A man is under arrest in Germany after killing his wife in front of his six young children and cutting her into pieces.

Orhan Sircasi then ran on to the roof of his apartment building clutching her severed head in one hand and a butcher’s knife in the other.

The 32-year-old killer of Turkish origin fought off police as they tried to seize him early this morning by lunging at them with the knife and swinging the head like a club.

After he lunged at police with the severed head of his wife he threw it from the roof of his five storey apartment building to the street below.

He was overpowered on the rooftop in Berlin and taken into custody.

Then officers entered the apartment in the Kreuzberg district of the capital to find the dismembered body of his wife and the six children aged from nine months to ten years.

‘They were in a terrible state,’ said a neighbour. ‘He made them watch as he butchered their mother then cut her up into little pieces.’

Neighbours alerted police in the early hours of the morning after they heard screaming coming from the flat. It is unclear what caused the fatal row.

The children have been put under psychiatric observation as their father was charged with murder.

Stunned neighbours of the man in Koethener Strasse, in the working class Kreuzberg district of Berlin, covered the head with a blue plastic bag until police retrieved it.

Media reported that the man was often violent towards his wife, beating and kicking her if she displeased him, especially after he had been drinking.

Blood spots were seen outside the flats near the Potsdamer Platz.

One neighbour was quoted by Tages Spiegel as saying: ‘I can’t get the sound out of my head.’

The suspect is thought to be known to police for various offences including negligence, and traffic and drug offences.

He is due before the courts tomorrow.


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  • Church_of_Jed

    All cultures are equal, and none should be allowed to claim it has any quailties better than any other.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Preach it, Rev!

    • JackKrak

      Yeah, don’t German immigrants in Turkey do this all the time?

  • mobilebay

    Savage!  He not only committed this heinous crime, but likely caused his children a lifetime of sorrow and psychiatric problems. Perhaps “an eye for an eye” penalty in this case would be the thing to do. Maybe he could be subjected to the same treatment.

  • To bad he didnt do it before she added 6 turks to germnanys welfare dole

  • Exactly what did he do that was wrong?
    (-:  Jess Keeding!

  • mikejones91

    This is WHY we need more multiculturalism in AMERICA! Sure, we have blacks/hispanics/asians but not nearly enough muslims.  

  • IstvanIN

    How would this be dealt with under Sharia?  Shouldn’t that be the real question?

  • Spartan24708

    How horrific! Sounds like drugs and alcohol were a pretty large contributing factor but the barbaric culture he comes from takes the largest part of the blame. I feel terrible for the kids who are probably scarred for life for having to watch the horrific scene. 

    • Mel

      I think so many people in these cultures end up traumatised and suffering from various mental disorders as a result of this horrendous violence.  There must be whole swathes of people in the Islamic nations who are permanently suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

      It is almost impossible for individuals to move forward because they are so held back by their mental conditions.  Some religions like Christianity and Buddhism actually aid a person’s mental health by limiting violence and encouraging supportive environments, reconciliation, forgiveness  etc.

      Islam just rips a person’s soul out. 

  • Sherman_McCoy

    Ah, Berlin.  Second largest Turkish city after Istanbul.

  • NM156

    Physical abuse of wives and the murder of wives is far more common in Islamic countries than the West. The backward practice of having large families while not having the means to support them is characteristic of Islamic countries as well. He may have been psychotic or had a psychotic episode, but in a culture than devalues, demeans, and subjugates women, this crime is not unusual, and the violent response he had to a disobedient wife is accepted in some Muslim cultures. Only in the West is bloody murder ascribed solely to mental illness.

  • JackKrak


  • Just think, if the filthy muzz had decapitated the broodsow years ago
    there wouldn’t be SIX KIDS COLLECTING WELFARE now

  • Sounds like you’re bashing the Germans and making weak excuses for the Kurd/Turk/Muslim invaders.
    You’ve got your priorities mixed up.
    Some random Amrenner correct me if I am wrong, please, but has there EVER been a case in White America where a white man beat the cops with the severed head of his wife?
    Or anywhere in Europe where a white man has beaten the cops, using his wife’s severed head as a club?
    ‘Cause I’m thinking “never” is the answer.

  •  The medieval Inquisition was not insane. Although there were plenty of absurd cases, the Inquisition served a purpose in suppressing poisonous Gnostic cults and weeding away crypto-Jews and crypto-Moslems (contrary to the story promoted by the ADL, Jews who openly affirmed and practiced Judaism were NOT  under any threat from the Inquisition; Inquisitors, as churchmen, only had authority over members of the Roman Catholic Church.)

    I have read many gripes about the Church’s role in the suppression of European paganism, but that was not something the Inquisition had much of a role in because paganism scarcely existed by the time it formed. As for the witch-burnings, those were more the proclivity of peasants than Inquisitors, who mainly concerned themselves with heratics acting within the Church. Indeed, the Inquisition did not itself punish people: it handed the accused to secular authorities.

    Worldliness and corruption did indeed take over the Inquisition after some time, because those forces had taken over the whole of the Roman Church itself. That was why the scientists and great thinkers started being targeted during the Renaissance period, along with Protestants in the time after. But the Inquisition was formed for an understandable purpose, and that service was overall a necessary and positive thing.

  • splitsing

     “normally decent fathers” … yeah, so long as the wife and daughters abide.  Then it’s honor-cide for them.

  • splitsing

     Are you serious?  You obviously know very little about Muslims and the crimes they commit against family members.  I can’t fathom how you got 2 “likes” on your ignorant comment.

    • eunometic

       Middle Easterners live in a Shame/Honour Society.

      Contemporary Western society uses shame as one modality of control, but its primary dependence rests on guilt, and, when that does not work, the criminal justice system.

      If a middle easterner/Muslim feels shamed our dishonored he will do what is necessary to remove that dishonor ie punish his wife rather than become introspective.

  • splitsing

     People always bring up the inquisition, but look at the stats.  Very few died as a result of the inquisition and that’s a fact.

  • eunometic


    Middle Easterners come from what are called Shame-honor cultures.  Characteristic of these is that a certain sense of irony or humor is absent.  It is this which westerners use to diffuse tension and ‘move on’.  Another characteristic is the extreme extent to which they will go to avenge a loss  of  face or honor which is due to what is disproportionate shame by our standards. 

    That’s what ‘honor killings’ stem from.  We westerners experience the world quite differently emotionally.    Jilted Muslims don’t often seem to  commit suicide to kill the pain, they often do an acid attack on the object of their desires.

    This slight lauding of  Turks you do is wrong I feel very unfair.  Ask many German who emigrated to say the US, Canada, Australia Sth America in the late 1950s and 1960s and you will find that they left because Turkish workers were being given jobs and therefore the Germans  working conditions and pay undercut. 

    The Turkish workers were given generous accommodation while housing was still short supply(it had been destroyed in bombing)  and the country was still loaded with ethnic German refugees ethnically cleansed.

    The Turks didn’t help Germans achieve their economic miracle as you are often told  in fact I would say they ensured that Germany was unable to compete in the electronic miracle now seen in Japan and Korea since the Turkish workforce Germany imported is generally of limited use in such an area.

    And note, Japanese car industry almost crushed the German one in the 1980s/90s because Germany lagged behind Japan who developed robotics while German engineers developing the same thing were ignored and left in the academic field because those ‘workers’ were available.

    Sure Turks are clearly more intelligent than the Blacks and Hispanics the Americans need to deal with but that will be little consolation for you when your beautiful cities loose any touch of Germaness.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     I lived in the Balkans for a while in the 90s.  I have also known a few American women who dated Turks here in the U.S., but one while she was traveling, and the articles I have read on how Turkish men treat Ukrainian and Russia sex slaves;  they all demonstrate vividly the cruelty and sadism of Turkish men.  This may spill over into other groups like Kurds, who seem to become serial rapists once they arrive in the West, but Turkish men stand out in every example I have ever seen.  The ones I saw in action personally were pushy and assertive even in the mildest social settings.

  • splitsing

    I disagree. I work with and know many Lebanese Christians (Maronite Catholics) and they are superb people.  I liken them to Mediterraneans rather than some kind of Arab. They are even more vehement in their repudiation of Islam, Sharia Law etc…