Anaheim Protests Turn Violent, Family of Victim Sues

Fox News Latino, July 25, 2012

The family of the Latino man shot by police in Anaheim, Calif., filed a lawsuit against the police department as protests escalated and even turned violent.

Protesters threw rocks and bottles at police in riot gear. Riot police fired back, shooting rounds of bean bags and peppers and crowds of angry protesters Tuesday evening.

The protesters gathered of City Hall as councilmembers voted on asking the U.S. attorney’s office to investigate Sunday’s shooting death of Manuel Diaz, a suspected gang member who was unarmed when he was killed while running away from police.

Diaz’s family filed a lawsuit Tuesday seeking $50 million in damages. {snip}

Residents have grown angry about the growing number of police-related shootings this year. They claim officers should use less deadly weapons rather than resorting to lethal force. Police say Diaz was a known gang member and failed to heed orders from police to stop when he ran from them.

The protests outside of City Hall grew violent when many protesters were turned away from the meeting because it was too overcrowded. About 24 protesters were arrested.

Officers formed lines to try to contain the crowd as residents set fire to trash cans, taunted police and swarmed a Starbucks, breaking windows. At one point, police shut down a gas station when protesters were seen filling canisters with gas. At least two people were arrested, police Sgt. Bob Dunn said.


Police Chief John Welter said Diaz was shot after two officers approached three men who were acting suspiciously in an alley before running away. One officer chased Diaz to the front of an apartment complex.


Anaheim is a city of contrasts that ranges from upscale, hilltop homes to packed, gritty apartment complexes.


As California’s Hispanic population has grown, so has the Anaheim’s, hitting nearly 53 percent in 2010, census figures show.

Residents’ concerns about the use of police force in the city aren’t new. Last month, Anaheim decided to look into hiring an independent investigator to review police shootings amid protests by relatives of those killed in officers’ gunfire.

Latino activists say that isn’t enough and want federal officials to investigate the Saturday shooting.


The police union issued a statement defending the officers involved in the shootings and said both men killed were gang members who had criminal records. The union also said that just before Diaz turned toward officers, he pulled an object from his waistband — a common place where gang members hide guns.


The protest Tuesday capped four consecutive days of violence aimed at police officers and unrest. On Saturday, demonstrators hurled rocks and bottles at officers who were securing the scene for investigators, and police responded by firing bean bags and pepper balls.

On Sunday, protesters swarmed police headquarters during a news conference and later set fire to a trash bin and pushed it into the street outside the apartment complex where Manuel Diaz died. On Monday night, his mother joined the relatives of others killed in police shootings in a march near where her son was shot.

The second shooting occurred Sunday when officers spotted a suspected gang member in a stolen sport utility vehicle. A brief pursuit ended when three people jumped from the vehicle and ran. Joel Mathew Acevedo, 21, fired at an officer and the officer fatally shot him, authorities said.



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  • Church_of_Jed

    Glen Beck is having alcohol withdrawal symptoms again and taking it out on us with his absurd Restoring Love Festival.

    Let’s see him go make his love with LaRaza and the NAACP, incubators of America’s future Diversity Elite.   

    Love is an outdated and dangerous concept in Times of Diversity, i.e. the Voodoo Curse.

    We need a Restoring Fear Festival.

    • The__Bobster

      Whose butt is he kissing now, Israel’s or MLK’s?

    • tickyul

      He is one in a long line of Republirat-Phonycons, this is their MO.

    • Right again Jed! We really do need a Restoring Fear Festival! Illegal invaders, Chicanos and their cohorts have no fear whatsoever of authority, as they have been allowed to do as they please for a very long time. I few old-fashioned immigration sweeps might do wonders for their brazen attitude. Lets drive them back “beneath the shadows,” preferably shadows in Mexico!

    • Beck has outlived his usefulness, he hardly ever has anything to say that will return this country to its rightful path. This latest lunacy may break his piggy bank.

      Let’s pretend this is true, for the moment-

      He has read the following:  Civil War II:  The Coming Breakup of America. The book was personally delivered to him. His response to reading it scared himself so much that after deep prayer he has decided only he alone has received guidance from above on how to redirect the destructive energies building in America. Many of his mil “advisors” have told him the same things we know and understand here, yet he has taken the opposite tact. The last salvation of this country is the white race, i.e. white racialist male, regaining total political control. But he couldn’t talk like a white racialist, could he? Ah, but he could quote MLK ad nauseam and we could all love one another. That would sell for awhile, at least until he got his new plantation all ship shape in New Zealand.

      But the above is just pretend.

  • Anan7

    You know, with growing numbers of hispanics, eventually the point will come when there are no police who can manage California, or the rest of the USA for that matter.

    And then whom will these people sue for police brutality?  or from their own brutality?

    Just stop letting them in!!!

    • The__Bobster

      We need more than that. They already have a critical breeding mass. We need massive deportations.

      • Anan7

         “massive deportations” ah music to my ears!  I can only pray for the day when we can live peacefully SEPARATE again.

        Whites are NOT the majority.  We are 8% of the world’s population and that is rapidly dwindling.  We’ll be extinct in 100 years if we don’t seal the borders and send the invaders back!

        Compare with Presidents Monroe and Jefferson’s ideas on deportation.  If they had finished the job there would have been no civil war and this country would be in a much better position right now.

        If the blacks are so angry about their distant ancestors being brought over here against their will, we Whites have suffered far more than they ever did.  They return, of their own free will of course, to correct that injustice.

        • Seek

          If Liberia was used for its intended purpose, a destination for repatriation of all U.S. black slaves, then “The American Dilemma” never would have happened.  Mexico should be the destination for all Amerindian and Mestizo Mexicans, whether here legally or not, who refuse to assimilate.

  • This is what happens when you replace the demographics that made Orange County Orange County with Mexico.

    Keep an eye on this story, because it will devolve into one of two things:

    1.  Full-blown riots, or

    2.  Mass protests numbering in the hundreds of thousands.  Chicanos tend to do that sort of thing, go out and assemble mass street marches and protests that accomplish nothing in reality.  Everyone was taken aback by the immigration masses in Los Angeles in 2006, but that’s what Mexicans and Chicanos do.

    • SarahConnor

      Oh good maybe some of the angry LaRaza mob that protests on a daily basis here in front of Sheriff Joe’s will head over to Anaheim! Man they are a bunch of mean nasty screaming people! And then do none of these people work since they are out protesting everyday?

  • I LOVE it when some of you say Mexicans are better!  Oh dear, you really have no idea until you live near a bunch of them.  These people are almost exactly the same as their darker skinned brothers.  A Mexican gangster gets shot and the reaction is the same as the black community – riot and scream racism and discrimination.   Notice how as the Latino population EXPLODED in Anaheim the incidents of police shooting Latinos increased.  Gee I wonder why?  While their is a veritable grand canyon between the first world societies and third world societies, the difference between various third world societies is marginal at best.

  • Back in 1930s, when mafiosi had been killed by the police in Chicago & New York, Italian-Americans didn’t protest. Only a herd like Latinos & Blacks, racial hucksters, stands firmly behind their ethnic garbage.

    • Anan7

       “La raza” es la primera cosa que los Latinos piensen.

      If only Whites could do the same we might save ourselves here in America and in Europe and Australia/New Zealand.

  • refocus

    Oooo yeah that was really great where the cop sicced the dog on the female with child.


  • Biff_Maliboo

    Perhaps they’ve found their Trayvon Martinez to rally around.

  • Whiteman

    “The nerve of a cop shooting a guy who was just shooting at him”.
    That was a previous case, apparently, where cops shot a criminal who shot at them first. This new case the perp was apparently unarmed, if you can believe it. 

    • SarahConnor

      Oh no that was just 2 days after the first one!

  •  “The most Republican county in the nation.”

    It barely gave John McCain a majority in 2008.  It wasn’t even the reddest county in California, much less the country.  I’d like to know what those people are smoking.

    This the point I made with ATBOTL, that “conservatives” are useless in demographic wars, while white liberals (for all their faults) are winning them in core cities.

    • Seek

      I agree.  Your average white urban liberal, though unintentionally, has done more good for our cities, than ten Glenn Becks combined.

  •  Ethnic braggadocio time, maybe.

    I am all but certain that “Anaheim” comes from Anna Heim, German for “Anna’s Home.”  Whether “Anna” means Santa Ana, I don’t know,  But I do know that it was a German settlement.

    • It was a German settlement QD. You will not find many Germans here today, but you will have no problems finding Filberto!

  •  A blogger who calls himself “The Truth Shall Set You Free” doubts there will be formal secession, and I agree with that.  The future Hispanic tinpot warlords of the future megabarrio now known as the American Southwest may use the threat of secession to secure consideration from the Federal government, but it will all be a bluff. 

    Besides, it won’t matter.  East St. Louis, Illinois didn’t secede from the United States and become a formal colony of Africa, but that’s what it really is.  We don’t want to live there even though it’s still theoretically part of the United States.  Like I said, the American Southwest will soon be one big megabarrio, unlivable for gringos as ESL is for honkeys.

  •  First, thanks for confirming my suspicion (see below), about the etymology of Anaheim’s name.

    We all know the May Day 2006 immigration rallies were organized by white leftists.  But showing up for mass protests is a Chicano folkway that can be see in Chicano countries where there are no white leftists around to do anything.  They almost always happen as a result of elections.  An example is what happened in Mexico in 1994 — Supporters of a party whose candidate lost the Presidential election that year marched in the hundreds of thousands to vent their anger…but the other person won and took office anyway. 

    Yes, white leftists organized May Day 2006, but you can lead a horse to water…Chicanos showed up en masse that day because that’s what Chicanos do.  I’m sure there are a lot of analogues in Mayan, Inca, or Amerindian history.

  • SarahConnor

    I do like he Northwest and also northern Idaho!

  • SarahConnor

    In the first shooting the police union put out a statement saying the fleeing Hispanic slightly turned and reached for something in his waistband (where they keep their guns apparently.) The second shooting, the cop was fired at first as the Hispanics were running away also.

    And do people really expect the police to use less deadly force when they are threatened by vicious violent gang members.

    I don’t know, which is worse Bloomberg’s police state (he just said today all police across the country should go on strike until there are stricter gun laws (like that will stop the criminals–it will only get us all killed!)or violent gangs?

  • They are rioting because a gang banger and a fellow la raza got what he deserved. Anaheim is no longer part of Orange County, but Mexico. Anaheim needs a massive immigration sweep to curb gang bangers and their family members, since these criminals have become emboldened because they know the authorities will do nothing!

  • We have not seen a genuine “conservative Republican” in over 30 years. The democraps are in full control of this state, including Orange County. I have lived here for over 40 years. The illegal invaders and their la raza legislative body are winning

  • One thing we can never forget about Orange County, and therefore, the failure of “conservatism,” is that while it grew as a white flight county, whites being driven out of Los Angeles County, and I’m sure most whites in OC’s heyday weren’t fond of the “n” words, they weren’t politically organized around racial identity, even though race was the reason why they were there.  The “right wing” for which OC was famous in its heyday was aracial, either the “religious right” (Christian conservatives), or the non-racial nationalist “hard right” (e.g. John Birch Society), or right-libertarian.  All were useless against the demographic onslaught.

    • Well said QD. Even an invasion by Mexico and their peasants cannot inspire us to unite as a race. Most here in OC, despise the illegal invasion. Nevertheless, we have not yet come together in racial solidarity to combat it, even though Hispanics have united in order to further their invasion against us. Perhaps the day will come soon.

  • Bobby,
    You could have written the same about my growing up in Florida. Once a tropical paradise that was readily available to the eastern half of the nation, is almost gone. The southern part of the state is another country. The hispanic invasion you spoke of in Calif has almost at the same time and with the same results, happened to Florida. I remember the Florida of the 1950s and before the racial strife took us down the road of political correctness. Now the central and northern parts of the state are a magnet for mexicans and not the high class Mexico City type, the squat, mean faced indian mix mexicans. It is so ironic that DisneyLand may only have a few more years to survive as a place for whites to visit. The same might have been said about DisneyWorld except that Disney was smart and bought hundreds of thousands of acres of buffer land. But Florida will be joining Calif and the SW as hispanic states with different rules and maybe eventually a different flag. I follow the predictions of the book, Civil War II:  The Coming Breakup of America, where the author gives the date for the mexican invasion to turn into full revolt- May 5, 2020, location is LA.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    California is a powder keg.   It has hit rock bottom and is now drilling through bedrock, well down the road to One Party Rule.

    1/3 of the nation’s welfare recipients live in California, 40% of the population pays no income tax, 60% of public school students qualify for free or reduced lunch, and unemployment is around 10.9%, one of the highest of all 57 states.

    Forbes advises businesses to avoid the state because the cost of doing business in California is 13 to 14% higher than the rest of the country.

    These riots are a sign of the end result of the type of government the democrat pols and major media have been pushing in California for 50 years.

    The Anaheim police chief stated tonight that 2/3 rds of the “protesters” are outside agitators and not from Anaheim.

    With  city after city declaring bankruptcy and outside agents provocateurs  riding in to stir up the large number of unemployed, I expect riots like these to break out soon all over the state.

    Riot police fired back, shooting rounds of bean bags and peppers and crowds of angry protesters Tuesday evening.

    How soon before “bean bags” and “peppers” become REAL bullets?

    Welcome to the gulag, Comrade!!

  • a bit of advice

    illlegal immigrants dont take away jobs that is a fallacy
    not that i enjoy their presence but from an economical standpoint illegals working for low wages do not hurt the economy or white at all  
    classic example of the seen and unseen 

    illegals sucking welfare and sticking their children in our schools who cant even speak english and require dual language curriculum on the other hand are no good

    you need to remember to have the facts straight and people will view you as much more legitimate 

    •  So who did those low wage jobs before Mexico’s peasants invaded us? The fact of the matter is there are plenty of White Americans who would gladly perform those low wage jobs mentioned. However, illegal invaders have stolen these jobs, much like an invasive species introduced to a host environment would. A high school or college kid cannot get a job at a fast food place because illegal invaders have stepped in and stolen those jobs. The good news is I am seeing more and younger White kids working those” low wage jobs” previously held by illegal invading Mexicans. Illegal invading Mexicans also suppress wages in any industry they infiltrate in large enough numbers. Illegal invaders work for less because they can work for less for a number of different reasons. Your contention they do not take away jobs or hurt the economy is straight from La Raza talking points.

      • Thanks moderator. For some reason, my reply posted twice and would not let me modify.

        • No problem.  I should have left it as it was, it’s worth reading twice.

    • Mike,
      I really understand where you are coming from but you are wrong, at least in the following regard. When my father retired from the construction industry in the early 1980s, a journeyman mechanic could expect to earn about $25-30 an hour, plus benefits. That was a handsome wage that had our family solidly in the middle class and helped two sons get a college degree. Within a few years after he retired, the first Mexicans showed up in construction, well at least in Florida. Today, observe almost any construction site, it is at least 75% Mexican workers. Those wages in 1980 at $25 an hour are now sub $10 an hour and not in 1980 dollars. I would say the current pay is about $4 an hour in 1980 dollars. Just how many men, white men that used to be able to work for a decent wage in construction, their wives were allowed to stay at home for the family, just what white man can support a family on that wage? That is why I disagree with you.

      • doesnt matter like i said you see the jobs immigrants take away fro m say construction workers but you dont see the jobs they create with their economic contributions and the fact that the displaced white worker who cant compete with the low wages of the immigrant can find employment in some other field 

        in the short term it sucks for the displaced white worker but long term they are a benefit economically

        seen and unseen fallacy look it up

  • Logosandlettering

     A powerful piece. It’s really a shame what’s happened to Southern California.
    I lived in LA in the 90’s. I could see it all unraveling. I knew it was over then.
    I used to love to go to Ships and any number of the other great ‘diners’
    in the LA area. These were just a tiny part of the great culture that the Euro peoples built. What the hell are these invaders from meheeco going to contribute,? What are they going to build?

    • Illegal invaders from Mexico contribute nothing and destroy everything!

  • Shawn_thefemale

    “Residents have grown angry about the growing number of police-related shootings this year.”

    But they sure do want those same po-leese to hightail it out to them when the neighborhood punks  be shootin’  THEIR family member…

  • It’s not just the cities of southern California that are being ruined. It is happening in the rural areas as well. Fresno County was once one of the most prosperous farming areas in the country (when it was predominantly white). Now this once rich farm land has been turned into squalor. “Many of the rural trailer-house compounds I saw appear to the naked eye no different from what I have seen in the Third World. There is a Caribbean look to the junked cars, electric wires crisscrossing between various outbuildings, plastic tarps substituting for replacement shingles, lean-tos cobbled together as auxiliary housing, pit bulls unleashed, and geese, goats, and chickens roaming around the yards. The public hears about all sorts of tough California regulations that stymie business — rigid zoning laws, strict building codes, constant inspections — but apparently none of that applies out here.” Victor David Hanson

    “Over a hundred-mile stretch, when I stopped in San Joaquin for a bottled water, or drove through Orange Cove, or got gas in Parlier, or went to a corner market in southwestern Selma, my home town, I was the only non-Hispanic — there were no Asians, no blacks, no other whites.”

    The sad truth is that an unofficial “secession” has already taken place in large tracts of what was once known as America. My quaint, historical notion, of the USA no longer exists. I would no more travel in those areas than I would to some lawless third world nation.

  • mobilebay

    We may have started as a “nation of immigrants,” but we’ve wound up as a “nation of illegal aliens.”

    • Ingsoc

      We may have started as a “nation of immigrants,” 

      Not true.

      We did NOT start out as a nation of immigrants.  

      There was NO country to immigrate to until whites created it!

  • jackryanvb

    We have a White racialist, Northwest Republic independence movement. The author/radio commentator is very good.

    www dot northwestrepublic dot com

  • The fact is they do not want to deport a single illegal invader from Mexico or South America. Not one! It doesn’t matter who they are or what they have done. They do not want them deported.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble


    Here’s another one from my collection to yours:


  • Of course they have. That’s why they are doing it!

    • This is what it feels like to have a target on your back.

  • SarahConnor

    Ok , thanks!

  • Michael C. Scott

    I find the manner in which this article was written a bit curious; only at the very end does it say that one of the two gang-bangers killed was not only armed, but was actually shooting at police when he was killed.

  • SouthernWhite

    A forecast for the future of every American City when whites become the minority