General T.A.C.O. (Taking All Capitalists Out) of the New Black Panther Party had some less than encouraging words for white people this week.  Mr. Taco, speaking on NBPP Radio on Sunday, decided to let white America know that the NBPP will “hunt” their “pink asses down.”  Hunting white people down will serve to accomplish General Taco’s other stated goal of “destroying white supremacy and capitalism.”

Gen. Taco also justifies his killing of white people because of their “history” of pushing “crack, AIDS and unemployment” on black men and women in order to “exterminate” them.

But simply hunting and killing the white person does not satisfy Mr. Taco:

Once [white people] die, we should dig ‘em up, and kill ‘em again, bury ‘em, dig ‘em up, and kill ‘em again, and again, and again!


Broadcast includes other threats:


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  • 67StingrayFan

     Once [white people] die, we should dig ‘em up, and kill ‘em again, bury ‘em, dig ‘em up, and kill ‘em again, and again, and again!They’ll have to do this. After all, it’s incredibly rare to find one who can do something properly the FIRST time.

  • Vildan

    “”Gen. Taco also justifies his killing of white people because of their
    “history” of pushing “crack, AIDS and unemployment” on black men and
    women in order to “exterminate” them.””

    I think it´s the other way around…

    I´d reeaally like to see the “Black Panthers” say things like that in Eastern Europe or Russia.

    • mikejones91

      Yeah, that would be fun to watch. Those slavs don’t put up with that nonsense. Not because they are “stronger” or anything. Its just their culture hasn’t been blessed with diversity/PC yet…Hopefully never…

      • Rob

        I am Eastern European, and I and all of my relatives have ALWAYS been race realist.(Peejay).

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          These radical NBP  need to be confronted and eliminated. They are emboldened because hOlder and oBama have granted them immunity.

          They sound real brave and sure of themselves in front of the cameras or on Twitter but they have no clue what they are suggesting, or what they are dealing with if they actually start pulling triggers.  They do not realize there are about 298 million legally owned firearms in this Republic and that they are outnumbered approximately 3:1.

          Self preservation is a Prime Directive.  I notice that Khalid Abdul Whatziname isn’t at the front of the line killing crackers himself. If America was as racist as this idiot says we are there wouldn’t be a single black American left alive.

          PeeJay:  I live in a neighborhood that has gone Eastern European  –Armenians, Russians, Georgians (from the old USSR, NOT the U.S. state).  They hate and despise blacks and Mexicans and are not strangers to violence considering where they’ve come from, they dealt with SOVIETS. 

          With that said, if even ONE single murderous NBP tried to bring “killing crakers” in this neighborhood, he wouldn’t make to the end of the block — would be disappeared without a trace and NO ONE would admit to seeing a thing (including me).  I suspect they’d be locked in a shipping container and tossed overboard mid-ocean from a container cargo loaded with stolen cars headed for China or Russia.


          • Vildan


          • Vildan

             I am a Bosnian/Serbian that grew up in Kosovo. So I and my family are not really strangers to violence as well.
            My people are outnumbered where I grew up in Kosovo, but the Albanians there don´t dare to attack them because we take care of our own and always retaliate. I could tell you some stories…

            Anyway, I am going there again in a few weeks 😉

          • Marcy Fleming

             Great ! You said it all and very well.
            They are a criminal conspiracy and should be outlawed.
            Bring back COINTELPRO.

          • Strider73

             Love that graphic, Bon! I just downloaded it to my “pictures” folder. Later I might print it out and tape it to a front window.

    • Anonymous

      These blacks wouldn’t have had the guts to talk like this 100 years ago.  When I pointed this out to the black militant types on Youtube, they got mad and blocked me from commenting anymore.  Blacks can dish it out but they can’t take it.

  • slobotnavitch

    General TACO clearly is a man of keen intellect and rigorous education.  All whites and Asians should play close attention to his brilliantly articulated thoughts.

    N O T !

    My German Shepherd has this lip-bibbling ninny by forty IQ points and would happily rip him limb from limb just for the satisfaction it would cause me.

    • mikejones91

      Wasn’t the Black Panthers co-founded by a Japanese man?

  • Hirschibold

    Black people are pretty good at magical thinking. I wonder, after all, how Reagan managed to negotiate the Cold War while also inventing AIDS and crack-cocaine in a laboratory (the same lab where George W. Bush would eventually perfect the Hurricane Machine he unleashed onto the innocent black people who inhabited New Orleans).

    On a serious note, blacks lack firepower. If you listen to their rap songs (and some of us have no choice, since it blares from the windows of their cars at stoplights) they tend to fetishize durable, light-weight, but shorter range and less accurate weapons like Uzis and AK-47s.

    If Deshawn and Jamal attempt to storm the hills with their Soviet- and Chinese-made toys, they are getting dropped at 500+ meters, before they even see the lights of the farmhouses they’re attempting to plunder. And that is not a threat. I abhor violence, and hope that these fools can be dissuaded from getting themselves killed. The Panthers are about pageantry. Like most of the blacks I encountered in the military, they’re good at drill and ceremony, but short on tactics and strategy. Your first clue is that they run their mouths and telegraph their punches. Most insurgents carry out their campaign, and then brag after the fact. These dummies brag and do nothing.

  • General T.A.C.O.

    I hope he’s no relation to Commander Taco on Slashdot.

    …decided to let white America know that the NBPP will “hunt” their “pink
    asses down.”  Hunting white people down will serve to accomplish General
    Taco’s other stated goal of “destroying white supremacy and

    And also, fulfill White House directives.

    • alastairabbacle

      Watch this, it is a rap video.  It features President Obama ordering a hit on a White terrorist, using Waka Flocka Flame and his crew of rappers.   it will answer all of your worst nightmares.


      • I tried to watch it but couldn’t make it past the 1:03 mark, and I feel a little light headed. Is it possible that watching that can cause brain damage?

        Usually I  ‘like’ your posts, but I just can’t pull the trigger on this one.

        • alastairabbacle

          Yes, actual WARNING for demented activity. It’s not even masochistic to watch this. It is demented.

          MIghtyWhitey, have you ever thought of what Northern Verse could be like?

          The dance movements would not be loose and random hand jabbering. Rather, the arms would move in directed, big shoulder movements. With upright posture, and menacing organization.

          The music would have top quality instrumental interplay.

          The verses would be about protecting women, country, and turning away savages.
          And about inner peace in focus.

          • Great idea. I would love to hear some “quality” pro White music.

            Also, I would like to see about 1000 of our best marching in unison through Detroit to reclaim the cities glory.

            Let them march behind this menacing anthem and watch the savages lose control of their bodily functions.


  • I wish they’d make a move.  I really do.

    • mikejones91

      I don’t. Speaking in regards to the “average”/oblivious white.. Nothing would be done in return. Sadly./ 

      • Anonymous

        The average white person today would be dead in a heartbeat if they made a move.  they know that, too.  That’s why they have been covertly assaulting us and killing us and calling the few whites who are aware of what’s going on as “racists” and “crazy white supremacists”

        • mikejones91

          A white can’t win in a fight against a black. Even if you beat them, they will KEEP coming back. Although never vocalized, this is something I’ve felt since childhood. A black will NOT be physically dominated by a white male and just “move on”. It is the ULTIMATE “diss”. That’s why when dealing with blacks, walking away truly does mean being the bigger man. A bigger, alive man.

          • Rob

            A white CAN win a fight against a black. But he CANT win a fight aghanst a PACK of blacks, which is how they always fight.(Peejay)

          • A white can win a fight agaisnst a pack of blacks if they are drunk and high, but if he is not lucky enough to have the fight caught on CCTV he will be charged with a hate crime.

          • FedUP

            On an individual basis, perhaps.   But it wasn’t always this way, remember.  There WAS a time when blacks were terrified of white anger and reaction, and behaved.  This generation has been conditioned to think of whites as wimps, because most of us obey the law and prefer to stay out of jail – knowing the courts are stacked against us right now if we even so much as call them what they are.  However, let these big mouth (and cowardly) NBP actually DO what they are running their mouth about as an actual act of war against whites?  Oh oh.  Let me put it this way.  An African nation – legitimate – was having a real bad time with 10,000 tribal blacks murdering everybody in sight.  The nation sent in it’s army, bigger numbers, and got their butts kicked every time.  The thugs with AK’s really thought they were all it and just got bolder.  Then the African president hired something like 100 Blackhawk type operatives.  Within a year, problem solved, several thousand black thugs dead, the rest disbanded.  When it gets to the point that they leave us no other choice but to war on them, they are toast.  When it gets that bad, even the liberals will be tacit supporters of the effort to put them down.  They won’t risk THEIR butts, never will a namby pamby liberal EVER willingly join the military or stand his ground – he lets others do that.  But the NBP is all talk and no walk.  So like another fellow up above said – go ahead, let it begin.  It’s time they WERE universally put back in the place they had been before this country turned them loose.  

          • ed91

            maybe we need to question some laws.

      • Strider73

        That was likely true four years ago. Since then white America has re-armed itself like never before. (The running gag at gun shows is that Obama has been the best gun salesman in history.) CCW classes at the local gun range are nearly always booked solid. Meanwhile, gun manufacturing is about the only part of the private sector that isn’t in recession/depression mode. If the NBP types ever try to turn their blathering into action, they will find “a rifle behind every blade of grass,” as Admiral Yamomoto put it in 1941. We will see if they truly have a death wish.

      • newscomments70

        It’s less common to see a white fight back simply because they don’t want to get sent to prison. They want to stay out of prison, take care of their families, etc. Mexicans, on the other hand…

      • JesusHDevil

         Then those weaklings deserve to be weeded out.  We here, I believe, and others like us, are prepared.

        • mikejones91

          That’s just it though. WE (as in race realist/ect/types) are a small minority. Enough said.

      • Diamond_Lil

        I don’t share your pessimism.  I see more and more people are waking up.  There will be some “thinning of the herd,”  though.  Nature.

    • The problem is that any defensive action whites were to take would be deemed a hate crime or racial profiling and whites would be condemned as the instigators and aggressors.

      • That is why the enablers of the Black thugs need to be treated no differently than the thugs themselves.  Once the enablers’ tender, cultured lifestyles were disrupted, they would go into hiding quickly.  Rooting them out would be essential after the revolution is over.

      •    No jury in the country would convict a white man of defending himself or his family from a mob of yoofs. Hate crime my butt.

  • mikejones91

    I’ve said it SO many times before, and I will say it again. If WE wanted to kill THEM, it would have BEEN done long ago. Their thinking really does support “Race and IQ” theories. I guess Affirmative Action/ECT kind of contradicts their logic. Idiots.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t they realize most whites aren’t thinking about blacks or ways to oppress them?  Most of us do things that are foreign to blacks, like holding jobs, going to school, taking care of our kids, planning for the future, etc.  They wouldn’t understand.  “It’s a white thing.”

      • mikejones91

        Exactly my man, well put. If anything, we help them more than they help themselves.

  • Fakeemail

    These thugs have IQs of 50 and blacks like these would be purely comical clowns if they weren’t so savagely dangerous.

     These thick-necked thugs are truly America’s Frankenstein monster of slave eugenics which maximized black physicality and minimized their all ready diminished intellect.

    And their horrific thirst to perpetually kill white people belies a psychological truth about them:  They live to kill us.  

    They are incapable of living for themselves.  Deep down they know they are inferior and as such want to vent that resentment against us in perpetuity not because of any “injustices” we committed against them, but simply because we exist and illuminate how primitive and ugly they are.

    “Man is a rope stretched between the animal and the Superman — a rope over an abyss.” Friedrich Nietzsche

    • mikejones91

      If they weren’t so darn violent, they could be kind of cute. Like babies new to the world and it’s surroundings. 

    • alastairabbacle


      Illustration of this: “slave eugenics which maximized black physicality and minimized their all ready diminished intellect.”

  • I remember the last time AR had a NBPP story, someone advanced the theory that people like Taco Bell above are Hal Turner style assets only on the other side.  I thought about that, and the problem with that theory is that I’ve never heard of an arrest, indictment or prosecution in this stead.  And if anything like that happened, you know AR or another similar website would dig out of the rabbit hole that the media like to stuff these kinds of stories in.

  • Church_of_Jed

    Shame on us for not inventing the NBP and fully funding it.

    They are adding converts to our ranks, and we can’t even take the credit. 

    • WR the elder

       I’m sure most mass media sucking whites have never even heard of the New Black Panthers.  Our best covert race realist program is Teach For America.  Starry eyed white liberals go in, embittered race realists come out.

  • Dave4088

    These are the same morons that would be begging Obama for federal protection if whites began forming militias and taking the fight to them.  But if the odds are 10-1 in their favor they are chest thumping tough guys.   

    • Anonymous

      Blacks are cowards and can’t fight unless they outnumber the others or they have government protection or whites feeling sorry for them.  What other race is as pathetic as blacks are?

    • Rocky Bass,

       Maybe there are genetic engineers working on race selective weapons right now, I would be surprised to learn this not to be the case. Also I do feel a quite comfort in knowing, I will be on the winning team. 🙂

    • Rocky Bass,

       Oh maybe we could build the 1st “quantum entanglement”, “voodoo doll”, one that actually works.  Wouldn’t that be a strange twist of fate?

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Bring it!!!

    This pink A** WILL SHOOT BACK.


    • ed91

      this one too,

       come and get my pink ass, it will cost you, sambo.

  • mikejones91

    My ass isn’t pink, nor pale, it is white. Health white skin is never pale, regardless of how “fair” it is. Pale is derogatory. Pale is sickly looking. Pale skin comes from poor diet/lack of exercise . Blacks can have pale skin too. Anyone can!

    • he might lick a lot more a** than I do.

      • mikejones91

        What do you mean?

  • MekongDelta69

    General Taco Dull has spoken!

    (On NBPP Radio, no less. All 5 Watts of it.)

    • Rocky Bass,

       Really? These folks have access to a 5w “blow torch” of a station to reach their huge audiences? I do feel threatened now, then again I am sure the devoted listeners can stream this feed to their whitey sponsored smart phones. Those Obama phones are quite popular from what I hear. www. obamaphone. com

    • You’re just misinterpertating their words, devil!

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Sorry, Gen. T.A.C.O. (!)

    You’re no General Butt Naked.

  • IKantunderstand

    OMG, White people! This is such a threat! We should all be scared to death! To death! Clearly, some alien race from outer space has taken over our negro compatriots. And, how do I know this? (you may ask, and even if you don’t, I’m still going to tell you). Simple, fellow Whites, THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL REAL EARTH NEGROES WOULD EVER DO THAT MUCH WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Burying, digging up, burying again, yeah, right. Kiss my PINK ass! ARGH…. we’ve been invaded!!!!

  • General TACO?  What, were general Collared Greens and General Chimichanga already taken?  I can just imagine some Michael Clarke Duncan looking fellow in a giant Taco Suit ordering the deaths of white people!  

    • Rocky Bass,

       General “Crack Rock” musta been spoken for too.

  • I’ll start being worried when they finally realize that firing from the hip only works in bad action flicks.

    • Rocky Bass,

       They would be more accurate doing that, than the sideways, sling the bullets from the bore, technique they currently employ.

      • Off Subject but I have to write this:

        You think it does not pain me, PAIN ME, to write my rigid beliefs?  I like you kid but I git real scared whenever I hear about mixed families.  I do not want you and yours to go without or hurt in any manner BUT, I’m so spittin’ mad at you, I could just scream.  You left your Blood.  How am I supposed to feel about that?  You belong to us but you left us.

        I Trust you will understand this.

        • Rocky Bass,

            I have said that my views have hardened over the last decade, and they most certainly have. At 31 and always having been propagandized (though knowing from life experiences that some “peoples” were not on par with others), coming out of a tempestuous relationship, I met whom I met. She was intelligent, recently divorced, and at the time, visiting her brother, attending UH, there were no warning flares in the sky.
           Au spent close to the last 10 years here in the states with me but no longer wishes to stay here. Ty is doing so well over there, and has a lot more family on the Thai side (we tend to die fairly young in my family). Her and Ty coming back will just be for visits until I can get hired on in either Dubai, Singapore or Thailand. 
            Life takes you where it takes you sometimes, though one should pay more attention to the race and beliefs of their mate than I did. All taken into account, I honestly am glad to have had my eyes opened to the larger world out there and it’s possibilities, which I would never have known about otherwise.
            The coming absolute police state (already in effect in large part, and now the gov can command even what you do with your “after-tax” life energies), makes having other places to escape to a serious consideration. Those FEMA camps are real, the legislation allowing slave labor, and leaked memo’s about how they plan to “classify” “detainees”, worry me more than a little. Anyone posting here, is just about for sure a “Red Lister”. Our troops will be helping in some other country and UN animals will be imported to do the dirty work here. One false flag, bio-terror attack, and we are toast. Ban all travel (to contain the contagion), hit the internet kill switch and jam a couple ham bands, you wouldn’t know what was going on 5 miles up the road! The local police would think that gunning down someone trying  to escape, would be saving the world from the diseases spread! It’s scarey how easy they would have it. We would all be rounded up, to get us our “vaccinations” which in reality would either kill or not depending on which group you were classed into. They would even tell us as the “vaccinated” started dying that the virus “mutated” and a new “vaccine” will be needed. It’s the PERFECT cover.

          Stephanie, this is all maybe just a little academic in the grand scheme of things. There is just too much in place already in the USA to think we are going to “take anything back” before a MAJOR upheaval. 

          Sorry for rambling on so but…

    • MekongDelta69

      Not at all. I carried a Stoner 63 in Vietnam and one of my Team members carried a pig (M-60) and we fired from the hip when necessary with the ‘desired’ results. So did the other guys in our Plt.

      What you probably mean is when thugs get all ‘sideways’ to look ‘bad’. Being right-handed, that means twisting your right hand 90 deg. to the left (inward), which is about as inaccurate a firing position as you can get. But they think it looks ‘gangsta’, which is why you see so many stories of ‘random’ people being gunned down in the street.

      If you absolutely *have* to twist your (right) hand, you twist it 90 deg. to the *right* (e.g. in order to fire around a 90 deg. right-sided wall). The only time you would twist your hand 90 deg. to the left would be (e.g. when you’re firing around a 90 deg. left-sided wall), and in that case, you would switch your weapon to your *left* hand.

      Bottom line – if you *have* to twist either hand 90 deg., you twist it *outward* (away from your body), NOT inward (toward your body).

      •  Yeah, I was referring to the sideways holding of firearms.  Probably should have specified that a little better.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    We don’t have anything like the Black panthers in the UK (yet), but if the BPs do make a move in the US, it may well have “ripple effects” throughout the white west.
    Here in Britain, we have had our right to bear arms taken away from us by politicians of all colours (blue, red, yellow), but I know “a man who can”, if you catch my drift?
    I actually think that if the BPs do make a move, patriotic Americans will take action – despite the howlings of white liberal left.
    Black Panthers had better watch their bloody step!  

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    60 year old white man jogging is shot dead “randomly” in drive by by two blacks. church worker had NO RELATIONSHIP TO SUSPECTS AT ALL. UPDATE REWARD

  • IstvanIN

    The military will defend the NBPP if a big conflict breaks out and whites decide to fight back.  Low level attacks result in whites going to prison for defending themselves (remember that pharmacist?).
    Our whites leaders, for what ever bizarre reason, have it in for us.  We are our worst enemy, think John Roberts, Ted the swimmer Kennedy, LBJ, Harry Truman, etc..

    • Enough people know this.  If it comes to civil war, the white liberal enablers will face the same fate as their black pets.

  • JesusHDevil

    I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again:  There is nothing in the whole world more ridiculous than a black supremacist.

  • blindsight

    General T.A.C.O.’s speech is reminiscent of what the late Harold Moore Jr. AKA Khalid Muhammad said in the US about white South Africans back in the 90’s, which was basically, kill them all, kill the men, kill the women, kill the babies, kill the children, kill the blind, kill the crippled, then go to the grave and dig them up and kill them again “because they didn’t die hard enough!”

    After Moore was stripped of his position as a Nation of Islam spokesman, he became the national chairman of the New Black Panther Party. After another speech he was shot and wounded by a former NOI member, and he later died of a brain aneurysm.
    Text and link to video of his speech here: 

    •  Where does a brain aneurysm occur in someone like that?  Oh…ouch.  That must’ve been awful.

  • The__Bobster
  • technodan

    So, I guess that’s not “hate speech” because the speaker is black and the targets are white? 

    I have to say also “what genocide”?  The greatest loss of life amongst blacks are from abortions, drugs, alcohol and HIV from promiscuous unprotected sex, all voluntary activities the last I checked.  I think maybe this guy is smoking some of that funny weed (or not).

  • “Bury ’em and dig ’em up again…” Fat chance you’ll get a pack of blacks to work that hard.

  • http://countenance.wordpress.com/2006/02/03/the-first-embers/

    The original far-left source has scrubbed this.  But I remember one of the left wingers who commented in reaction to this said something along the lines of “you’re going to do this and there are 75 million white males in this country armed to the teeth?  nice knowing you, you’ll know what it feels like to be a hunted animal.”

  • General taco is proof positive that a low IQ and hatred for White America is a dangerous combination.

  • Ronn Ciulo

     Their almost ALWAYS in groups, and thats the key thing you need to realize when fighting with the brothers.  Have & equalizer on hand and if you’re going down, at-least try & take one of’em with you.

  • Nice, even a black guy knows what they’re really going up against

  • How many times did the instructor tell them not to hold the gun sideways?

  • Don’t laugh at the idiotic remarks, these people are dumb enough to think they can pull it off, which means they will give it a try.

  • KenelmDigby

    You are all getting alarmed by the wrong target here.
    Yes, blacks are hateful, vicious, unpleasant, resentful and unforgiving.
    But I have no doubt that once blacks have tasted self-government and self-rule in their own ethno-state, they will be literally killing themselves to impose themselves on the mercy of Whites – just look at present day Liberia or Haiti.
     If Whites still had numerical strength, group loyalty and a loyal, intelligent leadership, no doubt an accomodation could be reached with black leadership that would keep blacks at arms’ length – remember Whites have a strong hand to play, blacks would be unable to survive without White patronage, and they know it.
    No. The real, imminent and apparent danger to Whites is the treachery, duplicity, stupidity and corruption of the White political class and White elitists.
    Just read the recent revelations from the Bilderberger Peter Sutherland.

    •  We are our own worst enemy, a good percentage of white americans would like nothing better than to see the white race disappear, and they pursue their goal a lot more actively than any black radical group does

  • Fortunately, the Blacks, with their limited intelligence and poor impulse control, will kill the first Whites they see, which will be the liberals who hang around them, usually to get a piece of the Federal handouts for Blacks.

    The libs are silly enough to think their college mouth will get them out of this, but it won’t.  After the Blacks have depleted the libs in the cities, they will fall to cannibalizing themselves or die of dysentery and cholera due to the unsanitary conditions in their now fenced-off areas.  The few that decide to venture out of the burned cities will run into hunters with zero White Guilt.

    Be careful what you wish for, Black Pussies.

  • Big Man Threat from such a Little Man.

    People dare speak of waking the ‘Sleeping Giant’ yet they don’t know who or what the Sleeping Giant is.  They believe it’s “We” but it’s actually “We”.

  • It’s not even original material. He lifted the dig-them-up-n-kill-them-again line from some ANC politician, who used it about twenty years ago.

  • El_Magyar

    Why would anybody want to exterminate a group of people that see General T.A.C.O as a leader? Unimaginable.

  • Technically, it’s a “hate speech”. He should suffer legal consequences.

    •  yeah, this is #349978 on our attorney generals to do list

  • slobotnavitch

    There’s been a lot of commentary on this piece concerning the nature of black Africans.  But reduced to its core essence, the simple overwhelming feature of this race is that, comparatively speaking, they’re stupid and have limited impulse control.  In any test of cognitive ability they rank far below, on average, all other races.  They’re not evil or willfully wicked. They’re just dumb.  And, tragically, they have limited utility in a modern technologically oriented society.  Obviously, there are many exceptions to this generalization, and one could argue that those at the upper end of the IQ range are the really tragic victims, however much we accommodate and even celebrate them.

    Unfortunately, for them and for the rest of us, they’re the most intractable problem our nation faces.

    •  ” They’re not evil or willfully wicked.”

      I have to disagree with you on this point. Just look at the types of crimes blacks commit,  they take great joy from randomly attacking whites, and look at the epidemic child abuse, the animal abuse. they seem to thrive on inflicting pain and suffering. This might look like lack of impulse control, but they also feel no remorse for their actions, they have absolutely no empathy for the victims. I am convinced the black race is sociopath by nature, and that is pretty evil and definitely willfully wicked

    • As I recall, there was an Amren article on connection between cerebral cortex density of some specific neurons & capacity for empathy. Blacks scored significantly lower than Whites.

  • Church_of_Jed

    Report: US student fighting for life after chimps attack at South Africa’s Jane Goodall Institute

    Now, chimps in Africa are in the NBP.  My racist instincts are confirmed again.

  • Rocky Bass,

     They just told her to tell authorities the little boy used the N-word right? That makes EVERYTHING acceptable.

  • Vildan

     Yeah, but you can´t really compare Germans, back then or now, or other Western Europeans to Eastern Europeans. Eastern Europe is still far, far away from being libtarded and I am quite proud of that.
    I lived in Germany for a few years and am a Eastern European myself,  so I now what I am talking about.

  • TrollAccount

    Well “TACO”, all I’m going to say is “come get some!”

  •  You don’t need to be in the military to realize this, just read a crime report from Chicago. Most of them read “20 people shot, 2 dead”.

  •  This wasn’t my most popular opinion on AR, but I don’t care that the CIA was running drugs.  Most black drug buyers buy drugs using welfare money, and therefore the CIA was only recouping the government’s (yours and mine) own money to fund its secret budget.  Besides, this is the easiest conspiracy in the world to defeat — Don’t use crack.  Defeating this conspiracy is so easy that it’s even legal!

    I wish it was that easy to bust up Treasonstock every six months.

  •  It’s a shame Trayvon Martin had to die.  He would have been a perfect recruit for General Del Taco.

  • mikejones91

    Once you lose that fear, there is nothing that can stop you from verbally destroying (debating lol) blacks. Once your “bubble” is popped, its game over for everyone else. I think Karl Bodeckers “lets have a conversation about race” was the tipping point. That, and my Nigerian sociology teacher. My brother enrolled and I just found out he is getting the same guy. I am gonna write down some “debate points” so I can choke this guy up. 

  • Those are his lieutenants, along with captain grape soda and commander watermelon. 

    What is wrong with these people? A black supremacist named general Taco? You think the KKK would ever have a member named Major Mayonnaise?

  • AMEN!!!