Miami Zombie Attack Prank on Tosh.O

Ebaum’s World, June 22, 2012


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  • Rocky Bass,

    This is so staged, we are to believe that not one of these “fine upstanding Miami Natives” had a gun and tried to fill him full of holes?

    • mikejones91

      Its not staged at all. Until last week, this white Russian was a nobody. Hes (almost) famous now.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Yeah, I was wondering when someone was going to shoot him in the head.

      He likes black girls too.  Have fun with that, guy…all sorts of strange viruses and trouble if you go there, Ivan.


      • mikejones91

        Yeah I remember seeing that. One thing that was kind of funny to me (as someone who has made the observation of VERY common attributes (suspiciously common) among white women who go with black men—He has a prank “how to pick up girls” and he approaches this one white girl and she just has “the look”. Hoop earrings. Air Force One Sneakers–Rocca Wear Shorts-_The typical—And Vitaly knows this girl isn’t gonna be receptive to him. He says “your into black guys aren’t you?” . Without having any previous interaction. She says yes. He walks away. Your right though, I did notice he has shared on multiple videos his love for black women/people. I thought Russians were OUR savior?

    • Sissy White

      Ebony survey (black magazine) what do blacks fear most:
      1. ghosts (also zombies)
      2. dogs
      3. certified mail

      • I_loathe_disqus

         I myself am TERRIFIED of certified mail. Seriously, is it EVER for anything good? 😀

        • Rocky Bass,

           I cannot think of one “good” thing I ever received via “certified mail” either.

  • Interesting the vid quotes a Federal study about there not being any such thing as a zombie virus.  About that time, a Federal study disproving the existence of mermaids also made the news.

    They’re spending our money on that frivolous junk?

    But there is a silver lining.  Now that zombies and mermaids are crossed off the list, they can move on next to bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster and so on.  Then they can admit that all these weird things that go bump in the night and people take for E.T. are really human experiments.  At that point, there won’t be any need for that overnight show about deals with this sort of stuff — You know, the one on 500+ radio stations, all those stations FCC licensed, yet they say they’re telling us what the gov’t doesn’t want us to know.

    Then maybe that time slot can be used for someone like Jared Taylor.

  • Notice one of the basketball scenes, one white man among all the blacks.  He has to be as crazy as this “zombie” practical joke artist, who is lucky that one of the blacks didn’t try to shoot him.  It seems to me toward the end of the original vid one of them was thinking about pulling out a gun.

    •  Go to the YouTube that Red above shows.  Have YouTube show you the highest resolution that your screen can show, for many people, that will be 1080p — Click on the six-toothed gear at the bottom of the video, that will pop up a list of resolution options.  Go to about 1:58 in the video and watch for the next few seconds.  The man with dreadlocks and wearing a black shirt points a sideways pistol in the direction of the “zombie.”

  • Conan

    I was reading another forum and Tosh’s name up.

    Some black guy said he hated Tosh because of a skit he did about black history month and how it was an example of white privilege.
    Afterwards,a black female poster went absolutely ballistic posting a rambling diatribe about how Tosh was “riding the white privilege highway at 100 mph, smashing into to everyone.  I would love to kill him”.

    I was laughing so hard.

  • He’s lucky some cop didn’t come along and take him to the funny farm.

  • Rocky Bass,

    I like to think I would have just laughed him off, being he was white and all the flesh eaters of late have been persons of color. Even still, had he charged intently enough to make me think he really was going to fully close with me, I would have had to at least drawn on him, his immediate reaction determining the events of the next few milliseconds.

  • KingKenton

    No matter how you slice it, THAT, was funny.

  • mikejones91

    Yeah he has openly said that he “loves black women”. I personally like his pranks but he has a HUGE black following. They love him for some reason.

  • mikejones91

    I really do enjoy his comedy but he has some anti-white tendencies. He said on one episode “Mixed people are the best looking”. Hes also dating some Brazilian (Hispanic) model. He is funny though.

    • Dated a Brazillian model? I am quite sure NO ONE on this site would ever stoop so low!!

  • Up to my neck in CA

    At the end of the video one black in a white t-shirt lifts his shirt, I doubt he was showing him his belly button. He is lucky he did not get shot.

  • No profound comment here. Just thought the ending was funny.

  • The video proves that there are some very foolish if not stupid white people.  If Vitaly pulls something like this again he is likely end up dead.