While Trayvon Martin‘s mother accused authorities of smearing her son, her lawyer revealed she’s moved to trademark slogans that have been popularized amid the outcry over his killing.

Sybrina Fulton, the slain teen’s mother, has sought to trademark two phrases: “Justice for Trayvon” and “I Am Trayvon,” attorney Kimra Major-Morris confirmed in an email Monday in which she said the move was not intended to reap a profit, the Associated Press reported.

The two sayings have become like rallying cries since the 17-year-old was shot to death during a still-murky encounter with neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman on Feb. 26 in Sanford, Fla.


The trademark applications said the catch phrases could be used on DVDs and CDs—but the mother’s lawyer indicated their use would be to support those who find themselves suffering for the same reasons as Fulton.

In confirming the applications to the AP, trademark attorney Kimra Major-Morris wrote in an email that the grieving mother wants to safeguard intellectual property rights for “projects that will assist other families who experience similar tragedies.”

When a reporter for the wire service asked if the mother had any designs to make a profit, Major-Morris responded, “None.”



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  • WmarkW

    Some day it will be as ubiquitous as “I am Crystal Mangum.”

  • The woman is lying. His parents are really working their 15 minutes of fame. Even though they deny it, they are looking to profit from their son’s death. I can see it now, a website full of bumper stickers, hats, t-shirts, mugs, key chains and other things strewn with the  “I am Treyvon” copywrite or “Justice for Treyvon”. 

  • Well, I can understand them. Trayvon/Teyron/Trevyon/Trayyon/Tyrone/Travyon/Trashon … was worthless while alive. Now, he’s become a brand.

    • From his facebook and twitter it looks like he actually made decent money selling drugs

  • IstvanIN

    “Trayvon” Martin’s mother’s name is Sybrina “Fulton”, guess we know why he turned out so nifty.

  • IstvanIN

    “Trayvon” ä
    is a registered trademark of the Black American Undertowâ
    , all rights reserved. Any infringement of this copyright is strictly prohibited and subject to severe penalties by the New Black Panthersã
    and the NAACPã

  • anmpr1

    First, this woman is not smart enough to figure such a thing out by herself.  Someone with more smarts, probably an attorney, is behind it.  But even so, what sort of mother is such an opportunist over a son’s death?  I guess we know the answer to that question.

  • Hirschibold

    If I lost a son (God forbid) I think I would work through the stages of the “cycle” as they call it, going from guilt to denial to acceptance. I don’t think, however, that anywhere in there I would see fit to market bobble-head dolls or silkscreen t-shirts with my son’s face on them, in order to make money. People will try to justify this by saying they are raising money for some kind of legal defense fund, but you can do that without patenting your child’s death and placing a little (TM) sticker on a tragedy. 

    • Impertinent

      ” would see fit to market bobble-head dolls …”

      Which will be expensive too…as they’ll have to have gold teeth too as well as braids to do TM justice…ooops…did I say that?

  • She’s a profiteering ghoul and scumbag extraordinaire.

  • Well that didn’t take long. So much for the “grieving” family.

  • radical7

    Some of you posters should be ashamed of yourselves accusing this bereaved mother and father of profiteering of  the brutal, tragic murder of their son! Shame on you! I hope none of you ever lose a son or daughter to such violence!

    • Oil Can Harry

      Radical7, I can’t think of any reason someone would trademark a phrase unless they wanted to earn $. Otherwise they could’ve used Creative Commons.

      Now in this woman’s defense it’s certainly possible this is not her idea but that of a money-grubbing lawyer putting her up to it.

    • anonymous_amren

      No. The bereaved mother and father should be ashamed of themselves for profiteering of the self-defence shooting of their drug-dealing, house-robbing, bus-driver-bashing, neighbourhood-watch-bashing son.

      You always get that wrong. When a black person is accused of a terrible crime, you always think it is the messenger that is a monster, not the black monster who committed the crime.

      None of us can ever lose a son or daughter to such violence, since we don’t raise our sons and daughters to be violent criminals. If any of our sons or daughters are out buying skittles (it won’t be because they have the munchies from marijuana) in a relatives neighbourhood, and they are approached by a Zimmerman, they have the sense to just explain to him what they were doing, rather than trying to beat him up.

      • anmpr1

        @ A_A:  ” You always get that wrong.”

        First, the poster you respond to is not “radical” at all, but simply a mainstream media toady embracing anti-white liberalism.  It is difficult to tell whether he is white, but because of the general  literacy of his posts (that is, his ability to spell, or at least use a spell checker, albeit with a lack of semantic logic), one presumes as much.  Also,  we suspect that he is a kid, intellectually, and probably physically too.  The naivete of his comments supports this conclusion.

         It is best to ignore such low level thinking, and not worry about replying.  Sometimes these people are themselves victims of Negro violence, or know someone who is, and sometimes they awaken because of it.  Sometimes they are so brainwashed that even a good beating doesn’t cure them of it.

        • The_Bobster

          No, he’s not. That’s just Jamal, our resident Bantu troll.

      •  Well, speaking of the father, where the Hell is he? We are hearing from Sybina FULTON but where oh where is Mr. Martin?

        Perhaps if this knucklehead, this petty pot dealer, this self-proclaimed “No Limit Nigga” had some good father figures in his life instead of horrible women and vile failures of men around he would have turned out a bit different. He might have lasted into his 20s before he was killed or thrown into jail.

    • What would you call it if not “profiteering?”

    • Impertinent

      What are you “radical” about? Not bedwetting? What are you…12 years old in mommies cellar?

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    one good thing about the trayvon martin case  is that its exposing the high profile racists in the sports world like ray lewis and santonio holmes; who are admired by a lot of whites for the white haters they really are 

  • Harumphty_Dumpty

    A black on the radio called him “martyred Martin.” I wonder if that will get the King family in a froth.

    Wasn’t there a band called The Dead Kennedys? Will we now have a band called The Martyred Martins?

    • Yes there was. It’s frontman was a guy named Jello Biafra.

  • Harumphty_Dumpty

    The Martyred Martins

    Trayvon and the Rev. King,

    both died to make us free.

    So we could roam the streets of Whites,

    and never bend our knee.

    If anyone should have the nerve to look at us askance,

    their head upon the concrete soon will do a bloody dance.

    Give us what we want, and give us what we need.

    And that’s to see all you Whites bleed and bleed and bleed.

    Don’t try to keep us from your homes or keep us from your daughters.

    You Whites don’t stand a chance against the mighty Martin martyrs!

    ~Dog Errol Dumpty

    • drunkenpastor

      The man is a frikken poet! Damn thank ya’ for that.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    its disingenuous that she was crying. ive NEVER seen a black female cry because they dont. they either scream or become violent or both. crocadile tears to wring money out of the white man. something is brewing because ruger just refused more orders after getting a MILLION  ORDERS  in a month. gentelman , may the best man win

  • Impertinent

    Ahhh… Trayvon…yo did your momma good. You left her with nice legacy to cash in on. Something very unlikely if you had continued down the gangsta road with drugs and petty burglaries.She’s gonna get some bucks. gonna get some bling…and maybe move in with the Jefferson’s.

  • Impertinent

    Georgia ROCKS!!!!

    “DEKALB COUNTY, GA (CBS ATLANTA) -The DeKalb Sheriff’s Office Fugitive Squad Members arrested the New Black Panther Party’s Chief of Staff, Hashim Nzinga, for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.Nzinga, 49, recently announced that the New Black Panther Party is placing a $10,000 reward for the capture of George Zimmerman, the shooter of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office said Nzinga was in possession of an FN Herstal 5.7×28 handgun. An investigation revealed that he pawned the gun at a Stone Mountain Pawn Shop on Rockbridge Road. According to the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office, Nzinga’s convictions of felony deposit account fraud in Gwinnett County in February 2012 made this transaction illegal.Nzinga was arrested at his probation office on West Oak Street in Lawrenceville on Monday. He was booked into the DeKalb County Jail. Bond information for Nzinga was not available.”

  • This coming from somone who named their kid Trayvon. Why am I not suprised?

  • radical7

    Thomas asks:

    “What would you call it if not “profiteering?”

    Genuine grief and a determination to obtain justice.

    • Of course, since the “determination to obtain justice “always begins with trademarking a phrase to be later used in DVDs and CDs. Oh the things “genuine” grief will compel a mother to do….

  • This woman is doing an African version of the “Danse Macabre”, literally, dancing in blood. The Brady Bunch does it – that’s understandable for them – every time there’s a shooting, they dance in blood calling for more gun control.

    But for a mother dancing in the blood of her own dead son, that normally would be considered unconscionable. But not for this guy’s mother. While calling for “justice” and wringing her hands; she’s also seeking to profit by her offspring’s death. Despicable.

    In the meantime, expect sales of firearms nationwide to continue to escalate. We have been threatened, therefore, we are justified in self-defense. The Obama regime IS the best “salesman” of guns, after all.

  • JohnEngelman

    The family of Martin Luther King has done the same thing with the memory of King. 

  • If (as it’s becoming clearer each day) Zimmerman acted within the self-defense law, he will be immune from both criminal and civil liability. IOW, no “ghetto lottery” for the Martin clan. So this is Plan B for cashing in on the incident. If they can’t squeeze Zimmerman, they’ll squeeze their stupid black brethren and the even more stupid disingenuous white liberals.

    Something else to consider: If  Trayvon really was dealing drugs and fencing stuff he stole from people’s homes as some have alleged, that cash (all untaxed) likely comprised a large chunk of the family’s income — money which has to be replaced one way or the other, and quickly.

    I agree with “anmpr1” –Ttrayvon’s parents aren’t smart enough to cook up this scheme on their own. The “man behind the curtain” is likely their lawyer — who no doubt will skim at least 1/3 of the proceeds right off the top.

    • Impertinent

      “The “man behind the curtain” is likely their lawyer…”

      Well it’s certainly not the illiterate, stumbling, Howard University , English deprived one I saw being interviewed. He has to be the AA pick for “Howie, Doowee and Screwem” INc.

  • Hey, I said this in a few replies to comments here and on other Trayvon threads, but where oh where is Mr. Martin?

    Trayvon Martin gets killed and the only person were hear from is Sybina FULTON?

    Trayvon was just another black bastard who didn’t know who daddy beed. Of course it ended up like this.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Here’s an interesting article about how the media has altered the thugs image to promote sympathy for the little darling.


    Every image I have sceen prior to finding this article shows him at about Middle School age in football gear, like he was some poor innocent child playing who was attacked by some angry White racist.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    You’re not wrong, that is why they breed like rabbits, it’s in their hardwiring. Back in their “Motherland” life is hard, so it’s the rule of numbers. Sea turtles lays 100’s of eggs and only a handfull survive, this is a simular concept.

  • The_Bobster

    Shaun Shammity also uses his Afrovoodoo callers to make himself look smarter in comparison. Pretty girls have plain friends for the same reason.

  • The_Bobster

    Taste da rainbow, nome sane?

  • The_Bobster

    His grandstanding Johnny Cockroach lawyer is going after the owners of the complex where he was made good.

  • Hell, as far as they are concerned, they just won the lottery! His parents are milking their 15 minutes of fame for as much cash that they can get before it runs out!

  • Big daddy with take a large wad of case and go to a strip and make it rain! I pity the poor stripper that tries to go after that money.

  • Oil Can Harry

    Music by Elton Juan

    Lyrics by Bernie Tampon

  • ‘Whites… generally like to avoid violence until it is absolutely necessary’ WHAT!?!?

    Do the terms ‘Obliteration of the Native American population’, ‘Nazi Germany’, ‘Stalin’s Soviet Union’ and ‘The Transatlantic Slave Trade’ mean anything to you?

    • Robert McDaris

      ‘Nazi Germany’ and Stalin’s ‘Soviet Union’ are based upon ideas from a political party. As far as the ‘Obliteration of the Native American Population’ is concerned, I would never support them just as I will support the KKK or any racial charge hate group. I am white and had my nose broken due to an encounter with a pair of ‘skin-heads’. ‘The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade’ was organized to sell individuals for purpose of profit. A slave is not limited to the skin color or tone. Many white folks came to U.S. as ‘indentured servants’ in which agreed to work for a set amount of time before being granted freedom, however some contract holders would use any and every excuse to add more time to contract. I would also point out good people (white or black) generally try to avoid violence, and both side can pushed into a corner in which they will come out fighting. It can become very bloody and become uncivil without any sort logic or reason.

  • Impertinent

    So far in the past 50 years…this country has spent 50,000,000,000,000 ( trillion ) of whites tax money to “level” the playing ( killing ) field….end poverty, illiteracy, crime, “discrimination”, elevate education as a choice, AA, reverse discrimination, quota hiring, gerrymandering to what end? To pay homage to a ghetto dwelling punk and hoodies worn by every infantile black as the new cause celebre? To accept vigilantism? To accept “Street Justice”?

    WE…want JUSTICE! WE want the end of this charade foisted upon us by PC and liberal loons who just continue to feed the “Snivel Rights” thieves and the RIC…Race Industry Complex as acceptable.

  • Impertinent

    “he grieving mother wants to safeguard intellectual property rights for “projects that will assist other families who experience similar tragedies.”

    I’ll assume she’s talking about black on black…tragedies?

  • anarchyst

    The same thing was done by the “estates” of martin luther king and rosa parks.  It is amusing to see the family members fighting over the “intellectual rights” of these two rabble-rousers.

  • an attorney opines that Trayvon’s mother’s attempt to win two trademarks ought to be rejected by the patent office.  
    I will note that the trademark side of the patent office is one of the most black employee bases I know anywhere.  I cannot see one of those black examiners rejecting trayvon’s mother