Posted on June 27, 2012

Robert Mugabe’s Motorcade Kills One and Injures 15

Telegraph (London), June 19, 2012

One person has been killed and 15 injured by Robert Mugabe’s motorcade, in the third such accident in two weeks in Zimbabwe.

National police spokesman Wayne Bvudzijena blamed the accident on Sunday on a commuter bus that did not make way fast enough for the passing motorcade. One of the cars leading the motorcade then rammed into the bus.

“The driver of a commuter minibus failed to heed the siren and beacon of the escort vehicle resulting in a head-on collision between the minibus and the police vehicle,” Mr Bvudzijena said.


The crash happened on the Robert Mugabe highway just outside the president’s home town of Zvimba.

Police VIP protection spokesman Martin Mbokochena criticised “some unruly elements in society who want to disturb.”

This was the third incident and third death in two weeks involving Mugabe’s motorcade.

Two weeks ago a motorbike in the presidential cavalcade hit and killed a mentally disabled man, while a member of the presidential guard died and seven others were injured when a truck in the motorcade overturned after one of its tyres burst.