Wave of Black Mobs Brutalizing Whites

Chelsea Shilling, World Net Daily, May 3, 2012

In a wave of black-on-white crime since the February Trayvon Martin slaying, reports are emerging of dozens of brutal assaults by black mobs and assailants against white victims—and some attackers are citing the revenge for the Martin slaying as reason for their aggression.


On March 17 in Baltimore, Md., a white man was beaten, stripped naked and robbed. As a girl danced against him, a black man grabbed an item from the man’s pocket. When the victim attempted to recover his property, the man punched him in the face, knocked him to the ground, stripped his clothes off and taunted him.

Then one man in the mob, identifying himself on Twitter as “Lil Darren,” posted a video of the assault online, explaining: “me an[sic] my boys helped get justice fore[sic] trayvon.”


On March 24-25 in Grand Rapids, Mich., at least seven white people were reportedly beaten by black mobs. Five of the victims filed reports with local police.

Charleston Conservative Examiner reporter Kyle Rogers said he spoke with victim Jacob Palasek, 37, a full-time student. Palasek said he was attacked by a black man on a bicycle who whipped the side of his head with a chain. The attacker purportedly hit him two more times in the head before Palasek broke away, ran to a home and knocked on the door, hoping the resident would call 9-1-1.

He said three blacks attacked him on the porch, yelling, “This is what you deserve, you piece of sh-t.” They continued hitting him in the head with the chain, but he escaped again and hid behind a dumpster. Palasek said the men chased him but walked away when several cars drove by.

“A detective told Jacob that they believe all the attacks were racially motivated,” the report stated. “The detective also told Jacob that he believed the Trayvon Martin media frenzy is what prompted the attacks. Jacob also believed that the thugs were seeking revenge for Trayvon Martin before the detective confirmed this belief.”

According to the report, seven victims were assaulted within six blocks of the Palasek attack—some in broad daylight.

On March 26 in Seminole County, Fla., a white man named Mark Slavin, 50, reportedly sustained massive injuries to his skull after he received 13 blows to his head with a hammer.

The Jacksonville Daily News reported that the victim, a salesman for a furniture company in Orlando, was so badly beaten that he was unidentifiable.


The victim’s father noted that the attack happened within a few miles of the place where Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by George Zimmerman.


On April 5 in Toledo, Ohio, a 78-year-old white man named Dallas Watts was the victim of a group assault, with the attackers allegedly yelling, “This is for Trayvon.” According to Fox News, the man told police he was confronted by a gang of six youths, both black and white. One said, “Take him down.”

“[Get] that white [man]. This is for Trayvon … Trayvon lives, white [man]. Kill that white [man],” the boys are quoted as saying in a police report

On April 9 in Gainesville, Fla., between five and eight black men emerged from a car screaming “Trayvon!” as they battered a 27-year-old white man who had been walking home, the Gainesville Sun reported.


The victim told police the beating lasted five minutes—resulting in injuries to his left eye, abrasions to his palms, a cut on his right kneecap and “permanent disfigurement to the left side of his face.”


On April 14 in Mobile, Ala., a white man was beaten by a black mob after he told a group of children to stop playing basketball in the middle of a street, WKRG -TV reported. One witness said she heard an attacker yell, “Now that’s justice for Trayvon!”

On April 14 in Norfolk, Va.,a white couple was attacked by dozens of black teenagers, and the local newspaper did not report on the incident for two weeks, despite the victims being reporters for the paper.


In her column about the assault, [Michelle] Washington said the day after the beatings, Forster searched Twitter for mention of the attack, and one post in particular chilled him.

“I feel for the white man who got beat up at the light,” wrote one person.

“I don’t,” wrote another, indicating laughter. “(do it for trayvon martin)”


On April 17 in Chicago, Ill., two black teenagers beat a white 19-year-old to the ground, threatened him with a tree branch and robbed him because, one attacker explained, they were angry about the Trayvon Martin case.

Alton Hayes III demanded the victim give them his belongings, saying, “Empty your pockets, white boy.”


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  • Now, if only the United States of America was WND’s favorite country, instead of that other country, we would really have a media source we can work with and embrace.

    • Eagle_Eyed

       Great is the enemy of good.

    • Mikail2

      I couldn’t agree with you more. WND’s fetish with the fascist zionist state is most sickening!!!!  

  • Why ANY of these was not immediately judged a hate crime, is totally beyond me. And for the Norfolk, VA beatings of the two White reporters, by as many as 100 blacks, for the police chief to say that it is “not being investigated as a hate crime,” is absolutely too pathetic to believe.

    And what did it mean that one of the White victims who was beaten in front of his wife and children, “did not antagonize the situation”? I suppose that means he didn’t fight back — just stood there and took the punishment. Bad move, fellow White folks! These black thugs are cowards. That’s why they always attack with the odds at least two to one in their favor. More often, 10 to 1 or worse. If you’re attacked, fight back in any way you can, if it’s possible at all for you to do so. If you’re going to get beaten up anyway, then leave them something to remember you by. Don’t let it be a total, unpunished lark for them.

    Of course, the best way to fight back, is the way the two Marines did in North Carolina — with heat. There’s two black thugs who’ll never burglarize another house, or threaten to kill another White person.

    And to sum up: Of course the mainstream media knew this would be one of the results of the highly irresponsible way they hyped the Martin justifiable homicide. And now that they’ve caused all this, notice how little of it gets reported in national news outlets.


    • guest

      It wasn’t judged a hate crime because Eric Holder is a racist black, his boss hates whites, his boss’s wife hates whites, and the EEOC is predominantly black and has stated for the record NO white can be a victim of a hate crime.  Clear now?

    • xxxtonygunsxxx

      legally the reason is that hate crime laws have very SPECIFIC guidelines as to whether a crime is prosecuted as a hate crime. for example if you were to attack a black person and yell the n word it still may not constitute a hate crime the law may be written that you must state during the altercation “i am attacking you BECAUSE you are white, black, gay, disabled etc. certain uses of language and forethought/motivation are taken into consideration. a prosecutor will not risk losing a case and hurting their career unless they can prove the hate crime according to the guidelines mandated by the jurisdiction  beyond a reasonable doubt.

      • vladdy1

        unless it’s a white-in-black crime. Then they have no problem worrying about proving it.

    • jackellis

      We all have to stop whining that Eric Holder, the Fed Justice Department or any other government body are not prosecuting “hate crime” charges against Blacks who commit racial attacks on Whites. That’s just the way it is.

      Holder went so far as to destify that hate crimes could only happen to historic “victim groups” (Blacks, Hispanics, Gays, Muslim immigrants, Jews…. provided it’s not some historic victim group attacking Jews, transgender people etc).

      We should just go with the idea that Black mob attacks are attempted murders and that’s a serious crime – push for severe punishment of anyone/mobs that attempt murder. Alsot push for Singapore style punishment of juveniles who assault, rob, behave in TNB.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Lock and load my fellow AMRENers, it’s going to be a long hot Summer.

  • Church_of_Jed

    “Under the circumstances, racism really is the best option.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Racism is the one sin that save White lives,” 2008

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Amen, Rev.  Amen.

  •  Easy….just arm, train, plan, organize and wait …

  • Church_of_Jed

    What do you think will happen when the beadless bodies start showing up as blacks? 


    Nine bodies hanged from bridge, dumped at city hall…

    14 headless bodies found…

    Fear spreads…

    • xxxtonygunsxxx

       the difference is blacks have nothing to lose in attacking whites. getting arrested locked up etc is a status symbol in their culture most prisons are 90 percent black filled with guards and prisoners that they grew up with most blacks have been arrested multiple times before they are even adults whereas whites worry about their job career family money getting sued. also blacks are harder to id and catch they all look alike you cant see them in the dark.   most whites dont know the true nature of blacks because they never lived in the ghetto. i have.

      • Yes, but getting killed is not a status symbol in their culture. If a number of them get shot dead during such attacks on Whites, and the media spread the word, watch the attacks taper off, really quick.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     in light of this article i suggest all whites get a handgun and carry it but just as  important become very schooled in your local and state laws start by just doing an internet search and then get books on law from the library etc so that if you defend yourself you know how to handle any legal reperussions. sometimes lawyers dont care or might not be up to date knowledge has saved me a few times in court to avoid charges. specifically learn your local statutes and laws concerning self defence with deadly force etc and how to handle a police interrogation which in a few words is just exercize your right not to talk without a lawyer.

    •  Let me add a piece of practical advice.

      If you’re altercation between you and your legally armed and carrying self and the sonofanobama Trayvon involves you only showing your pistol to deter the attack and not having to fire it, and the sonofanobama runs away and you’re not hurt, let the sleeping dog lie at that point.  Don’t call the cops.

      Getting the incident “on the books” is inviting the tempest in a teapot.  Before you know it, a cabal of Reverend B.T. Chittlin’-Eaters (hint:  NOT Rev. Jed DeValleyism) and various community activists will bust your chops until the end of time.  What they don’t and never could know, won’t hurt you.

      • xxxtonygunsxxx

         i never said to call the cops. i am assuming a case where police somehow become involved.

      • not to mention that brandishing a weapon is considered illegal. there’s a very fine line where you’re actually allowed to draw your weapon, much less fire it.

        • I replied the same before I saw your post.  Brandishing is a big deal, can be charged as a felony depending on where you are at the time.  Only a few states do not recognize my Florida resident permit but I have read all of the laws concerning carry, display and use of a firearm in the surrounding states that I frequent. Still, best to be prepared for a tough time even if innocent. There are powerful forces at play in trying to turn back not only Castle Doctrine in all states that have some form but carry permits as well. The media is at the forefront and as we see in the Zimmerman case, don’t mind lying. All of us here should belong to some Right to Keep and Bear Arms organization, whether the NRA or other. If you don’t, shame on you. Even if you can’t have a firearm where you live, you must support the organizations that work hard to preserve the second amendment and your right to self defense. And those states that don’t allow me to carry, screw them, won’t set foot in their damned state, won’t buy anything from there either.

      • Strider73

        If at all possible, shoot, scoot and stay mute.

      • ed91

         not to mention you don’t want to establish a pattern that is documented

  • Whites need to start arming themselves when out in public. That weapon may be the only thing that can save you when a roving pack of blacks decide to do you harm; based upon the color of your skin.

    • Kurt Plummer

      Best Weapon:  A pin camera, attached to your lapel and feeding a recorder inside your shirt or jacket.  Sure, the first will set of screams of ‘He went looking for trouble!’ idiocy.

      But given the cops are now refusing to do their jobs at all (i.e. not labelling a black on white hate crime as what it is, even when the exact same evidentiary standards are met to ensure the racial element of it) every man or woman who can put up video of an attacker sitting on their chest wailing away before, hopefully, the bullet sends them to oblivion, is proof that this is racist hate -from- blacks.

      If you want to make people feel good.  Give them a hero.

      If you want to motivate them to act.  Give them something to fear.

      If you don’t want to be the next George Zimmerman, have proof of the Skittles Boy’s innate predatory viciousness.

      The problem you people fail to acknowledge is that the magazine will run out of bullets and the shooter out of clips before targets in some of the larger attacks.  While the nature of the SURPRISE as well as the statistical fact that blacks are _4X_ more likely to be using weapons (in a crime) themselves will functionally ensure that most guns are indeed useless to the point where they are taken away and employed against the defender or simply never drawn.

      But the real purpose of a white martyr is as someone that makes a white realize they are not above it all.  As they look up at the contorted features, yellow eyes, bad teeth and _eager glee_ of a black man who is killing them, ‘in perspective’.

      And see what George Zimmerman saw.

      And to the man who wants us all to think of ‘Zulu’, let me remind you: Before Rorke’s Drift and Ulundi, there was Isandlwana as ‘Zulu Dawn’.

      And the men at the mission freight station were backed up against a wall by a force whose only failure to win was the use of outdated tactics rather than saturation overrun from all sides.

      • anarchyst

        A large attack can be stopped in its tracks by judicious application of firepower.  Unlike an organized “battle”, all it takes is the application of firepower to one or two individuals and the rest will scatter.  The zulus were warriors that were accustomed to seeing their “kind” dying on the field of battle.  Not so with today’s American blacks . . . of course, they do kill each other with impunity . . .

        • anarchyst, you are correct. Feral blacks are only brave when they believe their intended white victim or victims are easy pickings. The first few rounds, fired from your pistol or revolver, will send the pack fleeing. I know of the case of an old white man who by simply using malice in his voice and stance (and a heavy wooden cane)  sent several young black thugs running. The black thugs thought the old man was going to be an easy target. Another friend of mine was walking with his girlfriend at a park near a major city. He noticed a group of six young black males walking directly towards him. At about 20 yards he pulled his semi-auto pistol from his inside the waistband holster and held it at the low-ready position. The black thugs scattered as though they had just seen a ghost. 

          • Similar thing happened to me and my future wife.  We were in a park in Southern Georgia when a group of them circled us twice in a car. As I reached for my carry I cursed the idea that we were only in a park and left it in the car. We were close enough to the car by the time they circled a third time and I was convinced they were decided themselves to do harm, I reached into the glove box for the 1911 and spare mags and took cover behind the engine block. After a moment of indecsion they drove away. BTW, I never showed the firearm, that my friends is called brandishing, a felony in some states. Before carrying, one must become intimate with the nuances of the law in the state you are in. Never give a prosecutor an excuse to charge you. And never, if you are the subject of attack be afraid of being railroaded like Zimmerman. It will be rough, the ensuing months, but you and loved ones will be alive.

  • there was a great success story here in salt lake city a few days ago where an armed citizen with a concealed carry permit took down a guy who was stabbing people in a grocery store parking lot. the media actually portrayed it as a positive thing. utah is a cowboy state like arizona.

    • Strider73

       Here’s the first link to that incident. IMHO the armed citizen should have simply killed the punk, assuming no one was anywhere near the line of fire.

      BTW, it turns out the knife-wielder is an Asian with a long rap sheet. By his name, he’s likely Vietnamese.

  • ageofknowledge

    And Summer’s just around the corner. Going to be a hot one.

  • No

    When I read that “waves” of blacks are brutalizing whites, I picture the movie Zulu. 

    True event . . . in which 4000-5000 thousand black savages surged forward in “waves” towards 150 white men huddling together at Rorke’s Drift.

    The only difference between that and today?  Those whites were armed with 57 caliber Martini-Henry rifles firing what was essentially a 45 caliber slug with an effective range of 400 yards about 10-12 times a minute.  They stacked the blacks up like cordwood until they tucked tail and went back to the jungle.

    Every white man who comes within a mile of blacks should be carrying a licensed firearm with which he has gained extreme proficiency.   You don’t go looking for trouble, like Zimmerman.  But when the savages attack you and your loved ones, you need to be prepared to not just fight . . . but to win.

    • I don’t think George Zimmerman “went looking for trouble.” He was, after all, chosen by his neighbors to head the neighborhood watch. Let’s not be blaming him for defending himself against a vicious black thug who thought he was going to beat up a “honkey” and walk away Scot free.

      • There is more truth and understanding in your comment than all of the articles I have read to date on the “Trayvon Affair”.

    • That was a great movie. The White guys won. 

    • ageofknowledge

      Lol… Zulu. I remember that film.

  • sbuffalonative

    Read the comments in any MSM online forum and you will see there is a growing awareness of the glaring double standard when it comes to reporting racial crimes and charging white while not charging blacks.

    The more cases the ‘Justice’ Department refuse to investigate or prosecute, the greater the awareness becomes.

    This is an example of worse is better.

    • vladdy1

      Yes. I see that, too. And new sites coming online. Doesn’t it seem like we should all be eligible to get together and file a huge class action suit for paying taxes and not being protected by the Dept of Justice? Maybe we could have “the Holder Settlement,” like “the Pigford settlement. 

  • vladdy1

    Heh. That brings back memories.

  • Church_of_Jed

    Today’s tutorial in how to worry about race, which doesn’t exist, because it’s a just a social construct, unless you are White, and then it’s evil incarnate, and you are guilty, no matter how many black friends you have or how committed you are to Diversity:


    White Privilege in Higher Ed

    It got me wondering: what social structures could account for this disparity?

    Possibilities that came to mind (which might be completely wrong—I’m just brainstorming here):

    On average minority students are less likely to come from wealthy families and are therefore less likely to have their own computers in their dorm rooms.White students are more likely to be drawn to graphic design than minorities, because—growing up with more wealth (again, on average)—they are more likely to arrive at college “comfortable” with advanced computer applications.
    Possible effects:

    White students disproportionately benefit from the more expensive and nicer computers in the graphic design computer lab.Minority students are disadvantaged because they are more likely to have to wait to use a computer—and one that is probably considerably older than the ones in the design lab.

    Whatever the reason, it’s unlikely that random chance sufficiently explains why the computer labs are racially divided in this manner—and it seems that this phenomenon deserves our attention. Where is your campus racially divided?

  • Sherman_McCoy

    I see it this way:  If welfare did not exist, blacks would have to either 1) get work, 2) starve, or 3) up their criminal antics (resulting in more imprisonment and/or executions).  In all three cases, our major problems are solved.  And as a bonus, millions of illegals would self-deport.

    This is why we can certainly support responsible blacks who want to get their fellow blacks off of “Uncle Sam’s Plantation.”  Those who have done so are often in the upper IQ ranges of blacks, and perhaps believe that all of them are capable of doing work that requires a modicum of intelligence.  I believe that the results will not be what they were expecting.

    • Excellent reply, except for option 3. There won’t be enough prisons to incarcerate, and you can’t kill them all. I think they WILL starve AND up
      their criminal activities.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    I agree.  Abortion is a topic which can be taken up AFTER we save the country.  For the record, I support (and am willing to contribute to) a (black) woman’s right to choose to abort.  I also support organizations that would help white girls to carry their white children to term, perhaps finding adoptive parents.

    Am I a racist?  Thanks for noticing.

    • A good strategy moving ahead. Another good post.

  • Southern__Hoosier

    I think Kipling said it best when he descrbed Blacks as “Half devil and half child.”

    “The White Man’s Burden”: Kipling

  • sarah stein

    I started taking notice after the Beat Whitey Night at the Iowa State Fair in 2010.  It’s all the time, everywhere.

    • White Iowans should have a “Shoot Blackie Night” there this year, just to show the blacks that they’re not as wimpy as the blacks appear to think they are.

  • radical7

    While these crimes are inexcusable, I read a fantastic piece by Donald Kaul who listed several examples of Whites (almost all White men) who have attacked and beaten up Black people.  In another article, a White author by the name of Tim Wise listed several other instances where Blacks and Hispanics have been the victims of White violence. In fact, one Black woman was stabbed by a White man as she was leaving a starbucks in southern California. In another case, a White male ran over a teenage Black girl because she was Black. She survived. This video is on you tube. 

    Racial violence has no color.    

    • Kurt Plummer

      Let’s see some statistics about this before we let you use two individual incidents to play hte holier than thou mediator card in automatically assuming that the scales of justice are evenly balanced.

      I can -guarantee you- that you will find they are ENORMOUSLY lopsided towards white victimization because the MSM refuses to report white crimes.  Because 5% of this nation’s total population (black males, 14-44) form 36% of it’s prison inmates.

      Knoxville and Wichita are but the tip of the iceberg here.

      And the Jewish Run Media knows it.

    • MissBonnie123

      Tim Wise despises white people. I would like to see proof of these incidents, including the one on Youtube.

    • Celestial_Time

       Typical Tim Wise M.O. is to push aside a mountain of contrary evidence just to show you a molehill of examples that he uses to support his premises.

      Believe me, if Timmy “Homunculus” Wise had a long list of actual White groups/gangs attacking blacks, he wouldn’t hesitate to rant and rave about it.

      This quote says everything you need to know about how under-reported black-on-White crime actually is:

      “The “cop wasn’t that interested in taking a report, since we didn’t have
      descriptions — just African-American… [I] wonder how many people
      have been attacked, since our story isn’t even part of the stats.”


    • Did you REALLY just try to cite an article by Tim Wise as proof of inter-racial crime being a two way street?  Really?
      You might want to go back and research the biases of your souce there…

      Or are you just dropping Wise’s name knowing that it will anger folks here? (ie trolling) Given your posting history on this site, I suspect I know the answer.

    • Now, just when and where did these things happen? Funny, how this Donald Kaul and Tim Wise managed to find these incidents, when the mainstream media appears to have ignored them. Come on now, you know that if these things happened in modern times (and not 50 or 60 years ago, in the Deep South), the MSM would have been jumping all over them, just as they did with the Trayvon Martin case.  Afraid I’ll have to have some specific website names, or other sources, before I’ll believe your post.

      • radical7

        Well you might want to look at previous issues of AmericanRenaissance and Redroom, the website. The former actually posted an article by Tim Wise. Mr. Kaul is a synidacted columnist. Mr. Wise can also be read at Redroom.com 

    • Begone communist rat.

      • radical7

        Sad you have to resort to cheap shotsand other forms of juvenile behavior.  

        • Celestial_Time

          In all fairness, you did mention Tim Wise…and Tim Wise is the guy who wrote in “juvenile” and somewhat jovial fashion about how he couldn’t wait for all the old White people to die.

          I think the very second you mention that rat as though he were somehow relevant to any rational discussion about race and crime, then all civility pretty much goes out the window.

  • MissBonnie123

    Remember the incident in which Tyrone Woodfork raped and murdered Nancy Strait? I just found out that her husband Bob Strait died from his injuries on May 4.

    May both of them rest in peace.

    • ncpride

      I just saw this post and it breaks my heart. The only true justice here would be of the ‘eye for an eye’ variety, but we know that won’t happen. May those filthy monsters burn in Hell.

  • steve1red

    Blacks don’t own anything in their own areas. How do you get segregation when they have to come to whites begging for work? If blacks could just own their own businesses in their own areas, there would be more segregation.

    So many of the businesses in black areas are owned by asians. Then, you’ve got the chain stores and restaurants. Blacks hardly own any businesses in their own areas. 

    Blacks should boycott the asian businesses and the chain stores and only support black-owned businesses in their areas. If they were independent economically from whites somewhat and traded with each other, we could get some segregation because they wouldn’t need employment outside their areas as much.

    They are a source of cheap labor for corporations though and I’m sure the corporations like the situation the way it is.

    • That would work if they didn’t periodically burn them down.

    • jackellis

      Blacks like big box stores like Target in or near their neighborhoods. The Blacks get some decent jobs and access to fresh foods at fair prices, much better than the Arab/Asian rip off corener stores in the Hood. These foreign, merchants in the hood are resented the world round. Look what Idi Amin did to these types of Asian merchants in Uganda in the early 1970s. Target and Wall Mart are good businesses for urban Black areas.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx


    I believe Daddy would still be with us if he
    hadn’t killed mom,” Andra said. “He broke daddy’s jaw so he couldn’t
    eat, broke his ribs so he couldn’t get up and move around. We did get
    him up to watch the Braves game, but he even lost that joy.”
    They hate their mother’s last moments on earth
    were filled with terror and their father’s with sorrow but take comfort
    in the memories and legacy the couple leaves behind.

    Nancy was known for her gracious hospitality,
    homemade jams and quilts. Bob was known for his woodworking talents,
    making airplanes and cabinets for his kids and grandkids.

    “He’s asleep,” Andra said. “No more pain, no more
    sorrow for his part. It’s what he wanted. He wanted to be where mom was
    and he’ll be buried with mama.”

    must be eradicated
    and the animals EXECUTED

  • anarchyst

    Ask yourself, who promotes and distributes this violent “hip-hop” garbage? . . .
    You will find that the so-called “entertainment media” conglomerates are primarily owned and controlled by one “group”. . . (I will leave it to the readers to figure it out, as some of my posts have been deleted by those who did not like reading the “truth”)
    They are beholden to no one but themselves while pushing this garbage on our young people.
    These people push racial “diversity” and “multiculturalism” and are responsible for the violence and eventual genocide of the white race.

    • Oh, you mean Jews?  No need to hide it friend.  The truth can never be hidden forever.

  • Church_of_Jed

    See what happens to White Humanity when the Federal Government levelizes them down to the horrors of Diversity:


  • panjoomby

    DWL arguments about the plight/behavior of blacks being due to “white
    privilege-institutional racism-slavery-effects” are better & more easily accounted for by genetics!

    GENETICS > elaborate sociocultural-environmental hypotheses.

    thank you, (sir William of)
    occam’s razor:)

  • Someone on this forum a couple of weeks ago said it very well: ‘if you are not armed right now, you are not paying attention.”

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    i pasted someones very relevant comment
    Who is Maurice Jones and what has he to do with the Norfolk Virginia whoop assing?

    Here is possibly the still very warm smoking gun in the Norfolk Mob attact case at Brambleton and Church Street.

    The Publisher of the Virginian-Pilot confirmed as deputy director of
    HUD two days after the Norfolk beating of  Dave Forster and Marjon

    The publisher of the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot is / was Maurice Jones
    who was recently nominated and confirmed on April 18th by the Senate to
    be the Deputy Secretary of HUD. I’d presume that Jones began his new job
    on April 18th. Now it seems to me that on April 14th, 2012, at the time
    of the incident involving the beating under the shadow of the MLK
    Monument at Church and Brambleton in Norfolk. Maurice Jones was still
    the publisher of that paper.

    It gets curiouser and curiouser!

    Still i’ve heard of no statement from the “International Black
    Women’s Congress” which has offices also located in the shadow of the
    MLK monument.

    • Maurice Jones?! Now I wonder what color HE is? Hmmm … let’s see …

  • When,  are  one of these charming groups of “disadvantaged Yoofs”.. going to try this with someone with a carry-permit?

    • Yes — a concealed carry permit, and the guts to use it for what it was intended for. I grew up with a number of White guys who would have shot anyone who attacked them in the way these “yoofs” do, without a second thought. Bang! You’re a good one, because you’re a dead one.

      • ageofknowledge

        It’s amazing how much gun control there is these days. I can remember when it was completely legal to buy used pistols and ammo from private parties right out of the newspapers (the recycler was a favorite for that) in Los Angeles no questions asked and no forms required. But the black and hispanic gangs shot that freedom all to hell… literally.

  • Major

    Feral beasts didn’t need Saint Skittles to riot:


  • radical7

    Celstial Time wrote:

    ” In all fairness, you did mention Tim Wise…and Tim Wise is the guy who wrote in “juvenile” and somewhat jovial fashion about how he couldn’t wait for all the old White people to die.”I question this, moreover, does this make it acceptable to call people communists?

    • Oh, well perhaps we misunderstand you. Tell us, what significance does the monker, “Radical7” have?

    • ed91

       everyone dies, even your stupid self, rad7

      you’d best hope that afterwards you are not held liable for your thoughts and beliefs……

      • radical7

        Look who’s talking?

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      I question this

      “Old white people have pretty much always been the bad guys, the keepers of the hegemonic and reactionary flame, the folks unwilling to share the category of American with others on equal terms.

      And unlike, say, the bald eagle or some exotic species of muskrat, you are not worth saving.

      We just have to be patient.

      And wait for your hearts to stop beating.

      And stop they will.

      And for some of you, real damned soon, truth be told.

      Do you hear it?

      The sound of your empire dying? Your nation, as you knew it, ending, permanently?

      Because I do, and the sound of its demise is beautiful.”

      –Tim Wise, Open Letter to the White Right

      If there is such a thing as a hate crime, Tim Wise is guilty of one. He wants to destroy the greatest country in the history of the world and wants Whites to know how little time we have left.

      Tim Wise is in the White-hating accusation business.  His goal is to eliminate all Whites, destroy civilization and return it to the jungle, as is happening in Detroit.  To Tim Wise, Whites are a social construct, and hence to him we do not exist and because we don’t exist then we can be wiped out (as he desires and has said). 

      Here is Tim Wise’s legacy: the brutalization of White women, children and elderly at the hands of savages:


      *Police arrest black in sexual assault of  13-year-old girl

      *White couple  suffered a beating by pack of black teenagers

      *14-year-old Spencer High student raped outside school by black man


      This is the unnecessary pain and suffering that Tim Wize and his ilk have brought on us, a formerly beautiful, orderly, well-maintained White country…now a decaying cesspool of theft, rape, and murder. All because of  leftists like you and Tim Wise.

      radical7:  There is a White-free place for you.  It is called Detroit.  Time to move and be there among the people you love so dearly.


  • That appears to be the plan that has unfolded for the last 60 years, slow at first, now will be recognized as a real war, although for now just beneath the level of all-out civil war. The book, “Civil War II:  The Coming Breakup of America” was published in 1997. The book is almost prophetic; almost, because it has timed the beginning of the CW II as 2020. If you look hard enough, the entire book is posted as a pdf.

  • We are told everyday of the “gender gap”, that women vote democrat and men, especially white men of course, tend to vote conservative and republican. Truth is that women were more than happy to join the cabal, the rainbow coalition against the evil white men of power.  Hell, even many conservative women will bristle up at the suggestion that we go back to the good ole days. Does anyone doubt that if only white land owning men that could legally vote we would be facing the multiple ills of today? Hard to swallow for even most white men who have been pacified by the communists use of the genderless collective, but that is one battle that we lost long ago. Pat Buchanan was just a convenient target for the anti-white male teachings of an entire society. 

  • And you think Hispanics and Asians are our enemies??? Wow….Try focusing on the REAL enemy. 

    • ageofknowledge

      “We have met the enemy and he is us.” -Pogo

  • ageofknowledge

    The problem with putting playgrounds in black and hispanic neighborhoods, at least out here where I live, is they quickly get claimed by the local gang and become hotbeds of criminal gang activity respite with drivebys, drug dealing, assaults, displays of public sex, etc…

    Were it not so, I’d be all for putting many more in to break up the urban congestion. But in this particular case you are referring to someone’s kids were all over someone else’s gate on private property regularly and that’s more of a case of bad parenting imho. 

  • ageofknowledge

    The only record of Doc Holliday ever killing a negro was the two he shotgunned in the little Georgia village he lived in over a swimming hole incident.

    He certainly killed a number of white men though (up to 16 depending which historian is giving the accounts).

    According to a Denver newspaper 1886 obituary, for example, Doc “was a quiet, modest man, with a smile that was child-like and bland.” But the reporter added, “But one night he electrified the town by nearly cutting off the head of Budd Ryan, a well-known Denver gambler.”

    In my opinion, Doc was wound a bit tight. You sound like you are too.

  • That’s one big problem, our focus is all over the place.  It’s on EVERYONE not White. No wonder we’re so disjointed as a whole.