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  • IstvanIN

    Many pundits have critized various governments in Europe for underestimatng Adolph Hitler because he bascially laid out his plans for Europe in Mein Kampf.  Yet when black and brown groups anounce their plans for white extermination whites are denounced for noticing.  Am I missing soemthing or is there a disconnect?

    • It doesn’t matter what the so-called “leaders” say.  Blacks and Hispanics hate each other.  The Nazis appealed to the German “Volk” based on racial kinship.  There is no such kinship between blacks and Hispanics.  There is an old joke about who the greatest military leader of all time is.  Mexican general Santa Ana.  He was the only person ever to get 5000 Mexicans going in the same direction at the same time.  No doubt blacks and Hispanics together can cause much chaos.  Looking at videos of the L.A. riots you see as many or more Mexicans as you do blacks looting stores and overturning cars.  Look at videos of the aftermath of the L.A. Lakers championship “celebrations” and you see the same thing.  They can riot together, but concerted political activism, buddy-buddy, arm in arm, smiling and taking action against whitey is not going to happen.  They could never get the street thugs to stop killing each other long enough.

      • Truthsayer

        If you are white, you know NOTHING about relations between blacks and Latinos. If you go by prison populations and ghetto gangs, you are talking about a minority of people in the black and Latino groups. You white people are clueless about Humanity as a whole, by and large. If you had a clue, then there would be no racism in the US or elsewhere. White people invented the races. They do not really exist.

    • No

      Well, you’re missing the point that Hitler was a genius and classical historical leader (even in his own time) who re-built a nation single-handedly.  Heck, he even made the cover of TIME Magazine.

      Yeah, these low-IQ loudmouths make a big splash because the media loves promoting anti-white sentiment.  But Hitler would have put these morons on a street corner handing out pamphlets . . . and he probably would have had a capable Hitler Youth watching them to make sure they didn’t wander off. 

    • Caitlyn99

      There is no disconnect Istvan……it is being done intentionally.   All Western countries have been swarmed by 3rd world populations for the last 25 – 30 years.  Europe is gone.  White peoples have been forced to overfeed populations that produce like rabbits.   Its actually insane to take from people that cannot have more than one or two children because it costs to much to take care of their own children BECAUSE we are forced to feed majority populations.  Look at Africa we have made sure they are overfed and now their people have overrun Europe.  Look at India – White People have fed their poor for over 50 years because Indian people still spit in the face of the poor – the Caste system is alive and well in India.  And OMG where I live East Indians have taken over EVERYTHING – all businesses, the schools are majority Indian….

      I really wonder if white people started immigrating to India or China or Africa or Mexico would be welcomed and housed, fed, educated for free etc etc etc…Nope they would literally dump on us.  We are the end of a once great race unless something is done.  White Caucasians are only about 10% of the worlds population YET we are told daily how we must take care of all these minority races who clearly are the majority.  Who is feeding this.

  • jeffaral

    If it’s about to team up against evil Whitey, all of them: latinos, blacks, arabs, muslims, jews will close ranks to humiliate, blame, attack and ultimately wipe out their white “oppressors”.

  • No

    Here I am Huckleberry.

    Please . . . the day blacks and mestizos “get together” is the day pigs will sprout wings and fly.

    There are very few negroes in Mexico or Central America.  Mestizos first encounter them here . . . and from what I see . . . they’re not impressed.

    They’re natual enemies.  For one thing, racially . . . mestizos are as different from blacks and blacks are from whites. 

    Second . . . Mestizos see themselves as the descendants of a proud, warrior culture.  Blacks are, well, slaves . . . in fact . . . blacks were GREAT slaves.  The mestizos sucked at slavery.  They were too proud.  They look down on blacks for that.

    Third, there’s just so much gibbs-me-dat at the trough.  It’s first come, first served.  Blacks are very aggrieved at mestizos taking their handouts from YTs.  Only blacks should get handouts from YT, darn it . . . you know . . . ’cause of all that slavery stuff . . .

    Finally . . . if they were to get together and actually WIN . . . they’d have to go to work and support themselves.  It’s much better for blacks to wipe out mestizos (or vice versa) and keep the gibbs-me-dat flowing from the white man.  Whatever else, they may be . . . they’re not stupid when it comes to handouts.

    Now . . . Koreans and mestizos . . . that would be another story.  They’re racially similar.  They both hate the negro.  And they both eat cats and dogs. 

    That’s a great match-up.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     the north korean missle just crashed into the sea it must have been designed by a black. we are supposed to be intimidated by these people and the blacks are going to riot. clowns

    • ed91

       the problem with your thinking is that half of the white population is on the side of the destruction of your country, whether by blacks, n koreans, illegals, that doesn’t matter.

  • Dave4088

    Common enemies?  Gee, I wonder who that sweet brown man is referring to?  Don’t expect our friends at MSNBC or CNN to air this but if a speaker at the recent Amren conference uttered a similar exhortation then it would be major news about the goings on at the “hate” conference.   

    • Obviously low inherited IQ, & men that dont take care of their kids/marry the moms.

  • Diamond_Lil

    Mexicans HATE Blacks.  In fact, Mexicans hate the Guatemalans, El Salvadorans, Hondurans… Hell, they don’t even get along among themselves unless they’re in the same gang and event that’s not a guarantee of lasting harmony.   Yet, I’d love to see Ms. La La Raza give it a go, though – a Mexican-African-American homie-fest in south central LA.  They’ll end up taking each other out first.         

    • No

      I think the LAPD has been trying to get that little race war going for years. 

      It’s like how the jews are always instigating problems among the Arabs. 

      The logic of the self-cleaning oven.

      (Oops.  Are we allowed to mention jews and ovens in the same post on AMREN?)

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        “It’s like how the jews are always instigating problems among the Arabs. ”

         I don’t understand that comment at all.  It’s not Israel that refuses to solve the Palestinian problem.  For one thing, there is vast land in every direction that Palestinians, still bemoaning the loss of some real estate in 1947 could be settled in.  But it is politically expedient for Arabs to have the Palestinians exist, not the other way around.

        Is it really that you can’t comment without your obsession with Jews emerging?

    • Sarah

      Not before whites are extinct.

  • Common enemies for them is men that dont take care of their kids/marry moms, low inherited IQs,& R style evolutionary health.

  • bluffcreek1967

    One other point to consider is that Hispanics are not as united as one might imagine. There are huge and deeply bitter rivalries among Hispanics themselves (think of the constant wars between the Sureno and Norteno Mexicans). Many of them would rather kill each other than unite with Blacks (whom they especially hate) against the White Man.

  • I have heard the EAST asians are ok but never hispanics. The East asians can at least maintain a 1stworld civilization. They are also honest enough to get up on their roofs with rifles and know the the bad guys are.

    • Caitlyn99

      On the contrary East Asians are coming in and literally taking over.  They immediately get minority status – even though there are over 4 billion Asians and counting.  A majority people get minority status – IT IS COMPLETE MADNESS.  They get special minoirty breaks when opening businesses – NO WHITE AMERICAN GETS THIS ADVANTAGE – their children get minority status which means they take away money and college seats from American kids.  Why must other races take over on white society  – who is perpetuating this ….WHY….they do not assimilate….they come and want to  change everything white about the society.  ITS INSANITY.   /They create the very same society that they fled.
      The U.S. will be a 3rd world cess pool in a few short years.  I see it all around me.
      The society that all these people ESCAPED from follows them. 

  •  Anon12, why are you lumping together Asians and Latinos/Hispanics???

    Sure, maybe 10 or 15 thousand years ago they had something in common. But not any more.

    They don’t share native religions, native languages, recorded history or culture. Latinos’ average IQ is lower than whites whereas Asians is above whites.

    From what little I remember of John Engleman’s posts, he focuses on IQ, so I doubt whether he’s for Latino immigration to the US or intermarriage w/whites.

  • Too many here say “We whites don’t need anyone. We got to the moon on our own. We built the A-bomb on our own.” What those AmReners fail to distinguish is the difference between inventing things or organizing and executing things, and achieving political goals in the US in A.D. 2010+ and beyond.

    Too many here spend too much time here or on similar forums (“breather our own exhaust”), and forget that for the VAST MAJORITY of whites in the US, ANY explicitly pro-white political agenda is DOA (“dead on arrival”), and that’s w/our own people! Throw in the anti-white MSM (look at what even “conservative” National Review did this week), teachers/profs, liberal clergy, and politicians, and you’ll start to get an idea of why I’ve been pushing the idea of aligning w/Asians POLITICALLY (you don’t have to marry one if you don’t want!!!).

    Why? Because, like this woman says re blacks and Latinos, we have a lot of common political interests. We both are:

    1) pro-education: kick trouble makers OUT of public schools, don’t just move them (or their victims), around);

    2) pro-work: END WELFARE PERIOD!!! Too many NAMs (non-Asian minorities get this “entitlement” attitude in thinking that they’re entitled to other people’s money via the gov’t; get back to “beggars aren’t choosers” and if you don’t work, you have to BEG people to give you money, you are NOT “entitled” to it!

    3) because of #2, we want to keep the money we’ve worked to earn, thus we both want to CUT TAXES,

    4) because of #2, many of us are small business owners or children of them, so we both understand the need to BALANCE OUR local, state and federal BUDGETS


    5) PAY OFF OUR local, state, and federal/national DEBTS!

    6) because we both have high rates of marriage and believe in it, we do NOT want to have to pay for OTHER PEOPLE HAVING KIDS — we’re too busy working to support our own families, much less some slackers and sluts having kids out of wedlock

    7) We’re both law-abiding and abhor violent crime, thus we both SUPPORT LAW ENFORCEMENT, STIFF SENTENCING, and the RIGHT to KEEP and BEAR ARMS.

    I could go on but you see the point. And with some of these, 1st gen Asians are not on board since they think more like those in their home countries whereas their kids see things from a similar perspective and can easily get on board w/us politically. Thus, our Asian allies will focus on mutual goals while keeping race per se out of it.

    We will get a LOT more whites on our side IF we have more than whites on our side and focus on the goals. We will achieve a LOT more of our political goals IF we have more than whites on our side and focus on the goals.

    The TEA Party would be well advised to outreach to the Asian American community.

    Black and Latino leaders have been trying, mostly unsuccessfully, for a decade or so to co-opt the Asian community under the “People of Color” umbrella. But because Asians think and act much more like whites than like Latinos or blacks, this has met w/little success.

    Of course, one some issues many Asians will not agree w/us. But it is politically stupid to not to take any help you can get in achieving your political goals. Like I said, this doesn’t mean you have to marry one of them!

    • IstvanIN

      the VAST MAJORITY of whites in the US, ANY explicitly pro-white political agenda is DOA (“dead on arrival”), and that’s w/our own people! Throw in the anti-white MSM (look at what even “conservative” National Review did this week), teachers/profs, liberal clergy, and politicians,

      True, but the Orientals are not our allies.  They are here to take over our living space.  We need to have a European American homleand.

      • I doubt if in either of our life times we’ll see the deportation not only of illegal immigrants, but of black Americans who’s families have been here for centuries longer than many whites, plus deportation of Asians too.

        Aligning w/Oriental Americans to achieve many of the TEA Party’s and the NRA’s agenda will help whites improve their lot in this country far more than spending time, money, and/or effort trying to push an explicitly “pro-white” agenda, at least for the next decade.

        Maybe you think whites can do just fine for another decade w/o things improving. I don’t.

      • ed91

         that’s true, but it ain’t gonna happen……..   learn to be more passive, the game is over.

  • Strider73

    Mexicans have ethnically cleansed blacks out of entire sections of LaLaLand. They are if anything even more contemptuous of blacks than white race realists, and since they’ve never been forced to drink the PC Kool-Aid they’re up front about it. The day La Raza snuggles up to the Nazis Appearing As Colored People (NAACP) will be the day Auburn University unveils a 12-foot-tall bronze statue of Bear Bryant on campus.

    In addition, as “No” stated they are in fierce competition with blacks in the “gibbs-me-dat” sweepstakes. Ever see lions and jackals peacefully sharing a carcass on the Serengeti? No, and you never will. In Dallas the blacks and Mexicans are in a long-standing and bitter feud over which of them gets to loot the school district’s treasury. The idea of taking turns at the looting never has, and never will, occur to them. Also, they don’t even pretend to care anything about educating the kids — understandable, as whites are maybe 10% of the student population.

  • IstvanIN

    GOP = race traitors who believe in greed.

  • Anon12: your post was not a reply to anyone’s comment (e.g., jefferal). Thus my reply was to your comment and yours only. From your comment,

    “Told you so! As some others here have tried to tell you certain posters who think hispanics and asians are okay.

    To those on here who think “hispanics, asians, etc. are different 
    from blacks when it comes to the White race,….

      Some posters even think it is a-okay to breed with them. ( that goes for you, John Engleman)”

    Anon12, I have a simple question: When did John Engleman ever say it was “a-okay” for whites “to breed” with Hispanics/Latinos?

    Discussing the issues AmRen raises is difficult enough w/o misstating someone’s position (whether intentionally or not).

    AmRen has both white and non-white contributing commentators and they have a wide range of beliefs. I like AmRen because of the quality of the information, the quality of the comments, and the quality of the moderation.

    If we do not like the incivility and dishonesty in non-whites, then we should not tolerate it among whites or on AmRen.

  • BO

    Blacks and Hispanics are going to have a lot of common enemies when the Welfare State collapses.

    People who suggest that other people do things always piss me off, but here it goes anyway. I’d be a contributor if there was a charity, investigated and endorsed by the host of this web-site, that helped needy and worthy white people.

  • No

    QUOTE:  To those on here who think “hispanics, asians, etc. are different from blacks when it comes to the White race, hope you see now that they will ALL band against us. Don’t you get it yet?

    No, not at all.  

    Look, seriously, the only people who pay attention to La Raza Unida Party are dumb white chicks and smart white guys chasing the dumb white chicks.  It’s also popular among Mexican college professors who want to be hip and sell books to white libs.

    They’re good at giving speeches and they can work up a mob very quickly.  But AZTLAN?  Are you kidding me? 

    There is no support for mestizo nationalism among Mexicans/mestizos.   The mestizos may be uneducated, low wage labor . . . but they’re not stupid.  They understand how things work.  They want to be part of America . . . not part of some new socialist state where they’ll have no hope of economic self-improvement.  Heck, they could have stayed home and done that.

    As for asians?  Once again, their economic self-interest is linked to the survival of the US.  Same for Koreans and others.

    Yes, there may be rabble rousers who talk about a great alliance of minorities . . . but these people are as different from each other as they are from whites.  There’s ZERO hope of an alliance.

    This is as much hot air as that nitwit Black Panther guy with his ten negro thugs and thugettes calling for race war in Florida.  They say things to get air time so more people will notice them and perhaps some will join.

    Like Delta Tau Chi fraternity in “Animal House” . . . they need the dues.

    • MissBonnie123

      “………  But AZTLAN? Are you kidding me?”

      You need to see the southwest of America. I can tell you that they dominate in these states. They are supposedly doing this through a “peaceful” revolution and slowly changing the American culture.

      “There is no support for mestizo nationalism among Mexicans/mestizos…………….They want to be part of America . . . not part of some new socialist state where they’ll have no hope of economic self-improvement.”

      No, there is support. They are taught in the elementary and high schools that we took away “their” land from them (Mexicans). At least a plurality of them believe in the saying “Mexico First.” Most see white people as their enemies. (I can testify to this as one Mexican referred to me as “you people” with a sneer on his face even though we were having a pleasant conversation up to that point. I have heard other remarks, too, that have indicated that they see us as their enemies.)

      And yes they want a socialist state where there are extensive social welfare benefits. Why wouldn’t they? They benefit greatly from these programs.

      • No

        I am very familiar with the Southwest and everything you say is ABSOLUTELY TRUE:

        1)  Mestizos are changing white culture
        2) Kids being fed a diet of mexican nationalism
        3)  They hate whites and see us an the enemy

        But, I say again, there is ZERO interest from any serious mexican/chicano political leader to secede from America.  What they want instead is to replace the white political herarchy with a mestizo one . . . mestizo governors, senators, mayors, police chiefs, etc.

        Now, is it POSSIBLE to form AZTLAN and how might it happen?  Suere . . . you might have a little brown napoleon rise up and conquer the Southwest . . . or the US could break up into regions and the Southwest could gain independence.

        But there are two big obstacles to that.  First, strategically, the Southwest is mostly dirt with severe water shortages already developing.  To become a true NATION, it would have to control the west coast.

        White Americans, in my opinion, will fight to the bitter end to relinquish control of Ca-Or-Wa.  Remember your history . . . “Manifest destiny” was really all about extending our borders to the Pacific and controlling it so NO OTHER NATION could gain a foothold on continental US soil.  Plus, the Pacific is the future as far as trade.

        So, again, this is hot air and total nonsense, in my opinion.


        • MissBonnie123

          “But, I say again, there is ZERO interest from any serious mexican/chicano political leader to secede from America. What they want instead is to replace the white political herarchy with a mestizo one . . . mestizo governors, senators, mayors, police chiefs, etc.”

          I agree with you. However, I think the average Mexican believes a simple version of AZTLAN would be, as you said, taking over positions of power. Most don’t necessarily believe that a Mexican Napolean will rise up and take over the parts of the southwest that were “stolen from us.”

          Either way, they want control of formerly white-controlled states and this is what needs to be stopped.

          “White Americans, in my opinion, will fight to the bitter end to not relinquish control of Ca-Or-Wa.”

          I don’t know about this. When I lived in California it was overrun with illegals and immigrants who were nonwhite. Of course, the politicians will fight tooth and nail to keep their comfortable positions, but the average white person will be dominated by the nonwhites in their communities, workplaces, etc. Also, the white politicians, if they’re lucky to keep their positions, will continue to cater to the interests of the nonwhites. This will still disempower us.

          • Bobby

            It’s pointless arguing with some of these people. They don’t understand the dynamics of illegal immigration and Mexican/hispanic nationalism. It’s far stronger than the concerns European-Americans have for each other, as indeed these posters demonstrate.


    What’s wonderful from our point of view is that the black and Hispanic spokesmen don’t have enough sense to shut up. Ever time one of them opens his (or her) mouth more whites wake up.

    • ed91

       too late, too little, I fear

  • kminta

    Nonwhite racist groups like La Raza and the NOI have long fantasized about some nonwhite coalition to take down “the evil white man.” Little do they realize that most thinking blacks and Hispanics see through their racist rhetoric and aren’t interested. As far as I’m concerned, these so-called “pro-Latino” and “pro-black” race-baiters are just the nonwhite equivalent of the KKK, and they know it.

    All tribal (or racial) groups enjoy pointing fingers at each other for problems that are, in reality, self-inflicted. That’s an unfortunate facet of human nature, in my opinion. It takes a real mature individual to look within one’s self and acknowledge his own imperfections. But then, most of us humans are not that evolved as of yet.

    • ed91

       Soon the hispanics will be even stronger politically and they will vote as one to lose the border and whatever else they want for themselves.
       And only our passivity will be against them.

    • Anonymous

      It’s more often leaders of those groups that stir the pot.   Different races can have different incomes, different lifestyles, different enclaves, etc. It’s more when the powers that be start politicizing race and class that we get all the tension we have. 

  • WmarkW

    Never mind what blacks and Hispanics do.
    The political key is to get white women out of the diversity coalition.
    The business about contraception a couple of months ago is going to hand Obama a second term.  If the SCOTUS rules Obamacare constitutional, then the minorities will treat it as an entitlement program, and feminists are going to use to get mandates for Cadillac care for their gender-specific needs, while making men pay most of the premiums.

    We need to re-make the Republican party more along the lines of Rudy Giuliani, because its Southern orientation is not going to attract educated white women, who have nothing politically in common with blacks except wanting stuff from white men.

    • DelmarJackson

      Unless the republican party focuses on ending massive immigration of democrats, they are doomed, regardless of any proposed “southern” or Guilliani strategy”
      Nearly evrything the GOP is focused on is a distraction from their real and most dangerous enemy, the demographic timebomb that will turn stste by state into another mexifornia.
       And the problem is not just Central Americans, the fastest growing group of illegals are Indians and Chinese overstaying their visas.
       The GOP in their focus on cutting taxes for the rich and folding on every challenge from the left for fear of being called names is the end of them. We are witnessing the end of the GOP and conservatism in America.  Maybe another party will form, but it will have nothing to do with those like gulliani who missed their chance to save the country.

    • 1gravity

      The sad truth is that lots and lots of white women gleefully vote against the interests of white men, and have, for years.  Sad.

  • JackKrak

    Their “common enemies”?

    Do they mean ignorance & stupidity?

  • Anon12,

    Even most of the other posters here know there will be NO unity among blacks and Hispanics. You like to jump on anything that suggests otherwise, but it’s  groundless. The reality dictates otherwise on a daily basis, both in schools and the workplace. As for neighborhoods, same thing.
    You just feed your own extreme hate. What real experience do you have? You hate Hispanics and Asians so much, I can’t imagine you are in contact with any to even know where they stand on things. As one tiny example out of many, I’ve been to Mexico about 5 or 6 times, both in the city itself and other towns. A co-worker invited me there to visit when he moved back. His family, friends, etc were so nice to me. The people/strangers there never looked at me funny/angry (other than the look that says “you’re definitely not from here”) or made any comments, etc. I walked the streets alone too btw…many times. Try that in Africa. Anyway, you know the BEST part of those trips? NO BLACKS. As soon as I get back to New York, I get the usual black attitude from the airport workers, etc. Should I bring up my experience with school parents? Ah, why bother.
    As for “breeding”, Whites & Hispanics breed more than any other pair, like it or not. You want to be angry at breeding, be angry at  all the White girls who breed with blacks. Btw, should Irish only breed with Irish, and Germans only with Germans? Where do you draw the line anyway? You’re anger is pointed at every direction; it’s aimless.
    Thankfully, what you, or I, say on this board is meaningless. The big picture will keep rolling along.
    In the meantime, enjoy the Trayvon BLACK circus.

  • Petronius

    The special prosecutors have only charged the white half of Z-man.
    The Hispanic half got a pass plus free college tuition.

  • If you have/had  real experiences (just seeing them with your eyeballs does not count lol) with Hispanics and Asians, you wouldn’t be lumping them in the same pile as blacks. Btw, I’m not talking about black-Hispanics either.

    Anyway,  I do get it. You hate anyone not White. It’s that simple for sure.

    Just remember this: The current Trayvon circus is a black thing. Flash mobs are a black thing. Stripping a defenseless, innnocent White guy is a black thing.
    Comparing blacks to Asians or Hispanics is like comparing bananas (pun intended) to oranges.

    Anyhow, you should probably move if you can. Never know when that Hispanic or Asian flash mob will be looking for White targets.

  • Anon, you should be talking about lala land! lol

    Getting rid of Hispanics and/or Asians….not that’s what I call dreaming.  As I said before, I’m glad I’m not as extreme as you and some of the others. I’d be in a world of misery 7 days a week with all these Hispanics and Asians populating the country.

    Blacks and White liberals are the only major enemy as I see it. As I said plenty of times, this country is going down anyway. Nothing will stop that. At least blacks will go down too since Hispanics and Asians can’t stand them. So is aligning with them that delusional? Well, for you and some others I suppose it is since you hate all non-Whites all the same.

    Too bad you’ll NEVER EVER see the TrayTray circus we’re seeing now  with an Asian or Hispanic YOUF. It’s only the blacks that DIN DO NUFFIN! Remember that  ;O)

  • Blaak Obongo

    Breaking news!  White leaders propose that Whites and Orientals should team up against The Common Enemy!  Isn’t that wonderful?

    Oh, wait, did you say White?  Well, I guess we can’t cheer, then.  That’d be Racist.

  • No

    Whoa there, hoss.  First, I don’t think I used the term “hater” did I?

    Second, it’s not “la-la land” to understand that the racial differences between the mestizo and black are just as big as those between black and white. 

    You seem to think those two races will align to overthrow the white man because some loudmouth makes a speech.  I will tell you that there is plenty of evidence that the fissures between black and mestizo are even deeper than between black and white.  You can see that in the history of Mexico and you can see it playing out in barrios and hood across California and the Southwest.

    Finally, there isn’t a single black or brown LEADER with any serious following calling for separatism.  In fact, they’re doing just the opposite . . . they’re trying to muscle their way into white America. 

    That doesn’t mean there aren’t ANY blacks or browns calling for separation.  But I’m talking about leaders capable of generating political power – zip, zero, nada.

    You’re entitled to your own beliefs, sir.  But you’re not entitled to your own facts.

    • Anon12

      You’re entitled to your own beliefs, sir.  But you’re not entitled to your own facts.

      I am a woman.

  • KenelmDigby

    I believe that ‘hispanics’ (ie mestizos) have only been en masse on US soil for a very short amount of time, no more than 50 or 60 years (as an aside, this shows what a real danger mass immigration is in an era of good communications and compliant politicians).
     Apart from exposing the danger and folly of mass third world immigration (which if continued will consign whitey to oblivion), just what right has a group of johnny-come-lately interlopers got to lecture and threaten American Whites?
     And before anyone pipes up with ‘ancestral claims’, most of these mestizos originate from areas that were never annexed by the USA.

    • 1gravity

      Mexico had nominal control of the Southwest for about thirty years.  For three hundred years before that it was claimed by Spain, which exercised whatever political control it had through religious missions.  [Note that the Zorro legend arose while Spain was in charge.]  Even assuming that the Spanish, with their current economic problems, would take Mexico back, no one is seriously suggesting this should happen.  If not Mexico back to the Spanish, why then the Southwest back to the Mexicans?

  • Anon12,

    I’m not a defeatist, I’m a realist. Is it not true that this country is going down? That’s unquestionable, no? It’s not because of someone like me who sees the reality of what’s taking place.

    Thank the number one enemy: LIBERALS. Worse yet, White liberals. While I have no problem with races other than blacks (which doesn’t necessarily mean I love them to death!), those who do must admit that liberals have allowed all the things we both dislike.

    I see Hispanics and Asians as allies because they HATE blacks. Many of them DO assimilate as well (and some don’t). Blacks will NEVER desire to assimilate at all (not that I want them to anyway).

    Anyhow, let’s stick to the issue of realty. The reality is many White people gave up against blacks. That’s not my fault.

    Maybe my story is different, so that’s also why I see things differently. I like how Hispanics and Asians make their own communities. I’m Italian and that’s what we did too. All Whites should go with the same mindset, BUT they don’t. Why? Too many are liberals and want diversity. Diversity really means more BLACKS. It’s their secret code. It doesn’t mean Hispanics or Asians.

    My point? I have given up on this country because liberals have changed it to the point of no return. It will never go back and anyone with an average IQ can figure that out. The Hispanics and Asians are here to stay (the reality).
    So we need a plan B. You know what my plan B is (say what you will; at least it’s a plan). Now, do me a BIG favor and tell me yours? (because both of our debating on this board is meaningless as the real world carries on).

    • Sarah

      Everybody hates Italians…lol

  •  Anon12,

    No, they’re not coming to our rescue. Would we come to theirs? Get real. No offense, but that was silly. Shoot, we don’t even come to our own rescue.

  • 1gravity

     Z Man has become Everyman, for now. 

  • MissBonnie123

    I agree that the average black and Hispanic will never join forces and unite. The black leaders tried this in Los Angeles and the Hispanics wound up taking over political positions of power and driving most blacks out of the LA area. (But I guess you knew this, Al Sharpton).

    What’s distrubing about this audio is that Janet “The Race” Murguia is actually calling for blacks and Hispanics to unite against whites. I can’t imagine a white man calling blacks and Hispanics “our common enemy” and not hearing nonwhites complain that this is racism.

    Maybe we should bring this video to the attention of our legislators. It’s time that we whites start fighting back when we see racism against us. You know that the nonwhites would fight back if we did this to them!!

  • 1gravity

     I’d love to see the unedited version of this post.  I sense that Patrick Henry would never have been allowed to post, “Give me liberty, or give me death,” on this website.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    How could they communicate when 1/2 speak Ebonics and 1/2 speak Spanish?

    OK, let’s say they do team up and win the bloody race war against their “common enemies?”  Looting and burning only go so far — then what?  A white-free, work-free Third World utopia filled with all the fully-loaded EBT cards one could want?  

    There’s a reason Africa is called The Dark Continent and Mexico is a violent Third World hell hole where even the Mexicans don’t want to live.

    A bunch of black and Hispanics loaded down with weapons?  Ha, they’d use them in a heartbeat — against each other! Bon

  • KenelmDigby

    Actually, I’m pretty sure that when push comes to shove, and mestizos are forced by necessity to ally with either Whites or blacks, they will choose to ally with Whites, despite what that stupid woman has to say.
     Deep down the mestizos know that blacks will have nothing to offer them, except death, destruction and chaos, Whites on the other hand represent progress and material benefit.

    • “Actually, I’m pretty sure that when push comes to shove, and mestizos
      are forced by necessity to ally with either Whites or blacks, they will
      choose to ally with Whites”

      There’s no question about it. Even little Mexicans kids know blacks are no good. I remember a video being posted on here a while back. Here is the direct link:

      Basically, the kids find the black doll to be ugly, not trust worthy, etc.

      Their European blood, as little as it may or may not be, allows them to see the truth.
      If only our own kids could too, but ours are brainwashed from birth. It starts with a big, fat, ugly black lady who carries our beautiful infants to the nursery. From their, our innocent children, being new to the world, wrongly thinks that blacks are ok. As they grow and begin to see the truth, their often liberal parents beat down their instincts, then the cycle repeats.

      I’ve been to Mexico 5 or 6 times (no resorts…the actual city and some towns). No blacks anywhere. NONE. Even in a third world country, it was a beautiful thing. I get back to New York, get off the plane, and experience black attitude instantly from the airport “workers”.

  • Maj, you wrote “People fail to realize that most blacks don’t seem to care if they live in some ghetto hell-hole.”

    So true. It’s amazing on one hand, yet not surprising on another. It’s also a fact that will never change. 500 years from now, if this world still exists, that fact will still be the case. Just one of the countless reasons blacks will never climb up the evolutionary ladder.

  • Mdottwo, I agree. The last thing Whites have to worry about is a black-Hispanic coalition. That liberal’s wet dream will never happen. Neither group wants that, especially not the Hispanics.
    As the demographics continue to shift, expect more future Zimmermans to make the news (only if it’s a White-Hispanic of course).
    On a side note, I wonder how many blacks look at his face and realize that he is Hispanic. With their borderline-retarded IQ level,  it’s probably a lot less than we’d like.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     “We will no longer stand by wringing our hands.”

    When, since 1929, did a black do that?


  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     I used to think this sort of talk was crazy.  I don’t anymore. 

  • Thank you, Anon12, you’ve shown yourself to be immature and a liar.

    You conflated Asians and Latinos and then stated that John E thinks it is “a-okay” to breed with “them” (see my quote of Anon12 in my post above). I called you out on that and instead of admitting you were wrong (and/or lying), you throw a bunch of insults as a distraction while trying changing the subject.

    You are such a credit to the white race. LOL! (shakes head)

  •  Can you not read? I said “of black Americans who’s families have been here for centuries longer than many whites,” not *all* whites.

    Ever hear of Ellis Island? Lot of whites came thru there AFTER the War of Northern Aggression (as a bud of mine used to say) (aka the Civil War).

    There hasn’t been a lot of black immigration since the Civil War, so most black Americans have antebellum ancestors.

    •  Anon12 wrote, “There has been millions of black immigrants since the CW. Not to mention
      the millions of refugee blacks. So, “most” blacks do not have
      antebellum ancestors.”

      Please cite your source for this (millions of black immigrants since CW & millions of black refugees since CW).

  • Anon12, I never said the TEA Party should not reach out to whites.

    In case you don’t remember, the TEA Party  last summer was being attacked for being too predominately white.

    While you may want the TEA Party to have a racial litmus test for membership, it doesn’t.

    Seems like you’d rather NOT achieve pro-white political goals than to achieve them by aligning w/Orientals. Ever hear of the saying, “Cutting off your nose to spite your face”?

    To other AmRen readers:

    As Otto von Bismark famously said, “Politics is the art of the possible.” Too many AmRen posters seem not to understand what is politically possible now and for the next 10 years. They know where they are, they know what they don’t like, they know what they dream of, but they have no idea of how to make any progress (and thus haven’t made any), since they won’t accept incremental improvements, decrying them as compromises.

    Sorry, but only God does not have to compromise.

  • KenelmDigby

    My point is that if mestizos were forced to choose between one or the other, in a true life or death struggle, I have no doubt that mestizos will choose to ally with Whites.
     They know full well that blacks have nothing but pain and death to offer, but with Whites they might just soar to the highest heights that humanity can possibly build on this Earth.
       Why else do you think they are so keen to move in on White nations?
    They might be at a childish acting out stage now, but nothing concentrates the mind more than impending disaster.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Hispanics  move to White-created nations for a number of reasons, none of which is to live around or to assimilate with Whites.

      #1.  Free White Money.  See image — free schooling, food, medical care, welfare, Section 8 government housing.

      #2.  A safer, cleaner environment than they left — which they also cannot maintain.  Anyone who has been to mexican or central American dominant areas in California knows this — streets littered with garbage including used diapers, trash left in picnic areas and on beaches, homes with dirt front yards, cars parked on blocks, illegal additions or converted garages for habitation. Sidewalks ripped up, trees cut down.  This is not the way Whites live.

      #3.  Large broods, including automatic birth-right citizenship for any U.S. born spawn, fully paid for by White American taxpayers who are forced to work like dogs and limit the number of children they have to pay for welfare births.

      All of this while the White-hating U.S. government has its boot on our necks holding us down, while we face 50 years of government-enforced, institutional, entrenched discrimination and racism against us in the workplace, job market and for college admissions.

      All while mexican children in U.S. public schools are taught the Southwest was stolen from them by White interlopers.

      While mexicans immigrants brazenly march in our streets carrying signs that say “Whites go back to Europe!”  “Whites off OUR Land!”

      They have NOT come here to join or assimilate into our culture, they have come here to lord over us with explicit help and encouragement from the U.S. government.


  • They hire their own? Of course they do. Who doesn’t when they are new to a country and they open a little business? Besides, do you even want to work in a 7-11, taco stand, or a Chinese  Restaurant? I didn’t think so. The retail store Forever21 is owned and operated by the Changs who are Koreans. Do you see all Koreans working for the store? Actually, I’ve never seen one here in New York.

    Btw, I’m still waiting for YOUR plan…

    Also, I explained quite a few times why I don’t dislike Hispanics or Asians, in general. As you would say, “don’t you read?!”

  • You have too much time on your hands lol

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble


     I, for one, appreciate your dead-on posts and the detailed research you conduct.  It is none of anyone’s damn business how much time you do or do not have on your hands; I take note of everything you’ve written and hard-drived many of your sources for my own arsenal.

    Keep up the great work.  If you don’t, who will, the alphabet networks?  The NY time?

     NO.  It is from sites like this and regular posters like you that we’ve managed to get the other side of the story or information that the msm refuse to print or, worse, cover up.  

    We are in a fight for our survival, anyone who claims otherwise has his head in the sand.

    You have been a great resource for all of us and with that said, long may the Internet live in liberty (not freedom, there is a difference).  

    You can be sure if 0bama is re-elected his first order of business will be control/censorship of the Internet, second order, an attack on the Second Amendment — this will come directly after the coronation speech.


    Image:  These are the kinds of signs that are starting to appear regularly in California — with impunity, if not encouragement.

  • Anon12, again you misrepresent other people’s positions. I only called you out on “misrepresenting”, John E’s position re. Hispanics.

    For others, perhaps an example will help clear up what I’m advocating.

    Let’s say there’s a bill stalled in committee in Congress. It will not pass out of committee unless 8 out of 15 committee members vote to approve it. You currently have 6 votes firmly for it, 2 undecided, and 7 votes firmly against it. The bill is to build a suitable barrier/fence to stop illegal aliens from invading our country. (Hey, if lousy North Korea can protect their borders, we can!) Both of the undecided are black or strongly pro-black committee members.

    By Anon12’s thinking, we just blow them off because they’re black and “will never side with us,” and the bill dies in committee. Failure.

    I say we (whoever on the committee heading up the fight for the bill), meet w/those 2 members, try to explain to them how it is in black Americans’ best interest too (reduced competition for entry level and low-skilled jobs), and try to persuade them to align w/us to get it out of committee. Possible victory, so it is worth the effort of trying.

    With other issues/bills/policies, we may want to align w/Latino Americans to get what we (and they) want.

    All I’m saying is:

    (1) Any explicitly pro-white political goals or public policies are “Dead On Arrival”, for at least the next 10 years, barring a shocking realignment.

    (2) A minority, but still significant percentage of whites either suffer from (a) “white guilt”, (b) are anti-white (think liberal college profs), or (c) are liberal socialist (and thus are for continued wealth transfers/reparations/welfare), so the number of whites that will ever join w/us is much lower than the % of whites in America or a particular state or voting district.

    (3) Those numbers are only going to get worse the longer we wait before organizing politically. Here I’m not talking about organizing some White Party (see related point #1 above), but rather, organizing whites thru AmRen to educate them on the issues and how those impact their lives, prioritize those issues, and politically fight to get those addressed, whether thru the Repub party, the Libertarian party, the TEA Party, the NRA, FAIR, or whoever.

    (4) Asians (in particular Orientals), will have many — not all — political goals in common with whites. Aligning with them where their interests coincide with ours makes good PR (#1 above) and good political sense (#2 above).

    Politics is a numbers game: numbers of issue voters in a politician’s
    district; numbers of members in a special interest group; numbers of
    dollars in a campaign’s “war chest,” etc.

    Re. TEA Party outreach to Oriental/Asian Americans: Anon12 does not seem to understand that does NOT exclude reaching out to fellow whites. It is not “either whites or Asians,” but “either whites on their own” or “whites and Asians together.” As the old saying goes, “in politics, you can never have too many friends or too few enemies.”

    If whites at AmRen sincerely want to improve life for whites in the USA, they should focus on their educations, earning money, taking care of their families, and then learning about public policy and politics (local, state, and federal levels + international).

  • Attack our “common enemies? ” Where is the SPLC when you need them!

  • Yes…how many millions of White tax payer dollars are allocated to this hate organization by our own federal government! How this vile Mexican hate organization could receive one cent of our tax dollars is appalling.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Thank you for your kind words.  I wrote that very quickly and in anger because I have received comments like the one directed at you and they infuriate me — I’ve  been told I am a liar and exaggerator when I’ve posted comments similar to yours. I’ve also been call Cassandra and told I didn’t know what I was talking about.

     There will be NO alliance between blacks/Hispanics or Whites EVER and it strikes me as odd that you, me and a scant few others here seem to understand this.  Anyone who thinks there will be any type of alliance between different ethnic or religions groups is insane.

    And these comments about “women not being concerned” about the loss of the country and culture we Whites created are 100% wrong.  I well know about racism and discrimination against Whites.  What idiot thinks I would wish this for my son or any other member of my family?  I have experienced anti-White discrimination myself; it affects us women too.

    I started posting here in 2005, came in after Hurricane Katrina.  My first comment was in response to a racist black — may have been the infamous Blacbuq. I remember most of the others you mentioned as well, especially Margaret whose posts were always informative and entertaining.

    Do you remember poster ghw or browser? (he was both) It saddens me to report that he died on Christmas Day of last year.  We saw eye-to-eye on almost everything and he was a great font of information and a gifted writer as well.  I was able to spend a few days with him in California last July and in Manhattan in November, six weeks before he died of cancer.

    Keep up the good work!!  Know that I agree with your positions and that I read and take note of every word you write.


  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Yesterday, I attended an accepted students’ day presentation for my 18-year old at one of Southern California’s UCs.  He was accepted into a specific engineering program that the dean stated was ‘very difficult.’

    Even though Hispanics make up 62.0% of people under the age of 18 in Los Angeles County and 37.6% of the total population of California,  there was not one hispanic (or black) in the entire group.  

    There’s a very simple reason why Hispanics don’t “soar” like Whites and Asians.

    Steve Sailer writes:

    A 2001 meta-analysis of 39 studies covering a total 5,696,519 individuals in America (aged 14 and above) came up with an overall difference of 0.72 standard deviations in g  between “Anglo” whites and Hispanics, or an IQ of 89 on the Lynn-Vanhanen scale where white Americans equal 100.

    It’s all about IQ IQ IQ IQ!!

    As Jared Taylor stated:  We didn’t go looking in Mexico for rocket scientists for our space program.


  • ageofknowledge

    More “kill whitey” from anti-white political organizations.

  • These videos represent some who have certain views. It’s a small percentage. You could also find plenty of videos from White liberals which show their hate for us (hate their own. in terms of race) and show love for blacks. Point is, some videos do not change anything.


  • Anon12

     J.P. what name did you go under back then?

  • Caitlyn99

    You know more and more I have no doubt that the white race is systematically being exterminated.
    Something horrible is being played out and it might be too late to stop.  Other people can say what they want but the white race has done more good for all than any other race on the face of this planet.  Why is it that the white race is the only race that adopts outside of its own – WHY!  It is the only race that knows selflessness – true compassion – we have fed, housed, healed all these peoples forever and now we are being eliminated.  Its kind of interesting that it is being done in “A TWINKLING OF AN EYE” – literally overnight.  Are we actually being raptured from this planet?  I for one do not want any of my people left to THE HELL ON EARTH that will no doubt expose itself with the absence of this once great white people.  Those that perpetuated this outright elimination of the white race will regret the day.  The only places on the face of the earth that have any sense of law, order, compassion, society were put in place by the white race.  We only need look to South Africa….it took about 10 years for it to plunge into total darkness – filth, disease, disorder, crime,…….The African slave trade was perpetuated  by Africans themselves…had it not been for Africans there would have been no slave trade…..they caught other tribes and sold them….IT GOES ON TO THIS DAY. 

  • Caitlyn99

    Oscar I hope you are right.  My hope is that the Hispanics will protect the Whites…after all we are both THE CAUCASIAN race.  I recently read that the term Hispanic was a term that democrats came up with aboout 40 years ago to seprate – divide and conquer – the Caucasian race.  And now LaRaza wants “their” (not your) hispanic race to team up with the Black Panthers against White Caucasians.  It is all Madness.
    And I agree Hispanic Yourth do not EVER AND I MEAN EVER – mix with blacks…..

    • Truthsayer

      There is no Caucasian race which has white people in it. You are WHITE people but not Casucasian. Just give that one up. And of all the immigrant groups in the US, whites only seriously tried to kick out the Latinos, not the blacks. They remember this and they proved it to you this last election.

      • Sarah

        By doing what? Electing a afro american exactly, proves the point entirely.

    • Sarah

      More like Afro people don’t ever, I mean ever mix with hispanics.

      Beside, politically, they have the jews as allies.

  • Caitlyn99

    You are so right Anon……I for one am at a loss as to where to go from here.  I live outside Chicago and we are LITERALLY OVERRUN with Asians.  And 200% THEY DO NOT HIRE WHITES.  They only hire their own.  There is no place left on the planet that a white person can call home.  Europe is overrun and I have read that Australia has been literally invaded by Asians too.  I have resigned myself to the fact that the white race is doomed.  Its OK.  THEY WILL RUE THE DAY WHEN WE DISAPPEAR. Imagine this planet without WHITES……it will be one giant 3rd world slum….they will feed off of each other… one will bother with HUMAN RIGHTS….NO OTHER SOCIETY OTHER THAN WHITE SOCIETY cares about human rights. 

    • Sarah

      For 6000 years africans and asians had civilisations, yes believe it or not they had already had established civic centres, I’v been to Africa and seen the artefacts for myself. Other races don’t need human rights laws, because prior to interference by whites it wasn’t needed, it was normal to treat your fellow man with respect, as hard for a white person – or wanna be white person to image as it is, it was the case. Just like you do not need gun control laws for a population without guns, you don’t need human rights laws where there was no white influence.

  • If we are lucky they will continue to kill each other

  • LaRaza is just a scam for a few to make money at the expense of poor latinos.

  • ghost

    the real natives are almost gone native ameri dame how do you spell that just kidding

  • Sarah

    The biggest joke ever is to hear some deluded colonist referring to North America as a white country.

  • Sarah

    Funny to see whites people divide and conquer back fire.

    Asians and Hispanics are even more racist and stick within their own communities than afro people.

  • Guest

    That’s not a bad idea actually. Races are not supposed to mix and mingle. Hence the reason Japanese are in Japan, chinese in china, africans in africa. Europeans have themselves to blame, they should’ve stayed in europe.

    He who digs a pit, will fall in it

  • Sarah

    Yeah right they all came here to take what we built – ON THE BACK OF SLAVES – that we brought here. You’re a prime example of a nutty white person. I wish you were another race.

  • Sarah

    You think afro people like being around you? For the same reason, most of them have had bad experiences with you people.

  • WK

    when it comes down to it ,Blacks & Asians built this Country..Thee Black Man and woman are way more advanced mentally & physically.. White people would not be standing today if the shoes were reversed.. Damn fools you all are!!!!