since age 13. Most of that time I’ve been insulated in the suburbs but used to get around more and have witnessed this to a certain extent.  I was familiar enough with the general area as to know it was time to turn tail and scoot out of there but admit I was surprised.

            I’m very familiar with your area, or I used to be. I remember playing tennis at Vlasis Park next to Ballwin police station.

  • Dave4088

    I don’t think anyone is being cavalier, but when one’s life is being threatened I don’t think that person has time to review a checklist before using deadly force.  Hesitancy can mean the difference between life or death.  The guy (or gal) trying to inflict bodily harm isn’t thinking about consequences.  That’s why they’re criminals.  

  • LaSantaHermandad

    While I agree with what you say vis a vis the consequences of killing. I can’t stop thinking about Channon & Christopher. If they had had the means to defend themselves perhaps they’d be having their wedding today. 
    Lovely young Eve Carson asked her two bestial tormentors to pray with her. They sexually molested  her then they shot her in the face with a 12 gauge. Why? Because she was beautiful and they were ugly in body and in soul.
    The five young people in Wichita unless I’m mistaken had an opportunity to get possession of the gun the Mau Mau brothers had but they didn’t due to the influence of their “Western Culture”. They were beaten, raped, sodomized and otherwise sexually degraded, taken out to a snowy soccer pitch and each one was shot once in the head and then run over with a pick up truck. One of the woman actually survived.
    Our civilized behavior doesn’t bring about an Epiphany with these savages. They kill us anyway.  
    It’s a better choice to LIVE to deal with the consequences.
    I try to put myself in the shoes of the loved ones of these dead innocents. 

  • Boy, are they ugly. When I think “girls”, my mental image is something utterly different.

  • William_JD

    Once again, the anchorwoman called it a fight, even though it was a wholly one-sided attack.  I’m sick of it.  

  • Major

    Wisconsin’s “Irish” Negroes having good time….rioting.

    And another Happy event:

    “Every time there is an event going on, people want to pull out guns and go crazy,” said Hagler, the teenage video blogger from Milwaukee. “Everything is getting cancelled: State fairs. Summerfest. All people want to do is fight. Y’all acting like animals. And it is crazy to say it is our own people acting that way.”
    He continued, “It’s crazy when you go to an event and there be a majority white people there. As soon as black people come around that get to moving out of the way. They already know what is going to happen.“It’s like when you want to go to Juneteenth. I ain’t going to go to Juneteenth because people already know what is going to happen. People are going to be shooting and fighting.”It cannot be as bad as Big Mike thinks, right?

  • blindsticks

    I’m baffled as to why only seven comments. Now  I’m sure if that had  been a bunch of white trailer trash, we would have had a far more enthusiastic response. The stupid anti racists seem to be winning. Or  I guess  maybe we’re just getting so used  to these savages  living amongst us now.

    In the same edition was another minortiy on white murder, this time in Britain.

      Killer obsessed with Bourne trilogy stabbed pensioner to death for asking if his crying daughter was okay before going on run

    Read more:

  • Baloney. Don’t lecture me about “lethal force being the last resort.” Have you ever been attacked by a “primitive”, to use your own word, who doesn’t give one-eighth of a damn if he kills you? If you have, and you didn’t do whatever was necessary to stop that attack, then you’re part of our problem.

  • ncpride

    I couldn’t agree more. I started to write in another post of mine something similar. I’ve seen exactly twice in my life a woman attack their man for the most ridiculous reasons… it was totally uncalled for both times and those men showed considerable restraint. I’m also female, but I would not have blamed either of those men had they back handed these women across the room. And yes ladies, they really WOULD have deserved it.Times have changed, and men should not have to deal with this kind of abuse no more than women.

  • LaSantaHermandad

    They’re not “women”. They’re females! And they’re seven times stronger than a human.

  • razorrare

    Yes,we are living in a differant world today,and much of that can be attributed to Ziomedia & Ziowood. Both of these are just as much responsible for the beating this diabled Whiteman experienced by these 2 hateful,violent black girls as well as the countless other attacks by black on White violence we have witnessed during the last 5 decades when Brown vs Board of Education became the biggest watershed moment in American history since the Civil War…

  • razorrare


  • We are at war but we won’t admit it.  The other side lacks inteligence and organization but makes up for it in terms of viciousness.  The other side has conned many of us to defend them even when they strike the first blow.  In war, there are no women and children.  There is only the enemy.