Divided South Africa Honors Mandela’s Birthday

Angus Shaw, Yahoo! News, July 18, 2012

A nation divided between black and white, rich and poor, came together Wednesday to honor Nelson Mandela, the deeply loved statesman who helped bring freedom to South Africa. The good deeds done on Mandela’s 94th birthday ranged from building houses to performing free eye cataract operations.

Education officials estimated nearly 12 million children kicked off celebrations at 8 a.m. (0600 GMT) with resounding “Happy Birthday” choruses in schools from well-funded private institutions to barely furnished rooms in villages. Millions more South Africans joined in from offices, buses, train stations and Mandela Square, set amid the plush skyscrapers and exclusive boutiques of Johannesburg’s Sandton City.

Mandela spent the day quietly with family and friends in southeastern Qunu village, according to Sello Hatang, a spokesman for the Nelson Mandela Foundation. {snip}

Well-wishers placed flowers outside the Mandela homestead and local villagers sang, danced and shared birthday cake. Convicts from the district prison joined in the spirit, volunteering to spruce up the village school by painting and cutting grass.

Communities in South Africa dedicated 67 minutes of the day to volunteer work and projects for the needy—one minute to mark each of Mandela’s 67 years in public service.


But the spirit of reconciliation and forgiveness that Mandela epitomizes has lost its luster in the country as the fruits of political liberation have failed to bring most South Africans a better life. Control of Africa’s biggest economy remains firmly in the hands of the minority whites. The education system to uplift poor South Africans is a shambles. Violent crime is rampant. A small percentage of blacks have become millionaires, some through corruption and ties to Mandela’s governing African National Congress.



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  • America First

    ” A small percentage of blacks have become millionaires, some through
    corruption and ties to Mandela’s governing African National Congress.”

     And none through creation of businesses or provision of services or goods.  Even basic retail is beyond the ken of most Africans.

    • Yes, only a ‘transfer of wealth’ through illegitimate means. When enough transfers are completed, there will be no wealth to sustain the economy.

  • Boereseun

    And boy did our liberals pretend. Nothing was beneath them. Nelson Mandela is their saint, their god and their saviour. If one asks them exactly what it was that Nelson did, besides terrorism and cause anarchy, they will simply say he saved us all. You cannot change their minds, it’s a cult. It was sickening to have to hear the praise constantly bombarded this week. There was no escape. 

    Probably explains my bad mood.

    • newscomments70

      Are there still white liberals in South Africa? I wonder what percentage converted to realism?

      • Boereseun

        Unfortunately there are, especially here in the Cape and the other major city centers of Johannesburg, Durban and Port Elizabeth. A great deal have indeed converted but there’s a strong percentage of whites in South Africa that can never ever be converted. This is their religion. Just like I cannot ever be converted from Christianity, they can’t be converted from the worship of Mandela.

        There is an advantage in living in Cape Town, it’s safer, cleaner and more relaxed but that comes with the territory of having a bigger population of whites. It just so happens that more whites living amongst less blacks equals more liberalism. 

        There are also a huge percentage of whites South Africans that have to pretend. They have converted and understand the ways of blacks, just like you and I. For them, it’s a charade. They pretend in order to keep their work. When you have private conversations with such people, the act becomes quite apparent.

        • newscomments70

          I always wondered how many liberals in the U.S. will convert as we continue to deteriorate. I assumed they all would, but from what you are saying, some will always be that way. It’s shocking, but it doesn’t surprise me. I used to put on that charade. I even had liberal friends. Eventually I just snapped. I couldn’t take it anymore. If I’m around such people, I will tell the truth, regardless of the bad feelings or rage-filled arguments. I  used to live in a liberal enclave in CA, I had to move….mutual revulsion. 

          • JohnEngelman

            There have not been significant black ghetto riots since the Rodney King riots of 1992. Since that year the rate of violent crime in the United States has steadily declined.
            The persistence of de facto segregation means that most whites come into contact with few blacks. Hollywood movies and television programs present positive images of blacks. 
            All of these facts combine to give most whites a fairly positive view of blacks. Many whites do not want to be told anything bad about blacks, and become angry if anyone does.  

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

             You ought to be writing, the amount of REPORTED crimes has decreased.  I lived through the 60s riots as well as the Rodney King riots (I mean I was around black populations at the time) and while the crimes have changed (less murder), they have increased.

          • JohnEngelman

            My statistics on crime come from the 
            FBI, Uniform Crime Reports. There is no reason to believe that these are less accurate than they were in the past.  

        • JohnEngelman

          There is an advantage in living in Cape Town, it’s safer, cleaner and more relaxed but that comes with the territory of having a bigger population of whites. It just so happens that more whites living amongst less blacks equals more liberalism.                                                           
          – Boereseum            
          In order to see what blacks are really like one needs to see them up close every day on terms of approximate equality in an environment where they are in the majority. When blacks are in the minority most try to behave. When they are in the majority most behave the way they want to behave.             
          Most white liberals know few blacks. These few are either exceptional, or they occupy subordinate positions without resentment. 

      • Most of the scum have decamped to Israel.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      I was yelling names at my television when I saw Clinton’s mug as he sat there, watching Zulu’s dancing with the government officials.  What an IDIOT!

  • Achaean

    Very moving video of young Afrikaners facing up to the hardships entailed by the transfer of power to Blacks free of charge; we in north America will be facing this in the coming decades:

    • pc must go

       Watching the video- confused, at 3:35 there appears to be a black/mixed race guy holding up the s.a. flag in shame WITH the group… are coloureds allowed into the group or something. That man looks black to me… he’s with the “racist white bootcamp”… ?

      Secondly, 120 grams = 4 ounces in difference in brain weight… 4 ounces to me seems like nothing or insignificant.

      • He looks either dusky white or maybe part Indian (dot, not feathers).  South Africa has a significant Indian population, from the days when both South Africa and India were British colonies.

      • It  seems insignificant until you look at sub-Saharan Africa, haiti, Detroit etc. Then you realize 4 ounces makes all the difference in the world. Literally

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         Four ounces of gold or diamonds isn’t significant.  I can’t tell you right now off the cuff how many neurons and synapses are in four ounces of brain cells, but it is significant, comparable to having four more ounces of gold or diamonds – in a way, but moreso.

  •  Read the news site IAFRICA, from SA for a week  and you will think the country is run by 12y.o’s, a soap opera.  You can watch the slow decline of a nation in real time. A recent story pointed out that half of the country’s credit cardholders were in arrears. 

  • South Africa is called ” The Rainbow nation, ” I don’t know why since there is no black in a rainbow.

  • Uncle Ruckus

    Happy birthday n-word.

    I wonder how much Obama is influenced by this guy?

    QUOTE:  “The education system to uplift poor South Africans is a shambles. Violent crime is rampant. A small percentage of blacks have become millionaires.”

    Doesn’t that seem eerily familiar?  Or is that just what happens whenever you put a negro in charge of anything?

    • Yes, it does sound familiar – in Detroit, East St. Louis, Gary and Camden, NJ.

  • Djinn42

    Obama actually spoke from his heart what he believes to be the truth because in his life he has been given everything and never had to earn anything due to his affirmative action government upbringing. He didn’t earn that, someone else made that happen.

  • Every years it’s the same party for Saint Mandela.

  • haroldcrews

    He’s hardly the first terrorist to receive the Nobel Peace Prize or be regarded as a ‘hero’.  He won’t be the last either unfortunately.

  • JustaWhiteMom

    Couldn’t agree more.  High-caste indians often look basically white except for skin color.  A small number of these people can be assimilated and often they are, as you say, more aware of what is at stake than whites.

  •  You are right about the deluge, the EU has plans to import 50 million blacks from africa to “stimulate the economy”.
    Whites are by far the most idealistic race, Whites are so idealistic that they refuse to accept that their idealism will cause the extinction of their race

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       Exactiment!  J’ai assi une “x” a le fin de mon nom.

  • Boereseun

    Don’t forget that now he and Desmond Tutu are part of ‘The Elders’ who are going to save humanity from ourselves… You just can’t make this stuff up.

  • Africa Adio


    ” Farewell Africa’ (shot in 1964; released in 1966) is a documentary film about the decolonization of Africa, made by the Italian film directors Gualtiero Jacopetti and Franco E. Prosperi.

    It shows like no other documentary what blacks are capable of if they get the chance. It is a masterpiece with beautiful music, composed by the Italian composer Riz Ortolani. Probably ‘Africa Addio’ is the best and most exposing documentary ever made about what happened in several African countries directly after decolonization, but because of political correctness the masses never heard of it.

    In the USA a censored version called ‘Africa Blood and Guts’ was released, which was deliberately stripped from the original music and the powerful message of ‘Africa Addio’ – so the sensors were able to portray the destruction, cruelty, savagery and genocide performed by the Africans as a ‘struggle for indepence’.

    The directors Gualtiero Jacopetti and Franco E. Prosperi dissociated themselves from this Hollywood (per)version of their film. ”

  • The black standard  for Hero is much lower than it is for Humans. jackie robinson is the prototype  black hero, given credit for some remarkable achievement that is actually the result of the actions of Whites. Baseball executive Branch Rickey is the true hero in this story, he is the man who made things happen, robinson was just lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, a hundred other black players could have filled the role. The same is true for mandela, he did not cause the end of apartheid, his contribution at best  was symbolic, but he probably prolonged apartheid by reinforcing the perception that blacks were to violent and uncivilized to  live side by side with humans, a perception that turned out to be all to accurate

    • Gandhi and Martin Luther King are overrated for the same reason.

      In Gandhi’s case, he just happened to be the leader of the Indian nationalist movement at the time when the Americans dismantled the British Empire in exchange for bailing out and rebuilding Britain after WWII.  NORAD is now we took Canada away from the British Empire, and ANZUS is how we took Australia and New Zealand.  I don’t know if we have a similar treaty organization with India, but I do know that Rush Limbaugh’s grandfather played a role in detaching India from the British Empire, as he was part of Eisenhower’s State Department team that helped craft a new legal system for India after its “independence.”

      As far as Jackie Robinson, I’ve said it before, so apologies for the repetition.  The America of April 15, 1947 didn’t recognize it as a sacred event, because the New  York and national media only mentioned Robinson’s race and the first black to play a major league regular season game as an afterthought, deep down in the paragraph count, in the story of the Dodger game that day.  The New York Post referred to Robinson, 28 years old on that day, as a “colored boy.”

      •  Funny how the magnitude of black achievements grows over time, and usually just after all the contemporaries have passed

  • Pandemonium

    Right you are!! knowledgeable South Africans consistently blame the US and Europe for the loss of their country. The US and Europe funded the Marxist revolutionaries who finally succeeded in overthrowing the SA government. 

    Now, nothing works there, excepting a few remaining Whites. 

    A preview of our future?

    • Boereseun

      I would like to draw a distinction here. We most certainly do not blame Europeans, Americans or Australians for the loss of our country. We most certainly do hold in contempt their politicians and liberals. Those people that spoke out against Apartheid and white South Africans, without knowing the full story or indeed lying about the full story, we do blame for their part. They financed and helped get into power terrorists who did not care one hoot about South Africa. Not the blacks, not the whites, not the cape coloureds, not the Indians – nobody but themselves. 

      I don’t see white South Africans blaming anybody and wanting to bring the roof down on Europe and America. White South Africa should serve as your warning. We need help, yes, but that help is only useful if we can save Europe and America as well.

  • My apologies to the Moderators,  I have a hard time capitalizing black names, I will make an effort to do better

  • I disagree with almost all comments here. Mandela was portrayed as some bloodthirsty Communist villain, while in reality he was a rather opportunistic politician who acted tactfully, as far as circumstances allowed. Apartheid was doomed, and no rational person could deny it.
    Of course, he is lionized & his political and “humanitarian” acumen grossly exaggerated.

    But- he’s not guilty for SA downhill trajectory. Even if he were almost super-human genius like Julius Caesar, things would not have been different. With Bantus you got Bantu society, and no individual can change that.

  • What’s with the headline?

    Wasn’t the end of apartheid supposed to unite the country? Don’t tell me it didn’t work.

  •  Afrikaner leadership was bought or, simply, they lacked a visionary leader. Historic times require historical personalities, but only mediocrities were on the  scene.

    • Laager

       If you were President, what would you have done?

  • Boereseun

    The country was split up, all African tribes got their own homelands. These same lands the British had decided to include with the two British Colonies and two Boer Republics when they unified South Africa in 1910. To clarify, most of South Africa is desert or semi-desert, ‘die klein en groot Karoo’ being perfect examples. The African tribes settled the areas with greater arable land; and considering the watershed of the Drakensberg flows down mostly to the east of the country, that’s where most of the greater tribes of the Zulu and Xhosa people settled.

    Apartheid South Africa was merely the old Boer Republics, with the Cape and Natal included. All white owned land. The influx of Africans during the urbanization of the 60s and 70s doomed white South Africa, not Apartheid. The influx of Africans was caused by overseas owned mining companies who needed cheap labour that white South Africans could not supply. Sounds rather familiar doesn’t it? By your own reasoning, you better split up America now, or else face the same problems of white South Africans. 

  • Dey wants ta get dey freak on!

  • Laager

    Please remove the phrase “white privileged position” from you vocabulary.

    One upon a time whites were poor and primitive.
    They mastered the appliance of science and in conjunction with good [reasonably transparent] administration and a sound work ethic they enjoy the quality of societies they live in today.

    It did not just drop out of the sky.
    Nobody GAVE the white man anything.
    It was planned for; worked for and through trial and error achieved.

    There is absolutely nothing stopping any other ethnic group achieving the same success.

    • GM (Australia)

      Oops, “White Privilege” is a term I really do hate together with a lot of other terms frequently used by the loony left and everyone else who hates the white race and it’s achievements.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     Black is actually the absence of color.  White contains all colors.  Of course, this is where it stops and NO allegory with skin color should be made just because it sounds clever on the surface.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     This and other instances really make me think that some cultures (white ones) in one degree to another feel so guilt ridden that their individuals seem to think they must personally demonstrate and make their personal choices based on it.  But this wouldn’t account for a nation like Finland.  So it seems there is an element of Christian democratic neurosis of the virtuous.