Man Asks Teens on MAX to Quiet Down, Gets Assaulted

KATU (Portland), April 14, 2012

A 57-year-old man who asked a group of teenagers to quiet down on a MAX train was assaulted on Friday.


When officers arrived, they learned the man had asked a large group of around 15 to 20 black male teenagers to keep it down. That apparently didn’t sit well with the teenagers and some of them allegedly attacked the man.

Police made two arrests—a 15-year-old and 16-year-old were taken into custody. There may be additional arrests as the investigation continues and detectives get a chance to look at TriMet’s surveillance video.

The victim did not require medical attention but did tell us by phone that the incident was pretty traumatic. {snip}



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  • Tim

    “One man with courage makes a majority.” -Andrew Jackson

  • Fakeemail

    Notice that if the victim were “racist” he would’ve judged that the blacks were violent and dangerous and concluded that an appeal to reason was futile and dangerous.

    But because he treated the blacks as equals and human beings by making an eminently reasonable request, he was beaten down.

    And he’ll be called a racist anyway for infringing upon their “cultural right” to be loudmouths everywhere they go!


    1)  Be a racist

    2) do not treat blacks as equals; ie the dark-skinned white people the TV tells us they are

    • WhitesRdumb

      1) Be a racist
      2) do not treat blacks as equals; ie the dark-skinned white people the TV tells us they are

  • Tim

    I`m old and jaded enough to not speak my mind  on a public conveyance , but I`m still young and fed up enough to join in and protect someone who does….

  • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

    He violated the number one rule of survival in Diversity Ruled America- NEVER TALK TO BLACKS!His name gets added to the Diversity Victims List (DVL), and the perps’ names get added to the Typical Diversity Behaviour List (TDBL).”Before I rode public transportation, I wasn’t a racist.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Why what I saw justifies my hatred,” 2001

  • God is just

    Where are the beat up squads that confront out of control youths like this. We need martial arts fighters to patrol the subways.

    • WhitesRdumb

      If I white person had jumped in and beat a few blacks, the first
      thing the blacks would have done was claim they were attacked. They
      would claim the “other” guys (blacks) were beating the old guy, and they
      were trying to stop the thugs when this white guy jumped in
      (calling them N-words) and started hitting them. The blacks would make a
      pitiful looking face on TV as if saying “we be tryin to do da rite
      thang, but we be attacked by raciss whites only cuz we be black.” The
      Police would (pretend to) believe the poo black punks because dumb
      whitey won’t go after the cops job, but the blacks will.

      I know the above scenario from personal experience.

      This may make you feel better: ( am NOT in the video)

      • I love that video 😉

        Notice the two honorable black women going through the mans belongings that he left on the bus. They were just taking an inventory and making sure that no one stole any of “Pinkies” belongings. It’s refreshing to see such high values in today’s black youth… NOT.

  • 1proactive2

    Just one more white has learned the law of the ghetto jungle. 

    How many more of these beatings will it take before whites get the message that they should never  have any types of words with blacks while in public?  

    No disrespect to the victim in this story, but what in the world was he thinking?  That blacks would quiet down due to a request is beyond the pale ignorant.  Asking blacks, male or female, in public to be civil is an act of war to them, and they will go mau-mau on a white in a hot second.  They do not think before they act; they “feel” – act on emotion.  The majority of them have the emotional maturity level of a pre-adolescent.  And they don’t mind jail.   

    Once again, white people, for a now uncountable  time; 

    Do not communicate or even look at blacks while in public.

    Do not stay around when there are are several in the area. 

    Do not attend public events where more than just a few are present. 

    Do not stop to help them if their car is broken down. 

    Do not stop if their car slightly bumps into yours.  

    Do not drive through black areas in your own car. 

    Do not stop when a black hits your car with something.

    Do not look at them when walking past them.

    Do not stop if one asks you for directions or for money. 

    Get a clue, white people.  Your life may depend on it.  We have no recourse or support from the media, the law, or the “intellectual elites” as those in the ivory towers of academia are so labeled.  You’ll likely be blamed for your own beating or death.  We are defenseless today.     

    • Good advice, for the most part. But no, we are NOT defenseless. I hate to hear that kind of helpless, self-defeating statement. Carry heat, and don’t be afraid to use it if you have to. Remember, they’re cowards; they only get nasty when they have the numbers on their side, or they are convinced you have no way to fight back, as that middle-aged man didn’t.

      • Thanks Wayne!!

        Winning thoughts and actions breed winners.

        I carry heat at all times and practice handling and firing frequently.
        I avoid large crowds in general, especially if they serve alcohol.
        I stop at the more expensive gas stations when I travel.
        I avoid all blacks when possible.
        I am aware of my surroundings and scan constantly while in urban areas.

        Be aware or be a victim 😉

    •  I’ve heard mixed advice on whether to avoid eye contact w/ a lone black person walking by on the street.  It seems like brief, direct eye contact would signal, “yes, I see you and I’m aware of you,” and might preempt a surprise attack.  On the other hand, eye contact might trigger a verbal threat, something like, “what you looking at cracka?”, which could escalate further.

      What’s the better plan?

      Of course, if there are multiple blacks, then get as far away as possible as quickly as possible; and in my opinion, that even includes sprinting off in a 200 yard dash.   If it triggers a chase response, then I think the chaser will give up after 100 feet or so.  I regularly run 100 yard wind sprints and can do a mile in under 6 minutes.

      • xxxtonygunsxxx

          if attacked: from experience,  NEVER PUNCH THEM IN THE SKULL. YOU WILL BREAK YOUR HAND  and they cannot feel it anyway

  • Greg West

    Asking a group of blacks to quit down is a good way to get hurt or killed.

  • Johnny Reb

    It’s not courage to confront a pack of 15-20 predators and try to silence them with your moral authority or “shared sense of respect.”    Those days are gone.  What he did was both insane and stupid.  it just shows he’s a victim of liberal brain-washing.

    Whites needs immediate and drastic re-programming because our brothers and sisters (like this man) are now being programmed to become extinct.

    THE NEW REALITY IN AMERICA:  Every confontration between white and black will turn violent if the blacks have greater numbers or are bigger and stronger than the whites.  Guaranteed.   Like any non-human predator, blacks smell weakness and will attack . . . sometimes just for the fun of it. 

    We’re living in much simpler times.   It’s all about raw power now.

    Knowing that’s reality, the lesson is to NOT ride the train. 

    But if you have to:    The white man was powerless in the face of predators.  Having gotten on the train and being upset by the noise, he should have surrendered his space and moved to another car. 

    Alternative:  If you must share space with blacks, then understand that to protect your space and self, you will have to equalize the odds.

    Get a concealed carry permit and carry the biggest caliber and hottest load you can afford.

  • I’m from Oregon. Blacks are a rare sight there, even in Portland. The white liberals in Portland are absolutely clueless about black pathology. This is a great example. The MAX train is usually full of hipster liberals who seem to think their carless lifestyle is cool. I’m sure they all sat there with their jaws on the floor watching this happen. Wish I was on that train, but I’m too smart to take public transport, which is for losers no matter what state you live in.

  • We need another Bernie Goetz

  • Major

    What a dumb a$$…when you’re on a train outnumbered by feral, infantile hoods and beasts…you don’t start a fight. Unless you have an “equalizer” on your person. Which I doubt the loony bin called Oregon even allows. Afterall…most of Oregon has been repopulated by dumb whites who have so ruined California….that they had to flee there…and mess up Oregon and Washington state. The libs…sipping the poison koolaide….never learn.

    Did this dope actually think he could have a rational “conversation” with these animals when they travel in their predatory packs? Like other predator beasts? Like Dingos or wolves?

  • Detroit_WASP

    Once again…’s a good thing the white man didn’t have a gun to defend himself like George Zimmerman did.  Otherwise Eric Holder would charge whitey with murder and other hate crimes.  

    Also, NEVER tell a Nigerian to be quite!

  • If you’re 57 years old, and White, you probably shouldn’t be riding public transportation in a major American city anyway, nowadays. But if you do, go armed. Don’t display it or wave it around unless you are forced to draw it — but if you have to use it, shoot to kill. When it’s 15 or 20 to one odds, I think an explanation of “self defense” would be pretty believable.

    • ZookeeperDave

      At least he could have pulled out his Obama sticker and flashed them his well worn photo of MLK.  Bet he can’t wait to vote for Obama again.

  • sbuffalonative

    When officers arrived, they learned the man had asked a large group of around 15 to 20 black male teenagers to keep it down. That apparently didn’t sit well with the teenagers and some of them allegedly attacked the man.

    I was riding the train to work this morning and three middle-age black women boarded at the next stop. If I heard their conversation as a recording, I would have to believe they were shouting to each other from across the car.

    The secret to keeping your cool is earplugs.

    Here’s a video of a white woman asking a black woman to keep it down. For the sake of the child, I’m glad the black woman didn’t completely snap:

  • 1proactive2

    To Wayne Leon Engle:

    Disqus wouldn’t let me reply to your post below so I’m posting a new comment.

    I should have been more clear in my original post. 

    What I meant by saying we whites are defenseless is that all “acceptable” power structures in America today will not defend us, protect us, speak out for us, nor proactively address black ghetto savagery. Blacks are among the protected groups in this country.

    Those power structures are the main stream media, law, academia, and politics at all levels.  Look at the unquestioned way all the aforementioned power structures recently supported the young black assailant who met his maker by someone who defended himself.  That man now has to go into hiding to save his life while he is being prosecuted in the courts.

    I don’t have a bit of a problem defending myself or my family with firepower.  I’ve used guns since I was a child, and served in the airborne infantry in Vietnam.  In short, I have many hours of trigger time fighting for my life against someone who was trying to kill me.  Such is not a problem. 

    But today in America, if a white person has to defend theirself against a black thug, they will most likely go to prison — if they’re not killed outright.  I stand by my original post.  We whites are defenseless today, sir.  Unless something drastic happens, it will continue to be lose-lose for whites.

    • sbuffalonative

      You’re right.

      I work in an urban jungle and my neighborhood is now DIEversifying. While I once had the luxury of leaving the urban jungle after work to return to the quiet comfort of my neighborhood, even that is now slipping away. I could deal with the minority cacophony on my way to and from work because I knew the din was something I could walk away from after work.

      Now I’m surrounded by loud, obnoxious, foul-mouthed blacks and Hispanics who know no self-respect, respect of others, self-control, or deference to community standards.

       Every day I’m now confronted by any number of crude speaking blacks and Hispanics. Every minute I know I have to keep my opinions to myself because if I confront any one of these vibrant new members of my community, one or two outcomes (or both) will result.

      1) I put myself in great danger by asking a minority to respect me and others around them. It more than likely will result in a shouting match which has the potential of turning into a physical confrontation.

       2) When the authorities arrive, regardless of how obnoxious the behavior of the minority, I will be the one who will be the one seen and charged as the aggressor and if a case can be made, I will be charged.

      Minorities know this. They know they’re untouchable and they’re free to say and do what they want because the law is on their side.

      Everyday I have to make the choice, do I say something and risk being injured and being arrested or do I ignore it.

      If I’m attacked, I will fight back. But asking a minority to show common courtesy is now considered a ‘hate crime’ and I’m the one who will be charged.  

    • Pawcatch

      But today in America, if a white person has to defend theirself against a black thug, they will most likely go to prison — if they’re not killed outright.  I stand by my original post.  We whites are defenseless today, sir.  Unless something drastic happens, it will continue to be lose-lose for whites.

      I really don’t  think that’s the case.There are plenty of recent examples whites using deadly force against blacks and not be charged much less go to prison. Joe Horn is an obvious example as well as several others since that incident in 2007.

  • 1proactive2

    I should have been more clear. 
    Whites are defenseless when we defend ourselves against ghetto savages, and I’m not exaggerating with that identifier.  I work in a state prison and I know the mentality of the black felon thoroughly. Cruelty to their victims is a mark of “manhood” for them. Cruelty is culturally accepted among ghetto blacks.
    But regarding my claim of being defenseless; those in power in government and the main stream media, those with the most influence in academia, and the people in law under the public eye will always bow to the demands of political correctness and media pressure.  I do not have a bit of a problem defending myself or my family with firepower, I know how to do so, but I also know that if I survive I will most likely – if not certainly – go to prison. It’s lose-lose for white people in America today when it comes to black people and self-defense.    

  • JackKrak

    Asking blacks to behave themselves or quiet down is like asking a fish to stop swimming

  • Zapp Branigan

    The man got a badly needed reality check, NEVER confront a group of blacks they will attack lone indiviuals in an instant.
    He should have gone to the theater manager and demanded a refund and left the theater.

  • Johnny Reb

    Oh, for God’s sake . . . THINK!

    You don’t “assert your rights” by becoming a victim of a beatdown or a homicide statistic.  You assert your rights by having a carefully prepared response to deal with infringements on your rights.

    This white man was unprepared.  All he did was promote the idea that whites are stupidly easy prey.   He did this because he still believes that blacks will listen to a polite request.

    Learn from the wolf:  Be in a state of constant preparation for battle.  Treat all non-pack members with suspicion.  Pick your fights carefully and when you do fight, employ overwhelming force.

    That’s how we “assert our rights.”

  • sbuffalonative

    Yes, unless attacked, it’s always best to let a sleeping dog lie.

    While I know it’s sometimes difficult to ignore black behavior, leaving them alone empowers them to act out even more. In doing so, they self-destruct by turning on each other. That’s why black communities are as bad as they are and why blacks are desperate to leave their own black neighborhoods for the safety and security of ‘racist’ white communities.

    If a black is being obnoxious and a white man confronts him, the white man will be seen as the aggressor. Leave the obnoxious black man alone and he will be as equally obnoxious to other blacks. Let them fight it out; two birds with one shot so to speak.


  •  I don’t remember that time.  I haven’t been to a movie theater in 20 years.

  • 1proactive2

    Romanticizing black savagery be it a riot or on behalf of a black who paid the price for assaulting a white or asian has been a common response for decades now.  Rodney King riots?  It was labeled by the MSM a “rebellion”.  As if looting stores in their own neighborhoods and killing innocent people was a sign of a rebellion. If Rodney King would have croaked the night he drove through residential neighborhoods at insanely high speeds with the cops on his tail, we’d have another national holiday.

    Of course, the romaticizers have to lie their backsides off.  Then again, it helps them to be a little delusional.  Make that, a lot delusional.  It works, however, and government then hemmorages tax money to the black communities that were looted and destroyed by the black residents.  Of course the money doesn’t get used as intended with most of it ending up unaccounted for, but hey, it works for the race romaticizers. 

    See how it works?

  • Can even a sleazy dumb low IQ thug as Trayvon’s dear old dad be so despicable as to open his snout and utter the words,”…if Trayvon had fulfilled his dream of being an astronaut…”? His dream of being an astronaut? Did dear old Trayvon once idly utter something like,”Boo Ya y’all ah wants to be one o dem astronaut muthas,dat looks like da bomb!” He “dreaned” of being an astronaut. I bet he loved studying science and math. “Ah cant waits to take dat cacculus!!” Reminds me of Tiger Woods’ sleazy-crook dad when he blubbered about Tiger one day bringing world peace or something. Keep the money coming in.

    • vladdy1

      Hehe. Sorry, Tray and Dad, no more astronauts. Your historic first Dear Leader done gave NASA to the muslims.

  • Wanna bet?

  • vladdy1

    But never tell anybody you don’t talk to blacks, ‘cos then you’re raciss.