Police: Group of Teens ‘Flash Robbed’ Grocery Store

KATU (Oregon), June 18, 2012

A group of around 30-40 teenagers stormed into an Albertsons grocery store in Troutdale on Saturday night, stealing merchandise and trashing the store, according to police.

Officers in the Portland suburb said the kids, who were between 13 and 16 years old, had been drinking at a party that was broken up by police before the robbery.

They said the kids then walked en masse to the nearby store and “flash robbed” the place. {snip}

“They tried to overwhelm the employees so they went in as a group and started destroying banners, tearing up boxes and stuff,” Sgt. Steve Bevens with Troutdale Police said.

He said they also stole food and shoved items into their jackets.

Surveillance video also shows two boys get behind a counter and try to steal a cash register. Kids are also seen throwing produce and riding a motorized scooter.

“All of a sudden a mob of kids come walking out and some of them are running,” said one witness who called 9-1-1 but did not want his name published. {snip}


“What shocked me the most was the girls had the most stuff,” he said. “It wasn’t just the boys.”

Only one police officer was able to respond to the call because other officers were busy elsewhere. {snip}

Bevens said some of the kids tried to intimidate the officer, but the officer randomly pulled two of the teens aside and arrested them for a curfew violation.

So far police have not arrested anyone for the actual theft, although Bevens said investigators are watching surveillance video from the store and trying to get the names of the kids.


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  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    they make these grocery bags like freezer bags with zippers that people can bring into the store to put their frozen foods etc in it would be amazing if white citizens started carrying a loaded 44 in one of those bags while they were shopping…..just an idea

  • The__Bobster

    Moolies in the Great Northwest? Wasn’t that supposed to be our last refuge?

    And some of them were so lazy that they had to use scooters to steal.

    • mikejones91

      …It really is a tragedy. Well, it could be a tragedy if something doesn’t change. The Pacific Northwest is just “quintessentially white” lol. I would like to move to Seattle sometime soon.  I think you live around me anyway so you know how its going to s*** around here. 

      • The__Bobster

        I still have a 5-10 mile buffer zone around me, for which I have to pay through the nose.

        Still, I can see the incursions. Some stores are busing in Bantus for cheap labor. And weekend trips to the supermarket are a real revelation. That’s when the fat coalburners and the “stylish” women show up with their fashion accessories.

  • These black “flash mobs” make a good case for carrying more than 2 oz of pepper spray….

    If you get attacked, there will probably be at least 4 bBGs (black Bad Guys), you’ll have to spray.

    But if you heed the free Crime Avoidance and Self-Defense Advice linked below, you’re unlikely even run into these types of problems.

  • MekongDelta69

    I wonder if that kid got that Hoveraround from the Scooter Store using his welfare card?!

    Ahz jes’ be chillin’ yo…

    • Audieleon


  • B

    It should be obvious to anybody now that blacks will only act civl when under duress from whites. This is the kind of behavior lynching used to prevent.

    • Epiminondas

      It may prove necessary to bring it back.

  • And people wonder why Africans just don’t take to advanced civilization!

    • Any civilization! They wouldn’t even survive in ancient Greece or Rome.

    • Audieleon

      Dick Nixon our greatest president commented THERE’S NEVER BEEN A STRONG BLACK NATION IN HISTORY,BELIEVE DICK MITE BE RITE!!!!

  • Gresham is such a funny place. It’s a much worse part of the city I live, even if my city is the other part with most of the blacks. 

  • SarahConnor

    Crap this is Portland! 13-16 yr. olds intimidating a cop. He should have arrested as many as possible. When will there be the national outrage over these flash mobs?

    • Audieleon

      U need to get out,come to South Philly,police only go in force,in the hundreds

    • Up to my neck in CA

      When some store clerk shoots some yoof, then you will see national outrage..of the wrong kind.

  • ncpride

    Something has to be done about this. These little thugs know because of their age, using deadly force to stop them is highly unlikely. They need to be pepper sprayed and tasered when they conduct these robberies. The article says they even tried to take on a police officer. At what point do we say enough and stop treating them as if they have pulled some teenage prank? Authorities need to make it clear they are not playing with these little robbers, and they will be treated as such.

    • Audieleon

      TOO LATE ncpride,

  • Sloppo

    In Singapore, they have an effective method to gain the attention of youngsters who misbehave and it is called “caning”.  

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

      they just wrote this one too an update. pull quote:
    All of a sudden a mob of kids come walking out and some of them are
    running,”  a witness, who did not want to be identified, told ABC
    affiliate KATU.  “I heard Albertsons employees yelling at them.”

    • ncpride

      Reading your link, it’s just like I said. They think they have all the power and nobody will stop them, and so far they have been correct. It’s time to make it clear that their age will not protect them when they are committing these robberies, and they will be detained just like an adult offender would be: With force if neccessary.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     police or security would need probable cause to search a closed bag. a concealed gun could be accidentally observed giving police probable cause to stop you and ask for a permit. these mobs dont just steal they attack people.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    one reason these blacks are doing this. they can. to a black there is no down side. prisons and jails are like college to them plus status. their neighbors relatives and friends are not only the prison population but guards and administrators as well. some guards like in bmore are even bloods gang members who bring in lobster wine etc cell phones any drug most of the guards are black females. ive been incarcerated with blacks so ive seen it its not like tv. most whites have no idea what is going on. as far as their parents their mom would be proud and probably mad if they didnt bring her something. they have no dad. juvi is a complete joke they are released immediatly to their mom or grandmom. jails and prisons are mostly 85 to 90 percent black.  wait until they start looting pharmacys and national guard armories. and nobody will stop them and it will all be covered up by whites and they know it. many whites are sympathetic to them.

    • zWsA

      Yes, exactly. In Black America, parents are a big part of the problem, not the solution. In the news clip, the guy in the black hoodie said “where are the parents.” 14 year-olds shouldn’t need adults holding their hands 24/7 to behave themselves in public. When I was 14, I didn’t feel the urge to unleash chaos whenever I entered a store. I can imagine apes going wild for no good reason, but humans? How could homo-sapiens act like their evolutionary ancestors? Sometimes I wonder if blacks are less-evolved, as Sir Francis Galton believed.

    • Audieleon

      Truer words were never typed!!!

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    i am surprised that that blond and that other security guard  didn’t get beaten and raped

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    look at 1:36 on the video they spoke with trayvon martin about it

  • Has anyone seen the movie “blood diamond” or “lord of war”? This is the exact same behavior found in Africa, except they give the “youths” AK-47’s. 

  • ageofknowledge

    The scary part is that these are going to have kids of their own.

  • Kurt Plummer

    Somethings not being described accurately…

    According to Troutdale police, the large group of teenagers came from Northeast Portland via light-rail public transportation.

    This means they don’t have a car and have to either walk or ride a fixed, linear, transport back to wherever they came from.  It should be possible to bag almost all of them at the TCP choke.

    Bella Mecca, who was hosting the party, called police after a group of people she didn’t know arrived at her home.
    “I knew it was bad, but I was relieved the police came to get everyone out,” Mecca told KATU.

    ‘The Police’.  Not -a- police officer.  Cops never respond to these kinds of things in less than 2-3 car groups (depending if it’s a single ride or pairs) because it has the potential to go domestic and you can end up getting mobbed or losing half of them out the door if you get involved with one trouble maker while his friends sucker punch you from behind.

    Police say the kids, who were between 13-17 years old, had been drinking at the party that police shut down before the robbery occurred.

    As another poster suggested, nobody who is underage drinking is going to be let go by any police department in Colorado.  I don’t care if it is the after-prom paryt at the governor’s mansion.  There’s also something wrong with the notion that 13 and 17 year olds are from the same group.  That’s a high school/junior high separation.  They don’t run with each other.  They don’t have the same degree of freedom.

    After the party was shut down, the teens walked directly across the street and stormed into the Albertson’s.

    For-real cops would be ‘high presenced’ to keep this kind of retaliatory lash-out behavior from happening as they herded the little darlings back towards their homes or took them into custody to await the arrival of parents.

    “The employees were completely overwhelmed. They had no idea what was going on,” said Sgt. Steve Bevens of Troutdale Police. “They are instructed not to intervene during a robbery because protecting the merchandise is not worth risking your life over.”>>

    I recommend baseball bats.  As with batons and riot shields, there is something definitive about the sound of bones cracking under 42” of ash and they are wieldable (overhead and thrust) from closed ranks as multiple attack lanes which cannot be defended against.  Broom handles also work, push comes to shove.

    Hit the limbs as they run by and they won’t get up to come back at you.

    A black who sees their friend go down doesn’t get mad and make it a matter of ego or honor in defending them, he/she sees the situation reversal and runs away, abandoning the fight.

    Police do not have exact numbers on how much damage or merchandise was stolen, but they do know that a large amount was stolen.

    It’s an Albertsons.  The kids likely stole from the candy, chips and soda pop aisles and maybe the beer case if it wasn’t locked up.  Stop exaggerating the -damage- and start thinking about what the **coordination** means as driving psychological motive.

    “Some of the kids tried opening a cash register with some keys they found and others stole merchandise right off the shelves. We don’t know how much was taken yet, but we know it was a lot,” said Bevens.

    I’ve worked 7-11s which were decoy-rushed by coordinated groups of whites from the local highschool.  Having just spent the night restocking and facing the little boxes of candy, I was pissed.

    And yet, despite the loss of many hours work and several dozen candy bars, I would still say that no more than 50 dollars worth of merchandise total was lost because wholesale on those is minimal. 

    Pennies on the dollar.

    Now pop can be different, especially if there’s a big endcap sale going on and they take to busting up what they don’t want to haul off.

    I’ve had cops drag a pair of the little monsters (one white, one black) back into the store to berate me in front of them for failing to dial 9-11 when they were randomly caught swaggering down the street with half a dozen 2-liters under their arms.

    The mess they made nearly got me fired for the loss taken.  Of course the display was -outside- the doors and I was so busy with graveyard cleaning in prep for a grocery delivery that I hadn’t even noticed the vandalism (doors must be kept closed so the bell system works) which sprayed pop all over the front walk.

    Bigger losses are possible on chips and especially tobacco products if they are not cased.  Again, been there, done that but you’re still talking under a hundred dollars unless they take the time to just clean the place out because those are right in front of the register.

    Forty people X3 items each at an average wholesale value of 15 bucks per kid is something like 600 bucks.  A big chain grocery store will make that in fifteen minutes of the morning rush.

    Again, it’s _not the damage_ it’s the backing attitude that needs to be examined here. 

    After the leaving the store, the teens scattered through the parking lot. They were later found by a responding officer at a local bus stop.

    Which is where the provision of ‘local’ passes with limited route access and no transfers becomes important.  As does the use of free passes which require UR print scanning to trigger simultaneous digital camera photos of the user.  Fake the camera with a mask, lose your pass rights for a month.

    Only one officer was able to respond to the robbery because other Troutdale officers were busy and officers from surrounding towns were also busy.

    Rubbish.  They were just across the street.  Someone is trying to make something seem bigger than it is by refusing to respond.

    “When the officer made contact with the group, approximately 20 of the kids started walking towards the officer.

    Will they ‘talk to’ Mister Nine Mil?

    Most wouldn’t respond to the officer’s questions,” said Bevens.
    The officer asked the kids how old they were and their date of birth several times, only one responded, and kept repeating “14,14,14,” as he marched towards the officer.

    Funny, having been accosted by officers for the terrible crime of homelessness and sleeping behind a library, the first and only words I remember them screaming at me as I woke up were:  “Littleton PD, don’t move, hands up!”

    Over and over and over.

    There were two of them, each on separate spatial lines at least 20ft away so I couldn’t possibly run through a hail of both men’s bullets to murder them from a prone position and they didn’t put their guns away until I was completely submissive and they had my ID to check for outstanding warrants.

    Even then they were nothing if not patronizing and snide to the point of domineering thuggishness because I said nothing and did exactly what the fist-sized muzzle aperture of their pistols seemed to whisper as being prudent.

    Did these brats get a similar dose or is it true what they say about cops being more afraid of lawyers than the law?

    The officer managed to arrest two of the kids, both age 14. One of the arrested teens was one of the boys seen trying to get money from a cash register, police said.

    Whoopie.  The willingness to use a gun on an underage black person when 19 of his friends are walking down on you is conducive to putting _all_ their behinds down on the ground.  It also helps you to see your wife and kids again at endshift.

    Let them get close and you literally cannot empty your pistol faster than they can lay hands on you.

    “At this time we have about 12 names and we still only have 12 arrests,” said Bevens.

    Which is why you need to have more than low quality video.  You need high quality, close up, facial  stills matched to confirmed address bus passes whose travel range is limited.  Then it’s a matter of matching the facial or full body print to the video to the home address or the school yearbook.

    These kids are not wealthy.  Give them something that constrains their mobility -but is free- and they will take it over nothing or paying for real.  Just use TCP style entrance funneling to the boarding areas to force the ID process and prevent style jumping.

    Flash robberies seem to be a growing trend nationwide. When asked why he think kids commit these kinds of robberies, Bevens said that kids feel like they have all the power.
    “Power by numbers. They go in real quick and grab whatever they want. They know no one is going to confront them or try to stop them,” he said.

    If ‘kids’ is another word for /blacks/, maybe.

    But also look at the political environment wherein a 13% minority population has dominant presence in the civil service all the way up to the Presidency and is being treated like royalty for want of offenses perceived and real.

    Now look at the reality of a pre-collapse economy.

    And tell me, aren’t these the actions of a people which knows the gravy train is good now but may come to an endline terminus at any time?

    In their own way, they are far from stupid.

    They are calculating, exploitative and communally linked to a common perception of black benefit as being in their own best interest which I only -wish- whites could see the benefits of.

    What must be noted however as being at least partially genetic is the /manner/ in which they seek this benefit.  Shifting from shameless screamer of racial inequity and poor-black class abuse, to violence as the means to secure what guile has brought them close to.

    Let’s look at the history of blacks outside the slavery system to see the truth of what this means-

    Most versions agree that the following happened: Dingane’s authority extended over some of the land in which the Boers wanted to settle. As prerequisite to granting the Voortrekker request, Dingane demanded that the Voortrekkers return some cattle stolen by Sekonyela, a rival chief. After the Boers retrieved the cattle back, Dingane invited Retief to his residence at Umgungundlovu to finalise the treaty, having either planned the massacre in advance, or deciding to do so after Retief and his men arrived. Perhaps an earlier display of arms from horseback by Retief’s men provoked the massacre. Dingane’s reputed instruction to his warriors, “”Bulalani abathakathi!” (Zulu for “kill the wizards”) showed that he may have considered the Boers to wield evil supernatural powers. After murdering Piet Retief’s delegation, the Zulu impis (battalions) immediately attacked Boer encampments in the Drakensberg foothills at what later was called Blaauwkrans and Weenen. In contrast to earlier conflicts with the Xhosa on the eastern Cape frontier, the Zulu killed the women and children along with the men, wiping out half of the Natal contingent of Voortrekkers.


    (the Boers were actually induced to come into the Zulu’s grand lodge, commanded to leave their weapons at the door and then sat in a group at the front of the dance floor.  Whereupon a ‘ceremonial hunting dance’ was performed in their honor and, as the Zulu warriors crept close enough in their faux–now-real stalking immitation, their chief unleashed them on the hapless whites…).

    It is the switch from the fearful, offended, and all too readily insulted racial victim to the aggressive and intentful predator which whites in particular cannot seem to cross-associate as being the stalk before the leap of the same personality, sans the maskirovka.

    But the reality is that, however stupid their actions may ultimately be in attempting it (13% vs. 65%),  this is the native mindset of blacks and all the prior ‘song and dance’ was really just smoke and mirrors decoy behavior.

    After 47 odd years of ‘Social Justice’ you’d think we’d have woken up to the reality of black operating psychologies.

    Guess not.

    • Audieleon


  • Jamal Wilkerson

    You’re not going to get  knock-down power in a concealable gun that you can handle.  A 2-shot derringer in .45 caliber might come the closest, but even a .45 won’t necessarily knock a man down or stop him with one shot.   Your best bet would probably be something in a .380 ACP, but of course you’d need to practice with it until you can hit what you need to with multiple shots.  To see dozens of YouTube videos of such guns, search:  .380 ACP  concealed

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      10mm is your answer. Glock G29 holds 11 rounds, is concealable and has the muzzle velocity at 100 yards that a .45 has close up. 

    • Audieleon

      Agree,most shootings be in 2to3 ft. range,just point an empty!!!

  • women can usually only comfortably handle weapons in the .22, .25, .38 caliber ranges. None of these have “knock-down power,” but if the woman is well trained enough to aim for heart, lungs or head it will do the trick. Training is key, a .22 will do the most brain damage of any round if fired accurately and from a short distance.

  • Troutdale is a very white area. It’s good for these people to get a taste of diversity, just so they’ll have an inkling of what the future holds unless they assert their white identity in a forceful manner.


    • Audieleon

      Think this is GREAT!!!!

  •  Colt Diamond back .38 special revolver 2-inch barrel. Spend the money.

  • I asked around and rumor has it that these “youths” were from my neighborhood. I will update here if I find out more. 

  • Audieleon

    LOL Welcome to the real world recommend Baltimore Sun

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Biscuit is right on the money. The only thing I would add is guns are personal. Not everyone has the same size hands or arm strength. The best thing to do is look for a gun range in your are that rents guns. Try many different calibers and designs until you find one you are most comfortable shooting. After you pick one go to the range a lot, practice, practice practice.

  • Audieleon

    Great truthful  comment,realize this when it hits them personally. BOO HOOO!!!!!!

  • Audieleon


  • Audieleon

    50 cal.magum ,with a gun bearer to carryLOL

  • Audieleon

    Good post.