Huge Fight at St. Louis College

YouTube, April 12, 2012


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  • The St. Louis Community College has four campuses.  Two of them are heavily black, this one where this incident happened is mostly white but more and more blacks have been enrolling in recent years.  They just opened a fourth campus in the far fringes of St. Louis County, just beyond the reach of public transit.  Gee, I wonder why.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Who is Cookie Thornton and what is the incident in which is was involved??



        AR covered it quite a bit.  Though Wikipedia’s version of the truth isn’t quite the actual truth.

  • frmore

    School days, school days
    Dear old Golden Rule days
    ‘Reading and ‘riting and ‘rithmetic
    Taught to the tune of the hick’ry stick
    You were my queen in calico
    I was your bashful, barefoot beau

  • Why intervene if you are the white cop? Let the Bantu settle their own problem. With any luck, it will end with one or two fewer future government employees. 

    • Oil Can Harry

      If the white cops don’t intervene they get sued for negligence.

      If they DO get involved that’s a totally different story. They then get sued for using excessive force. 

      • redshirts

        Those Whitey campus cops look far out matched.

        No matter how much all you White privileged race realist, bigoted, intolerant, evil, filthy racist pigs enjoy bongo party videos, none of you enjoy them as much as I do. They are my favorite online fetish and cured me of my porn addiction.

      •  The SLCC cops are barely a micro-step above Paul Blart quality.  The Kirkwood cops are all scared to touch blacks after the Cookie Thornton murders.

  • Oil Can Harry

    You can take the Africans out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of the Africans.

    • redshirts

      That’s raciss!

      The whole thing was a set up by the campus Officer of Institutional Diversity, Fairness, Equity, Climate, and Tolerance.

      Just as some grade school brought in a porn star to read books to kids so you will react negatively and then reflect on the shame of  your intolerance, this fight was staged so White students will be forced to talk about it in class and their comments will be monitored for unacknowledged racism.

      Anything they say about the fight that doesn’t include demands that all  Whites need to vote for Obama and “we must atone for the sins of segregation by holding ourselves accountable to people of color for our unearned White privileges” will be deemed racist and require immediate intervention and sensitivity training.

      Always remember what they did to Winston Smith in Orwell’s 1984.  They set him up by making him think that they shared his views.    Everything is a set up to make you react in ways that either prove you are with the regime or against it.  The consequences of being against it will become harsher and more violent.

      Beck, Napolitano, Buchanan, Derbyshire were just mild introductions to the future purges and pogroms.  

      • Xanthippe2

         “Everything is a set up to make you react in ways that either prove you are with the regime or against it. The consequences of being against it will become harsher and more violent.”

        Actually, the greater the number of people who are against the regime and say “enough,” the more the regime will back down and the less harsh consequences will be.  Backing down and apologizing for one’s views leads to more attacks.

        • Zorro

          If you back away from an aggressive dog, the more likely it is to attack you.

    • jeffaral

      Why would I take one single African out of the jungle?   I am neither a christian missionary nor a commie!

  • No

    Fighting over a bag of Skittles?

    You can see the results of Affirmative Action here.  Usually, negro women have to be 4 1/2 feet tall and weigh in at 250 pounds to have a chance as a heavyweight.

    But thanks to Affirmative Action, light heavies and even welterweight primates can now go to college and compete for the KFC Golden Bucket Award.

  • Detroit_WASP

    Reminds me of my public school days back in Detroit.  Gosh, the swell memories!
    I remember the black girls being far more violent than the black men.

    I wonder if the college will use this vid in their TV commercials to recruit more white or Asian students?  Looks like they could use a bit more diversity.

    I’ll bet they have a great basketball team!  

    Those old white liberal college professors are thinking…”Damn, 3 more years to retirement.”

    The professors are also thinking…”Damn, could Pat Buchanan have been RIGHT????!!!”

  • redshirts

    Bongo folk dancing is proof of resurgent feral afrovoodooism.  Most bongo parties end too soon when shots are fired, but this one seems delightfully free of sudden endings-

    •  Re the first video:  Never bring a broom to a vacuum cleaner fight.

    • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse


      I don’t think I understood a single word in the first two videos that wouldn’t get bleeped on TV. Do they really find vulgarities that entertaining, or are the just intellectually incapable of processing words containing more than four letters?

      The third was just pathetic. People have lambasted me for my assertion that the crass, primitive, violent culture we’ve come to expect from blacks exists because THAT IS HOW BLACK PEOPLE WANT TO LIVE. When we see things like this, with black adults openly encouraging their children (very young children at that) to behave this way, I’m vindicated. Anyone who has lived in black neighborhoods has seen it a million times.

      • Mainstreaming_Diversity

        The most miserable people in the world are Whiteys who take on as their lives’ missions the eradication of Racism by eradicating the blackness out of the Negroid race.

        Whatever we see of Diversity that horrifies us is a joy to Diversity. 

        Diversity’s greatest strength is its unfailing achievement of keeping Racists vindicated, justified, and morally right.

    • Zorro

      It’s just not a party without one shooting or stabbing.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    When I worked at a black school, in a past life I’d like to forget, these types of fights went on EVERY SINGLE DAY.  There was a fight before school, during the free breakfast, during free lunch, between classes, during class and after school.  The littlest thing set them off — sometimes it was nothing at all and they’d go at it.  Fights between girls were 100X worse than fights between boys –black girls will NOT back down — they’d pull out each other’s weaves, rip off fake nails, tear clothes, bite, scratch and kick — and the screaming and hollering!!  As if they were being gutted!! 

    Legally, all I am required to do as per the ed code is say “stop fighting” and call the school police (thank God).  I no longer break up fights, it is FAR too dangerous and the school district does not issue elephant guns for protection.  There is also the litigation to consider as anyone who breaks up  a fight is liable to charges of abuse — I’ve known of teachers and administrators who were put on administrative leave after they’d broke up fights.  

    Better and safer to let them kill each other.

    I’m also glad to see there were no Whites involved — NHI either.

    I doubt either “student” will be kicked out or reprimanded, they never are:  Blacks do not have to follow White rules, remember.  Both will be back the next day, just as they are in the public schools after a vicious fight.


    •  Fights between girls were 100X worse than fights between boys

      I think the reason for that is the boys and men know their own strength, so they know the strengths of other boys and men.  That and they know that such fights usually end up being resolved with the business end of a sideways-pointed pistol.

    • Zorro

      Why don’t you put bars around your School and call it a Zoo?

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Because there IS a modicum of order in a zoo.

        Where I work is more akin to an asylum for the criminally insane — run by the inmates!!


  • Eagle_Eyed

    It’s funny the minor things you see when watching these fights that show how different the black mentality is from those of whites.  What kind of mother, with a 3 yr old in her arms, is even near the action when a fight breaks out?  Instead of getting pissed her daughter almost got hit and seeking revenge, she should have taken the girl as far away from the scene as she could. 

    • IstvanIN

      A woman would shelter her child from harm at all costs, even to her self.  Blacks just violently react.  The natural inborn instincts between us and them is very obvious.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx


  • Someone should contact Jane Goodall to view this video.  Maybe she can analyze this and explain the behavior.

    • JackKrak

      Exactly – I was waiting for David Attenborough to step into the frame and tell us in whispered tones about the fight for dominance in the tribe

      • Rocky Bass

         Oh dear lord, the battle to be “Alpha” of the “Gamma” race.

  • Rocky Bass

    Jim Crow laws were never to hurt blacks but to protect everyone else.

  • shmo123

    Shaneeka, Monique and some other scholars were probably debating the eschatological implications of Kant when things got heated. The loss of decorum no doubt embarrassed them all.

    • Rocky Bass

       “Loss of decorum”- I like that one.

  • No

    Multiple choice question for you liberals:

    Which of the following is TRUE.  

    So far in 2012, blacks have:

    a)   Sodomized a pitbull.
    b)  Raped and beaten to death an 85-year old white woman before savagely beating and shooting her husband in the face with a BB gun.
    c)  Murdered each other in historic numbers in Chicago
    d)  Formed countless flash mobs to attack whites and loot stores
    e)  Savagely assaulted whites while screeching “Trayvon” but have not been charged with a hate crime
    f)  Called for the wide-spread murder of whites and not been prosecuted

    and the answer is?

    DING, DING, DING . . . g)  All of the above and countless other things the anti-white media has ignored . . .

    • haroldcrews

      You left out a bunch.  But you do have the general gist of it.

  •  Answers to your questions and your statement:

    1.  SLCC is open admission, as long as you graduated from high school
    2.  The SLCC system does have some easy courses, to appeal to those particular “geniuses” who should have learned that material before even starting high school

    The German system used to be mostly the American system.  But the economics of that became unsustainable once we took on the attitude of “everyone must go to college.”

  • R P

    Wrongi – I am sure SLCC is just like CC of C.

    Ninety percent of degree-seeking students at Chicago’s community colleges need remedial classes, Chancellor Cheryl Hyman tells the Chicago Sun-Times. Few Chicago Public School graduates are ready for City Colleges of Chicago classes: 94 percent test into remedial math, 81 percent into remedial English and 71 percent into remedial reading.

    • Varina

      I had to take remedial math in college.

      It was at CCNY, City College of New York. Now, I was 38 when I started college and figured remedial math would be for people like me who needed a refresher course in algebra, geometry, and trigonometry.  Boy, was I wrong. Through some administrative mix-up I wound up in the lowest level remedial math course. I was given a workbook and it was so easy I was mystified,  I thought I was missing something. All of the problems had single-digit answers.  Then I hit a word problem and I will never forget it. The word problem was, “If Johnny has 3 red pens and 4 blue pens, how many pens does Johnny have?”  At that point I got up and went to the teacher and said I think I’m in the wrong math class.

      By the way, I was the only older person in the class. The rest of them were  just out of high school.  

  • Dont forget this video the next time state or federal Liberals make heartfelt appeals to subsidize the poor young scholars who “just want to learn” but cannot because they do not have the money.  

    •  A relative-in-law’s relative works in the SLCC central office.  From the stories I’ve heard, the “poor young scholars” you see in this video are probably paying nothing for tuition, books and supplies out of their own pocket.

    • Zorro

      Why don’t you give them the links to the videos, after telling them to shove their requests?

      In all honesty, these videos should be viewed by all people in your Neighborhood. Start with the PTA meetings, and make it mandatory for everyone to watch it.

      Then, move on to the Town Hall meetings when those sell-out Candidates for Office come around and want your vote. Make sure they watch it, and then comment on it right there to the audience. If they don’t, tell them they are no longer in the race for whatever Office they are seeking. It’s just that simple.

      Make sure that your local Chamber of Commerce, and Civic Association, also views these videos.

      It’s about time that reality started kicking these idiots in the face, and these videos have more than enough kick to do it.

  • I love the look on the faces of the white students who tiptoe around the fight like some sort of visiting anthropologists.

    • Zorro

      They seem more like hikers that came across a few angry lions.

  • jeffaral

    Please let them kill each other.

  • Whiteyyyyy

    YOUTUBE= a race realist/racist’s best friend, u can’t argue with video.

    • Wait till they find some way to “Moderate” youtube videos just like the comment section of online newspapers.

      • Magnum Force

        Then put those videos on White Nationalist Tube .net.

  • haroldcrews

    Actually the Chinese and Japanese stopped buying treasuries some time ago.  The FED is buying much of them now from what I understand.

  • I tried to click on the video and got a message saying it “violated YT’s standard of service”, so the video was deleted.

    What’s the REAL reason?

  • No

    My wife made the best observation:

    “And these are the smart ones!”

  • anmpr1

    This can’t be right.  I’ve been watching some television this weekend, and all the negroes are happy, smart, hip, and upper middle class.  Many are police detectives, scientists, and successful business folk.  The women are all good looking and dressed fashionably.  So this is obviously a trick by Amren to make blacks look bad.

  • better_times

    Youtube took it down.

  • Mainstreaming_Diversity

    Videos like this will get the Internet shut down.  Holder just can’t afford for his “my people” to be so poorly reflected upon in such an open an uncensored, uncontextualized fashion.Whiteys should Never see it unless they are in a monitored environment, such as a sensitivity training session. Whitey must agree that we haven’t paid enough in taxes to support Head Start fo’ dat baby momma’s baby so that she doesn’t have to tote dat baby to class.  Whitey must confess that his selfish investment in his racist unearned White privilege, instead of into the community’s social and human values that truly “reflect who we are as a people” caused this “unfortunate and isolated incident”.Right now, the DOJ is working with the $PLC-ADL-NAACP and all those brilliant afrovoodoo scientists you see on TV shows, commericals, and movies to come up with a device for your computer that measures your implicit and explicit racism responses when you watch bongo party videos.  Unless you allow the device to monitor and record you and report the findings to your nearest Diversity Enrichment Agency office, your computer will be disabled from Internet usage.   Big Brother was a wussy compared to what our Diversity Overlords will do to us.”Before I saw my first bongo party video, I wasn’t a racist.”

  • gemjunior

    “This video has been removed because it violates youtube’s terms of service” .  One of which is trying not to allow any videos that show negros acting how they really act

  • ed91

     you don’t know the half of it.

  • Zorro

    You Tube removed the video. What a surprise.

  • Zorro

    Once again, Germany leads the way.

  • Zorro

    You would be safer near two bears fighting. Bears are actually intelligent.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Atleast she didn’t use the baby as a weapon.