Patient Who Complained About Black Nurse After Treatment Left Her with Punctured Lung Is Accused of Racism

Neil Sears, Daily Mail (London), June 1, 2012

A patient who complained about the treatment she and a frail blind woman received at the hands of a poorly-trained nurse was branded a racist.

Sandra Hynes, 50, had only gone into hospital for a simple operation to relieve her acid reflux, but following complications was left with a punctured right lung.

Sandra Hynes

She had to stay in for an extra two weeks and was put on morphine and oxygen to cope with her pain.

But further problems arose when her morphine drip and oxygen needed replenishing over a weekend.

Astonishingly, the staff on duty had not been trained in how to insert a ‘cannula’ needle into her hand, and struggled to provide new oxygen, leaving her in excruciating pain.

When she was given morphine orally instead, and began hallucinating and crying, a member of staff told her off.

Her patience finally snapped when a nurse fed hot soup to a blind patient in the bed next to her, leaving her blistered and screaming.

Mrs Hynes told the junior nurse – who happened to be black – that she should have tested the temperature of the soup before serving it.

Moments later the nurse’s superior, Staff Nurse Maureen Nwadike – who is also black – arrived in the ward, and told horrified Mrs Hynes: ‘You’re racist.’

Maureen Nwadike

Despite being in great pain, the patient grabbed a Zimmer frame and tried to leave the hospital.

Now, following a complaint, the Chelsea and Westminster hospital in West London has apologised for her appalling treatment.

Last night Mrs Hynes, of Grays in Essex, said: ‘I was called a racist for complaining about a lady  getting scalded, and because no one was able to fix my morphine over the whole weekend. It was a horrific experience.

‘I was in terrible pain, and because it was over the weekend no one could do anything about it.

‘I was scared to be on the ward, and about what might happen while I was asleep.
‘At one stage I even took a Zimmer frame and tried to get out so I could call for help on the street.

‘I never want to go there again, however ill I am.’

Following her complaint, Senior Nurse Sian Davies admitted in a long letter:

‘It is recognised that there are indeed less doctors working at the weekend, which unfortunately resulted in a severe delay in reviewing your pain relief, which is not acceptable.

‘You also described how Nurse Hannah did not know how to change the oxygen. She was  relatively new to the ward, not  very confident, and has learnt from the experience.

‘And you described how Nurse Maureen Nwadike accused you of being racist.

‘The behaviour you described will not be tolerated and is not acceptable. I will be monitoring her communication skills.’

Contacted at her home in Thamesmead, South-East London, Mrs Nwadike, whose husband Anthony, 54, is a director of a private nursing business, refused to comment.

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  • Global Minority

    And I take it the third world nurse still has her job? Of course she does becasue the article would have stated so if she had of been terminated!!!!!!!!! This woman is lucky she is not dead or maimed for life with the nurse from hell.

    • MekongDelta69

      Of *course* she does. I mean, c’mon.
      After all, she IS quite the ‘looker’!

  • Anan7

    Reason #213541232342436541654 to keep the races separate: there would not be any accusations of “racism”.

    • MekongDelta69

      With all due respect, you’re slightly off in your numbering…

      It’s reason #213541232342436541655. (You were off by one. I just wanted to correct the record.)


  • Francis Galton

    This is your future, White America: ever-increasing numbers of hostile minorities, in conjunction with the “graying” of the overwhelmingly White baby-boomers and the sword of Damocles called single-payer healthcare all but guarantees that incidents such as the one above will soon be happening literally thousands of times a day, every single day.

    As a slightly OT aside, anyone care to share their personal Yooz Beez Rayciss! stories?  Here’s mine:

    I was working as a cashier at Wal-mart (a small-format “grocery store” Wal-mart where about two-thirds of the customers are black, about 75 percent of the employees are black, and about half of the customers, overall, have EBT cards!), and I was asked to guard the door on a busy day (I think it was July 4th).  We were told to ask customers for their receipts whenever they had “loose” items in their carts (items not in a bag).  At one point, I waved a White family through without asking for a receipt (everything they had was bagged), and the next customer was a black woman with, among other things, several loose wine bottles in her basket (you can see where this is going)….

    When I asked to see her receipt, she immediately gave me a dirty look and became hostile; although she wasn’t screaming or cursing, she immediately played the race card and demanded to know if I was racist, and why I didn’t ask the cursed WHITE family in front of her for a receipt!  I attempted to assure her I was not a racist (hmm, maybe I AM?!), and I attempted, after the initial shock wore off, to explain why I was allegedly attempting to victimize her with latter-day Jim Crow treatment (I wish!).  After that little episode I stopped asking for receipts all together.

    Oh yeah, for what it’s worth, she was relatively well-dressed and light-skinned, and one may have mistaken her for a token black professional; however, she gave away her base jungle nature at the drop of a hat. 

    • Ernest

       Just another reason and example of what is to come if whites don’t stand up as whites and defend themselves. The power of  race over whites is truly mind-numbing. We can’t be the same people that produced Western Civilization.

      • Ernest

         Sorry I meant that as a general comment not in response to Francis Galton

    • The__Bobster

       I attempted to assure her I was not a racist (hmm, maybe I AM?!),

      I certainly hope you are now.

  • Orion_Blue

    Much of the NHS as well as other public sector jobs are disproportionately occupied by under-performing minorities.

    I cannot tell you how I know that, but take a look at the following link:

    NHS Recruitment

    Most vacancies tend to stipulate that applications for minorities are ‘particularly welcome’ (code for White Males need not apply).

    The usual gimmick is to recruit bantu types to lower rungs such as junior nursing and clerical and admin, whilst the asians get recruited to more technical and senior positions.

    The recruitment agency for the NHS seems only to ever field ethnics for vacancies that crop up and also throw up all manner of barriers for whites who can only get into the work via that agency.

    It reminds me of a time at a graduate recruitment fair when I approached the stall for the Home Office. I was met with a very suave and nicely suited black man who treated me with such utter disdain and derision (what do you want?), that it rapidly became apparent that the recruitment drive was aimed wholly at ethnics.  This is the same Home Office that runs the slip-shod and ineffectual Lunar House immigration office in Croydon, just outside London – where, incidentally, they were found to be employing illegal immigrants.

    This was in the heyday of New Labour (anti-White).

  • RebelliousTreecko

     Considering  that these unqualified people are hired by affirmative action, and usually have a vengeful attitude towards Whitey, it’s more likely that a non-white doctor could intentionally kill or damage a White patient during operation and claim that it was an “accident”. 
    After all, we can’t read minds, so nobody would ever know…

     Just dealing with them puts you at risk of being accused of racism, whether you refuse to let them operate on you, or if you complain about their treatment afterward.
    I hope I never have to deal with an African or Mestizo doctor unless I
    know him or her VERY well and am absolutely sure that I wouldn’t be
    harmed.  But even then…

    Why would we put our lives in the hands of the anti-racists and “diversities” who despise us?

  • How can you screw up changing an oxegen tank? This person shouldn’t be allowed near any patient.

    • The__Bobster

      There are numerous ways, none of them good for the patient’s health.

    • mikejones91

      This is random but I am in my family room on the P.C, obviously. My grandmother is watching some crappy black film with Gabrielle Union. She said “If it wasn’t for women, MEN would still be in caves carving pictures.” Correction Gabrielle Union**—If it wasn’t for WHITE EUROPEANS. 

      • The__Bobster

        Could she name the great female painters and architects from the Renaissance era?

        • mikejones91

          Thomas-Stole his ideas from the black man-Scott. You have to remember this was all before “I.P” laws were in place.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    ..I will be monitoring her communication skills.

    Nubians don’t have much in the way of communication skills, except to accuse whites of “racism”.

    Personally, I would prefer to monitor her swift deportation back to the dark continent.

    • mikejones91

      Their communication skills just blow in general. I recently started a sales job, my first job in sales actually. I live in diversity central but was curious as to why there was NO black salesman. ( I knew the answer) But I wanted to hear my white boss say it lol. So I asked, “not to many blacks apply for this job do they”? He said, no they do. I typically just don;t hire them. I’m not racist, my wife is Asian but blacks just don’t make good salesman. They are either too polite, or too rude. Most aren’t good at articulating pitches to sound good. I hire whites, and Israelis.” Fair enough.

      • Up to my neck in CA

        Youknowhatimsayn? Ya feel me bro? word!

        • mikejones91

          I saw this black dude today who had a shirt that read “If you don’t know me, don’t bro me”. More than likely a response to desperate white boys calling him homie/bro/dawg.

  •  And the worst part is that the UK “government” assures us all that Maureen NWAdike is just as culturally and ethnically English as Sir Isaac Newton!

  • Dear God! What have we allowed to become of our White nations!

  • NotListeningAnymore

    This is why i stopped skateboarding and try not to get hurt. If I do, some diversity nurse will try to use a tec 9 to cure me.

  • It’s sad to think that all those aging baby-boomers who didn’t have children, and are not wealthy, will be subject to this kind of abuse on a regular basis here in America. With no grown kids to look out for them, the non-white staffs at nursing homes and hospitals will be accountable to no-one. If there were an organization for older white folks, to look out for them when they’re vulnerable, this scenario can be mitigated somewhat.

    • That is their punishment for treason.

  • So lets see, this black nurse is an incompetent slug who plays the race card when someone questions her abilities and the toughest punishment she is going to face is having her “communication skills” monitored? Ridiculous, but no longer surprising. I just signed up for health care with my employer and called to make an appointment and they sent me to this woman who was actually a “physicians assistant”. I couldn’t even pronounce her name or understand a word she said. After I left the doctors office I promptly called the health plan customer service office and asked for a list of names of primary care providers and picked one that sounded American, white and male.

  • I so look forward to the day when we all get to run loose.  I myself will be going hog wild!

  • tickyul

    The picture of the black woman has to be a joke….has to…….oh-my…it is REAL!!!!

  • libertarian1234

    AA in entry, grading and certification has put far too many blacks in the medical profession and pharmacies in spite of the fact they’re not really qualified.  I’ve read of horror stories regarding these people in both professions involving medical screw ups and incorrectly filled prescriptions,  some with incorrect instructions on the label.

    I can’t offer any proof that this trend has accelerated under Obama, but I’m pretty sure it has.  I certainly see more working in the medical field in my area and the pharmacies these last three years, especially the last year or two.

    I read an article in passing while surfing the net not long ago which said that Obama’s real damage to the country is in the manipulations he and his crew do behind the scenes, whether it’s getting blacks into certain professions,  like T.V. news shows,  o r channeling money into areas that will  benefit blacks almost exclusively.

    He’s doing  more harm than I thought he would when he was elected.  A second term,  if he’s re-elected,  could well-mean a catastrophe for this country and whites in general as well.

    • sarah stein

      Eric Holder is forcing police departments to lower the entrance exam passing grade to F, so now if you request an officer who’s not an idiot, you’re a racist.

  • And these are the people they tell us are going to care for us when we get old.

  • When I was a young 18 year old and a brand new shiny soldier, I was told by a grizzled old Vietnam Vet that there were certain people in the military you didn’t want to make enemies of… one of which was “the Medic”.

    If “the medic” didn’t like you, or had a personal beef with you, there are ALL KINDS of ways to make your life a living hell if you need medical attention…. I made sure to get on “the medic’s” good side and stayed there, no matter what it took (usually a nice bottle of aged bourbon would keep me there).

    Thing is, if you need to see a REAL doctor in the military, good luck… most of the “doctors” I have seen in the military were from some 3rd world dump and had unpronounceable names… and probably a medical degree from the University of the Phillipines Medical School.  From my understanding, most whites with a medical degree DO NOT opt for helping out soldiers and Marines, despite having a relatively soft life in the military….  and with huge tuition loans to pay back, I really can’t blame them (even if the military offers to pay back all their student loans).  The only time I ever ran into real, white, US-trained doctors was at a Regional Medical Center in Europe… of course, the RMC took care of folks like Ambassadors, Generals, etc.. so go figure.

    This Uruk should not have been in ANY position to render medical aid to anyone, at all, ever.  I might trust her with a wet mop, but only just. 

    For her to play the race card when called on her unprofessional and incompetent actions just goes to show how the Uruk think… EVERYTHING and ALL WHITES beez ‘rayciss’….

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Are you sure she’s a Uruk?  I look at that picture and the word “Shelob” comes to mind . . .

  • Natassia

    Communication skills? Seems to me she communicated just fine. Communication is not her problem. Being a big, black, ig’nant bully is.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    Look up “sow” in the dictionary.  You’ll a picture of “Nurse” Hannah. 

  • What gets me steamed is the fact that we’re supposed to just smile and pretend that these people are just average British. Fancy a crisp, guvnuh? Pip, pip-Cheerio!
    In reality, the photo of the “nurse” creeps me out. She looks like something out of a horror movie– A witchdoctor or something.
    This is what I think of, when I close my eyes and think of England:

    • That Britain does not exist anymore, the country was taken over my Cultural Marxism in the 1960’s. Tony Blair’s Labour / marxist party has let in 5 Million immigrants in the 1990’s because they tend to vote socialist.

      London is 35 % Black. 94 % of primary schools in London are majority Black. This is a English school today, try and spot the white kid.…/The-primary-school-pupils-speak-31-differe...

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    white doctor beaten by black males and females number 20 or more in knockout king attack no items taken warning  BLOODY AND GRAPHIC. STRAP UP WHITE PEOPLE. TONYGUNS TOLD YOU TO.,0,3063104.story

  • The photo of the nurse. It’s disturbing and frightening.

  • robinbishop34

    When U.S. servicemen were stationed in Great Britain during WW2, the locals grew tired of them quickly and had a saying… “They’re overpaid, over-sexed, and over here. “ They then proceed to break their necks to import africans, and muslims by the bushel to stay permanently. The idea is so fundamentally at odds with basic common sense yet people embrace it with such fanaticism. It boggles the mind.

  • American Patriot

    that sullen dark face is typical of those who will be euthanising  elderly white Britions within 10 years as the EU economy implodes. 

  • gemjunior

    I would NEVER go near one.  I wouldn’t patronize one professionally in any capacity, I wouldn’t ask one for help in a store, if one is standing at a serving counter in Macy’s I would seek another counter, I try not to engage with them in any way on any level — they are NOTHING but trouble.  They will harm white people in any possible way they can think of.  I certainly believe that there are some black health care professionals who wouldn’t hesistate to leave a white person in dangerous, or even deadly circumstances out of vengeance (a product of their own minds) or hate.  Please.  These are a race of individuals who will run up to any white and physically violate them in ways that many of us cannot even fathom.  An activity we would do to a baseball or softball, they would have no qualms doing to a human face — is this not considered a radical departure from humanity? 
    My fervent, heartfelt advice to any white person is to steer clear of blacks.  In every way.  I speak not from “fear and ignorance” as they would charge, but from “decades of personal life’s experience, observation, and knowledge that borders on scientific”.

    •  On his campaign website, Obama wants you to submit stories about how a first responder (police, fire, EMS) changed your life.  The angle is that Obama wants to save “first responder” jobs, when what he really wants is to save the jobs of black public bureaucrat paper pusher.

      I submitted this to him:


      Dear President Obama:

      One my uncles was on the St. Louis City Fire Department for 35 years.  For the first half of his time on the SLFD, he had to go on multiple runs to the Pruitt-Igoes, where he was frequently abused and assaulted by people that look like they could be your sons, so much so that he deserves multiple purple hearts.  I personally believe that half of the gray hair on his head was a direct consequence of the hopeychangers who lived in the Pruitt-Igoes.

      My firefighter uncle made a difference in my life because he taught me not to trust a black any further than I could throw one.  And I learned that lesson well — I did everything I could within the bounds of the law, morality and human decency (and on top of that, having to hold my nose and vote for John McCain) not to entrust a black with the Presidency in 2008, and I’ll do it again this year.

      If my uncle was just starting out today, there’s no way he could get on with the SLFD, mostly because of affirmative action, which is largely a result of the disparate impact doctrine wrought by members of the Federal judiciary you either appointed or countenanced.


      • robinbishop34

        My dad told me stories of the Pruitt Igoe disaster as it was before I was around. One story that he said was fairly common was for the residents to put a grill over the bathtub and barbeque in the bathrooms which probably caused some fires for which your uncle had to respond.

        • Alan Wheat, then a black Congressman from Kansas City, was the Democrat nominee for U.S. Senate in 1994, lost to John Ashcroft.  The night of his election night party, which was a concession, the fire department had to be called to that hotel for a bathtub fire.  Guess why.

          The uncle told me what when the PI put in “vandalism proof” fixtures, that was only like waving a red cape in front of the bull.  The blacks took it as a challenge, and did their best to be able to gloat about ruining “vandalism proof” stuff.  In that, they started a lot of electrical fires.

          He has many stories.  He’s up in age now, and retired to rural Missouri.  I’m thinking about getting as many of these stories out of him as I can and perhaps turning them into articles, maybe they would be AR-worthy.

          Luckily for him, by 1969, three years before the implosion of the first PI building, most of its residents were gone, and the place was mostly populated with junkies and thugs.  While that meant the cops had to go there a lot, it meant that fire department pumpers had little reason to be called there any longer.

          • robinbishop34

            The night of his election night party, which was a concession, the KC fire department had to be called to that hotel for a bathtub fire.  Guess why.

            Faulty wiring? It’s not funny but you have to laugh. My older brother has been a ‘Charleytown’ firefighter for nearly 20 years  and luckily he doesn’t have to deal with being assaulted for helping his fellow man… yet.



  • Sheila Dinehart

    You know that race war we have been promised by the black militants in America for the past 80 years proper? It might happen in England first…

  • 1gravity

     I spent two nights in a quality hospital recently, for observation.  I stayed out of people’s way, minimized my demands, made no complaints, told the occasional joke, did what I was told and made up no bs excuses to get  morphine.  I had a roommate, and made it a point to get along with that person.

    At one point, two nurses, one black, one white, both male, came in to install an IV in my arm.  The black nurse did the honors.  After some evident difficulty, and much poking around, the black nurse taped the IV in place, and left the room.  The white nurse then removed the IV, and quickly reinstalled it.  Neither of us said anything.

  • mikejones91

    Ya know, I though the exact same thing. Your right, blacks do have “big” personality. “Big” as in in-your-face, loud, animated. “Big” doesn’t mean interesting/”cool”, it basically means their bark is much louder than their bite. Meaning–If you don’t know too many blacks, you may want to because of the way you seem them in quick encounters. (Unless it’s violent) Like you said, it’s “big”. But after that, it just gets annoying/excessive. Blacks are interesting for the first minute of conversation, after that, they fizzle. I, as many whites, know how to find the “sales medium”. (I just made up this term but I will explain). The medium being—being assertive/dominant in the conversation without being aggressive. Be polite, but don’t be pushy. My main customers tend to be younger white girls (12-16) and young adult black women (18-30) As my boss put it –“Yeah these black chicks are gonna love you. See black dudes around here don’t pay them no mind so when a good looking white dude starts talking to them, they feel wanted.” I know how to joke/flirt with girls. Not to say I flirt with 12 year olds but you get the point, hopefully. Blacks are usually best at just saying things to girls as they walk past–the typical–“damn girl”–ect. There was a group of “thick” white girls walking towards my stand and this black dude posted up on the wall said something like “damn girl”/typical black guy shout/ So I say to him–Do you actually expect girls to react positively from you saying something like that to them? I mean have you ever said “damn girl” and she just turned around says damn boy, I want you!. I said this in a joking tone to avoid black hostility but he knew I was breaking his balls—Point is–Girls like guys who make them laugh.(girls just want to have fun!) Whether it’s a bf/or just a short encounter with a good looking salesman (such as myself). Black people can be funny, but not in a clever way. It’s actually “racist” when you think about it. Whites who have black friends usually like them because of that quintessentially black quality. That “oh my god he’s so ridiculous/ghetto/black that I love it. I could NEVER be like him”. Black women and white women have VERY different senses of humor. I “joke around” differently with black women than I do white. Black men (most of the time) don’t make white girls laugh, unless they are laughing at them. That or they are “one of them” < ( white girls who prefer black men) Let's face it, they are black. Their mannerisms/sense of style/humor/everything. Very obvious from the hordes of beautiful white girls I see walking with dorky white guys. They make them laugh!

  • mikejones91

    Yeah that’s a “fan favorite” among the black racist community. It’s like this guy I was “debating” with on a blog. He said whites are violent–then pointed to events in the 1700s as reference. I asked him if he watches the news? Obviously he doesn’t. In Kenya, rebels are stealing food-aid so they have control over the people.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Sounds like the ER at our local hospital here in No. CA. I cut my hand and had to wait hours for  doctor to become available to stich it up. While “no-hablas” keep coming in and coming in and helped immediately.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    That race card is played out. They have cried racism so many times when it’s not that it has become the Boy Who Cried Wolf for the 21st Century. The use of the word is supoosed to be like Kryptonite on Whites.

  • SLCain

    Look at the picture of the “Nurse”  Maureen Nwadike – that is the face of Africa.

    I have become convinced that no white person should ever be subject to the will or authority or a black person.  Ever.

    Racist?  Damned right it’s racist. 

  • The woman is an idiot for pissing off people  who care for her. Does she expect that laid up and immobile in a hospital bed was a good position to act like a plantation mistress giving orders? She’s lucky the nurse didn’t force a pillow down her nostrils.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    “A San Jose man was charged Monday with four felony counts of sexually molestation that included abuse of two young girls in his care as well as an 18-year-old woman with the mental age of a kindergartner who he assaulted after buying her sweets, authorities announced.”

  • a white person

     WOW.  I am glad I got on here to read this.  So, it is clear from all these replies that I should never trust a black person, never be civil to a black person, that all blacks rape old women, are incompetent, ugly and should not be allowed to live. 
    I am confused. Where I live, I just heard that a white father has continually raped his daughters for many years and one has just had the courage to talk about it.  Yet, I have been to black friends home and none of the males of ever acted inappropriately to me. 
    However, at least now I know that blacks are the cause of all of americas problems. 

  • Sandra hynes

    Hi, I would like to thank you all for your kindness and support. I went through hell at that hospital. I only went to hospital for an endoscopy which would take about 15mins but end up there for 2weeks. All weekend I went without pain killers because no one knew how to put a needle into my hand in order for me to continue my morphine. I was in ICU for five days before going onto that ward.all for a simple endoscopy. Thanks again ..Sandra x

  • AnnoyedasHell

    I am friendly with this black woman, who has alot of sick relatives, and even she doesn’t trust most black health care workers, she’s told me throughout the years. Her relatives are fortunate to have her as an advocate.