University of Chicago Fraternity Apologizing for Racial Insensitivity

Lauren FitzPatrick, Chicago Sun Times, June 2, 2012

A University of Chicago fraternity is apologizing for racial insensitivity after two of its members were seen mowing lawns to Latin music while wearing oversized sombreros.

Roger Deschner confirmed in a May 31 letter sent to the Sun-Times that two frat members participated in an “offensive act involving a hurtful ethnic stereotype.”

“We sincerely apologize to anyone who had to witness this event or who was offended by hearing about it,” he wrote as president of the fraternity’s Chicago chapter. “The incident on May 8th is exceptionally embarrassing to us and contradictory to our values.

“Our organization has taken steps internally to educate and train our members to ensure that no incident of this kind happens again.”

Deschner would not comment on specific details, other than to deny that the students were pledging as initially reported. {snip}

As the Sun-Times first reported, people at the Alpha Delta Phi house, 5747 S. University, were seen on May 8 mowing the lawn outside while wearing “oversized sombreros” as a stereo played Latin music, the students told the Chicago Maroon student newspaper.

On May 21, another school frat, Delta Upsilon, 5714 S. Woodlawn, advertised a planned party called “Conquistadors and Aztec Hoes.” Partiers were encouraged to bring “an unlimited need to conquer, spread disease and enslave natives,” according to the May 25 issue of the Maroon.

On May 26, a Delta Upsilon official apologized to the Sun-Times in an email.



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  • Stupid fratboy pranks of THE PRIVILEGED?

    Save ammo for when THEY become the 1%-ers.

    • alastairabbacle

      What do you mean? We WANT the privileged to drop PC. The privileged do, and will always, determine to code of conduct of the news. In all the companies the 1% start to give us jobs, we hope they drop “Diversity”.
      “Diversity” and “female quotas” are both tools usable by the elite males to hold down the young, white male.

      What if the feelings people had were effected by cultural indoctrination?
      Than to hurt anybody’s feelings would be to go against the cultural indoctrination.
      The “I’m offended” shtick is oppressing us to regarding feelings foremost, not reality.

  • mikejones91

    What about that new shaving razor commercial where Andre 3000 (rapper/singer) says if I don’t shave I look like an “old English country gent”. Or “an old viking” followed by “that’s not my style”

    • MrGJG

       The difference is, white people have a great history littered with monumental occurrences so as a race we’re secure in our standing and everybody knows it.
      I’m not the least bit offended when these black clowns lampoon white people because I know it comes from envy and the realization that as a race, they will never measure up.

      • The__Bobster

        It wasn’t a black clown who wrote that commercial.

  • Church_of_Jed

    A University of Chicago afrovoodoo fraternity is apologizing for racial insensitivity after two of its n’gro Diversity members were overheard complaining about how much White privilege “be all up en heeah” in the library.

    Roger Deschner confirmed in a May 31 letter sent to the Sun-Times that two frat members participated in an “offensive act involving a hurtful ethnic stereotype.”

    “We sincerely apologize to anyone who had to witness this event or who was offended by hearing about it,” he wrote as president of the fraternity’s Chicago chapter. “The incident on May 8th is exceptionally embarrassing to us and contradictory to our values.

    • NM156

      What kind of frat is this? The U of C is one of the world’s elite universities. The number of black undergraduates must be tiny.

      • Blk student

        That’s bullshit. There are a ton of negroes here, and two black Greek letter societies. I could actually see the aforementioned scenario happening, as I have personally thrown a fit about white privelege in a Sosc class.

  • Francis Galton

    The university is right in this case–a genuine Mexican would not take the time to mow his lawn.

  • Detroit_WASP

    Big hats and Spanish music while cutting the grass??  Well, at least they were doing the work that blacks will not.  

    I lived in a country town out west and the town was 50% Hispanic and 50% white.  My view of Hispanics is far better than that of blacks.  I have seen the Spanish gangs of LA in the movies, but where I was living they wore cowboy hats and drove trucks….like me.  Most were hard working and owned farm related businesses or worked for the state because there wasn’t much else to do.  From watching the local news, I saw that Hispanics had a bit more problems with drugs, alcohol and crime but they were much more like whites than the blacks I knew back in Detroit. 
    Anyway, I was watching the History Channel a few months ago and they did a piece on “The Red Summer” in Chicago.  The program basically made whites out to be the aggressors and bad people in a racial conflict. 

    Thinking that it was just my imagination, I went online and looked up “red summer+chicago” and found more of the same diatribe.

    Notice the photos with the captions “A white gang looking for African Americans”  and “African Ameicans stoned to death by whites”


    Actually, I even question the photos.  Why is a “white gang looking for African Americans”?  Just lookes like a bunch of guys, maybe they are talking about baseball?  Or, was one of the 36,000 white women per year just attacked by another black man?

    Why are the whites stonning a black man, because he was doing his Algebra homework in front of the fireplace?

    Having grown up in Detroit my own personal experiences are the EXACT OPPOSITE of what I see in the media.  I see blacks robbing, raping and killing whites 90+ percent of the time.

    This is the type of stuff, I can only call propaganda, which makes me want to come to sites like AmRen to see if others feel the same way I do.   I basically vent through joking about this stuff but something has to change.  This is like living in a Twilight Zone episode where I am the only sane person left on earth.

    • mikejones91

      Yeah, the Hispanics out here in PA are pretty much what your described. Hardworking/courteous, much more similar to us than the Negro. I have never been to L.A but I am sure they are worse out there. SO in small numbers, they can be pleasant I suppose. I really don’t have any problems with Hispanics. Blacks are a problem whenever it is plural. Singular black, eh, still bad.

    • Unfortunately, the hispanics here in my Commonwealth have started gangs…  The parents come here for harvest for the work, and while most leave when harvest is over, some stayed, despite a obvious lack of schooling, literacy or marketable skills (other than planting tobacco or picking corn).  Their kids, bored with the town, resented by locals (obviously) and dropped out of school, have formed the almost-required hispanic gangs…

      MS-13 is established in Lexington, as are the Latin Kings.  I don’t know about Louisville, but a large segment of the population is Uruk Hai… I doubt they would sit still while Louisville were colonized by border jumpers.

      Fortunately, the Uruk and Hispanic gangs are a “townie” problem, not a country problem….


      Biggest problem we have out here are the meth-heads and pill-heads…. had two saddles stolen out of my barn, despite our dogs and the fact that every man-jack out here is armed better than the average infantryman.  Out here, you take your life in your hands when you invade someone’s property in the middle of the night, bent on mayhem to feed your crappy addiction…

      Still, there ain’t a night goes by where we’re watching the news and some Uruk has been shot/killed/stabbed up or a hispanic has been snatched by the police in Louisville or Lexington for doing something stupid.  The hispanics (man, I gotta get a better word for them) have a habit of getting blind drunk, then getting behind the wheel of their hoopty, then crashing into cars filled with white families… killing or maiming most of the occupants.

      • The__Bobster

        The hispanics (man, I gotta get a better word for them) have a habit of getting blind drunk

        I have dozen of names for the ugly brown squat monster invaders. Want a few suggestions.

        • I’d love some suggestions.  Seriously!

          “Ugly, brown, squat, monster invaders…”

          Orcs?  Goblins?

  • But they needed the big hats to protect them from the sun

  • IKantunderstand

    IKantunderstand is upset by the fact that one incident occurred on eight-o de Mayo and one occurred on twentyone-o de Mayo. BOTH should have happened on five-o de Mayo. What the hell were they thinking?

  • How is this a hurtful stereotype? They were only do an homage to the people who do the work Americans won’t do.

  • SarahConnor

    Funny that they should have to apologize since here in AZ that is exactly the music my lawn guys listen to as well as that is how they dress.

  • curri

    This is kind of encouraging in a way, given that the average IQ of Univ. of Chicago undergrads should be around 130.  High IQ and indoctrinated in PC from the cradle -yet  they do something like this!

    • alastairabbacle

      The point of PC is To punish those perceptive enough to see reality.
      Of course, the highly intelligent will go two paths: rabid denial of reality just to get a job and be popular, or speaking truths and being shunned.
      The first option will be chosen by most. Though with the growth of pro-White forums like this, the pressure will build like a dam in those who deny. The influence of sites as this one will have a powerful exfluence in 10 years. The science of human biodiversity will be firmly entrenched in 20.
      A meritocratic society, hopefully, should be restored. Yhe eiversity shakedown will end with some violence

      • The__Bobster

        Forty years ago, the poofters at Rutgers University created “Blue Jeans Day”. Anyone wearing blue jeans on that day was “assumed” to be a rump rider, thereby showing the straight students the “hardships” sodomites underwent on a daily basis.

        How did the normal students react? They wore their jeans, which were essentially the school uniform, and hung a few packers in effigy. Hell, they were already ticked off that some of their student activity fees went to the homphile league.  

  • Johnny Reb

    The proper reaction from all whites reading this sad tale, would be to contact the national fraternity chiefs and implore them to get some testosterone treatment.  They’re obvioulsy lacking testicular fortitude and need a little pick-me-up.

    Just once, I’d like to see a group of whites laugh in the face of whomever is doing the complaining and tell them to get a life.  Even better, it would be great if they scheduled a meeting with the “offended parties” and showed up wearing sombreros.

    When is my generation going to start standing up for it’s children?

  • Shawn_thefemale

    ‘two of its members were seen mowing lawns to Latin music while wearing oversized sombreros.’

    OH, DEAR GOD!!!!  How could such a thing happen??? Where is the National Guard???

    ‘fraternity is apologizing’

    You bunch of wussies. You’re disgusting.

    • alastairabbacle

      The Day of the No Apology draws nearer.
      We are a culture of old ladies playing bridge at the old folks home.
      Not even, some old ladies just say what is on their mind.

      The hippie “Don’t judge me, man” metastized into “don’t make anybody feel bad ever by doing something somebody might judge as offensive”

    • Go get ’em, Shawn!

      You know, it’s a real statement about our young men when our females have bigger testicles than the men do…

      I would like to think they were coerced into apologizing (apologize, or suffer the wrath of the University), but I think you’re correct…

      They’re wussies… every last one of them.

  • mobilebay

    I’d love to see the students use their free time to phone, fax, email or write to their reps and demand that the invasion be stopped, illegals sent home, e-verify to assure this, correcting the misinterpreted 14th amendment, placing a moratorium on all immigration – including the millions of alphabet visas, and stopping all benefits to illegals. Just might make Washington remember that they have legal, loyal, taxpaying, voting Americans here at home who’d like jobs and to have their country back.