Happy Father’s Day, Mom? Cards for Black Single Moms Raise Questions

Michelle Balani, The Grio, June 20, 2012

{snip} While it’s important to celebrate these mothers and all that they do every day of the year, Hallmark found it necessary to commemorate their contributions to their families with a series of Father’s Day greeting cards created to specifically for single mothers.

While Hallmark offered more than 700 card styles for Father’s Day, the majority of the nontraditional greeting cards for single moms were part of the company’s Mahogany brand, which is their line specifically designed for African-American consumers. The Mahogany Father’s Day collection included 66 culturally-relevant designs and sentiments that honor dad and other special men and women in a person’s life, and two of these celebrate black single mothers.

With 2 out 3 African-American children living in homes where a father is not present, compared to 1 out of 3 nationally, is Hallmark simply making a good business decision or should people of color be offended by their choice? {snip}

Hallmark spokesperson Kristi Ernsting, says that Hallmark started selling these types of cards at the request of customers to celebrate parents who play many different roles in their children’s upbringing. She adds that their goal was to celebrate mothers of all ethnicities.

“Hallmark has long offered ‘Happy Father’s Day, Mom’ and ‘Happy Mother’s Day, Dad’ cards in our lines,” she says. “It’s a common request for people who have lost a parent and want a way to express to their living parent that he/she has been both mother and father to them. We also released one card that was specifically addressed to all mothers in our general Hallmark line. It is our goal to create cards for the wide range of people’s relationships so that everyone who seeks to connect in a positive way with others can find a card that will meet their needs.”


Hallmark began offering cards relevant for African-Americans in the 1960s and introduced the Mahogany line in 1987. Mahogany became a year-round brand offering both everyday and seasonal cards in 1991. {snip}


And while many find the release of these nontraditional greeting cards a tad offensive, the demand for these products may speak for itself. Dana Vazquez, a customer service associate at a Hallmark store in mid-town Manhattan, says that these products practically flew off the shelves.

“We were sent two styles of the Father’s Day cards for mothers, and we sold out almost immediately,” she said. “In fact, they were all gone nearly two weeks before the holiday occurred, which is pretty good considering most people wait until last minute to buy gifts for their dad.”



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  • JohnEngelman

    I wonder how many of those single mothers know who the fathers are. 

    • The ones that don’t go on the Maury show and bring all the prospects with them!

      • ncpride

        And most of them should worry more about STD testing rather than DNA testing.

    • chickensandkittens

      Wonder how many of those single mothers know who THEIR fathers are.

  •  They wouldn’t make these cards if they didn’t sell.  This about sums up the black community;  you are such dead beats as fathers that Hallmark found a niche market in Happy Father’s Day Cards for Single Mothers!  WOW!

  • Cultural Marxists must love African Americans work in breaking down the traditional nuclear families roles.Question: is it racist of liberal progressives to expect African Americans to conform to the White Monogamous relationship model? 
    What right do we White people really have to tell others how they ought to live? 
    Again we’re trying to make them fit into our society, between the choices of changing the individual or the society, I’d prefer the individual changes, but what if that can’t happen, then do  we redefine the societies expectations to accommodate the few?
    The lowest common denominator shouldn’t define the standard.

    • Kurt Plummer

      It’s in the genes.  Blacks in Africa, due to incessant tribal warfare, disease and predation along the rivers and lakes that are sub saharan region’s only survivable terrain all have developed independent maternal head of household social conditions as males are routinely killed, or gone-huntin’ or, in those areas which have had agriculture, moving between distant fields.

      That blacks can adapt to change (as one of the characteristic defining behavioral elements all homo sapiens have proven adept at) is evident in post civil war through 1950s culture where a strong patriarchal tradition persisted in those households that wanted to be successful in a traditional white society where the woman was supported by the man’s income earning potential.

      Reversion to an African population norm after so many decades of non-interaction can ONLY be a function of heritable behavioral adaptations.

      Not that there is much choice as black males have little to gain from responsible parenting and white women are notoriously intimidateable as better looking, better genetics, more socially uplifting, alternatives.

      Again, the only way to ‘test the theory’ is to see what happens when blacks, abandoned by white society in the dumping states of our choice, are left without any overarching laws or demands placed upon them by whites.  And so must create a social order from nothing.

      There will be very few options in terms of other races to prey upon as alternatives.  And the women who are present will quickly become supply:demand driven ‘hot commodities’ which could -either- be shared in trade for lessening the burden placed on any individual male (and the sexual tension amongst the unrelieved, as paired lions will often protect a harem).  Or go full bore towards being class-driven monogamists who elect to hold exclusive to themselves what natures gifts have given them the social dominance to take.

      Either way would be instructive if ultimately pointless because 36 million blacks cannot support a modern society in which 2-3% have high enough IQs to make use of a college education and thus anarchy would ultimately dictate the survivability -and- mode of their existence.

      Unfortunately, I find it much more likely that it will be whites whose falling social class power as population access to good jobs requires a return to a much closer, more densely knit, family structure wherein two parents are utterly commited and of necessity -dependent- on each other, to fulfill more traditional familial hierarchies.

      I personally believe that the female refusal to vanish back into the white man’s household after a generation or three of ‘liberation’ is the most likely contributing reason for total racial dissolution of whites in the U.S..  The group that cannot breed together will not stay together ot survive interlopers.

  • Detroit_WASP

    So there is some truth to the old joke!

    Joke:  What is the most confusing day in Detroit?  Answer: Father’s day!

  • MekongDelta69

    The “Mahogany” line for “people of color”…

    What country am I in again?

    • Rocky Bass,

       Why, Afmerica didn’t you hear? The old “Americans” have been relegated to the role of “host organism”.

  • They should have cards for the single moms to give to their kids: “Sorry for thinking with my nether regions first and setting you up to be disadvantaged in life. Enjoy prison and/or a life of poverty. Sorry. I dids mah best”.

  • reminds me of a scene in a Wayne’s brothers movie.


    • Sherman_McCoy


      I spewed my morning coffee through my nose.

  • Plato1

    it was always said to be the most confusing day in the history of the planet.