Flash Mobs Attack Minneapolis

Aaron Rupar, City Pages, April 4, 2012

Pieter’s mother explains over the phone that her son is resting. Pieter, whose last name is being withheld at his family’s request, is recovering from a brain injury suffered when he was attacked by a group of 20 to 30 young people in downtown Minneapolis shortly after 11 p.m. on St. Patrick’s Day.

It’s a story that has unfolded disturbingly often recently: Since the start of February, “flash mobs” have struck with violence in downtown Minneapolis six times. Three of the attacks have resulted in injuries; Pieter’s are by far the most severe. After he was attacked, doctors at HCMC struggled to contain swelling in his brain. The possibility of Pieter needing open-brain surgery hung over the family until the next morning, when doctors finally concluded it wouldn’t be necessary. Pieter, 27, is now in the early stages of a slow recovery, but it’s too early to know whether he’ll ever bounce back completely.

Pieter and his 23-year-old nephew were downtown to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. They were hanging out at Kieran’s, and decided to head back to their hotel room on the other side of downtown around 11. While walking, Pieter and his nephew were “blindsided” by “20 to 30 juveniles.”

Grace said a Wells Fargo security guard saw part of the incident and later told police that the mob repeatedly kicked Pieter while he lay on the ground helplessly. When the beating finally ceased, Pieter was left with a bloody face, no short-term memory, and significant brain injuries.

{snip} As he couldn’t do in the hours immediately following the beatdown, he now remembers his name and is regaining some mobility. {snip}



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  • j j

    “20 to 30 juveniles”

    A bunch of niggers.

  • redshirts

    We’s be Trayvon, da no limit nigga, dat Diversity Son of Obama, dats who we’s be!

    The 2012 Summer of the Diversity Sons of Obama will be the hottest yet. Remember, they thrive in hot temperatures.

    Here’s something no AmRener has ever read. We reclaim a bit of White glory and racial pride when we realize just how correctly White men once thought about the Diversity Curse.

    Hinton Rowan Helper’s Nojoque: A Question for a Continent, 1867
    The same HRH of The Impending Crisis infamy, in which he told the South what it needed to hear, but they refused to listen, holding fast to the faith that the Negro was docile and happy when well-managed. We received the Helper’s condemnation, a fate he later predicted for the entire nation if it didn’t solve its Negro problem. Through the Holder’s My People Diversity Sons of Obama, we just can’t stop ourselves from proving HRH right again. 
    On no part to say the least on no part of the territory of the United States, as at present organized, should any but the pure white races ever find permanent domicile.
    He who is the Creator and the Ruler, the Upholder and the Disposer, of the heavens and the earth and the seas, and of all the things that therein are of every thing in the universe, both great and small will be exact in requiring of us perfect fulfillment of all the conditions of our being. In no manner, in no degree, may we, with impunity, shirk the obligations, whether altogether as we would wish them or otherwise, which he hath imposed upon us. What he hath made for us to love, that we must love ; and what he hath made for us to hate, that we must hate.
    If, in a spirit of rebellion against the laws of nature, we love the negroes and other black things, we shall thereby only gain the low distinction of gratifying the devil; but if, on the other hand, assuming attitudes of antagonism toward the imps of Africa, toward the prince of darkness, and toward all the other monstrous representatives of blackness and abomination, “we hate them with perfect hatred,” as they deserve to be hated, and as we are required and expected to hate them, we shall thereby render highly acceptable and pleasing service to the Deity ; and, continuing to please him, will secure for ourselves unlimited and everlasting felicity in heaven.
    Yet, in justice to these crotchety and misguided men of our own race, these fanatical and mischief-making champions of Black, these deluded and undignified associates of the negro, it is very proper that, even in their retirement, we should continue to demonstrate to them, that our dislike of the African is not, as they erroneously allege, a mere blind and bitter ” prejudice against color,” but that it is a natural and ineradicable aversion, a right and necessary antipathy, implanted in us by the Almighty Himself, who can do nothing wrong.
    With as little impunity might we, who are fortunately possessed of a moderate share of common sense unbiased and unabused, persistently refuse to eat when hungry, decline to drink when thirsty, or scorn to repose when sleepy, as strive to repress our inborn and nature-nurtured repugnance to the negro. To give free play to this repugnance is as much a matter of duty with us as it is to yield to any other innate and ever-healthful requirement, a duty, indeed, which God has made absolutely obligatory on us ; and if we fail to obey His precepts in this regard, or in any other regard whatever, He will assuredly visit us with the severest possible condemnation.

  • No

    I can’t believe white kids could do such a thing. 

    What?  Yeah, white . . . the article didn’t specify race . . . so since we’re all alike, I just based my conclusion on statistical probability using Minneapolis demographics in wikipedia:

    63.8% white
    18.6% black (3.5% Somali)
    2.0% indian
     5.6%  Asian (1.9% Hmong, 0.9% Chinese, 0.7% Indian, 0.6% Korean, 0.4% Vietnamese, 0.3% Thai, 0.3% Laotian, 0.2% Filipino, 0.1% Japanese, 0.2% Other Asian)
    10% Other

    If the attack was some totally random event, the chance of the flash mob being black would be tiny. 

    Almost makes you wonder if maybe we’re not all alike . . . maybe there’s some NON-random factors at work here so that KNOWING THE ACTUAL RACE of the perpretators would be good information to have.

  • redshirts

    Call it paranoia, but our anxieties are trending:

    The day Obama snuffs out Internet truth

    Exclusive: Erik Rush envisions scenario of frightening totalitarian control this summer


  • The Twin Cities are ruined. Everybody expects Minneapolis to be this idyllic little Fargo deleted scene but it is one of the worst cities in the nation in muggings, rapes, armed robberies and home invasions.

    Be sure to thank Lutherans, Catholics and Jews for all the lovely Somalis they imported in if you ever get the chance to visit Minnesota. Ask them if all that voluntary agency/”refugee resettlement” government blood money was worth it. I spit on synagogues and cathedrals. Two of the biggest enemies to the White race in the whole damn world reside in those white-washed tombs: Jews and Christians.

    • .

      That’s a bit strong. But, still, there’s no bigger pack of fools and hypocrites than today’s religious leaders.

      •  Every single time there is some black or Bantu atrocity in Minnesota there are all these comments…

        “How? How did this happen?”

        Good li’l Christians and scheming Jews passed things like the 1964 Immigration Act, the Great Society programs, amnesty under President Reagan in 1985 (It is NOT just Democrats, folks) and now we have “voluntary agencies” that take government money to bring in “refugees” like the Somali scumbags in Minnesota.

        Episcopalians, Baptists, Hindus and the like are in on the scam but in Minnesota it comes from the Lutherans. It also comes from the perverted, Marxist criminal enterprise that calls itself the Catholic church these days. Might as well be queer Latina-Japanese-Nigerian women Communists as priests right now. Eh, why stop at the priesthood? I bet there are some absolute freakshow bishops and cardinals these days. The Jews also get in on the money in Minnesota with their synagogue voluntary agencies.

        There. The question was answered before it was asked. You’re welcome!


        • You sir are absolutely correct.  I did some research on the Catholic Charities(CC).  Once upon a time it was a relatively decent group of folks giving aid to the homeless, helping with unwed mothers and the like.  Then they got more and more marxists involved and over time their mission changed.  They are now intentionally bringing over third worlders to increase diversity and/or rescue them from their plight.  In doing so CC are intentionally selecting some of the whitest regions to dump the trash.  Somalis are not only being carted over to the midWest but also they were helped to resettle in Maine.  These communists were also responsible for planting boat people in the Gulf states and sending the Hmong into the heartland.

          Being a Catholic this has made me ill as it appears the faithful are not just helping out by feeding the needy a hot meal, we are financing our own demise.  And you are also correct about the Jews.  But there is plenty of blame to go around for everyone, especially Christians of all sects. 

          True story.  In my Southern city the ministers and rabbis got all excited, flapping their arms about Haitians.  We need a Haitian refugee center.  This went on for a few weeks until someone asked why.  There are no Haitians here.  Silence and the people in these churches killed the concept.  Another was the brainchild of a Episcopal minister.

          Do you recall the chinese mulsim terrorists that obama wanted to release into the US from Guantanamo Bay?  Eric Holder’s office was in touch with this minister to iron out the details. They are called Uighurs, would have been in our city except some of us found out and threatened a boycott of the church and any other that participated.  Well, they finally were sent to Bermuda!  After of course we paid the Bermudans millions of dollars.

        • robinbishop34

          Jews are the main facilitators of ‘diversity’ in the grand effort to mitigate the power of the Anglo man in Western society. Through media and academia they have been able to impose grievance focused identities on all non whites, while simultaneously saddling whites with a derivative guilt syndrome. All by carefully crafted psychological sales pitches assembled as t.v. shows, movies, and commercials. Most whites today are conditioned to believe that facilitating their own demise is a virtue.

    • JohnEngelman

      According to Neighborhood Scout Minneapolis has a crime index of 5, with 100 being safest, and 0 being most dangerous.
      St. Paul has a crime index of 10.

      • It is a percentile score.

        5 percent of cities in America are more dangerous than Minneapolis. Conversely, Minneapolis is more dangerous than 95 percent of American cities.

        Celebrate diversity! Thank a voluntary agency.

    • No

      Three thoughts about church importation of undesirables.

      1)  I don’t know about other religions, but Africa is the future for the Catholic Church.  That’s where it’s growing the fastest.  The largest seminary in the world is in Nigeria and Africa is producing more priests than anywhere else.  I’m guessing most other Christian religions see what’s going on and are jumping on the Africa wagon. 

      2)  Good or bad for whites? 

      Good in that they’re civilizing the savages.  Bad in that it’s probably impossible to civilize Africans totally.  They’ve been at it snce the 15th century and it’s still the Dark Continent.  Also bad in that a good Irish family may go to church one Sunday morning and instead of Father O’Reilly, they encounter Father Obukubanana with his yellowish eyes, fat nose, gross red tongue and they can’t understand a word coming out of his big lips.

      3)  The Catholic church led the invasion of the Middle East during the Crusades . . . ran the muslims out of Europe . . . made the jews convert or get out . . . conquered the Americas . . . for a long time, it was a powerful, pro-white organization.  Same with other Christian groups – Lutherans and Protestants.  The Protestant Work Ethic, for example, built America.

      So what went wrong? 

      I blame Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli . . . a.k.a. Pope John XXIII.  Roncalli worked hard to save jews during WW2 and before his death initiated the Vatican 2 council which turned the Church upside down.  It redefined the relationship of catholics to the Church, it forgave the jews and explained that they really did not kill Christ . . . and so on.  Most Popes since the 1960s served as part of Vatican 2 and have re-made the Catholic Church in the image of the 1960s liberalism.

      Other religions (in my opinion) have followed the leadership of the Catholic Church. 

      Modern hurches no longer serve white interests even though religion remain a powerful force.

      • Hmmm…more no than yes. CC’s great historical achievement was the preservation & individuation of White European heritage. For instance, without CC Scandinavians would have remained savages or would have exterminated themselves in some godforsaken swamps. Also: crusades, universities, preservation of Greco-Roman culture etc.

        Just, after the Enlightenment (18th cent.) & industrialization & secularization (19th cent.)- I don’t see what CC could have done. It is for some people too liberal, and for others too conservative. For instance, secularists accuse CC because of her “be fruitful and multiply” stance- yet, most Catholic European countries have abysmal birth rate.

        Also, racial theme is not the only one. Thanks to CC and Spaniards, Philippines are Catholic/Christian. Would anyone be more happy if they were Muslim, like Indonesia ?

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble


      The refugee resettlement racket is a lucrative business made up of federal contractors hiding behind monikers such as “humanitarian organizations”, “charities” or “non-profits.”  These groups are in it to make money, churches too as congregations and donations dry up.

      Worth repeating (again and again and again…till everyone knows this): 

      From Refugee Resettlement Watch:  

      Refugee resettlement organizations (known as Volags from “Voluntary Agency”) are paid well for their work by the tax payer. There are 10 main Volags with approximately 350 affiliated organizations throughout the country; many are run by former refugees.
      Below are some of the sources of income for Volags:
      a. The Volags receives $1900 per refugee (including children) from the State Department, half of which they must show went to the refugees.b. The Volag receives up to $2,200 for each refugee by participating in a U.S. DHHS program known as Matching Grant. To get the $2,200, the Volag need only show it spent $200 and gave away $800 worth of donated clothes, furniture or cars.c. The Volag pockets 25% of every transportation loan it collects from refugees it “sponsors”.
      Also this: Increasingly these groups are made up of refugees and have as part of their agenda increasing the refugee quota, passing hate-crime legislation, increasing the size of welfare benefits, raising overall immigration numbers, etc.They have almost no real responsibilities for these refugees. After 4 months the “sponsoring” organization is not even required to know where the refugee lives.http://refugeeresettlementwatch.wordpress.com/refugee-resettlement-fact-sheets/Bon

    • The Christians are just feminized effeminate woman-led morons;the jews do this on purpose,their greatest desire is to destroy. The Greatest hate,the deepest,most enduring,most primitive, most vicious hatred is the hatred of the jew for the Christian.

      • jackryanvb

        Darius, I think that’s a bit rough and I believe that this violates American Renaissance’s policy of open anti Semitism, scape goating Jews.

        Yes, America and what remains of the White world or just the “civilized world” has problems with individual Jewish people, Jewish organizations. These problems are based on conflicts Jewish people have had with European nationalists, White Nationalists in Europe during World War II or even before that in say Spain in the 15th Century.

        My advice is to try to cultivate responsible Jewish friends/associates who will counter the hostile, disruptive Jewish people/organizations working to destroy our civilization. We have many solid Jewish readers of American Renaissance who are not shy about opposing the likes of Tim Wise, the New York Times (Jew York Times), Jewish Congressmen/Senators working to flood the US with Arab Muslim terrorists, Somalians etc.

  • tickyul

    These are sick, sick people(people???). I am not a great person……but on my worst day I would NEVER do anything like this.

    What is happening…….Urban Americans have FREE reign to act bats**t crazy….they just act out like they are sociopaths….no sense of right or wrong.

     Are they afraid to go to prison where they get food, shelter, drugs and all the sex they can handle from some white-male-sex-slave……..NOPE!!!

    These Urban Americans are the unofficial Stormtroopers of the Demorats…..get out of line and you get the boot.

    A failed country.

    • haroldcrews

      They are sociopaths.  They’ll not acting like anything.

  • Whites, by and large, don’t want to be around blacks at all, ever.  The old saying “I wouldn’t spit on you if your hair was on fire” comes to mind.

  • StivD

    When most whites attack they have a good reason. You’ll never hear anything but one side of that trial, or any incident,  involving whites–any other race. Not all asians are peaceful navel gazers even when whites are involved.

  • JohnEngelman

    Fortunately Hispanics stand up to them. 

    • The_Bobster

      How does that help us?

  • .


    You had to go back almost 10 years to an incident from 2003 where a group of kids got drunk and beat up some other kids. Was anyone seriously injured? Was there brain damage? No. I’m not saying it was nothing. It was despicable. But its not comparable to what’s described in this story. Nice try, though.

  • How did it happen that we have given up control of our cities like this? It is obvious that liberty and Negroes do not mix. The control, by segregation, is the only thing that can possibly provide safety and civilization in a mixed White and Black country.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Wow, must have been those Minnesota Lutherans on the attack!!  If only they were allowed to play midnight basketball these things wouldn’t be happening with such frequency!!

    These incidents also wouldn’t be happening with such frequency if Minnesotans practiced their right to carry a firearm.  It WILL come to this because the ONLY thing that will put an utter stop to these vicious attacks is when average citizens go all Goetz or Zimmerman on these cowardly savage b**sts.

    Notice how when it comes to Zimmerman it’s all about race, race, race, race…but when it comes to pavement thugs roaming the streets looking for Whites and Asians to rob and assault, no mention of race.

    Another example of black pathological culture sanctioned by the governmedia.


  • The_Bobster

    They must be publicly humiliated and then jailed.

  • I know I’m a bit late to the party on this article, but this is the 8th flash mob attack in as many weeks. The last one happened not even 3 days ago.

    So yeah, if you thought that place was nothing but Germans, Scandinavians and Italians eating pizza and beer brats you are so wrong. The big cities have a big, black problem with black racist mob violence.

  • It all comes down to women. they are the ones who join with the sub-humans to push the country leftward. We are basically the first men in history to be conquored by our own women. They have risen up and brought on nothing but violence,poverty,hatred,craziness,and destruction. They happily steer the Titanic toward the iceberg,satisfied and happy and proud   that they have 1st class  seats and men are put in steerage! They are so stupid it is sickening. Women never fail to exceed my expectations of what brainless buffoons they are!  Nothing but over-sized children! Hear them keening for their lil Trayvon.

    • ? I may have a misogynistic streak myself, but you’re overreacting. This article has nothing to do with women.

  • Flash mobs….it’s a black thang.

    Thankfully, the tide will turn (and already is). More and more Hispanics and Asians will inhabit this now-pathetic country devoid of a backbone.
    Hispanics already have blacks “owned”. As the Asian numbers grow, I can see the same happening with them, though they are more docile than Hispanics.
    Many White people will remain brain-washed with White guilt, although we seem to have given up the “fight” long ago. 
    However, I do see a glimmer of hope. Those who are White and not hateful of Hispanics and Asians will find strength and comfort in neighborhoods that are Hispanic or Asian-heavy. That would include me.
    Those who hate Hispanics and Asians will be nothing but miserable and a potential victim, unless they have enough money to live in a gated community. However, I suggest they remove the bodies of any intruders before the media catches wind of it.

    Once again: Flash mobs….it’s a BLACK thang. If only we would get our priorities straight, like concern over BLACK flash mobs. That won’t happen here.

    • StivD

      I can’t imagine relying on other races so as not to feel like a victim. Personally, I only need my family and a few other reliable and loyal whites to have a sense of security, but even more I have myself to count on. But, then again, I’m not wallowing in victim mentality and awaiting rescue from the..Other.