Summer Racial Justice Webinar Series

Applied Research Center, July 11, 2012


Take advantage of the summer months, and learn new skills to address inequity. Our Summer Racial Justice Webinar Seriesstarts next week. The next session “Challenging Racism Systematically” happens next Thursday, July 19. This webinar shares a systematic method of working against racism  at different levels. “Racial Equity Impact Assessment” takes place on Thursday, August 23. This session presents a new tool for racial justice – preventing inequitable impacts in advance. Sign up for one, or register for both and save!

Discover new tools, frameworks, and strategies to advance racial justice in your office, classroom, and community! Both sessions feature Terry Keleher, Program Director, Racial Justice Leadership Action Network and Nayantara Sen, Network Training Associate, who share ideas and skills culled from their in-person training.

Each session is only $45. Register for both webinars now, and save $10!

Challenging Racism Systematically
July 19, 2012, 10AM PT/1 PM ET
Get familiar with the different levels of racism and operate from a proactive racial justice framework. This session takes a systematic approach to addressing racism, focuses on its causes, and looks for changes participants can advance.

  • Examine different levels of racism and operate from a proactive racial justice framework
  • Select targeted strategies for addressing racial dimensions of problems
  • Develop systematic solutions towards dismantling racism

Racial Equity Impact Assessment
August 23, 2012, 10AM PT/1 PM ET
Can we prevent racial disparities before they begin? Can we be proactive instead of reactive when combating inequity? The answer is: yes! This webinar will introduce you to the racial equity impact framework and tools used to prevent disparities.

  • Avoid unintended and adverse impacts
  • Authentically engage stakeholders in decision making
  • Evaluate racial implications of policies and practices
  • Proactively institute racial equity

For more information on ARC webinars, click here. We hope you’ll join us next week!


Applied Research Center Training & Consulting Team


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  • geraldmartin


    According to our census and surveillance information for your address, your residence contains a white “family” of two “married” adults (one male, one female) and two children (gender irrelevent). Our records show you have not yet ennrolled your entire family in the Summer Racial Justice Webinar for 2014. This is now a required training course for all white persons and “families” which must be completed successfully for you to continue your employment, and for your children to continue to live at your residence. 

    In addition, it appears you have not completed the LGBT Sensitivities & Concerns Course we emailed to you last spring – it is now past due and must be returned with passing grades from your licensed LGBT Sensitivity & Concerns Counselor, NLT 1 August, or electricity to your residence will be shut off.

    Finally, the Federal Public Schools System has informed us that neither of your children has completed Gender Neutral Norming as required by federal law, and that one child, claiming the illegal status of “male,” has refused to wear a dress every other school day as required by said law.  This child has identified you as the party responsible for indoctrinating it that it was a specific gender, which, as you know, is a serious offense. 

    Therefore you are ordered to appear before Judge Shanquelle Chiquita Brown this Friday at 9 a.m., to give a complete and thorough explanation of your plan to rectify all the problems identified above. Failure to appear will result in the issuance of an arrest warrant for yourself as well as seizure and transportation of your “family” to the Human Rights Concentration & Re-education Center for your county.


    Applied Research Center Training and Consulting Team

    • shawnmer

      My God, I haven’t laughed that hard in a while! 
      You haven’t lost your edge, Gerald ol’ buddy!

    • Hirschibold

       You could do a dystopian science fiction novel in that vein!

  • If you miss it, I’m sure they’ll print excerpts in the Journal of Hate Studies.

    Useful translations for deciphering this article:

    systematic method of working against racism  at different levels

    Put it on every channel so that nobody can miss it.

    proactive racial justice framework

    Don’t expect the Federal budget to be balanced anytime soon or ever.

    Avoid unintended and adverse impacts

    Keep this as secret as possible before AR exposes it and becomes a laughing stock


    I count “proactive” (and by that, I don’t mean the AR regular Proactive) so many times that I could swear up and down that this was written by a business school student.  Whenever you see a document with “proactive” used a lot, it means they don’t really have anything to say, so they have to stretch it out as far as possible to make you think they know what they’re talking about.


    • Hirschibold

      The word “matrix” and its plural “matrices” also gets thrown around a lot to make the jargon seem more thorough and scientific.

  • Global Minority

    This applies to White people. I think all White people ought to start having classes like this. That way White people will be able to Examine different levels of racism and operate from a proactive racial justice framework that is anti-whiteSelect targeted strategies for addressing racial dimensions of problems that are anti-white Develop systematic solutions towards dismantling racism towards White people. I say bet them at there own game!  

  • Oh boy ONLY $80 for BOTH webinars to find out that White men are responsible for black and brown dysfunction?  Allow me to save you $80 with my brand new translation software.

    “Examine different levels of racism and operate from a proactive racial justice framework”
    Translation : (Have you thought about killing yourself you Evil White man?)

    “Select targeted strategies for addressing racial dimensions of problems”
    Translation : (You should probably start thinking about killing yourself)

    “Develop systematic solutions towards dismantling racism”
    Translation : (We are just going to go ahead and say it, DIE WHITEY DIE!)

  • geraldmartin

    You are right. This thing, and the “unfair campaign” featuring those pathetic people with self-hating messages on their faces, are insidious – they are spreading all over the place and they make Tim Wise look like a kindly gentlemen who voices an occasional mild reproof. These are something out of 1984 – totalitarian, and we are moving towards a society in which they will be – as I suggest in the parody – mandatory, with increasingly severe penalties for refuseniks.  There is a huge amount of money behind them – white taxpayers and white foundations no doubt providing the bulk – and the sheer bulk of the resources involved is awesome, and ominous. 

    And, as you imply, most whites are so beaten down, so deracinated, so afraid, they will submit.

  • mikejones91

    Its funny when regular (idiotic) whites don’t pick up on the incredibly passive aggressive undertones as things such as these.

  • I thought by the headline that the webinar was going to be how to protect yourself and your family during summer outdoor activities such as fairs, celebrations, and festivals from black flash mobs.  Session one:  avoid these celebrations.  Session two: if unavoidable, what firearm is best to carry and strategic exits.  Session three:  how to take back our festivals and summer activities as a group. 

  • Global Minority

    Major employers already have mandatory classes for white employees and there is not a choice of attendence either. Well you could say no and get fired.

  • ageofknowledge

    This is great. Now if they would just replace the word white with black for the African Americans and brown for the Latinos and get THEM to watch it I think we’d be set.