Two Burglars Dead after Breaking into the Home of Two Marines

Mass Cops, April 23, 2012

Two Camp Lejeune Marines returned home early Sunday morning to find two men in their house. The intruders didn’t make it out of the house alive.

33-year-old, Maurice Skinner and 33-year-old, Diego Everette were identified by police as the men killed in the burglary attempt. Both men are from Jacksonville.

Skinner and Everette were pronounced dead at the scene, but according to Jacksonville Police Chief, Mike Yaniero it is unlikely that anyone will be charged in the shooting.

“The investigation is ongoing, however at this time there is no evidence to suggest that criminal charges be filed.”


Marine Corps officials have not released the names of the Marines who shot the intruders.


Police say the intruders attacked the residents and gunfire was exchanged. {snip}


Diego Everett

Maurice Skinner


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  • No, they don’t all look alike, but these two (Obama’s sons?) sure do.

    By the way, how can anyone be so dumb as try to burglar a house in a Marine town?  As if I had to ask.

    • Dan

       These two “youfs” look fairly young. Just imagine the amount of money these Marines saved the taxpayer! Semper Fi!

  • Maybe they were trying to get enlistment information.  Did they have skittles and hoodies?

  • ed91

    I love a story with a happy ending.

    • Rocky Bass

       Kinda like showing “roots” backwards huh?

      • William_JD


  • sarah stein

    How does a Marine shoot straight while laughing at a couple thugs shooting limp wrist and sideways. 

    • Rocky Bass

       They are taught to focus on the task at hand, and to laugh it up afterwards. Not an easy task I bet.

    • Rocky Bass

       God forbid they thugs spring for these.

  • anarchyst

    From one Marine to another . . . Semper Fi!   Job well done . . .

  • Look at those pictures. OMG! Marines killed Milli Vanilli!


  • Upon seeing a dreadlocked black male, you can almost certainly bet that: 1) he’s unemployed and 2) he’s bisexual or homosexual.

    • sarah stein

      They will tell you they are not bisexual or homosexual. They say they are on the d l or down low.  Yeah, ok, taking it in the ass is down low.  Happy?

      • Rocky Bass

         Given the prevalence of black prison sex, more swing to the gay then ever are called on it.

        • IstvanIN

          No, I do not believe that blacks can be classified by the white or Oriental definitions of homosexual/heterosexual.  They are, for the most part, just sexual and simply “want some”.

          • Rocky Bass

             I would agree. If they are rubbing their “junk” on something, they tend to be happy.

          • Sherman_McCoy


    • Dan

       3) he’s up to no damn good!


    Unfortunately for the Marines, Deigo had a package of skittles in his front pocket, and Maurace owned a hoodie.   With this new knowledge, the Mairnes will be arrested and tried for murder.

    • Rocky Bass

       As I have said before, standard procedure following any defensive shooting, now includes kicking any Skittles into the nearest storm drain, before alerting authorities.

    • A friend of mine says that “skittles” and “iced tea” are street code words for cocaine and marijuana. He thinks poor little Trayvon was toting these items as a signal to street dealers that he was buyin’. Instead, he bought the farm.

  • Now, this tragic loss of the babydaddies
    means The State takes the burden of LIFETIME care for 37 orphans

    • Rocky Bass

       What did their being killed have to do with that?

      • cuz NOW, they be gettin’ Special Def Benefits and Whatnot

        • Rocky Bass

           I was implying that with their respective daddies dead or not, the state had 37 wards regardless.

          • lol I know. I was pointing out what the msm didn’t.

    • There was a story posted on AmRen a couple of years ago about a 30-year-old black from Michigan who had fathered 22 children. Count ’em — 22. Of course, we were supporting them anyway, as he hadn’t paid a penny of child support to any of the seven or eight babymammas.

      • I saw that. If you want a blast, go on youtube and get a clip of the Springer Show and mail it to any liberal you know.

        I actually think the guy was on it. But, there’s so many blacks with litters of future felons it could’ve been another.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      I read the entire article — there are now 9 orphans!!  One had 5 children, the other 4.

      This is a cleansing of the gene pool.

      • Send in the Marines: just think, they stopped 23 more being born.

      • Too bad they didn’t off them before they had produced ANY offspring.

      • sbuffalonative

        It wasn’t cleansed soon enough. There are now 9 breeders to pass on their daddies genes.

  • Rocky Bass

    I was never a Marine, but please allow me to say, SEMPER FI! OOOOORrrrRRrraAaAAA!!!

    • Yes,great outcome! Too bad the guys who lived in the home werent SEALS,than Obama could take credit for the shooting.

      • Rocky Bass

         Hey it won’t be all that long until armed predator UAV’s are paroling our cities. I am SURE Obama will be using those to defend us tax payers against such attakcs in the future. 

  • What is with the hair??

    • Major

      They want to look like their moms? Or their beeotches?

    • sbuffalonative

      It’s a black thing. (Funny you don’t hear black say that anymore… I guess the implications of the phrase caught up with them).

    • ed91

       blacks are more susceptible to fads than anyone……….  in the mid 90’s it was shaved sides with a flattop ———— before that a shaved head………..
      now the dreadlocks which go for months or years, maybe forever without washing………..actually I don’t know for sure, but they look dirty.

  • JohnEngelman

    Those two malevolent faces are cut out for race profiling. I want to the police to stop young men who look that way, ask them what they are up to, and frisk them for contraband. 

  • dukem1

    The feel good story of the day.

  • Messing with the Marines has to indicate terminal stupidity. Say, on second thought, they WERE terminated, with extreme prejudice, weren’t they?

     I’m sure Eric Holder will look into this for any signs of civil rights violations. Did either of the Marines utter the dreaded “N-word” as he pulled the trigger? Did the Marines aim for a non-vital spot, to only disable and not kill, because “dey didn’t deserve to die”? Were these young men just turning their lives around, were good to they mommas, and were planning a trip to Haiti to help educate needy children?

    Naaah. Just a couple of black thugs. DEAD black thugs. Maybe we gonna have a long, hot summah.

    • Rocky Bass

       Another case of DEADLY WHITE PRIVILEGE, in that those Marines dared to feel they had ownership “privileges” over something these vibrant people of color coveted.

  • What a great story! It is a shame when someone is killed, but hey, these two dumb thugs really asked for it. There is a lesson here that we should all take from these brave Marines: Be ready and if the time comes where you need to defend yourself, unleash hell!

    • Major

      Better yet…bring all the Marines home and station them in these thug holes of tolerance and “diversity”…rather than wasting their true talents on 4th world Arabic, Farsi  cave dwellers. 

      And a battalion or two on the Texas/ NM/ AZ border would be a better use of a Marines too. Then onto LA to reclaim it for….ahhhh…nevermind…Californians would never appreciate it.

    • IstvanIN

      It is NEVER a shame when someone is killed breaking into a home.  Never.

      • My use of the word “shame” was tounge-in-cheek. As a non-professional writer such attempts aren’t always delivered well. I can assure you that I believe these brave Marines should feel no shame. Their actions are heroic and deserve nothing but praise. We need thousands of more citizens acticing as they did.  If you think about it, the only shame belongs to our mainstream media, who continually ignore such stories.

        • IstvanIN

          the only shame belongs to our mainstream media, who continually ignore such stories.


  • AlbertSwearengen

    It’s a loss to all humanity. They might have been the next Watson and Crick—might have cured cancer, or taken us to the stars—had systemic racism not forced them down this awful path.

    • Pretty good use of irony. You ARE being ironic, aren’t you?

      • Strider73

         More like sarcastic. Unfortunately there’s no official HTML tag for sarcasm. Some folks use “[sarcasm]” and “[sarcasm off]” or “[/sarcasm]”.

    • sbuffalonative

      My neighborhood is DIEversifying and I now often see gifted young black males standing on the street corner taking their break from writing their dissertations and studying for advanced trigonometry and physics.

      Yes, racism is a terrible thing.

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    In reading comments on news stories, I’ve noticed a pronounced shift in our favor over the past couple of years. More and more, people are encouraging one another in article feedback to pronounce the obvious – racial realism.

    • You’re right….”nature” is making a comeback.  

      A few weeks ago I made a statement on Yahoo about “we have to accept that we’re different.  What makes white people tick is different than what makes blacks tick, and too many times only one side of the argument is heard maligning white people”.   Others replied with affirming statements.  A black man (or at least his avatar was black) replied, “sounds like racial realism.  Your’re still a racist.”I just said—“be that as it may, when you see one side of an argument, you limit your solutions.  You’re seeing blow-back from not playing nice.”

      Pro white comments are getting more positive feedback.  Even the comments filled with a lot of animosity toward blacks are getting positive feedback.  

      I feel even in talking to people they’re becoming more candid about their feelings about the issue.        These topics use to be taboo just a few years ago.  

  • Looks like 2 all American boys…who hasn’t wanted to rob a house or two.  Just normal activity.  It’s ashamed they had their civil rights violated.

    Seriously…I hate to see living creatures die, but love to see people exercising their freedom.  Not only did they remove two thugs from the subsistence cycle.  They also scored a victory for the 2A.  A real win-win.

    • Major

      I’m waiting for the first state to outlaw fried chicken or pork chops as bait.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Well, those two were certainly taught a lesson and won’t be breaking into any more houses.

    Here’s the Rest of the Story:

    JACKSONVILLE, N.C. – Onslow County District Attorney Ernie Lee announced this morning that charges will not be filed against the shooters.  Lee says the shooting of Everette and Skinner falls under North Carolina statute 14-51.2, commonly referred to as the castle doctrine.The family tried to pull the race card

    Family of the decedents present during Friday’s press conference said they didn’t believe Lee’s version of events.

    Lee told them that whether they accepted it or not, Skinner and Everette’s deaths were justified under state laws.

    Chief Yaniero says the department will increase their patrols in the neighborhood.’We’ll be in the neighborhood. We try to stay in those neighborhoods but we will be especially vigilant in that particular neighborhood in the next couple weeks.’

    Don’t bother.   Go hang out at the local donut shop.  The Marines are back in town.Yes, I too love happy endings!! Knew it when I read the headline.  Way to Stand Your Ground, Marines,  Semper Fi!!

    And somebody need to notify the Darwin Awards.


    • I checked various North Carolina websites to read about the incident, then noticed that the original story was published April 23, so all traces had been wiped clean already. That’s what the mainstream media does with stories that put blacks in a bad light, or suggest that Whites are justified in standing up for themselves. They may report on them — but then they remove the stories from their websites just as quickly as possible. And there is NO follow-up!

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble


        Those Marines also had a bit of luck on their side, the DA describes what happened:

        The Marine resident and Skinner were struggling on the floor. ‘Skinner said, ‘You are going to die now’ and squeezed the trigger of the shotgun repeatedly,’ Lee said. “The gun did not fire. Apparently, Skinner did not realize that while the Marine resident kept the shotgun loaded, he did not keep it ‘pumped’ and chambered.’

        The Marine resident was able wrestle the shotgun from Skinner’s grip. Skinner came at the Marine resident, who was on the floor, and the Marine resident shot Skinner twice in the torso.

        The Marine resident shot Everette in the buttocks with the slug exiting his stomach area. Everette turned around and, believing the intruder to still be a threat, the Marine resident shot him in the right armpit area.

        Everette crawled toward an object beneath the bed. The Marine friend broke a wine bottle over Everette’s head and Everette stopped moving.

        Details here:



        • Thanks, Bon. That answered most of my questions. I wasn’t able to find a website with any information. No wonder the mainstream media wouldn’t touch this one with a 10-foot pole; the good guys won, and the good guys were White! Or I presume they were.

  • SintiriNikos

    Somebody picked the wrong house! Semper Fi!

  • No word yet on if they were in the process of “turning their life around.” Obama loses two more “sons,” as well as voters. He must be heartbroken…..

  • ncpride

    Reminds me of a truck I got behind once in the car line at school. This fella had several bumper stickers that I found amusing…One was a picture of the Confederate Flag, the other said.. There is nothing here worth your life (complete with a picture of crossed guns) and the other said… Gun control is being able to hit your target every time.. Gives ya a pretty good clue that fella was not to be messed with, huh?        

  • TonyWestfield

    Attention: Website Monitor!
    Somebody made an egregious technical error here–and with racial implications.
    Those photos of the alleged robbers…What happened to the dapper Frenchman (Maurice) and the jaunty gentleman from Spain (Diego)?  Instead, the article shows two black guys…or is it one black guy in two photos?

  • Rocky Bass

     A slight variation on the “Robin Hood” theme I take it. They were “Robbing the Hood”
    And now they are fertilizing the hood. Seriously, what do they do with unwanted carcasses? Could an enterprising industrialist perhaps contract to produce something useful from them, they are available in industrial quantities.

    • Strider73

      I’ve advocated for a long time that the bodies of criminals killed in the act be cremated and the ashes dumped in an undisclosed location. Don’t give their families (or the Sharptons of this world) anything to mourn over or any talisman to rally around.

      As an alternative, use them for fuel. Chuck them into the nearest coal-fired power plant or open-hearth furnace.

  • ageofknowledge

    Nice to see the good guys win one. Beware criminals… not every  victim is unarmed or you just might be the one standing before God on judgment day looking at a eternal sentence in hell sooner than you expected. Life is a series of choices. These two made the wrong ones.

  • wolfgang123x Mueller

    Nice work Marines…2 dead yard apes that won’t be out robbing raping anymore…
    OooooRaaaah…get some monkeys…

  • wolfgang123x Mueller

    Jesus would have let them rob the damn place and whatever else these yard apes wanted to do..I prefer what Odin would have done…same as the 2 Marines…killed these animals dead…

    • ed91

       the Jesus I know would have had the 12 Disciples take the trash out.

  • slobotnavitch

    Gosh, how did I ever guess upon reading the headline that the burglars were tribesmen?

  • Dan

    We also save the monetary, physical and emotional damage these creatures would have created during their future crime sprees. The good guys come out on top this time.

  • Just like the Travon Martin case, you are attacked, you have a gun, you shoot your attacker.   “Detached reflection cannot be demanded in the presence of an uplifted knife.”–Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr   Castle Law.   If you don’t want to be shot while burglarizing a home, don’t be a burglar.   And a screwdrive in a backpack is MO # 1   Screwdriver can be a weapon and can be used to break into a house or car.   Backpack to carry the booty.   TM had both.

  • ed91

     we don’ do nuffin…………..   it not us

  • 2573366

    Yep. They look like real community assets, outstanding citizens. I sure they’ll be missed.

  • Unperson

    I believe the phrase is, “Mess with the best, die like the rest.”



     Come in and personally meet  Trayvon

  • usapatriot1776

    I wonder if they had just bought skittles and iced tea…

  • Anonymous

    Any mention of what race the marines are? Could be Zimmerman clones, for all you know..

  • Strider73

     And the same Jesus that told his disciples to buy swords for self-defense, even if it meant selling their cloaks.

  •  Just my opinion based on my experiences.  How do you know otherwise?