O’Fallon Teen Attacked Near Her Home

Jamie Forsythe, BND, March 19, 2012

O’Fallon police are investigating an allegedly unprovoked attack of a 15-year-old girl Sunday night. However, police believe it is an isolated incident. “This appears to be isolated,” said O’Fallon Police Sgt. Rob Schmidtke. “It sounds like a kid thing.”

O’Fallon business owner and resident Tim Petterson of Petterson Landscaping said his daughter Haley, a sophomore at O’Fallon Township High School (OTHS), was attacked by two girls near her mother’s home on West Adams Street in O’Fallon.

Petterson said Haley’s dog “Teddy” got loose around 9:30 p.m. Sunday night, and she was trying to retrieve the dog when two black girls approached her. “They said ‘This is our territory white girl,’” he said. “One grabbed her by the hair, and the other one started hitting her in the face.”

Sgt. Schmidtke confirmed the details of the attack. “Her dog got out, and she went into the cemetery (on Adams Street). There was a couple of other kids out there,” he said. “They basically pulled her down and hit her a couple of times.”

Petterson said luckily some neighbors turned on their outside lights to see what the commotion was about, and the two attackers ran off. The attack left Haley, who was already dealing with a hairline fracture to her tibia, with a badly swollen left eye and pieces of hair missing.

“The fact that they attacked her with the cast on is amazing,” Petterson said, noting his daughter was in no condition to run away.


Haley didn’t know her attackers, according to her father. “This was just a random act,” Petterson said. He described his daughter as “very friendly” with a “bubbly laugh.”

Petterson said Haley is “traumatized” by the attack and stayed home from school Monday. {snip}



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  • joewest666

    Well of course it’s a kid thing.. unless it’s against one of Eric Holder’s people.

    • It’s a “youth thing.”  We wouldn’t understand.

  • In case you were wondering…Yes.  O’Fallon is a white flight suburb created by whites who were driven out of East St. Louis and later Belleville.  And the blacks just keep on following.

    • ageofknowledge

      But the behavior apparently isn’t changing.

  • ageofknowledge

    Other way around and it would be trumpted all over the news media. But the victim was white so… it was lucky to make the local paper.

  • The_Bobster

    “The fact that they attacked her with the cast on is amazing,” Petterson said, noting his daughter was in no condition to run away.


    Fixed it.

    “The fact that they attacked her with the cast on is typical” Petterson said, noting his daughter was in no condition to run away.

  • MekongDelta69

    Unless you’re packing…

  • Of course they attacked with the cast on they might not have been able to win only 2-1.

  • brew730

    Nothing to see here folks….keep on moving!!!  There’s no evidence of a hate crime.

  • where the @@#$ is o’fallon??

    • This article refers to O’Fallon, Illinois. BND is Belleville (Ill.) News-Democrat.

  • Xanthippe2

    Oh, come on now.  A 15-year-old girl should be able to walk outside her home to look for her dog without being a trained knife-fighter (or gun-fighter).  The problem isn’t with her, it is with the people in power who permit/encourage this by encouraging “diversity.”

  • The next time a police officer is shot, we should say, “It’s just a law enforcement thing”.

    News flash: There was a political coup in the African nation of Mali, the other day. It’s just another African thing.  

  • mikejones91

    Of course its sporadic. There is nothing sporadic about 91% of hate crime being black on white. Yet when we see a white on black hate crime, which truly is sporadic (see white man kills black man in Mississippi) It’s seen as some epidemic of underlying hatred and resentment for black people. That^^^ Hypocrisy alone is enough to convince me there is a war against white Americas. 

  • Anon12, that’s an incredibly accurate, and important, comment. Extreme liberals (seems like that’s the majority too) are beyond help. Their closest family member could be murdered by one of these ‘youfs” and you know what they would do? They’d visit the “din do nuffin” youf in jail and explain how they understand their anger and, most importantly, how they forgive them. Hell, they may even become pen pals! Future soul mates even??? The possibilities of a brain-washed guilt-ridden white liberal are endless!

  •  Would blacks approach it any other way? It’s odds in their favor or nothing.

  • “just a random act” eh?

    I wish there was a place for White Children to go and apply for another set of parents.  I was never able to even get pregnant and I for one, would love nothing more than to take this little girl and make her mine.  I would never forsake her like her “father” has already done.

    “kid thing” – Would this Police Officer really lose his job were he to admit that yes, this was a racially motivated attack?

  • yes but you’re not allowed to rally around them ’cause they’re “racist” and have such a huge and never-ending evil past regardless of any facts.

    There’s also the Council of Concerned Citizens.  I’m not sure but I think they exclude all non-whites.  I myself prefer a White Only Group as I’m not interested in fusing any sort of non-white culture into my own.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     White Trash is a phrase whites need to unlearn and must cease taking part in persecuting  any whites unless they break the law, and then it is prosecution, not persecution.

    • vladdy

      Bingo. And try teaching both groups. You’ll never consider poor white kids “trash” again after you’ve taught poor black kids (or any black kids except for the few “acting white” who actually care about school.)

  • More black on white crime that is swept under the rug. One reason I am placing any children I have in a martial arts class.