A Dallas woman abducted at gunpoint to be be sold into the sex trade made a dramatic escape from her captors and alerted the police 24 hours after being kidnapped.

Elia Beltran and her friend Karla Uribe were abducted after leaving Club Rio in West Oak Cliff in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Elia Beltran

Before eventually freeing Uribe, the alleged kidnapper, 19-year-old Cruz Alcala turned to Uribe and threatened to shoot 20-year-old Beltran saying, ‘Convince me not to kill her.’

Driving around Dallas in Beltran’s 1997 Ford Explorer, which Alcala had also stolen, Uribe said that she and Beltran were pleading for their lives.

‘We were just trying to convince him,’ said Uribe to WFAA.Com.

‘You know, ‘We have families, please don’t do this, you know, if you have a heart just don’t do this.’

Cruz Alcala

Releasing Uribe soon after kidnapping her and Beltran, Alcala is then alleged to have met up with Alicisa Faye Morris, 23, Jermaine Jackson, 36, and Telvin Pratt, 22.

Alicisa Morris

Once with them, police have said that he attempted to sell Beltran to them as a prostitute.

Beltran managed to escape while at a gas station in the 1700 block of West Main Street in the suburb of Grand Prairie.

While one of the suspects checked a tire, Beltran ran to the neighbouring Golden Chalet Motor Inn where she raised the alarm in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

‘The caller indicated that she was a kidnapping victim from Dallas. She indicated her captors were nearby and escaped,’ said Detective Lyle Gensler of the Grand Prairie Police Department.

‘They were not only able to locate her, but the three people she escaped from,’ said Gensler.

Her 1997 Ford Explorer was found abandoned near to where the arrests were made and now police specialist victims units are working with her to piece together a case against her alleged kidnappers.

‘She was very emotionally distraught over the incident that happened that day,’ said Gensler.

‘We were able to calm her down.

‘My heart and soul goes out to her and her family.

‘She’s going to be emotionally scarred over the event.

‘It’s not really a happy ending.’


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  • JustaWhiteMom

    Hey folks, help me shut down these anti-whites at this link:


    • MekongDelta69

      Give them AmRen’s and Vdare’s URLs. You’re never going to win an argument with mentally disturbed people. It’s the equivalent of going to Bellevue and trying to explain 2+2=4 to one of the patients. They’ll probably just throw feces at you.

  • This girl who barely escaped is Hispanic.

    • MekongDelta69

      And she has the ‘look’ and the mannerisms of that girl in Greenpoint about which AmRen ran a story last week. (The one who got her nose broken by a bunch of black girls at the pool in Williamsburg.)

      You would ‘logically’ think that all the Spanish people in Dallas would be outraged. But no – somehow – I don’t know how – but *somehow* they’ll blame white racism (or something along those lines) for this.

    • Most likely an anchor baby.

  • MekongDelta69

    If that pic of Alicisa Morris doesn’t prove that evolution hasn’t progressed 10 minutes for these people, then I don’t know what would.

    • Rocky Bass,

       Progressed? If anything they are going backwards at an ever increasing rate. This hold course it will not be long until blacks are primordial ooze once again.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Exactly.  The more I see, I more I begin to think that these are de-evolved or mutated creatures, possibly with some other early ape-like primate admixture.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    The media have obviously made a mistake here. The picture of Alicisa Morris is obviously a picture of a laboratory bonobo monkey wearing a wig. I mean, she/it doesn’t even look like a real black woman.
    Anyway, the real Alicisa Morris was involved in a kidnapping, and should be dealt with accordingly to your laws over there.
    No prizes for working out what I think should be done with all of the offenders!
    (it involves a noose and trap-door)

    • Rocky Bass,

       A date with Mr Pierpoint you say? Ever watch “The last hangman”? The fella playing the part was very believable.

      • loyalwhitebriton

        Yes, I have seen that film. Albert Pierrepoint was played brilliantly by talented British character actor Timothy Spall. Great film.
        It didn’t shake my belief in capital punishment, though.

  • This is what diversity brings. Excluding the godforsaken pavement ape(s), all are either illegal aliens or the byproduct thereof.

  • I know a simply and easy way to end this kind of nonsense and it would make a great reality TV show.

  • Thank God American teenage young women have been freed from the oppression of patriarchal fathers and can choose to go where and when they want, and to be w/whom they want, acc to the dictates of their own hearts. Yes, “the old man’s” so-called wise counsel is out-of-date and behind the times. We have evolved beyond him and his ideas and ideals…. These American girls can now breathe the fresh air of FREEDOM and LIBERATION, just like those British girls who choose to be w/”Asian” (i.e., Pakistani) men…. (sarcasm off)

    Patriarchy is necessary because many young women (biologically post menarche), turn from obedient daughters to rebellious and foolish teens. Without the father able to impose his will upon his daughters, they will behave imprudently, and thus be targeted by evil men. Just because some fathers abuse this authority was no justification for stripping all fathers of it. (This is analogous to some nut cases abusing our “right to keep and bear arms” being used to justify taking away law-abiding citizens 2nd Amendment rights.)

    Our country has fallen so far away from so many of the Biblical principles upon which it was founded it is not even funny. We are clueless as to how close we are to the edge of a cliff….

    free Crime Avoidance & Self-Defense Advice here:

  • Ironies aside, I went to stats site to see the Texas demographics re  birth rate & ethnicity. I can give the table- no big deal- but a clear picture emerges (for those who know how to read numbers):

    * Hispanics are somehow aligned with Blacks. Socially, they procreate with them & probably hang around with them.

    * Whites (European) are fathers to less than 10%- say, 8-9% of children of Hispanic mothers, and Blacks around 3%. Hispanic men are fathers of ca. 12% White mothers’ children.

    * Blacks mostly keep to themselves, but males are overrepresented as fathers of other races’ mothers (in the case of Whites, ca. 3%) & females underrepresented- seems no one finds them attractive

    * Whites have the highest “in-group” birth rate, since White women & White men are, percentage -wise, the most cohesive group

    * as for “others”- they are, of course, Asians. Asians females have ca. 20% White males as fathers of their children. Vice versa is very small amount.

    So, it seems that class & education (and IQ, I guess) pulls together Whites and Asians on one hand, and Hispanics and Blacks, on the other hand, stick together- more or less.

    If you type Latinas Dallas in Youtube search, you’ll see some obscene scenes not dissimilar from Black behavior in other vids.

  • Why ? It’s not anybody’s fault that:

    * Hispanic girls are whoring themselves publicly
    * Hispanic men are literally spiritual descendants of head chopping & disemboweling Mayas and Aztecs.  The Church did some humanizing, but you can’t change them too much. There is nothing “Spanish” about that. Spaniards, thanks to Catholicism, have (or had, things change) a deferential treatment of women- for instance, there were very few instances of violence against women during Spanish Civil War, both sides. Not so with Mesoamerican progeny.
    * Hispanics-Mestizos have adopted many of the lifestyle traits of US Blacks- thugs, gang rape, home invasions, welfare parasitism, promiscuity, …

    Am I sorry for this girl ?

    Yes, and I’m glad she’s avoided terrible destiny. But if she has more than a peanut-size brain, she’ll avoid various “El Rios” & change her FB profile from a slutty, whorish exhibitionist poster child specimen.

  • MekongDelta69

    Oh no – I guess ‘Mark’ isn’t going to click ‘Like’ under my post.
    Now, what am I going to do to help raise my self-esteem again?
    I know – I’m going to Oz to see if the Wizard can give me a heart.

    “Weeeeeeeer’e OFF to see the Wizard. The wonderful Wizard of Oz.”
    (C’mon ‘Mark’ – join in, won’t you?)