Barry: ‘We’ve Got to Do Something About These Asians Coming in’

Alan Blinder, Washington Examiner, April 5, 2012

Ward 8 D.C. Councilman Marion Barry said Thursday that he was not trying to insult the city’s Asian community during remarks at a campaign event this week.

“We got to do something about these Asians coming in and opening up businesses and dirty shops,” Barry said in remarks on Tuesday night first reported by WRC-TV. “They ought to go. I’m going to say that right now. But we need African-American businesspeople to be able to take their places, too.”

“I’m not ever going to condemn a group of people,” Barry told reporters gathered in his Wilson Building office Thursday. “My history is complete. It’s an excellent history with the Asian community.”

Barry said his criticisms of Asian businesses in his Southeast Washington ward were rooted in what he perceives as disengagement in the community by those companies.

“I’m not going to allow a group of people to exploit people in Ward 8,” Barry said.

He said he wants Asian businesses to operate in the area but he wants them to “come right.”


Barry didn’t exactly have his fellow D.C. Council members lining up to support him.

“I strongly disagree with the recent remarks made about Asian American business owners in the District,” council Chairman Kwame Brown said in news release. “Statements like that are divisive, destructive, and have absolutely no place in our city.”


Barry, meanwhile, blamed journalists for taking his remarks out of context.

“The media ought to apologize,” Barry said. “I want an apology from you.”

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  • “They ought to go. I’m going to say that right now. But we need
    African-American businesspeople to be able to take their places, too.”

    If blacks could take their place, they would have already had that place to begin with, such that the Asians would have never been able to exploit those opportunities.  Then again, the Asians in D.C. probably ponzi scammed their way from one SBA loan to another in order to gain these “businesses.”

    Marion Barry doesn’t recognize the irony of him complaining about blacks being dispossessed in D.C., for it wasn’t that long ago that blacks dispossessed whites.

    The common complaint that blacks in St. Louis have about crummy corner store owners, mainly Arab and South Asian, is that they’re (supposedly) always making passes at young black women.  The hypocrisy in those complaints are that if you’re an attractive young white woman going through ghettoville St. Louis at the wrong time of day, half the young black men will whip it out and say, “want summa dis?”

    • South Asians and Arabs making passes at black women? That would be tantamount to a guy owning a Lexus, Mercedes Benz S class or a Ferrari envying a guy owning a measly Lincoln or Ford Truck!       

    • I have never seen an Indian or Arab man with a black woman.  Blacks are always full of bullshit and I don’t believe any of their whining lies.

  • What are dirty shops? Coulnt be dry cleaners could it? All they need to do is find some black people willing to work, that can handle basic accounting/math, and be willing to fill in on any shift their employees skip. 

  • Despite Mr. Barry’s many flaws over the years, I think he can be admired in this statement for standing up for his people.

    Also, at this point, Blacks have far greater rights to this country than do Asians.  We are not a meritocracy when it comes to “race”. We respect homelands and traditions. If we want blacks to respect the rights of Afrikaaners, for example, because of centennial legacy, in fairness we have to do the same.  A race that arrived to the US in the last 25 years in great numbers?  … not so much.

    • anmpr1

      If you dig deeper, though, Barry’s “standing up” for “his people” only means more racial spoils and welfare, mostly financed by whites.  So, while you might, I don’t admire him at all.  And as far as his “many flaws” over the years…well, even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

    • You’re joking right? Blacks would still be bitching if it was Native Americans who were opening those shops. What makes you think blacks will ever be fair or respect the rights of any other group or even each other? 

      • Not joking at all.  And I don’t think they would be whining, actually.  They weren’t whining about white-owned businesses 100 years ago, they were patronizing them.  

        What causes these situations like the one Mr. Barry is commenting on is when areas of racial homogeneity are established over l-o-o-ng periods of time and then all a sudden there is an influx of a new group, in this case, a whole new race.  You wouldn’t like it, and neither do the blacks in D.C.  And what many of the “money is everything” people on this board don’t understand is that it matters not that the Asian grocer is making use of an abandoned building.  Just like we wouldn’t want our abandoned VFW halls in still-white blue collar neighborhoods to be taken over by black businessmen, no matter how productive they are.  

        The Irish have an expression, Sinn Féin,  meaning “ourselves alone”. In other words, the important thing is for a distinct ethnicity to be left alone to sort out its own problems.  The black community wants time to regroup and sort out its own abandoned buildings on its own time.  Why not let them have the power?

        You must fight the diversity czars at every turn, or you are no foe of diversity.

        • MikeofAges

           Amazing. An actual nationalist.

    • No

      This is a rather bizarre set of observations.

      Barry’s many flaws?   He’s a convicted felon . . . tax cheat (which I think he also did time in prison) . . . stalker (not sure about jail time on that one) . . . arrested at least once for DWI but wasn’t charged . . . and ran Washington, DC into the ground financially.  “Flawed” might be an uderstatement.  Of course, unlike the typical negro, he’s never killed, robbed or raped anyone (that we know of) so in that sense I suppose he’s atypical.

      Why do blacks have a greater right to this country than asians?  First of all, asians came over in huge waves starting in the mid-1800s, not 25 years ago.  They almost single-handedly built the Transcontinental Railroad and were responsible for much of the major mining out west. They were treated worse than blacks yet overcame their status and became fairly prosperous, well-educated and retained a strong sense of nationality and moral values.

       I have yet to find one example of anything blacks did that they can be proud of.  They haven’t achieved one-tenth of what the asians have (especially Chinese) and black “values” are a joke.

      Lastly, I find this disturbing:  “We respect homelands and traditions. If we want blacks to respect the rights of Afrikaaners, for example, because of centennial legacy, in fairness we have to do the same. ”

      No, we don’t.  That’s multi-cult babble you’re regurgitating.  We want blacks to respect (more like fear and leave in peace) the Afrikaaner because they are our kinsmen.  We share the same blood.  Blacks are jungle savages who we do not respect, whose traditions are Stone-Aged and whose “homeland” is whatever current patch of jungle has the most low-lying fruit.

      Give me a break . . .

      • MikeofAges

         Marion Barry is not a convicted felon. He managed somehow to get his charge reduced to a misdemean0r. He served six month in jail. Later, he reentered politics. Wouldn’t you want your mayor to do the same?

    • crystal evans

      Not all Asians have been in the US for 25 years or less.My family, for example, has been in the US for about 100 years, many Chinese have been here even longer than that.

  • CourtneyfromAlabama

    I guess I won’t be losing any sleep over this. If Asians don’t want to compete with blacks, then there are plenty of countries they can go back to that are 100% Asian. At this point I am only concerned about stories involving my own people…sorry.

    • IstvanIN

      Thank you.

    • Mahound

      Courtney. I think the moral of the story is that blacks and other races are quite happy to call for racial segregation when it suits them. Only whites, of course, are not allowed to make such remarks.

      • Ingsoc

        Only Whites are having their countries and homelands flooded with non-Whites as an imperative and mandate.  THIS is the issue for Whites. 

        No one is calling for Asians to flood their homelands with non-Asians, it is only White countries that are called on by the UN to do this.  Even Eastern Europe is asked repeatedly by the UN when they’ll be ready for non-White immigrants from Africa.  No one is demanding this of China or any other Asian country.

        Why is that?  Maybe “Wayne” or  “John Liu” or even Engelman will take a stab at answering this question.

        • JohnEngelman

          No one outside of the United States is demanding that we admit Oriental immigrants. Their right to move here was assured by our elected officials. Although I see little benefit in allowing third world immigration, it is clear to me that Orientals really are “the ideal minority,” and I welcome their presence. 

  • No

    Amazing how negros are always being taken out of context . . . as if they’re jabbering had any context to it in the first place.

    Everything coming out of a black’s mouth is jabberwocky anyway . . . it’s all designed to either one-up the next beast or make a sexual advance on anything with a pulse.

    The fact is that any single Asian worth his rice bowl can outhink, outplan and outwork the next ten negroes put together.  After the Civil War, the Asian was lower than the black, especially out West.  Yet while the black remains steppin’ and fetchin’ the Asian creates wealth.

    The real  hatred that blacks have for Asian isn’t much different than what they have for hispanics, Pakis or any other group that’s making it.   Negroes can jabber about white advantage and white privilege.  But that manure doesn’t fly with other immigrant groups.

    • crystal evans

      For one thing, Asians usually pool their money to start businesses. This is true especially for those who are new immigrants and have no established credit in the US.  Blacks usually use credit cards and loans to start businesses.

      • haroldcrews

        There is a reason for that.  Asians have intact families but most blacks do not.

        • crystal evans

          You are right and they open business to give their family members jobs.

      • The_Bobster

        In addition, Asians use SBA loans that Americans can’t get, since they’re not favored minorities. If their businesses fail, they sell all their inventory to pay off their fellow Asians and leave Uncle Sam holding the bag for the rest. They know that their countrymen will do something rather nasty to them if they’re not paid back. 

  • redshirts

    That should be all it takes for Asians to start signing up for the next anti racism training as readily as we do.

  • Oil Can Harry

    Fun Fact: In the 70s Uganda had a large population of South Asian storeowners and shopkeepers.

    So Idi Amin deported them on the assumption that his black subjects would take over the stores and become successful entrepreneurs.


    • Thats true. These south Asians were Indian businessmen who created the economy there in the first place, whether it was Nigeria, Kenya  or even far out Zanzibar. The Africans deported and stripped the Indians dry while deporting them. Some of these Indians migrated to the US while most went back to either the UK or India. Some famous British citizens of Indian ethnicity who were refugees of this travesty included Freddie Mercury ( Farrokh Bulsara)  the legendary lead singer of British Rock Band Queen  and Lord Naipaul, an eminent English ( Indian Hindu) historian and literary genius. 

    •  Not only in uganda either. blacks are not even the dominate race on their own continent

    • chuck_2011

       the blacks never did become store owners to fill the spots left by departing asians. in fact the african mind could not understand the level of work needed to run a store….bookkeeping, taking inventory etc was too much for them

  • Blacks can’t run businesses. Too dumb, too lazy. Why work when White paychecks are given to you by local, state and federal governments?

    Every single one of these blacks complains about the Korean beauty shop, the Chinese takeout and the Japanese sushi bar, the Vietnamese laundromat and dry cleaning and the Indian gas station but NEVER takes it upon himself or herself to do the same business but better and drive out the asians with competition. They just go there and grumble the whole time.

    Right now, this is Barry engaging in threats against asians to scare them out of D.C. The same thing is happening in Dallas, Texas.

    • crystal evans

      The problem that Blacks have had with Koreans is that for example, when they get their change after purchasing something from their store is that they will not count the money in the hand but will put it on the counter. Also, that Koreans will not look at them straight in the eye but will keep their head down when talking to them.

      • Oil Can Harry

        Crystal, the actual #1 complaint blacks have about Korean storeowners is they often catch the blacks shoplifting. 

  • Crackhead Barry really needs to ask himself why it is that successive waves of Irish, Italian, Polish, Vietnamese, Arabic, Mexicans and now Koreans arrive on these shores with next to nothing, and within a generation have triumphed over adversity, and achieved middle-class status while most negroes remain third class citizens. Since 1948 blacks have been given every possible advantage, yet 99% have squandered their opportunities or have blown it through poor cash management. 

    The only reason Asians open stores in shitholes like Anacostia is that the indigenous population believes that somebody else will be responsible.  The store owners have to suffer theft and burglary and usually tire of the life. Nobody in the neighborhood is willing to work.  There was a successful restaurant that won entrepreneurial awards, but alas it was all a front ….

    • crystal evans

      Also because rents in places like Anacostia are cheaper than it would be in a better neighborhood. Also these businesses tend to employ family members so it is a  lot cheaper than having to pay employees.

  • Hey Marion, now you know how the rest of the world feels about you black folk!

  • I suspect that what ever condition the shops are in, it’s the patrons who are responsible for it, not the shop owners. 

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    asians hate black with a vengence. they despise them

  • My problem is not with what the crack head said, but rather the glaring double standard at play. If a White elected official said anything remotely like this, he would be forced out of office by the morning. A black utters what some might consider “hate speech” and he’s allowed to apologize and move on. No demands that he step down!

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Asians getting a little uppity, are they Barry?  And, are these “White Asians” you’re referring to?  

    Well, at least they’re not coming into your peep’s hoods to rob, loot, destroy, assault, murder and riot, but you’ll drive them out anyway and then complain that the hell hole you lord over is a “food desert.”

    Imagine the outcry if David Duke were to say  “We have to keep these n******s out of here!!”

    We’re spending our money there, and we demand respect.

    Demand all you want, you and other losers, failures and racists of your ilk will never get it because respect is earned and you haven’t earned it. 

    But then again Mr. Barry, you have never impressed people with your displays of vast intellect.

    • crystal evans

      If Barry had been white, after his little incident where he was caught smoking crack with a so called prostitute. His political career would have been over. But since he is Black and his constituents have probably forgiven him. his career is still going.

      • jackryanvb

        Barry is a “man of the people”…. fortunately this “people” no longer run Washington D.C.

  • I know that when I personally think about the problems with DIVERSITY,  the first thing that pops into my mind is “those damn Asians”

  • crystal evans

    I will let you in on a little secret, they treat everybody even fellow Asians the same way. When you try and talk to them, they basically will try to avoid saying anything even though they can speak enough English to carry on a short conversation. 

  • KenelmDigby

    “Dirty shops”.

    Of course, you don’t need me to pontificate that if any White public figure used those self-same words his career would be over there and then.

  • JohnEngelman

    Those of us who admire Asians do so because because they tend to be high on the good statistics, and low on the bad statistics. I saw what happened when poor Vietnamese war refugees moved to San Jose, California. They definitely improved the city, which currently has the lowest crime rate of any large city in the United States.

    • The_Bobster

      (Putting John Chinaman on ignore)

    • crystal evans

      They did the same thing in the Tenderloin in San Francisco. Since then, they have moved on to the suburbs and the Tenderloin is back to its old decrepit self.

      • JohnEngelman

        In other words, the Tenderloin declined after the Vietnamese left. 

    • CourtneyfromAlabama

      Is this why Vietnam is nicer than Europe? At first I thought you only praised Northeast Asians, but lately I am noticing you are doing the same with Southeast Asians and South Asians, both of whom create Third World atmospheres in their areas of origin. I believe I have seen you compliment mestizos as well. Do you just consider anybody who is not black as better than whites? When I examine the world presently as well as historically, I hardly see how your logic makes sense.

      • JohnEngelman

        I appreciate various racial and national groups, although not equally. I evaluate them by rates of crime and illegitimacy, and average IQ.  I like Mexican food, Mexican restaurants, Mexican music, and Cinco de Mayo festivals. At the same time I think the massive Hispanic immigration to the United States has expensive economic, social, and economic costs.  Population growth, whether by immigration or a high birth rate, means more consumers and more job applicants. Consequently it contributes to the growing income gap by raising prices, reducing wages, and increasing profits. 

      • Wayne Lo

        Just because Vietname is poor compared to Europe does not mean that Vietnamese are genetically disposed to creating poor environments.

        China was wealthier than Europe for a very long stretch of history,  right up until the 1840s, and Europeans and Americans were so desperate for the wealth of China that they fought opium wars, boxers, taipings etc for that wealth.

        China was a far better place than Europe during the time of Marco Polo. Using Courtney’s absurd logic, anyone of that time would then have said Europeans had no genetic potential and would not have had the intelligence or other heritary traits to improve their situation at the time.

        • CourtneyfromAlabama

          Nice try, but by that point in history Europeans had already created more science than the Chinese could have dreamed of. Ever heard of Greece, Rome, Byzantium, or the Gothic architecture of Europe during the High Middle Ages? Around the time of Marco Polo Europe was entering its Renaissance. People like you act as if Europeans were in the Stone Age until Marco Polo learned (but what exactly did he learn) from China. Now, tell me what the Vietnamese contributed to the world compared to Westerners up to the present times. Poor analogy on your part.

        • Ingsoc

          You again?

          Tell me “Wayne” or “John Liu” or whoever you pretend to be, when did you become such a hater of Whites?

          You are pro-White genocide yet you married a White women and have 1/2 White children?  Why on earth did you marry an inferior being?

          Nothing dumber than a hypocritical White-hating Asian.

        • JohnEngelman

          Those who accuse Wayne Lo of hating whites project their racial bigotry onto him, while revealing their inability to debate him  rationally with facts and logic. 

  • JohnEngelman

    But me. 

  • I Side with Blackie here.

    If I’m gonna take anyone, it’s gonna be The Black Folk.  We can Reign them in and, blacks, like them or not, are Honest for the most part.  They let ya know, outside of their Natural Gorilla like Attack Mode, what they want.  Proof?  Show me a Time when Blackie hasn’t complained.  They’re Vocal outside of being Naturally Violent.

    asians, on the otherhand, will use their “intelligence” aka Non-White Privilege and supposed ‘crime free’ status to scheme and scam their way in and then proceed to take over everything.  Kinda like they’ve  already done.

    Financial Crime is a Slow Death whereas a Bullet is, if used correctly, is quick and painless.  No, blacks cannot shoot but still, they’re not able to Manipulate like those asians can and do.

    • robinbishop34

      Asians still have nothing on Jews when it comes to cultural subversion and poisoning. If anything, the Asians are just beneficiaries of tireless jewish efforts to weaken white culture and identity.

  • jackryanvb

    Marion Barry’s time has passed (thank God – and all should note that American urban life has dramatically improved over the last 30 years). As for how we should comment/use lower class Blacks’ intense hatred for Asian merchants coming in and making a living in Black ghetto areas, my advice is we just comment that it’s the same with what happened when Idi Amin took over the once prosperous White administrated colony of British East Africa; Black racist demagogues like Idi Amin and Marion Barry attack Asian merchants (in addition of course to hating, ethnically cleansing us White people) – that’s just the way the worst lower caste Black Africans, Black African Americans are and will always be this way.

  • sbuffalonative

    No one is stopping blacks from opening their own businesses in their own communities.

    The problem is not Asian shops. The problem is blacks take no initiative to improve their lives and communities. All they do is criticize others for doing work and taking action.

    You want black owned businesses? Find blacks willing to open black businesses.

    • MikeofAges

       Blacks in America have had a long time to sort themselves out. In our time, anyone who is black with the talent to start a credible independent community business is snapped by government or the private sector, and given a royal road through the educational  system. Maybe American blacks are not attracted to entrepreneurship. Not due  to racism or anything else. Just aren’t. Own it.

    • The_Bobster

      It’s easier for them to “work” for YT and either slack off or sue him when they get fired. 

  • Up to my neck in CA

    During my three glorious years living in Oakland CA. the one thing I noticed was that the three small markets in my hood all were owned by Ethiopians. They were hard working and often asked my roommate who has several degrees in English questions on the English language. The questions were not just on word pronunciation but also on syntax. They tried to assimilate as much as possible. They hated the sloven American blacks with a fierce passion, often chasing them out of their store screaming god know what at them. American blacks bite that hand that feeds them on a regular basis, time to stop filling the bowl.

    • IstvanIN

      I work with quite a few Africans as well as Ameriblacks.  The Africans, while not the best employees, are better than the Ameriblacks and do not care for their lazy, nasty, ignorant ways and do not get along with them.

    • jackryanvb

      Yeah, but don’t go over-board praising all the hard working Black African immigrants. Many of these hard working African immigrants are working hard to scam your credit card accounts (Nigerians) and AIDS was brought to the US by African and Haitian immigrants. Barack Obama’s polygamist, hate Whitey father (died of drunk driving) was also once one of these “hard working African immigrants”. The slums outside of French cities are populated by the thug children of African and Arab immigrants. Race is destiny. We must stop, reverse African and Arab Muslim immigration in to all White Western countries.

      • Up to my neck in CA

        Jackryanvb, I still did not trust them or want them here either. I was just making the point that American blacks are the scourge of society the world over, they have no idea how good they have it here.

  • Arabs and South Asians making passes at a sub-human. Yeah, sure.

  • IstvanIN

    The SBA for years favored Asian-Indian immigrants over native whites for small business loans to make up for pre-1965 immigration discrimination.

    I wish that giant asteroid would hit!

    • crystal evans

      Asian Indians were originally listed as whites until they complained that they did not qualify for sba loans.

  • MikeofAges

    This is just another case of African-American society not acknowledging its own boundaries, limitations, capibilites and prevailing desires. As far as I can tell, in the context of big city life, African-Americans have always preferred and wanted employment with institutional employers — large, stable organizations public or private. They have never created an internal economy of smaller businesses, and even more rarely, created business which outsiders can patronize, not that it often would  be possible anyway just due to security concerns.

    Marion Barry is loose cannon anyway, but he reflects a certain cultural attitude nevertheless.

  • Breaking News: Obama quoted as saying, “If I knew my Father he would be just like Marion Barry!”

  • MikeofAges

     This just in. Men are pigs, researchers say.

  • I side with Blackie here.  I too wish to have a Community that is only for my people.

  • crystal evans

    They may get business loans once they have established credit in the US. But to start businesses, they pool their money together and help each other out. Who is going to give a loan to a new arrived immigrant?

    • Any bank would give them a loan so long as it’s backed by Uncle Sam!

  • The_Bobster

    I haven’t. I post them on a regular basis so that John Chinaman can ignore them.

  • JohnEngelman

    Assertions like that need to be documented. Such documentation would need to compare white collar crime rates by Orientals and whites. 

  • CourtneyfromAlabama

    Exaggerating the achievements of Asians is a common occurrence among whites, even among whites in this movement. I enjoy going to libraries and bookstores and thumbing through books on the history of science, math, and technology. Every time I see a similar pattern: 75-90% of achievements in those fields came out of Europe. Whenever I mention this on here, the same people try to tell me it is because the authors are eurocentric. I then ask if that is the case, then please list all these Ancient Chinese inventions and discoveries for me that they seem to know about but that these great historians don’t know about. In response I am always treated to a paragraph from Needham’s book or lectured on how Marco Polo was impressed with China, neither of which disputes anything I previously said.

    • I highly recommend the article I read in AR two or three years ago which brilliantly destroyed a lot of the myths of Asian achievements over the last 2000 years.  Do not remember the title.  Perhaps the moderator can help.

  • CourtneyfromAlabama

    I am shocked and upset after reading most of the comments above. I personally want to live in a society that is run by whites and occupied by whites. It seems most of you on here are okay with living around anybody who isnt black (wait, never mind, a couple of you seem to think African blacks are okay). Please step back and look at the world… any place that isnt dominated by whites nice to live other than Japan?

    • Wayne Lo

      Actually yes, there are many places nice to live not dominated by whites. The only difference at this one particular short stage in history is white countries are more wealthy than most non-white countries.

      But China itself, and India itself, were more wealthy the the US and Europe combined, barely more than a century and a half ago.

      But when non-white countries become as wealthy as white countries, such as Japan,  and Singapore, and even Malaysia, they can be very pleasant places to live, with very low crime rates, low levels of corruption (Singapore is the least corrupt place in the world), and excellent civic virtues. You don’t see many Japanese or Singaporeans desperate to live in white countries.

      In fact one could say that non-white countries with the same level of economic development of white countries are actually superior places to live.

      Compare for example, China, and Russia. In spite of the fact that Russian per capita GDP is higher than that of the PRC, the murder rate, the general crime rate, the rate of imprisonment, corruption, and life expectancy are all far worse in Russia than in China, in spite of Russia being far more rich in natural resources than China.

      Non-whites do not go to white countries simply because they are white. They go to white countries mainly for improved economic activities. You hardly see Saidi Arabians flocking to Western countries because Saudi Arabia is rich. But you do get Afghans and Iraqis —after these two places were made into hell-holes by white countries.

      • CourtneyfromAlabama

        India was rich because of natural resources, as is Saudi Arabia today. White nations became rich because of their own intellect while living on a continent devoid of resources. You say Iraq is poor because of whites but you don’t mention that the Pacific Rim countries that you brag about like Japan got rich by learning from white technology. You can’t have it both ways.

        • Wayne Lo

           Really? You mean Europe was rich before the so-called “age of discovery”? Surely you can’t be serious.

          Europeans became rich both because of their intellect and because they robbed the rest of the world on the way to becoming rich.

          If all whites had simply remained in Europe, did not have access to any resources outside of Europe, did not have access to non-white lands as a safety valve to relieve population pressures within Europe, then I hardly think that whites would be as rich and powerful as they are today.

          Courtney: can you dispute the fact that China was richer than Europe and the US put together only about 170 years ago?

          Of course you cannot.

          And I don’t think Europeans could have advanced science and technology had not non-whites discovered negative numbers, the decimal point, the compass, and the paper upon which to write down these discoveries.

          The point is this. East Asians have probably over the course of human history contributed more to human civilisation than whites. And have remained civilised and sustained civilisation for a longer period than whites. When nordics were running round in loin cloths 2000 years ago, China had an already ancient sophisticated culture.

          Needham’s book alone runs to about 24 volumes. That is more than your entire encyclopedia britannia.

          • MikeofAges

             Wait a minute. Mediterranean Culture. Got seriously started 2,500 years ago.

      • StivD

        India had the stolen wealth of most of Asia and Eastern Europe that was passed down to the Moghals descended from Genghis Khan. A vicious bloody culture. When that reign ended their wealth began to evaporate. 

        Singapore is an autocratic nation that allows little personal freedoms to it’s citizens unless they’re wealthy producers. China is the way the USSR used to be: they often lie about, or hide, crime. They also have a regime that keeps their citizenry very strictly in line via human rights abuses. Use brutal methods and you’ll have a people too cowed to do much but be good little workers.

        • Wayne Lo

           You are way out of date and off base. Chinese have less likelihood of being locked up for long periods for a minor crime than Americans do. China’s incarceration rate is about 1/7th that of the US.

          Hardly any Chinese in China knows someone who has been imprisoned. Yet for minorities in the US, about 1/3rd or 1/4th have seen the inside of a prison?

          Singapore has plenty enough freedoms, and in any case even if the place did not suit you, it suits most Singaporeans who are happy to stay there.

          • StivD

            The U.S. has taken on more and more draconian laws because of undesirable minorities that drive the crime rate. Many new laws are also hate crimes legislation designed to keep everybody in line in the glorious multiracial heaven. That proves that the U.S. isn’t a healthy society any longer and that it’s due to alien racial influences. The more out of balance and corrupted a culture becomes the more freedoms people lose. 

    • JohnEngelman

      South Korea and Taiwan seem like decent places to live. China and Vietnam have the potential for becoming that way as soon as they adopt democratic governments. 

  • JohnEngelman

    There is a difference between race realism and race bigotry. A race realist realizes that racial differences in average ability levels and behavior are largely genetic and resistant to change. A race bigot dislikes anyone not of his or her race. 
    Comments posted to news stories that get the most “Likes” are frequently those that express hostility for anyone not of European descent. 

    • CourtneyfromAlabama

      What have I ever said that shows hatred towards another race? I just want for whites what is natural and what every other race takes for granted…..our nations to ourselves. Plus, I am proud of my race’s achievements and I refuse to apologize for that. When you accuse someone of bigotry, you are admitting to losing the argument.

      • Wayne Lo

         Almost all countries in the world, bar a few, have sizeable minority groups.

        Whites would have had their nations to ‘themselves’, if they had stayed in Europe and not invaded everyone else.

        Indeed, whites could still have all white lands if all whites around the world returned to Europe.

        • MikeofAges

           Are you prepared to countenance having Africans and South Asians being forced to withdraw from Europe? Should Asian and Africans in North American go back to their ancestral homelands? Mestizos sent back to Latin America?  Whats the deal? I’m an advanced thinker. Not being hostile. I just want to know.

          • Wayne Lo

            The deal is not that whites should be forced to withdraw from North America, the only situation in which such a request would be considered reasonable and just would be if whites started demanding (as many do here), that North America should remain exclusively for whites.

            Whites have spread all over the globe, often at the expense of other people. While whites are the world’s second most numerous race, after East Asians, they still dominate territory out of all proportion to their numbers and most of this territory was formerly non-white. Fair enough.

            But when you create a global empire, and forcibly globalise the world, it is rather ridiculous to then scream that you are not living in an all-white homeland.

          • MikeofAges

            I’m sure you’ll be around and I’ll take up some of the issues later. But you didn’t answer the question as regards Europe.

      • JohnEngelman

        The only Americans who have the right to feel possessive and exclusive about the territory of the United States are American Indians.  
        Courtney you may not hate people of other races, but you do not seem to like them. Because I like Orientals I enjoy living and working with them, and I enjoyed going to school with them. I am also fascinated by their cultures. 
        However, despite my admiration for Orientals and Jews most of the friends I have had, and most of the women I have dated have been white Gentiles. I respect the achievements of European civilization, and think the British Empire was the most enlightened in history. 

      • JohnEngelman

        Moreover, while the foreign policy of the United States has at times been misguided, it has usually been well intended. The United States could have avoided World War II. Instead we fought to prevent Europe and Asia from being conquered by evil totalitarian governments. There can be no question that South Korea, who owes its existence to American support during the Korean War, is a better country than North Korea. American occupation of western Germany was preferable to Soviet occupation of eastern Germany. 

        • Wayne Lo

          Mr Engleman,

          I appreciate many of your comments, which for the most part are facts based and well argued, and I certainly believe you are well intentioned.
          This is perhaps not the place to go into these things, and most posters will be uninterestedin what I have to say, but I will say it anyway – that I believe you are more than slightly off base when you describe the Soviet and Chinese regimes as ‘evil’ and ‘totalitarian’.

          The Russians were the most backward, illiterate people in Europe in 1917. In the space of a few decades they became the most cultured and literate people of Europe, and a mighty military superpower. The GDP of Russia was 1/15th that of the US in 1920. By 1990, it was already 1/2 of US GDP. Many many people in Russia regret the fall of the Soviet Union.

          In 1949, China was one of the poorest nations on earth (she had been the wealthiest barely 100 years before). Life expectancy was 35. Literacy was less than 20%. 

          Yet in less than 3 decades, by the end of the era Maoist ea, life expectancy had almost doubled to 67 (in 1980), and literacy had reached 80%. Indeed these health gains and gains in literacy provided the platform for the Dengist reforms. Note that India, which started off on a similar footing to China in the late 1940s, still has not achieved the life expectancy gains that China had already achieved at the time of the death of Mao.

          I know that you like to take a ‘facts’ based approach to things (we say “seeking truth from facts”, and that is what Amren purports to try and do). It would be interesting if you could consider the history of 20th socialist regimes, with a similar facts based approached, and you may be surprised at the conclusions you will naturally come to using such an approach.

          • JohnEngelman

            Wayne Lo,
            Thank you for your thoughtful response to my comment. I have enjoyed reading your comments here. However, when I wrote, “The United States could have avoided World War II. Instead we fought to prevent Europe and Asia from being conquered by evil totalitarian governments,” I was referring to the governments of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan as “evil totalitarian governments.”                                          
            I agree with you about the accomplishments of the Soviet government. Unfortunately, those accomplishments were purchased expensively in human suffering and death. Prior to the German invasion of the USSR Joseph Stalin executed his military high command because the Gestapo fooled him into thinking that his leading military officers were plotting a military coup against him.               
            Joseph Stalin’s cruelty toward the Ukrainians caused many of those people to greet the German invaders as liberators. Stalin did not expect the German invasion, even though he was warned of it by the British Secret Service, and one of his own spys in Japan. For the first week that it happened he was too stunned to respond.        
            I do believe that the Russian Provisional Government that replaced the Czar, and which was overthrown by the Bolsheviks, would have been a better government by every criterion. If the Provisional Government had survived there probably would not have been a Russian Civil War after the First World War. Russian casualties during the Russian Civil War of 1917 – 1923 probably exceeded Russian casualties during the First World War.
            With the case of Communist China, we can see what a non Communist mainland might look like when we look at Taiwan, which used to be called “Nationalist China.” 
            According to the CIA World Factbook in Taiwan the per capita gross domestic product (GDP) is $37,900. In Communist China it is $8,400.       
            Taiwan has a democratic government. Communist China does not. 
            When I express regret over the victory of Communism in Russia and China I am not endorsing American foreign policy during the Cold War. For reasons I could express in another comment I believe that the United States overestimated the danger of Communism, and could have acted unilaterally in order to reduce Cold War tensions. 

    • StivD

      Does a simple form of racial allegiance count for anything to you? 

      • JohnEngelman

        My allegiance is to decent people of all races. I acknowledge that they are not found in equal proportion in each race. 

        • MikeofAges

          “Come gather round people wherever you roam
          And admit that the waters around you have grown … “

        • StivD

          Well, you’re far more enlightened than I. {tips hat)

          Far more than I want to be too.

  • Wayne Lo

    at least they were civil, kept up their homes, and did not commit crimes and create the blight we see all over the place now. 

    I thought Asians committed less crime than whites?

    And what does ‘take over’ mean? Did Asians extort those business away from white people, or did they pay market value for those businesses? Did Asians run those white people out of town?

  • Wayne Lo

    Well there have been no white nations ‘forced’ to take certain minority groups. European countries that had significant overseas colonial holdings, and in fact benefitted from imperialism, have some non-white presence – as would be expected. The non-white presence in the UK is about 10%, which is not overly large (China is about 90% Han).

    As for the US, the US simply made their immigration policy non-discriminatory, and the consequence has been large scale non-white immigration – which if truth is to be hold as benefitted the US in many ways.

    And the migrants seem to be assimilating well. Interracial marriage is high between Asians and whites, and even higher between Hispanics and whites.

    No one forces these marriages to take place, and if whites had some sort of natural biological aversion or even antipathy towards non-whites, as many would say here, then these marriages simply would not take place.

    Of course Native Americans and black Americans have a harder time of it —that is largely because of the past history of dispossession and discrimination, which will probably take about one or two more generations to heal.

    Unfavourably comparing the outcomes for Native Americans and black Americans with those of recent immigrants is unfair, as recent immigrants do not have the baggage of history that the former two groups have, and in any case come here with the expectation of better things for themselves and their families.

  • JohnEngelman

    When I moved to San Jose, California in 1977 the downtown area of the city was so blighted it resembled a bombed city. I saw how the impoverished Vietnamese war refugees improved the city. 
    Those who dislike Orientals and Jews do so because of the superior performance of those peoples, and because of their own inability to compete with them. 

  • JohnEngelman

    I have been fortunate enough to date three Oriental women. The rest were white, including two Jews. 

  • Up to my neck in CA

    I’m not going to allow a group of people to exploit people in Ward 8,” Barry said.”
    Yeah, because that’s HIS job!!!

  • Is this joker for real? The average black IQ is 79-85 ( black Americans) and sub-Saharan Africans) . The average IQ for Asians is 95-105 (Chinese, Koreans, Japanese). The average white IQ in the USA is 102+. Then you have to factor in cultural considerations, work ethics, value placed on education and the desire to succeed, etc. There are far more successful white & Asian business people (indeed, in all professions), than there are black, in spite of political correctness and affirmative action programs, that have been designed to give them every advantage. 

    Why do black neighborhoods and cities look like they have been used for nuclear testing? Why are blacks the first to riot in the streets at the slightest affront to their race? Why are more blacks (per capita) on welfare and food stamps than any other identifiable group?  

    Barry ought to look at the reality that more black businesses fail than those run by whites and Asians. But the truth isn’t his strong point.