Israel Police: Unemployed African Refugees Turning Tel Aviv Beaches into High Crime Spots

Yaniv Kubovich, Haaretz, May 2, 2012

Youth gangs from the community of Sudanese and Eritrean refugees have in recent weeks been swamping Tel Aviv beaches and stealing bathers’ belongings, according to police. Most of the thefts have occurred on Tel Aviv’s major beaches. Authorities attribute the thefts to the increase in the number of refugees who have come to the city this year, and the lack of employment opportunities for them. Police say the stolen goods and money are sufficient for a day’s existence; they expect more such incidents to occur.

Eritrean and Sudanese refugees start arriving at the beach at noon, say police, especially to the strip between Jerusalem Beach and Mezizim/Peepers’ Beach. Some try to find day-labor jobs in the morning, but some who fail allegedly try to earn their daily keep by preying on beach-goers instead.

Police say small groups composed of up to five refugees roam the beach looking for easy pickings. Young lovers or teens in the water are the preferred targets, but the main goal is to find a bag or something else lying around that is easy to grab and then sell at the city’s Central Bus Station.

Police describe the gangs’ activities as follows: they begin by surveying the beach. The moment one of the thieves spots a likely item, he signals his buddies. Then the group strolls toward the promenade to plan the theft.

“The minute they identify the item they want to steal, they give a whistle,” says Walid Ottoman, a company commander in the Border Patrol, who has been busy patrolling the beaches for the last two weeks. “Two of them will head straight down to the object while the others move to the sides and watch for police or others who can catch them in the act. The moment the two, who are now near the item, decide that it’s a go, the bag disappears,” he explains.

The gangs use several methods to steal bathers’ bags, say police. One method is to crawl toward young lovers who are completely absorbed in one another. One member of the gang will silently inch toward the couple’s belongings and return the same way, while clutching the goods. Another common method involves crawling toward a bag or wallet that’s been spotted, digging a hole in the sand, hiding it there, and leaving some kind of marker—a bottle cap or shirt—to indicate the location. The thief then leaves as if he were an innocent bystander, and later one of his buddies collects the loot without arousing suspicion.

Most Tel Aviv beaches fall under the jurisdiction of the Yarkon police district. Lately, even though the bathing season has not yet opened officially, district commander Brig. Gen. Yoram Ohayon has approved the summer season’s working plan. The district allocates large forces to the beaches on weekdays and increases the numbers on weekends.

In 2011, 88 suspects were arrested for property theft on beaches in central Tel Aviv. This year the police expect that figure to double. In the last two weeks alone, 11 Sudanese and Eritrean refugees have been arrested on the city’s beaches. In one incident, a policeman and a policewoman who happened to be relaxing at the beach spotted a group of Eritrean youths approaching, and went into the water. One of the group members fell for the ploy and allegedly stole the bag. An undercover police officer nearby arrested him and the friend who’d served as the lookout.

In recent months, crime involving Sudanese and Eritrean refugees has increased by many dozens of percentage points, with a steep spike in property crimes, as well as an increase in violent crimes and sexual assaults. A major problem in combating the phenomenon is the fact that it is almost impossible to punish the thieves, either because of language limitations or lack of identification means. By the next day, those arrested are often back on the beach.


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  • Sounds like the Orange Crush.

    • Oil Can Harry

      It also sounds like Brazil, where black teens prowl the beaches looking for white tourists to rob and black children look for those same tourists to panhandle to.

  • Tim

    “Hiding it there and leaving some kind of marker”  I was burglarized living in a bad neighborhood once. The cop took the report and then went into the front  yard.  He  pinpointed the nearest concealment to my broken window which happened to be some shrubs next to a drainage ditch across the street. He walked over and pulled out 95% of my missing items.  He then explained that most burglars are on foot when they strike on impulse, hence the need to hide the items until the crooks can come back with a car.  When my friend was victimized I did a look see and found about 95% of his stuff. He thought I was a mind reader…

    • Oil Can Harry

      Blacks are more likely to act impulsively than other groups.

      Hence, their crimes are often spur-of-the-moment affairs, not well thought out. 

  • StivD

    This will be blamed only on unemployment, not their race.

    • Got to have a “root cause”.  Totally missing the obvious.   

    • JackKrak

      Exactly. Funny thing is that I’ve been through spells of joblessness myself but I somehow managed to not resort to stealing & robbing. I wonder why……..

  • Church_of_Jed

    We relish the thought.

    But we like the idea of “African refugees”.  Isn’t that what our “people of African descent” are, refugees from the horrors of African slavery, warfare, voodoo, and cannibalism?

    We gave the Africans refuge under the institution of slavery, and now the rule us. 

     Dang, but had we known nature’s boundaries to good deeds, we could have avoided the Diversity Curse. 

    At least the Jews in their own homeland aren’t immune from it.  What good is Chosen Status if you can’t protect yourself from Diversity on your own beaches that God gave you?

  • dmxinc

    “A major problem in combating the phenomenon is the fact that it is
    almost impossible to punish the thieves, either because of language
    limitations or lack of identification means.”

    What?  Imagine reading that sentence to a Mongol, a Roman, an ancient Greek.  They would be puzzled, because they would know exactly what to do with a criminal. 

    We are civilizing ourselves out of existence.

    • The__Bobster

      A good flogging needs no language.

  • Southern__Hoosier

    How about “Israel Police: Unemployed African refugees turning Tel Aviv  into Detroit.”

  • loyalwhitebriton

    The Israeli Police and Security forces are experienced and, at times, quite ruthless.
    The Israeli Government is uncompromising when it comes to dealing with “the troubles”. 
    They should use these assets. 

  • No

    They certainly are consistent.  Blacks earn the Gold Medal for crime, filth, depravity and destruction wherever they go.

    You could shipwreck a black Robinson Crusoe and in a year you’d be able to find the island by the bad smells and clouds of flies hovering overhead.

    Well, that and the pregnant monkeys . . .

  • Natassia

    ” A major problem in combating the phenomenon is the fact that it is almost impossible to punish the thieves, either because of language limitations or lack of identification means. By the next day, those arrested are often back on the beach.”

    Um, you send them back home to sub-Saharan Africa. Duh.

    • IstvanIN

      …so could we but we don’t….

  • .


    • blight14


  • Mahound

    I wonder, if NY Times were to report on this, would they celebrate the diversity on the beaches and blame the crime on institutional racism or ….

  • Besides the obvious, “Justice has a way of finding itself” and I hope this comment isn’t moderated out as it is not meant to be racist, I promise.  The Jews have always been sensitive to immigration issues, particularly when it comes to their own experiences over two thousand years.  With that said, just who is behind the open borders in this country?  Who always support the political party and movements that are using immigration as a weapon of “change”?  So you will excuse me if I have a quiet laugh to myself as I visualize a long line of Merkava IIs stopped by a lone African holding a box of fried chicken in each hand, daring them to run him over.  It’s only in these moments that I again feel whole.

    • nettle

      Yes, this phenomenon will be very interesting to watch.  Israel is presently constructing a huge detention center and long border walls to contain their “scourge” of black illegals.  Hopefully, Israel will not be shipping them here.

      • Ingsoc

        “Hopefully, Israel will not be shipping them here.”

        Don’t think they won’t try it.
        They’re currently negotiating to ship their African refugees to Australia:

        “Michael Danby, an MP in the Australian Parliament, has “enthusiastically agreed” to the idea of bringing to Australia thousands of Africans who have illegally immigrated to Israel.”Do you think the Australian people were asked if they wanted an influx of criminal Africans in their cities and neighborhoods?  Do you think Michael Danby works in the interests of Israel or Australia?

      • blight14

         I’d imagine their work in America is nearly done, they’ve been the root cause of the massive influx of every 3rd world ‘refugee’ known to man……….I believe the term is ‘never again’……….ie dilute the host nation, etc….

    • blight14

       Our thoughts are the same, aka ‘paybacks are hades’!……Poetic justice perhaps?

  • JohnEngelman

    Jeremiah 13:23 “Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots?  

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Or its criminal nature?

      • JohnEngelman

        I like Ethiopian restaurants. Ethiopia and Nubia were the two Negro nations that had urban civilization during the time of Christ. Nubia was south of Egypt, and learned the arts of civilization from Egypt. On one occasion Nubia conquered Egypt. That was the only time there was a Negro dynasty of pharaohs in Egypt. For the most part relations between Egypt and Nubia were peaceful, and based on trade.
        Iron age technology passed to Egypt from Assyria, from Egypt to Nubia, and from Nubia to the Bantu about 2,500 years ago. The Bantu used iron weapons to conquer and colonize most of the rest of Africa. 
        Ethiopia learned civilization from Nubia and the Arabs across the Red Sea. Of Negroes the Ethiopians look most Caucasian, because they are part Arab. 

  • IstvanIN

    But enthusiastic about importing race problems into the US and Western Europe.

    • blight14

       Alas, we’re not supposed to mention that pesky fact…..

  • Guest

    Unbelievable.  They can’t think of a solution?  I can think of a solution.  It involves airplanes.  A one-way flight from Israel to anywhere south of the Sahara costs about $1,000.  An African immigrant costs a minimum of $1,000 a day in economic harm and direct taxpayer subsidies, and that goes on forever.  Flights would pay for themselves within a week.

    Israelis should be able to see that these Eritrean and Somali immigrants are going to align themselves with the Palestinians, and against the Jews.  Anyone can see that.  What is wrong with Israel? 

  • Detroit_WASP

    Let’s hope that the Jews being robbed are of the liberal Steven Speilberg variety.  I have nothing against Jews, it’s the liberals I don’t like.

  • KenelmDigby

    Just out of curiosity, I wonder whether Palestinians accept these ‘immigrants’ as legitimate settlers, or do they want them gone in the same way they want to Israelis to go?

  • No matter whether in Detroit, Denmark or…Israel???
    Based on their behavior ALONE
    Africans clearly must be eradicated.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Yes, it seems Israel doesn’t want to experience the “joys” of diversity or multiculturalism and wants to keep Israel safe and free from violent Africans.

    And, more importantly, they don’t give a damn who objects.

    Imagine a White stating this in front of the U.S. Congress:

    ‘I urge those who think I have horns to visit the poor neighborhoods of southern Tel Aviv, neighborhoods that have been swarmed by infiltrators and are collapsing, places where women, children and the elderly are afraid to go out at night… I’d like to send 30 or 40 infiltrators to their neighborhoods and here what they have to say afterwards,’ he said.

    Israeli Interior Minister Eli Yishai presented the government’s four-pronged plan to stop the migration of Africans into Israel. 

    the plan… will save Israel from the threat of a “national disaster” posed by increasing numbers of incoming migrants.

    A fence, which will include both physical barriers and an advanced alert system that can warn the military of approaching people attempting to infiltrate the country….  augmented by increased military personnel to patrol the borders, specifically the places where there is no fence.

    The second element, the construction of a large detention facility on the border with Egypt, capable of holding up to 10,000 people.

    The third element of the plan, and the one that Yishai said was the most important, was the strict enforcement against Israeli employers who hire the African migrants.

    The fourth element of the plan was to work toward removing those migrants that have already entered Israel. 

    ‘If we don’t practice a clear, tough and decisive policy, in 20 or 30 years, the country will be overrun by infiltrators harming the demographic character of the country!’

    Yet if we American Whites suggested the same thing to preserve the country We created for ‘ourselves and our progeny’….


    • Laager

      Is this issue not a bit more complicated?
      I believe Israel is the only country in the world that will only accept Jewish immigrants into their state. 
      If I’m not mistaken these “infiltrators” are Black African Jewish refugees / political asylum seekers – otherwise  Israel would not have admitted them in the first place.
      Now what?
      Does Israel close the door of their Jewish sanctuary to Black Jews or let them stay and try to uplift them to white caucasian western standards?

      They really are in a dilemma as exported Africa starts to reveal itself.

      Some of the front line activists who worked at breaking down the South African apartheid system were Jewish communists – Joe Slovo, Ruth First, Albie Sachs, Dennis Goldberg. 
      There were also Jewish liberals – Helen Suzman funded by the Oppenheimer De Beers diamonds wealth that fought the battle in the SA Parliament as the Progressive Party. 
      Writers like Nadine Gordimer [Nobel Peace Prize recipient] created a career for themselves producing novels on apartheid themes.
      Right now she is not to happy as the freedoms she fought for are being eroded by the ANC.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Israel is currently home to 31,000 African migrants – 60 percent of them from Eritrea, 30% from Sudan and the rest from other various African countries.

        They are not Black African Jewish refugees.   Africans sneak across the border as do illegal mexicans infiltrating the U.S for “a better life” — at the expense of the Israeli and American people. 

        The quality of life and the schools in California have been utterly ruined by colonizing, low IQd Mexicans.  The tax burden caused by illegal invaders is enormous, growing, and is not sustainable for much longer.

        I do not blame the Israelis one bit for building a wall along their border, militarizing it, constructing detention camps for illegal refugees and repatriating them ASAP.  The Israelis KNOW Africans  are a scourge upon their land with violent tendencies and will eventually outbreed them, as Mexicans are outbreeding Whites in the U.S.  No one has a problem with Israelis wanting to keep Israel as a Jewish state.

        It is only the U.S. and other White homelands that must sacrifice themselves on the altar of “multiculturalism” and “diversity.”  Whites wanting to keep their countries majority White are called racists, bigots and haters.  It is White genocide, there is no other word for it.

        Just curious:
         Joe Slovo, Ruth First, Albie Sachs, Dennis Goldberg, Helen Suzman.

        Do any of them still live in SA, or did they, like Ilana Mercer, depart for safer, more stable countries once the ANC took power — leaving behind Whites as victims of and to deal with the violence and oppression of a murderous black regime they fought so to hard to implement?

        Meanwhile, White South African Brandon Huntley continues to fight a losing battle in Canada for refugee status.


  •  That’s a great example, but there is an even more simple one than that:  Compare poor whites to upper middle class blacks.  We’ve had a few posts from someone who claims to be black (His screen name starts with “thedr”), and says that he has lived in both poor white areas and Prince Georges Commune, People’s Republic of Maryland, full of well paid black AA government employees, and that he has been a frequent crime victim in the latter place.

  • Wherever blacks go, they destroy civil society. We see it in every nation, state, city, school, park, or beach around the world where they congregate. Once black culture takes hold anywhere, the quality of life diminishes. We see it time and time again.  A theory becomes fact when it’s elements are repeated over and over again. The White segregationists from the old American South, should no longer be demonized. The evidence is overwhelming, that they were right.

  • The__Bobster

    I didn’t want to appear “extreme”.   😉

  • JeannieD711

    “Unemployed”…what happened to all the jobs they surely must have had lined up and waiting for them upon their arrival?