Trayvon Martin Editorial Cartoon in UT Paper Stirs Up Controversy

Shelton Green, KHOU (Houston), March 28, 2012

An Editorial cartoon featured in Tuesday’s edition of The Daily Texan, the campus newspaper for the University of Texas, is stirring up controversy.

Daily Texan Staffer Stephanie Eisner drew the cartoon depicting a woman sitting in a chair labeled “Media.” She’s reading to a child from a book called “Treyvon Martin and the case of Yellow Journalism.” The name of the victim of the controversial shooting is misspelled.

The woman reads to the child from the book saying, “And then the big bad white man killed the handsome, sweet, innocent ‘Colored’ boy.”


No one from The Daily Texan would speak on camera, but the paper did issue a statement which said in part, “The Editorial Board recognizes the sensitive nature of the cartoon’s subject matter. The views expressed in the cartoon are not those of the Editorial Board. They are those of the artist. It is the policy of the Editorial Board to publish the views of our columnists and cartoonists even if we disagree with them.”

Some students at UT are vowing not to let the issue go.

“I definitely would like to see her receive some form of punishment,” said UT student Jasmine Kyles. “I think that she needs to go through some form of diversity training as with any other organization here on campus.”


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  • Boereseun

    ‘“I definitely would like to see her receive some form of punishment,”
    said UT student Jasmine Kyles. “I think that she needs to go through
    some form of diversity training as with any other organization here on

    Oh my, this is a laugh. She ‘needs’ diversity training because she drew a
    cartoon that stated something poor Jasmine didn’t like. Ag shame!
    Please Obama, take freedom of speech away, people like Jasmine just
    cannot handle the truth even in the form of a cartoon.

    It’s amazing how quick they are to pass judgment. No suggestions about
    ‘diversity training’. She simply must be punished and must receive
    diversity training, whatever that is, just for describing the media as
    yellow journalists. Which is entirely right. They are cowards because
    they won’t report fact, which is the only reason for the media in the
    first place. If they are not willing to report the truth as it is
    provable, not merely conjecture, .i.e factual evidence and testimony,
    then they must quit and be replaced by journalists that will.

  • B

    I definitely would like to see these brainwashed liberals get some cult deprogramming.

  • 1proactive2

    Note the demand for punishment for the cartoon’s author.  Blacks are so sensitive – unless they’re kickin’ it to the latest rap song, you know, bustin’ caps into “n____ahs” and “f____in’ b___ches”.  Inventing black victims is a regular activity among blacks, and if someone disagrees, that someone must be punished!  And remember, “It be a turrible thing to wase a mine”. 

  • LOL!  I LOVE the fact that they consider “diversity training” a form of punishment!  Do these people even realize how silly they sound??  I notice than People of Color NEVER have to endure “diversity training.”  I wonder why that is?? (Yes I know why).  

  • Hirschibold

     “I definitely would like to see her receive some form of punishment,”
    said UT student Jasmine Kyles. “I think that she needs to go through
    some form of diversity training as with any other organization here on

    In my best hackneyed voice of the Gestapo agent in  every bad World War 2 movie: “Vee do not tolerate intolerance here. Send her to zee diversity camp.”

  • Fantastic piece of political art. 

  • “I definitely would like to see her receive some form of punishment,” said UT student Jasmine Kyles. “I think that she needs to go through some form of diversity training as with any other organization here on campus.”

    I yearn for the day when Whites can tell the diversity pimps to take their “diversity training “and shove it!

    • Now the cat’s out of the bag: this “training” is a form of “punishment” pure and simple. 

  • j j

    I’ll sit through diversity training the day after the NBPP, CBC, NAACP, Sharpton and Jesse attend.

  • Do they award the Pultzer for editorial cartoons?

  • Normally, such creativity would earn her a great resume enhancer for future job and graduate school applications.  But something tells me that because of the subject matter of this particular piece of creativity, it will not be viewed that way.

  • Ah yes.  How DARE they disagree with your position.  There is only one opinion accepted on racial issues and everything else MUST go.

    That’s universal totalitarianism masking itself as morality.   This is communism. 

    Mr. Obama — TEAR DOWN THIS WALL!!

  • Detroit_WASP

    Speaking of young “youth” offenders.  A 12 year old black kids killed a beautiful young white woman during a robbery.  Where was Al Sharpton then?

    • Tom in MI

      Yes, but what was she doing in Detroit?

  • jackryanvb

    It’s a great cartoon. How can we help the cartoonist who is now being persecuted?

  • Good for Stephanie Eisner! She’s not afraid to call a spade a spade. Freedom of speech dictates that her career should go on uninterrupted. But of course, freedom of speech only exists for the Left in this country, so I expect that she will be persecuted mercilessly. Hopefully those of us on the conservative, White realist side will come to her defense, because she’ll probably need it.

    • blindsticks

      Because a  black criminal suspect got shot to death you now have a series of  riots on your hands. As we did last year in Britain when the police shot  dead an armed  mulatto gangsta. 
      And they call this progressive evolution .

  • Sure you didn’t post on the wrong website by mistake? This isn’t the Huffington Post, or Salon.

  • Jasmine Kyles? Surely not! She’s probably of pure Swedish descent.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     video just released of the zimmerman detention does not show injuries due to medics treating him on scene dont believe what blacks are saying about no injuries

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    heres the truth. martin was casing the homes. he was walking in the grass close to the houses in the rain not on the sidewalk or the street. he was a burgler which is why he ran when he saw zimmerman. he than attacked and would have killed zimmerman who he figured was just another soft white target. zimmerman fought back. end of story.

  • rentslave

    The 14th Amendment  has failed us-big time.

  • RegisterToPost

    I get an “Access Denied” with the Daily Texan Link and a “Not Found” with the KHOU link. Is there another mirror of these?

  • The_Bobster

    It would’ve been more accurate if the child were black. Those are the people the MSM are talking down to and stirring up.

  • This is another case of ‘guilty until proven innocent’, just like the Duke Lacrosse team.  I just love the way the media turned him to a white person.  I guess Obama is also white.

  • Don’t forget the Newson-Christian car-jacked, kidnapped, torture and murder case.  90% (miminum) have never heard of this because the criminals were black and the victims were white.  Total media blackout.

  • Eagle_Eyed

    The problem for the cartoonists is she apologized.  Of course this isn’t enough to those demanding “Diversity training,” as an apology is seen as a tacit signal to the protesters that “Yes, I am a racist.”

    The cartoonist, and the newspaper, should stand by what the decided to go with.  The term “colored” is still used by the NAACP (point this out), so if people are protesting the use of said term in a cartoon why aren’t they protesting the name of the NAACP?  Lastly, in defending the cartoon, the paper should point out that the cartoonist is satarizing the media’s willingness to spin a narrative to its liking regardless of truth.  The truth is eyewitnesses have said that Martin was indeed the aggressor, Zimmerman had injuries to his head, and now Zimmerman’s dad has claimed that Zimmerman heard Martin made a threat on Zimmerman’s life.  All 3 of these items were not reported by the media initially, which serves to prove the cartoonist’s point.

  • 1proactive2

    Only when they are looking to “get paid”.  Remember that when blacks burn down or terrorize neighborhoods, the feds step in with freebies galore for the poor, put-upon black people who were so hurt and then had to destroy.  Our government has always rewarded black rioting. 

  • blindsticks

    Wicked , lololol!

  • blindsticks

    Eurobeing: Translation…let’s browbeat this woman until she has no choice but to break down in tears and say she is wrong for telling the truth. This is a form of terrorism and should be deemed unconstitutional under the free speech clauses of the constitution.

    Euro, if it this was Britain this  woman would have recieved a visit and possibly  even arrested by now with committing a  hate crime offense.

  • blindsticks

    Has to be a Freudian slip.

    No, it’s just good old fashioned left wing stupidity. But anyway, what happens if the diversity training doesnt work and you still come out with this nasty racism sickness.
     Should we sue?  

  • blindsticks

    Too many Jasmines in the world, not enough Stephanies. 

      It’s always a bonus when the ‘dissident ‘thinker happens  to a white woman.  
     How many of them are so easily turned onto negrophila these days.
       Brigitte Bardot is  still my pin up just as she was in my youth.

  • razorrare

    Dissapointed to see my Robert Crumb post(creator of Fritz the Cat and other related racial,political,satire cartoons) removed. Any reason for this? I merely supplied the link which i believe is relevant to this article.Amren readers,if you want to view it guess you must search for it yourself..use Robert Crumb + When _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Take Over America..

    • razorrare

      You are correct and i apoligize..i wasnt thinking..emotions have been getting the best of me lately.

  • I W

    Well, she was fired. Big surprise, eh?

  • .

    “I definitely would like to see her receive some form of punishment,” said UT student Jasmine Kyles.

    Apparently, Stephanie Eisner has committed a “thought crime”.

  • justwanttruth

    I believe that the very young Trayvon might have been that.  But by 17, especially black teenagers change a great deal.  At 19 I remember that LaBron James looked 30.  30!  I was horrified he could look so old so young, and wondered if they were all lying about his age.  What needs to be determined, and fast, is that Twitter account full of filth and gangster talk the actual work of Trayvon?  It is imperative that be examined and truth revealed.  That of a ghetto thug practicing to be pure gangster.   Whoever wrote it needs to be identified.  I think efforts at justice start there.  Does anyone know what’s going on with idenifying the twitter account?  Media has hidden except for Glenn Beck and DailyCaller.  Were I either adult Martin, I would demand the writer of this twitter account be revealed to protect my dead son.    Not happening.  Very disturbing.  CNN should be called upon for clarification.

  • justwanttruth

    Black Panthers call for vigilante murder of Zimmerman in code words with location of victim.
    Filth and insults rom Bill Mahar and Robert DeNiro were recently dismissed and protected by CNN commentators,  “this is comedy.  We need to protect comedy.”  There is no vehicle for mass protest of sane citizens against thought and word policing of caucasian Americans only.  Hate crime is only designed for white citizens.  Blacks do not fall under it so far, just coincidence black boys twice setting some white kid on fire is just coicidental pranks.  When, I ask, will 20 to 50 million disgusted and fed up decent people get organized into mass email/phone call and youtube and facebook protests?  So far, it looks like the 12th of Never. shut Glen Beck and working on ALL FOX news right now to assassinate them via financial starvation–mass emails to sponsors paying for FOX News Network.

  • Impertinent

    ““I definitely would like to see her receive some form of punishment,” said UT student Jasmine Kyles.”

    Gee “Jasmine”…I agree 100% with you. Now…for your next diversity assignment…students at UT will be required to visit the nearest section 8 housing palace here in Austin. You are required to interact with the residents and provoke challenging dialogue with the residents so you may better understand their “plight” in this racist America.

    Extra points are granted if you make it out alive….unraped, sexually assaulted , robbed, beaten, stripped naked and  or un molested by your client subjects.

    Now…raise your hands..I want to see how may women volunteers we have.