How Whites Took over America

YouTube, April 2, 2012


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  • redshirts

    This is brilliant. Thank you Horus for doing such a good job at exposing our White plight.

    The message is going mainstream that inverting the logic of the Frankfurt School back upon our enemies is cool to do.  How may kids will see that and never be the same?  Thank you Jesus White Christ!

  • Anyone want to bet on how many days before it gets taken down?

    • Jared Pierce

      Facebook would have censored it yesterday.  Give YouTube a few more days. 

  • I couldn’t stop laughing.  This is literally the argument of every “anti-racist” flipped upside down, and that’s all it takes to see just how stupid their ‘side’ sounds.  It’s kind of sad, honestly, though it does make me wonder what the average IQ is for people who take Tim Wise and other people like him seriously.

  • iberianpride

    This is pure genius!

  • dmxinc

     If we “stole” this land from the Indians, what did the Turks do to Constantinople and what is today “Turkey”? The Russians to Prussia? The Arabs to most of the Middle East and North Africa?  The Mongols, the Romans, the list is endless.  The Indians have no special claim to anything, just as the blacks have no special claim to slavery.

  • A couple of months ago I went fishing with a buddy of mine, we pulled
    his boat into the dock, I lifted up this big ol’ stringer of bass and
    this idiot on the dock goes,
    “Hey, y’all catch all them fish?” “Nope.
    Talked ’em into giving up.
    Here’s your sign.
     — Bill Engvall

  • DelmarJackson

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    Using humor as seen in this video is an extremely effective weapon. I wish there was more like this video.

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  • Jared Pierce

    Very creative. This makes you think.  All hail to Horus. 

  • razorrare

    Better I think is to show what this country might look like in 50 years..

    Google Robert Crumb,”When N*****S Take Over America..

    Be forewarned..The cartoon is a bit crude but not far from reality.

  •  I agree. It was not even funny and did not offend me.

  • As an anti racist I found it non offensive and not satirical at all. The banned Warner Brothers cartoons from the 30s and 40s are though and they stay up on You Tube. Can’t see this getting taken down. Amer Renn is in the proper search YT engine so they can’t dislike you that much. Seems like a better use of the filmmakers talents would be to make a true historical cartoon like they started out with (I thought it was going to be serious) . I do like this cartoon  “How Americans took over the world…”  aka Shock and Awe even if it is dated with W. Bush as President. Still applies and was correct in some chilling predictions.

  • Although this video merely flips the roles of anti-whites,  let me tell you guys something.   Taking the message of the anti-whites, and amplifying it to absurdity… is very effective at making people question diversity.

    That IS what they do to US.   If you dare say something that shows white people in a good light,  they’ll AMPLIFY your message as something a NAZI would say.

    So online, when I see a Huffington Post article on immigration,  I comment about how I am looking forward to America becoming more like Mexico,  I talk about how we aren’t diverse enough,  I amplify their nonsense to absurdity.

  • .

    Some people have mentioned how the psychology could backfire. That some people might say, “What goes around comes around.” Maybe. Some people already say that. But the way this cartoon is written its impossible to separate indian displacement from leftists ideology. And the portrayal works because leftists are, in fact, pushing for the displacement of those living here today. I understand others’ concerns.  But the guys at whiterabbit aren’t stupid. They’ve thought this one through.

    My only caveat is that this cartoon should be aimed at a white audience only. In fact, the mantra itself should be. Targeting others with the message would be both pointless and ineffective.

  • rebelcelt

    How did we steal the southwest from the latinos? I thought we stole it from the commanche,hopi,apache,utes,etc.

  •  Imus was always a liberal egalitarian of sorts, but after the Rutgers affair, he has gone full diptard.  And rarely thought he was funny.

    • Anon12

      I agree. One can barely understand what he says as he mumbles all his words. Sometimes I have wondered what language is he even speaking and how could he ever be put on the air in the first place with that unintelligble voice?

  • The_Bobster
    • Anon12

       He really is a very physically unattractive man isn’t he?   Or dare I say, one of the ugliest men I have ever seen, besides Abe Foxman, Barney Frank, Henry Waxman, etc.

      I know all about that nappy thingy, but Imus is totally off the wall with his anti-White statements that come out of the blue. He doesn’t even have to say half the stuff  he does and will still satisfy his black co-workers and his ignorant anti-racist wife.  I think he is just naturally a leftie and goes along with his wife’s thinking.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    Not sure about the accents, but bloody hilarious!.

  • Harumphty_Dumpty

    Why was my post taken down a few seconds after I put it up? What is wrong with this site??

    I mentioned that the voice of the Indian chief in the video is Bob Whitaker, and that readers could hear more of his voice on his porch talks. I said that if readers thought the video did a good job of showing the target audience (mainstream Whites) some things they hadn’t thought of, the porch talks had shown a lot of its target audience, pro-Whites, some things we hadn’t thought of. 

    And then I gave the link to his porch talks. Let me see if this will go up without the link, and then I’ll try to give the link in a separate post.

  • Harumphty_Dumpty

    I suppose there is some good reason Amren is making me spend 15 minutes putting up a 5 minute post. Amren won’t allow the link to the audios of the man who does the Indian’s voice in the video Amren is featuring. Here it is:



  • anarchyst

    I have had white European immigrants criticize us native-born AMERICANS for not doing more with our lives. 
    They have touted how “wonderful” the “old country” was, to which I reply, “why did you come here?” and “if it’s so wonderful, why don’t you go back?”
    The expressionless look on their faces speaks VOLUMES. 
    I remind them that Europe is under the “protection” of the USA and does not spend nearly as much on their own defense as they should.  I inform them that it was AMERICAN tax dollars that rebuilt them after World War II and that most “loans” were forgiven.
    It seems that some of our white brethren are our own worst enemies . . .