More Than a Dozen Arrests at Northland Mall Carnival Brawl

Maurielle Lue, My Fox Detroit, April 30, 2012

An annual carnival at Northland Mall in Southfield attracted hundreds of teens Saturday, but it quickly got out of control. More than a dozen people were arrested and police say the ugly incident may be gang related.

A carnival brawl in the middle of the day, a swarm of flashing lights from the parking lot of Northland Mall down 8 Mile and beyond. For hours, no matter where you looked, you’d likely see a group of kids getting arrested.

{snip} Police say it was a planned fight involving at least seven gangs.

The carnival shut down early and Northland Mall was closed. Police say there were clusters of fights, one with as many as 70 people. {snip}

{snip} There seems to be a fight at the carnival every year but police tell Fox 2 this year’s problem was the biggest. Now officers hope the carnival packs up and leaves town for good.


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  • Detroit_WASP

    Nice hair-doo in the vid!

    Too bad the cops don’t know about Facebook. 

    • dukem1

      very sensible

    • I have visited Disney five or more times ($100/day) and have never seen any Blacks.  Blacks do not support anything that cost money.  You are right, whites should make sure  their event is expensive.  

      • Rocky Bass

         We are really to a point where the money we are willing to pay for an event will be more to buy exclusivity than to fund the event. Proceeds to charity? Oh I rather like that idea, be forthcoming about the “nigga” surcharge. Make a big deal about awarding scholarships to students of productive demographics.

    • Great self segragation strategy!!! It’s true free anything brings them out in droves.  Art walks, carnivals, city fireworks, taste of cities—free samples from local restaurants .  Those events have become thug gatherings.  Always filled with their crazy antics we are so fond of.   

  • Up to my neck in CA

    American traditions are nothing like a Norman Rockwell painting anymore. One more American past time that is not safe for my family to attend.

  • The usual “urban youffs.” It’s funny — or rather, pathetic — how terrified the mainstream media is of calling a spade, a spade. Hey, folks out there in newspaper and electronic media land: They’re “BLACK youths.” Are your reporters unable to distinguish race when they see it? Do you think if you never mention that they’re black, your readers will think they were all blond-haired, blue-eyed Swedes? Or maybe Chinese? You know you’re not fooling anyone — absolutely no one. You’re simply afraid that if you say, “black youths” or “African American youths,” Al and Jesse will be down on you like a ton of bricks, and the charges of “White racism” will be flying like snow in January in Alaska.

    Let’s face it, all you editors and program directors: You’re gutless. Absolutely gutless. You’re supposed to be reporting the news. I know, because I did it myself for almost 40 years. You report the news, as it occurs, and let the chips fall where they may. You don’t “pretty it up,” in order to avoid offending some super touchy minority group.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      I would have thought it was the Amish yoots  on Rumspringa.

      • Yeah. I forgot about them. Them dangerous, violence-prone Amish yoots. Yeah, you’re probably right.

  • ncpride

     Now officers hope the carnival packs up and leaves town for good.

    And I’m betting those officers are secretly hoping those ‘youff’ would pack up and leave town for good.

    • So because the police can’t or won’t come down heavily on the thugs, the carnival should “leave town for good,” thus depriving a lot of peaceful citizens of a fun night out doing something that actually requires some exercise, as in walking around?

      It reminds me of what happened to Fontaine Ferry Park in Louisville, KY, which was a popular amusement park there for many years. Unfortunately it was located in the West End, which got blacker and blacker as the 1960s progressed. One spring day in 1969, a gang of black thugs with guns entered the park, robbed a number of carnival booths, I think if I remember correctly beat up some people, and did some heavy damage to the park.

       Result: The owners of Fontaine Ferry Park gave up and closed the park down, permanently. Would this shameful episode have occurred if those street punks had known they would be met with guns in the hands of the carneys if they caused trouble there? I strongly doubt it.

      • ncpride

        Actually, that quote from the police got my ire up, as I’m sure it did other citizens of that area. As per usual, the finger is being pointed at anything or anybody except the black thugs that can’t seem to control their savage behavior. However, my earlier comment was to suggest that the police know these things and are probably sick of dealing with these ‘kids’ and wish THEY would leave town instead.

      • Periapsis

        Welcome to Black Run Amerika, where how whites live their lives are dictated by the actions directly or indirectly of blacks. Notice how whites are punished because of the violent behavior on the part of the blacks, and they wonder why whites and other non-whites too despise them?

  • Too bad the shop owners were unarmed, they could have Zimmerman-ized their rioters.  

    • Seems like people are always unarmed, just when they NEED to be packing some heat! You’d think these carnival owners would wise up, and buy some cheap Saturday-night specials for their under-paid carneys. Just let word get around that there was some security reposing, ready to hand, behind every counter on the midway, and it would lessen the chances of these black gangs coming in there and causing a peck of trouble.

  • Spartan24708

    A local park a few miles from my house hosts a couple of carnivals each summer. The rec center where I exercise and my daughter attends preschool is also located in the same park. One time I mentioned the carnival to some other gym patrons and they told me to stay away from the carnival and any other free events that the park held since a “bad element” often showed up. It is far better to go to events requiring admission.

    • haroldcrews

      Certainly stay away from free food.  Free food can cost you your life.  But if there is a free concert with classical music, country music, bluegrass music or gospel music you’re safe.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      Most anywhere with a cover charge or dress code is safe too.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    every one of these reports has white news reporters appearing totally mystified. great acting job.

    • what could possibly cause such an outburst??? The police and the community are still searching for answers….

      I didn’t watch, but am pretty sure it was something along those lines.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    81 average iq strikes again. welcome to the jungle.

  • And then, in 1619, White Americans, or their ancestors, made a fatal mistake: They imported the first blacks.

    • Rocky Bass

       Can I get an AMEN there brother Engle!

  • ageofknowledge

    The carnival has to leave town for good because the residents can’t act right anymore.

    • sarah stein

       As Chris Rock put it, grand opening, grand closing.

  • JackKrak

    Wow, this one ticks all the right boxes, doesn’t it?

    -Detroit, check
    -mall, check
    -brawl, check
    -arrests, check
    -interview with at least one grammatical error every five words, check

    Seriously, what the hell is anyone thinking trying to set up a carnival anywhere near Detroit?

  •  Shockingly, there is apparently a Meijer store at Woodward & 8 mile. Laughingly, Detroit is getting a “Whole Foods”. Should be amusing to see how long that lasts…..

    • Up to my neck in CA

      Maybe if they renamed it Ho-Foods.

  • ncpride

    LOL… Guess you got me there. I didn’t look at it that way.

  • haroldcrews

    For the most honorable of reasons.  Speaking the truth even when those over him preferred lies or silence.

  • haroldcrews

    I long for the days that the freaks worked at the carnival instead of being the ones visiting the carnival.

  • So, it’s law “enforcement’s” opinion that

    Problem: 99% of these animals will get away with it
    brag about it
    then DO IT AGAIN and again

    Impunity is it’s own reward

  •  I hear urban chapters of the FFA throw some pretty wild parties.

    FFA:  Future Felons of America.