Posted on March 28, 2012

Trayvon Martin Editorial Cartoon in UT Paper Stirs Up Controversy

Shelton Green, KHOU (Houston), March 28, 2012

An Editorial cartoon featured in Tuesday’s edition of The Daily Texan, the campus newspaper for the University of Texas, is stirring up controversy.

Daily Texan Staffer Stephanie Eisner drew the cartoon depicting a woman sitting in a chair labeled “Media.” She’s reading to a child from a book called “Treyvon Martin and the case of Yellow Journalism.” The name of the victim of the controversial shooting is misspelled.

The woman reads to the child from the book saying, “And then the big bad white man killed the handsome, sweet, innocent ‘Colored’ boy.”


No one from The Daily Texan would speak on camera, but the paper did issue a statement which said in part, “The Editorial Board recognizes the sensitive nature of the cartoon’s subject matter. The views expressed in the cartoon are not those of the Editorial Board. They are those of the artist. It is the policy of the Editorial Board to publish the views of our columnists and cartoonists even if we disagree with them.”

Some students at UT are vowing not to let the issue go.

“I definitely would like to see her receive some form of punishment,” said UT student Jasmine Kyles. “I think that she needs to go through some form of diversity training as with any other organization here on campus.”