Usually we get pretty upset when someone gets in trouble at work or school for a status update or tweet. But this Florida firefighter got what he deserved after posting a racist rant on Facebook about Travyon Martin’s parents.

Miami-Dade Fire Captain Brian Beckmann was demoted to the lowly rank of Firefighter after posting a hateful status update about Trayvon Martin, the Florida teen who was recently shot and killed in an incident many attribute to racism. Beckmann’s rant—wherein he implied that Martin’s parents are “failed, shitbag, ignorant, pathetic, [and] welfare dependent.” The post was captured by The Grio before the racist public servant could delete it:

{snip} Besides the demotion, the Miami Herald reports that “Beckmann will be on administrative leave and must complete a psychological evaluation and diversity training before he returns.” Beckmann has both appealed the decision and apologized for his remarks.



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  • guest

    Can’t understand the man’s rancor.  Just because blacks riot, set their neighborhoods on fire, and then shoot at the firemen when they show up, is no reason to be so resentful……knowMsayin?

  • sbuffalonative

    “… an incident many attribute to racism.

    Correction. SOME attribute to racism.

    “…wherein he implied that Martin’s parents are “failed, sh*tbag, ignorant, pathetic, [and] welfare dependent.”

    Implied? He wrote it and you can read it.

    “…must complete a psychological evaluation and diversity training before he returns.”

    Psychological evaluation? Now expressing your frustration and anger are considered a mental illness?

    • Mutant_Swarm

       “Psychological evaluation? Now expressing your frustration and anger are considered a mental illness?”

      Sure. Just like in the old Soviet Union, tovarische.

  • So much for Freedom of Speech. In the USSR if you criticized the Party or the party line you were deemd insane and sent to a nuthouse or Gulag until you got “re-educated”. Here the diversrty training is the re-education. All they do is chant over and over “diversity is good, diviersity is our strength” and never once rationalizing, justifying or explaining that which is obviously false.

    Amazing how he posts about bad parenting and the party operatives immediately label it racist. Hope he sues and wins.

    • Marc B.

      ” So much for Freedom of Speech. In the USSR if you criticized the Party
      or the party line you were deemd insane and sent to a nuthouse or Gulag
      until you got “re-educated”

      Once the malignancy of Cultural Marxism causes enough damage to a free republic it becomes fertile territory to slowly introduce actual Soviet-era styled tyranny. Cultural Marxism is authoritarian Communism on an installment plan.  

    • Yes we should be able to criticize anyone we want..except of course for those god-like beings THOSE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED. they have suffered sooo much!

  • J.P.

    I agree with his post 100% of course, but I’m surprised he thought he could openly say something like that and get away with it. Especially as a firefighter which is a government job. Granted it’s a job I respect but your still subject to the anti white P.C. tyranny that is enforced especially hard against government workers. If he thought he was free to speak his mind in a public domain he just learned a harsh lesson. Speak ill of diversity and it will crush you, scarlet letter you, and reeducate you. Again, shades of the old U.S.S.R. Who really won the cold war? Freedom of speech is dead and gone in this country unless your hating on Christians or Whites.  

    • newscomments70

      Sometimes I watch old Russian Soviet movies on youtube. Although I do not support the Soviet communist system in any way, I did notice one positive aspect of Russian soviet society: everyone was white. Many of the films are youth affiliated. Every school was 300% white, perfectly safe, thriving, intelligent, and athletic. Minus the  communist nonesense, I wish my future kids could go to such schools. 

  • Ariovistus

    1st Amendment has a stake through its heart…

    Speak your mind?  Lose your job.

    • Celestial_Time

       That’s partly true. It should be:

      Speak your White mind? Lose your job.

  • I obviously don’t agree with the demotion, but I disagree with the implication of his contentions.

    “Failed, s***bag, ignorant, pathetic, welfare dependent excuses for parents” is actually somewhat more civil than the typical comment on The Grio and The Root, and other similar sites.

    First off, we already know that urban youth are the products of failed ignorant pathetic welfare dependent excuses for parents.  So how do we explain the parents?  Were their own parents failed ignorant pathetic welfare dependents?  How many generations must we trace back until we find the antithesis of failed ignorant pathetic welfare dependents?  And once we find them, then how would Capt. Beckmann explain how their first generation of failed ignorant pathetic welfare dependents went off the tracks?

    Taken to its logical end, Capt. Beckmann’s reasoning is dangerous in its own way, because it’s based on environmentalist (as in nurture, not ecology) assumptions.  An example of public policy made in that verve is the “Stolen Generations” from Australia, the attempt to turn Abos into white people by robbing Abo cradles and placing those children into “better” (i.e. white) environments.  Of course, it was a flop.  Official Australia is to this day falling all over itself to apologize for the Stolen Generations, as it was a “racist” thing to do, even though it was “anti-racist” at the time.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      They’re products of LBJs “Great Society” — actually, they’re victims of the “Great Society.”

      Government knows how to raise kid better than you do and that it’s better to have a single, teenage, uneducated, low IQd single mother raising children, pay them handsomely and reward them for doing so.  Also, make sure they know this is their birth right, government entitlements cradle-to-grave because of Jim Crow and the legacy of slavery. 

      No wonder the illegitimacy rate in the black community is 70%.


    •  True.  “Conservatives” are very much stuck in cultural determinist la-la land.

  • Church_of_Jed

    “Having an opinion about Diversity that deviates from the ‘it’s our greatest strength’ dogma is now a hate crime, just as failing to come out publicly in support of gay marriage is also a hate crime. You are a hateful, bigoted racist if you don’t embrace what you should fear and what disgusts you. The only values you can have now are those dictated to you by racial minorities and sex perverts and enforced by the elites who cater to them, and are increasingly of them. Soon, the blacks and homos will run everything.  Mercy and charity are dead letters.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “They’ve screwed your kids up past the point of no return,”  2012

  • Celestial_Time

    Are you a qualified White guy who likes to speak your mind on your own time AND speak the truth? I’m sorry, sir, but you’re gonna be demoted.

    Are you an unqualified black man that likes to rant about White people being racist, and making Race an industry unto itself? You’re hired, Tyrone!

    People need to keep in mind that, like police officers, firemen are sworn to travel into the bad areas that most of us avoid like the plague. If someone knows about the true nature of the black community, it would be them.

    The Truth is racist; it always has been.

  • Hunter Morrow

    Demoted all the way to the starting rank and ordered to go to “psychological evaluation and diversity training.”

    Now can you tell me how this any different than Communists diagnosing somebody with a bogus mental disease and sending them to a “re-education camp?”


  • First responders get a better view of people than most do. As a firefighter he would end up in the homes of many who have made stupid errors in fire safety. One mistake he made is in thinking its the enviroment that makes the  people instead of the people that make the envirment. After seeing crime and stupidity overrepresented in one group the equality myth fades away.

  • Celestial_Time

    Here’s a fun game of Find the black guy:

    There’s a celestial path that crosses over into a reality where White people take their skills, their ingenuity, their abilities and money, and refuse to walk the path to extinction. You just have to wait for it and know when it crosses over.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      Dat be raciss’! Putt’n da black man in da back row!

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Hmm.  I thought that was a shadow.

  • Francis Galton

    In other words, the reaction to this “rant” (PC code word for inconvenient truth-telling) is a tacit admission that “urban youths” and “thugs” are PC code words for “blacks.”  Notice that the author of the rant NEVER mentions any particular race.  By the way, where exactly is he wrong?  MOST inner city blacks are indeed worthless and welfare-using!  Once in a while, you find a diamond in the rough, but not without massive amounts of intervention, coaxing, and Affirmative Action hand-holding to guide them along.   

    •  Precisely.  This is a pretty stark example of why I’m always saying “racism” charges should be hurled back at the accusers.  Do not respond to accusations of racism.  Hurl them back.  If someone calls you a racist, call him a racist.  If someone asks if you’re a racist, ask him if he’s a racist.  If someone says most people would call your words racist, accuse society of racism.

      And if you can’t make the charge stick, you probably need to hit the books, because it has become so broad that it’s trivial to do so.

  • Johnny Reb

    The 1990 Americans With Disability Act  defines a disability as “a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life activity.”   The Act gives federal protection to the disabled.

    I happen to hate negros and most (if not all) non-whites and want them out of my country.  If racialism is now mental illness then I can claim it as a disability. 

    That means I now have civil rights protection under the law to be as racist as I want to be.  In fact, I’m putting the ACLU on speed dial.

    Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Holder, Jesse, Big Al, MSNBC and the Miami Fire Department.

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

     He doesn’t explicitly mention any race, but he does use the left’s own favorite code words for blacks (“urban youths,” AmRenners are always going on about what that really means).

  • The__Bobster

    Dirtbag Racist Firefighter Demoted for Idiotic Facebook Rant About Travyon Martin

    Gizmodo, May 15, 2012

    Usually we get pretty upset when someone gets in trouble at work or school for a status update or tweet. But this Florida firefighter got what he deserved after posting a racist rant on Facebook about Travyon Martin’s parents.

    I hope this “unbiased” POS isn’t a real reporter. OTOH, he could write for the NY Daily Snooze.

  • ncpride

    But this Florida firefighter got what he deserved after posting a racist rant on Facebook about Travyon Martin’s parents.

    These people clearly have no idea how stupid and dangerous this line of thinking is. Be careful what you wish for sheeple….. at the rate this country is falling apart, this will be YOU one day.

  • Texan1st

    I never saw the word “black” in his comment but did see “urban youth”, “ghetto hoodie”, and “welfare dependent”. So due to their disciplinary actions against this firefighter and claiming his comment was “racist” (no word yet whether they feel his comment was accurate), they are finally admitting that these words are synonymous with blacks. About time they come clean.

  • xthred

    Kinda new here. This is sarcasm? Right?

  • robinbishop34

    “Beckmann will be on administrative leave and must complete a
    psychological evaluation and diversity training
    before he returns.”

    What this means is that television and academia –the traditional method of diversity training and psychological manipulation, haven’t worked on this subject thus far, so more extreme measures are necessary.

  • radical7

    Wow! He would be right at home among many of you posters on this site!

    • Celestial_Time

      Believe it or not, I agree!

      We will need brigades of firefighters.

    • MissBonnie123

      When are nonwhites and white liberals going to lose THEIR jobs over inflammatory comments?

      For example, Jehmu Greene called Tucker Carlson, a conservative commentator, a “Bow Tie White Boy.” But of course it’s OK when nonwhites do this. After all, no matter how outrageous the comments nonwhites make, they could never be racist. Right??????

      •  Right.  This is the kind of argument I’m referring to when I say Whites should always hurl accusations of racism back at the accusers.  Pretty much all the people who hurl the “racism” accusation at YT are fine with behavior like Greene’s – something they don’t tolerate in YT – and are therefore guilty of racism (a racist double standard, in this case – holding Whites to higher standards than blacks, which can be portrayed as pro-black racism or as pro-White (liberal White supremacy) racism, depending on your audience).

    • anonymous_amren

      If you don’t feel at home, then leave. Go home to Africa, and leave the people capable of rational thought alone.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Caveat Emptor, people.

    Facebook claims another career. what is this, the millionth victim? You would think people would learn.  Despite the injustice, the best advice is to STAY OFF OF FACEBOOK!!

    This is what happens if you dare to put out your opinion in a public, non-anonymous forum. 

    As the Police say. “Anything you say can and will be used against you.”
    If you think you need to publish your life to the entire universe, and stupid enough to do it, then do so at your own risk.


    • But Facebook isn where this stuff needs to be talked about!

    • Major

      FB sucks…and so does it’s pimply faced founder who’s a race traitor.

  • blight14

    Well at LEAST the article/writer was ‘fair and balanced’, no agenda noted or perceived……..

  • anonymous_amren

    We need unions. This is what unions exist to prevent. United we stand, divided we fall. What should have happened is every firefighter marching in and demanding his reinstatement plus compensation, and threatening to go on strike if he isn’t.

  • Concerned

    It’s become obvious that any white person who makes comments about blacks had
    better have his/her remarks scanned by the Politically Correct Police (PCP).
    Even then it will only take one person to be offended and you’re toast. In the
    meantime there are millions of whites throughout our country who are quietly
    talking about this, careful not to be overheard by “them”. Now if blacks were
    held to the same standard…….but that’s another story.

    • jmcaul

      Correction “Concerned,”
      There are NOT ‘millions’ of whites throughout out country who are quietly talking about this, careful not to be overheard by “them,” there are TENS of millions (if not hundreds of millions – not sure of the exact census figures there but it sho0uld be pretty close to 100%) who are (not so) quietly anymore talking about this, and we are rapidly losing our fear of being overheard.

      You can only push Whites so far before we finally let it all hang out, and, we’re well on our way to doing so. In what will probably turn out to be a big way. Regardless of how big or little, it will be impossible to ignore when it does happen. EVERYONE will know about it and it will be out in the open.

  •  Yep, not long everyone on this site can be expected to have had their appointment to wear the “rat hat” over mini-love way.

  • Go to the HuffPo and read the comments by white women. They’re so outraged by this icky man and his mean,mean words about poor dear Trayvon. They rae sickening. I cant comprehend the stupidity of the second sex.

  • jmcaul

     Enough with the fear porn Hispanic.

  • jmcaul

     Anon, it is already happening. The elites behind the scenes who have been running this ‘assimilation’ game against us know it too. Their days are numbered and their game is just about over.

  • Gizmodo should be audited to see if its writers have ever called a non-White a “dirtbag racist.”  If not, Gizmodo should be deemed racist on disparate impact grounds.

    Also, “racist” is a code-word for “White,” so the author should be demoted or fired for his racist rant.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    LOL, I remember that quote…only he didn’t use the word “black” !!!!

    He also signed the Hard-Cellar Act at the base of the Statue of Liberty, IMO the VERY worst EVIL that has ever befallen this country, stating:

    “This [old] system violates the basic principle of American democracy, the principle that values and rewards each man on the basis of his merit as a man. It has been un-American in the highest sense, because it has been untrue to the faith that brought thousands to these shores even before we were a country

    Honestly, I think it’s a tie between Woodrow Wilson and LBJ as to which was the worst president of ALL times. 0bamb’s in the running to and of course FDR, but Johnson…