PICKET: Van Jones Group Uses NAACP Style Racism Ad Tactic Against ALEC

Kerry Picket, Washington Times, June 14, 2012

Color of Change, a left wing attack group founded by former White House Green Jobs Czar Van Jones, is on a mission to smear the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). ALEC is a 30 year-old non-partisan membership association for “conservative state lawmakers who shared a common belief in limited government, free markets, federalism, and individual liberty.” {snip}

Left wing groups are attacking ALEC by intimidating ALEC’s corporate donors who have benefited from the conservative organization’s work over the years. A number of these long time donors have fled ALEC after Color of Change and their allies falsely accused ALEC of racism. Below is a radio ad being played in New Jersey that scared away Johnson & Johnson from ALEC’s corporate donor list: {snip}

Woman: You know Johnson & Johnson?

Man: Uh . . . yeah. Why?

Woman: They’re funding an organization called ALEC . . . the American Legislative Exchange Council? It’s attacking the rights of black folks, latinos, and workers in states across the country. It spread the shoot first law that protected Trayvon Martin’s killer and laws that suppress the black vote.

Man: And Johnson & Johnson gives money to that?

Woman: Yeah.

Man: Wow.

Woman: Yeah.

Announcer: Tell Johnson & Johnson to stop funding ALEC.

The ad practically blames ALEC for Trayvon Martin’s death and for “voter suppression” because the organization supports voter ID laws. {snip}


Color of Change sent a press release about their ad accusing ALEC of racism and explained Color of Change’s intimidation’s tactics against ALEC’s now former donors: (bolding is mine)


Niger Innis of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) sent a statement in response to the Color of Change ad:

“I am offended by the race mongering tactics of those engaged in a cynical politically motivated attack against ALEC. The fact that they use flagrantly ethnic stereotype voice overs in their racist ad campaign is disgusting. But what is most troubling to me personally is that this crass race mongering intimidation will be successful with cowards within corporate America. The patients are now truly ruling the asylum.”


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  • ALEC schmaleck.  This is just another dreamed-up concoction of the kook left, in the mold of the Koch Brothers, (whom nobody ever heard of until the far left put them at the center of most of their conspiracy theories, especially relating to the public employee reforms in Wisconsin), so they can whip up paranoia among themselves and send out fund raising letters in earnest.

    This isn’t much different from the FBI sending out assets and informants in funny uniforms so they can be photographed on corners, so that the SPLC can send out beg letters.

    • The__Bobster

      The Koch brothers spend 2% of what Soros spends on his demented causes.


      •  Most Koch political money goes to libertarian causes, and not to the glee of all libertarians, especially libertarians named Lew Rockwell.  Koch money also funds some PBS science-history shows, and I thought the libs all loved PBS.

      • Rocky Bass,

         Soros, if ever there was a living being whom the title “prince of darkness” would befit, it’s him. Why is this creature still alive to do his evils in this world? His money is from collapsing currencies through huge manipulations. Didn’t he even admit to helping the Nazi’s steal assets from other Jews during WWII? The man is just a lovely fella.

  • alastairabbacle

    Here is the story here:  The anti-racists, CORE, spoke out against “Color of Change” speaking out against Johnson&Johnson not speaking out against having funded ALEC, who speaks out against overreach of government in the name of racism.   
    Got that?  This is what it will be like when the minorities begin to squabble amongst themselves in 10 years.  A Squabble of Babble.  

    Niger Innis of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) sent a statement in response to the Color of Change ad: “I am offended by the race mongering tactics of those engaged in a cynical politically motivated attack against ALEC. The fact that they use flagrantly ethnic stereotype voice overs in their racist ad campaign is disgusting.  But what is most troubling to me personally is that this crass race mongering intimidation will be successful with cowards within corporate America. “CORE appears to be an enemy of our enemy.  They are not our friend though, but it is interesting they spoke out against this ad.  They may be the classic type of anti-racist, who is NOT anti-white.  They prominently mention Kings quote “judge by content of character, not skin” on their website.  You might call them a “conservative” anti-racist organization. 

    http://www.core-online.org/  (You can look forward to “We Shall Overcome” looping over and over, with old-couch yellow background and Jamaican colors)

  • xxxtonygunsxxx


  • Thorsthehammer

    “conservative state lawmakers who shared a common belief in limited government, free markets, federalism, and individual liberty”

    Funny how these “conservative” groups in the US always make sure to leave out any plaftorm that would advocate for something basic like, the fundamental rights of the founding population of the country. I’d be OK if these sorts of terms were at least code-words for a genuine conservative movement that identified with American Whites and our interests, at the very least stood up for the basic needs of our towns and communities. But at least for us White heartland conservatives, whatever their rhetoric, the Republicans have been nothing more than a tag-team partner of the Democrats in gutting, despoiling, overwhelming and financially ruining White America wherever and whenever they can. Democrats shout the “joys” of diversity to flood and demographically ruin our communities with mass immigration while robbing us blind for the benefit of their elites- Republicans use appeals to low-cost labor to do the same thing. Whites in America- at least those of us outside a tiny elite of “culturally advanced” (Democrats) or ultra-rich (Republicans)- get screwed either way. Any White who supports either major party is simply delusional.

    I grew up in a conservative Christian family, graduated from college a few years ago, married and settled down with plans to have a family of 4 kids. I worked hard in school, mastered a trade, got proficient in STEM subjects (the ones the US supposedly has a shortage for) and worked my tail off to keep school loans down, as did my wife- in other words, all the things we’re supposed to do to start up a career and raise a family. But practically every entry-level job in my field has been outsourced to India and the Philippines or in-sourced on the H1-B, and what jobs remain have had their wages cut so much that they’re barely enough to live on. The GOP has if anything been even worse than the Democrats in encouraging this. The only jobs available for us starting our careers (and even then barely) are sub-contractorships without health insurance, but since my wife for various idiotic reasons would be considered a “high-risk” pregnancy, we could never get coverage on the open market, and so we’ve had to indefinitely postpone our plans to start a family. Both parties esp. the GOP are in love with the crooked execs who pull this crap. Worst of all, the supposedly conservative Republican party hacks who control the local GOP are against any kind of relief or teamwork to help STEM grads like myself get our career footing and be able to support a family. They’re usually rich, condescending fools who’ve never had to work an honest day in their lives, but they have the arrogance to call us young White STEM grads “lazy” when we’re working 60-hour weeks without health insurance, many busting our behinds to pay off school loans that both parties have forced on us with the collusion of the big banks and corrupt university establishment.

    At first I wondered how these false conservative Republicans expected us young Whites to start families and carry on the country’s traditions, but now it’s obvious that the Republicans don’t want us to start families at all. The GOP fantasy is to have a 3rd-world style America like a banana republic, with a tiny elite of them and their cronies safe in their gated communities, surrounded by an army of millions of cheap, docile coolies working as serfs- a fantasy that matches up well the ones of Democrat diversity-pushers. Selling us out just like the greedy 19th-century plantation slaveowners who opposed colonization efforts in favor of their immediate financial gratification. Us conservative Whites from the working and middle classes? We don’t fit into this fantasy at all. We’ll never be coolies or serfs, we think for ourselves, we organize for our interests, we work hard and we demand to be paid for it. So we have to disappear, and in fact many of us are coming close to that- my wife’s family is of Minnesota Swedish stock, and if we can’t start a family here, we’ll have to look to starting it in the old country. (Yes, they have their problems there but nowhere near the ones in the US, they’re over 90% White and they value their middle-class Whites as much as their rich, and they have true conservatives there!) I hate to even consider this, but what the heck are we supposed to do? These short-sighted US elites fail to consider that one day, they’ll be overrun by the millions of coolies they’ve invited in without us middle-class Whites to protect them. We’ll be far away, laughing at them.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      You da Hammer!!!

      You said it all, as well as I ever could, EXACTLY why the US economy is in the toilet.  Now add the easy credit of the Fed to create an illusion that all was well.  It was a credit bubble that had to pop, with nothing to sustain it.

      I don’t know about Sweden, but here in Germany (to where I escaped), the bank where I work has laid off countless tech people and near-shored most tech support work to Prague, and sent most software development to India.  Things here will deteriorate even more quickly than in the US, because of the social support safety net.  But now, Gypsies, Turks, Pakis, africans, and anyone else who can get in here are on the dole.  We’re told WE need to pay even more taxes to support the PIIGS countries.

      My only hope is that the new nationalist parties will pick up more and more support as time goes by.

      • Thorsthehammer

        Agree with you totally on Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan, in fact I was part of a heartland
        conservative group organizing for Ron Paul recently, advocating to boost his
        role at the convention and write in his name, since the GOP establishment is so
        dead-set at suppressing him. It’s bad enough that we have so little time to
        organize like this for him (so much time and energy just to survive every day).
        On top of that, the pro-Paul team was harassed, attacked, interfered with,
        publicly humiliated, slandered, libeled and otherwise discouraged in every way
        from carrying on the cause, for the most vile and short-sighted of reasons. The
        culprits turned out to be a pathetic, cowardly little goon squad from the Romney
        campaign, afraid as usual that someone might expose the corruption and
        backstabbing of the Republican establishment and their Dem counterparts against
        White America. Little surprise, since Mitt Romney personifies the Faustian
        Bargain of the modern GOP- Steve Sailer’s notorious “invade the world, invite
        the world, in hock to the world” platform of the Republican Party. They have no
        qualms about selling out and screwing over the USA’s skilled, educated and
        high-wage White base in favor of the short-term temptations of a banana
        republic form of economic exploitation, requiring millions of obedient,
        unquestioning, stupid coolies imported from the 3rd World to manipulate
        at starvation wages. And of course that isn’t Romney’s only backstab against
        White America.


        One of Romney’s biggest SuperPAC backers is now Sheldon
        Adelson, the rabid Israel-firster and casino crook who’s so openly wacko that
        even many Israelis in Israel- not to mention the US Jewish community in general-
        consider him a kook. But Adelson now owns Romney and the GOP establishment, and
        he drools over the prospect of a big, bloody war against Iran. And like the
        other neocon warmonger hypocrites responsible for Iraq, Adelson wants good,
        Christian conservative White American boys and girls to do the fighting and
        dying in the mid-east for him. Thus the already ramped-up propaganda and
        criminal nonchalance among the Republican establishment about the worsening economic
        disaster in the White conservative heartland. The wreckage of White America by
        mass outsourcing and chain immigration is all part of the GOP’s foreign policy just
        like their economic backstabbing itself- by depriving young Whites of stable
        careers and our ability to raise families, the economic havoc would just help
        to raise up more desperate cannon fodder for another potential middle eastern
        war. For once, Adelson’s not even shy about proclaiming his intended treason,
        since he figures that AIPAC would just shut up any public figure with the guts to
        call them on it.


        That’s what drives them crazy, since Ron Paul is exactly
        that person, the only major candidate anywhere in the public spotlight who’s
        been open about not only the elites’ mass outsourcing and economic treason
        against White America, but the even greater foreign policy treason that the
        neocons have in mind, at Adelson’s behest and White Americans’ expense, in the
        Mid-East. So Ron Paul has to be singled out as a public enemy and ruthlessly silenced,
        by the Republican establishment itself no less. (Rupert Murdoch’s media outlets
        have been at the forefront of the anti-Paul brigade, further exposing their backstabbing
        of their own conservative White American audience for a little extra profit and
        the crooked elites who they truly serve.) Romney is now little more than a pawn
        for these corrupt power brokers and elites in control of both parties, and
        Whites pushed into supporting him are being played for chumps, offering themselves
        or their family members up like sheep as fresh meat for the next slaughter in
        the Mid-East. The GOP establishment hates Paul more than they hate the Dems, no
        surprise since both parties’ establishments are in the same league, in conflict
        only over how to divide the spoils of their mass looting of White America.


        I’ve never understood why so many filthy rich Whites in the US
        and UK seem to hate the vast majority of our people, their own fellow Whites in
        the “lower” social classes who make up the core of the country. And I know they’re
        not all like this, but unfortunately a disproportionate number of rich White
        Mormons like Romney are guilty of this too- ever since the Mountain Meadows
        Massacre, one of the worst and most vile acts of White backstabbing (literally)
        of fellow Whites in our country’s history. Many of them seem to fear and hate
        us fellow Whites, especially evangelicals, even more than they do the non-White
        majority that’s now the majority of US births. The guy who laid off my father
        and most of the White workers at his factory- after they’d put in decades of
        hard work with the company- was a rich White Mormon and local Republican
        heavyweight, an arrogant little snob of a man who saw us “hicks” as beneath him
        and his refinement, even though the workers could talk circles around his
        spiteful little ignorance. This was hardly an isolated incident, so it
        surprises me little to hear that Romney’s company did the same thing on a much
        bigger and uglier scale to heartland White America.  I haven’t traveled much and can’t say for
        sure, but the impression I get is that most other White countries don’t have
        this division between their rich Whites and the rest of the White population- I
        don’t know, maybe something that dates back to the Norman Conquest? Whatever
        the source, it’s a suicidal part of our culture, and with both parties now
        under the control of these arrogant rich Whites in league with other elites who, for their own reasons also despise the middle class and working White conservative heartland, it’s on the brink of gutting
        what’s left of White civilization in America. Outside of Ron Paul, I have no
        idea who else can speak for us so articulately- maybe the Constitution Party or
        one of the other upstarts? (If so, then it’s time to throw our weight behind
        them and make them the major conservative party- we don’t have the luxury of
        waiting for another election series.)

        • Sherman_McCoy

          What a great posting!  Ever thought of starting a blog?

          I’d like to recommend one of my favorite books about Joseph Smith and the early history of the Mormon Church.  “No Man Knows My History”, by Fawn Brodie.  I have an old dog-eared copy that I pull out and read whenever I want to travel back to the 1800’s.  You MIGHT find it in a library, though many copies have been, shall we say, replaced by Mormons with “good history books.”  Probably available on Amazon. 

          Although Ron Paul MAY have been racially aware in the past, as a libertarian he would not likely help much in the offshoring-inshoring issue.  Where he WOULD have been useful is in turning off the spigots of government largesse, which would have had a disparate impact on non-whites, and therefore, would have been good for us.

          Romney won’t change anything for the better, except he MIGHT slow down the government appropriation of private retirement accounts, control the IRS a bit, and make it possible for more whites to leave for the Old Country wiht more of their assets converted into precious metals.  I wouldn’t wait, though.  

    • WhitesRdumb

      For the last 100 years many well know people have said that both Communism and Capitalism seek to take personal property away from the people.

  • These people are not smart enough to come up with this.  I wonder who is REALLY responsible for it ???