Judge Tosses Man in Slammer for ‘Sagging’ Pants

Nick Dutton, CBS 6 (Richmond), June 16, 2012

An Ohio man is sent to the slammer for saggy pants.

Lorain Municipal Court Judge Mark Mihok has been on the bench for 10 years. Like an umpire, he has the call of the courtroom. That includes handing down sentences to upholding high standards in court.

On Thursday, Durrell Brooks of Lorain was in court to assist his girlfriend with her traffic citation. That is when Judge Mihok found the 23-year-old man was in violation.

“When he turned around and sit back down, I could see that his pants were sagging. And, I could see his underwear,” Judge Mihok said.

The judge found Brooks in contempt of court and sent him directly to jail for three days. Judge Mihok said he does not impose a dress code because he knows Lorain is a working town.

“But, at least they have to have no underwear showing,” he said.

On Friday, Brooks’ mother came to court to plead her son’s case. Michelle Brooks felt three days in jail for saggy pants was excessive punishment.


Judge Mihok said he has to be respectful of everyone in his courtroom.

“Yesterday I had a courtroom full of people. I had children in here. I have elderly women here and I can’t have people showing their underwear in court,” he told Brooks’ mother.

Durrell Brooks was brought up from jail to discuss the matter. Brooks said he felt his shirt covered his saggy pants and that he wasn’t warned to pull them up.

“Nobody should have to tell you to pull your pants up,” Judge Mihok told Brooks.

Judge Mihok said he did not believe Brooks meant to be disrespectful in court. He reduced his sentence to the one day served and released him from jail.


{snip} Judge Mihok will not tolerate saggy pants. Brooks was the third person this month he has sent to jail for “sagging” in court. ”I have to keep things from turning into a rodeo in court. And, I think this is the only way I can do it,” the judge added.



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  • MekongDelta69

    It’s almost unbelievable to read even ONE piece of good news these days.

  • Good for the Judge. I am personally sick and tired of seeing the underware of young black men. I wonder who are they trying to attract? No female wants to see this.

  • MrGJG

    My hero!

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

    Ha! I would like to dedicate my Disqus avatar to Judge Mark Mihok.  Keep up the good work, your honor.

  • Rocky Bass,

    I am afraid these creatures are not posses-ed of the capacity for respect, as that’s a higher ideal,  fear is all that limits their actions. This is where our soft, easy going societies err when dealing with primitives.

  • ”Brooks said he felt his shirt covered his saggy pants and that he wasn’t warned to pull them up.”

    My favorite bit, blacks have to be TOLD how to dress appropriately.  They really are a lost cause.

    • I  can just imagine when junior applies for a job and wears his baggy pants and does not get the job. He is going to blame racism, not that he was not dressed properly for the interview.

      • IstvanIN

        I was in Target today.  The employees all wear Red shirts and beige pants.  This black guy had his black pants half way down his thighs.  Thought about complaining to the store manager but I doubt he’d come out of his office.

  • In Africa, certain monkeys like to show off their ass to the female, it’s like a mating ritual. Blacks like to wear their saggy trousers, maybe this is another mating ritual.

  • If the mother had any sense, she would not allow junior to leave the house looking like that.

    • IstvanIN

      His mom is black, she has no sense, which is why she had him.

    • She’s black.

  • ageofknowledge

    He has a bone to pick and if you don’t know what his particular bone is then you go to jail. I think anyone who shows up with sagging shorts and their underwear showing to court is an idiot but I don’t believe it should be a jailable offense.

    • Hopefully and I mean hopefully, he will learn his lesson and dress more appropriately for court. One can hope.

      • One can hope that he would avoid court altogether. However, this would require this thug to behave like a civilized human being, which likely will not happen. So much for wishful thinking.

  • dukem1

    JHC.  You’d think with all the time these people spend in court they’d have a clue on how to comport themselves.

  • anarchyst

    Spell “saggin” backwards . . . lol

  • TrollAccount

    Years ago I had a typical urban “yoof” come into my place of business in the typical urban “yoof” manner.  Didn’t even bother parking his car properly, he just pulled it right up in the fire lane in front of the door and of course left the cRap music blaring.  Quintavious or whatever his scrabble name was shuffled in with no shirt, no shoes, and his pants sagging with several inches of nasty underwear showing.
    I stopped him cold.  “Get your car out of my fire lane, turn that god awful noise off, and put some clothes on correctly!”
    The thug’s jaw dropped.  I mean it was just like the cartoons the way his jaw dropped in shock.  He said “you know dis mean a lawsuit!”
    yes really.
    I said “sue me!  matter of fact, why don’t you go into court dressed just like you are now!”

  • Jed Spector

    I’m a public school teacher. One hundred percent of the time, if i have a student who is “saggin'”,
    that student is going to be trouble. It’s uncanny. The saggy pants seem to be part of the uniform for gang members as well as wannabes. The decent students do not dress that way. Cops are right to profile, because it works. 

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    buy ammo

  • Seek

    They say clothes make the man.  That may be a cliche, but sometimes they do reveal the man.  And this case, what you have is a common fashion statement from males who aren’t even men.  

  • Mentious

    Excellent judge. It’s extremely offensive. I saw a young Afreakin in my nearby park the other day showing about 4 inches of his damned underwear while he moped about with a skateboard. Into the dumpster with all of them.

  • should have given him 1 year.