French Reveal Loathing for ‘Violent’ Suburban Youth

The Local, March 28, 2012

Nearly 60 percent of the French say they distrust youth from the ‘banlieues’, France’s impoverished, immigrant-dominated suburbs, according to a new survey that has laid bare the country’s divisions.

“The results are extremely worrying,” Thibault Renaudin, national secretary of Afev, the youth organisation which published the poll, told The Local.

“Youths from the banlieues already suffer from discrimination, unemployment, and this suspicion just adds their difficulties.”

A poll conducted by Afev shows that while 75 percent of the French have a positive opinion of young people, 57 percent have a negative opinion of youths from improverished suburbs.

Banlieue youths are thought to break the rules, slip into petty crime and are viewed as violent and agressive.

Renaudin says French authorities and the media are partly responsible for this negative image.

“These youths only get attention when problems of security are addressed,” says Renaudin, “but they also do good work that needs to be promoted.”

The poll also reveals older generations have failed to give youths decent opportunities. “The very independent generation from the 70s struggles to make room for these youths that have been hard hit by 20 years of crisis.”

76 percent of the French are aware that youths don’t have the same opportunities as their elders.

Renaudin says the poll also reveals French racial divisions, given that many banlieue youths are from immigrant backgrounds. “They are always reduced to their origins, multiple, different and dangerous.”

“If your name is Mohamed and you come from the banlieues, it’s very difficult to find a flat in Paris,” he says. “And that’s unacceptable in a powerful country like France.”

The organisation Afev says youths are misunderstood, have been ignored and suffer from a lack of attention. “They feel neglected, like orphans, and feel they don’t have a role to play in society.”

Afev also says France should be inspired by initiatives in Scandinavian countries and give pupils and students from the banlieues a second chance. “That’s the problem with France’s elitist system, if you don’t fall into the mould, you’re out for good,” says Renaudin, adding that children who drop out at age 12 aren’t given second chances in school.

In the run-up to elections next month, presidential hopeful Socialist Francois Hollande has focused on youth initiatives, a “positive move”, says Renaudin.

“But we don’t need any more promises, we’ve had that, now we need action.”


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    Banlieue youths are thought to break the rules, slip into petty crime and are viewed as violent and agressive.

    I wonder why.

  • Oil Can Harry

    60% of the French distrust nonwhites. “The [poll] results are extremely worrying.”

    They sure are! What on earth is wrong with the other 40%? 

    • The other 40% are nonwhite

      • or disingenuous white liberals

  • “If your name is Mohamed and you come from the banlieues, it’s very difficult to find a flat in Paris,”

    If you come from there do you have money for your own flat, or pay your landlord in drugs

  • The French were unable to stop Germans from overtaking their nation twice, they are not going to do anything this time either.  Is there anyone that has not defeated the French?

    • Arbeideren

      The US has never defeated the French. The French however beat the English at the Chesapeake. Funny thing, history.

      • And the French won the 100 Years War.

      • Other than a mixup during the French and Indian War in colonial NA, France has been an ally since the American Revolution.  There was no time ever that America was at war with the French so we wouldn’t have defeated an ally.  The main point we should all come away with is that the West best forget fighting each other, the enemy is over the wire. 

    • Germans attacked France in 1870, 1914 and 1939 so you must mean three times — in 70 years.  I’ll let you off with a warning only because you have been miseducated by dumbed-down government schools, and other dubious institutions of higher learning.  The male population of France was more than decimated by these invasions, but remember Napoleon’s armies clobbered the Germans 90 years before that.

    • And one other thing, look up Charles Martel. He slaughtered the mohammedans at the Battle of Tours and eventually drove them over the Pyrenees. El Cid later took up the slack for the Spanish.

  • No

    There we go with those “youths” again . . .

    Are these magic “youths?”  One day they’re invading a mall in Michigan and the next day they’re burning cars in France.  The new jet-set.

    There must be an international “youth” epidemic.  It’s a strange one . . . only white nations seem to catch the disease.

    • IstvanIN

      Our “yoofaism” for blacks is urban youth, their “yoofaism” for Muslims is suburban youth.  Interesting.

      White people are stupid.  The facts stare us in the face and we continue to believe the fantasy that we are all the same.

      • Not stupid, but rather — insane; which has been defined as doing the same thing over and over yet somehow expecting the result to be different.

        • MikeofAges

           Never agreed with that old saw that “doing the same thing over and over against and expecting different result is the definition of insanity.”

          But it is the definition of futility.

  • … 57 percent have a negative opinion of youths from improverished suburbs.
    Translation: youths = Africans 

    Afev says youths are misunderstood, have been ignored and suffer from a lack of attention.

    Not true, they get plenty — deservedly — from the police.

    Oh, the horror! 

  • JohnEngelman

    76 percent of the French are aware that youths don’t have the same opportunities as their elders.      
    – The Local, March 28, 2012                      

    A major reason for this is immigration. It increases the number of job applicants, but not the number of jobs.

  • “Slaughtering Jewish citizens..” Do not shed tears for any Jew. I have never seen or heard a Jew,the most powerful and wealthiest people in any of the European nations where they choose to live,especially OURS!!,who gave a fig for the white man and his (our) suffering!! I mourn this rabbi with the same effusion I mourn poor Trayvon.

  • Arbeideren

    Too bad you decided to exclusively socialize with  champagne-socialists back then. You’d might have attained a greater perspective on that European country seeking out different social classes, and milieu. What you write above, in point 1 and 2,  is the same sort of shallow understanding a tourist would retain.

    You are however right about the looming unrest. From history we know that there is no civilization better versed in warfare than ours. That propensity has laid dormant for 3 generations now. Like you, I fear that the great hippie experiment will fail monumentally at some point in the near future. Probably in conjunction with a major economical and/or ecological crisis. Such a societal failure may conjure that inherent ability for violence into praxis. What happened in Århus, Denmark today is very likely to be the shape of things to come.

    • Arbeideren
      I don’t understand your disagreement with Elitist’s points one and two.  Are you saying that only the European socialist elite would have embraced those two?  But in any case what does it matter, as the Brits are to say, “We are all in the soup now”.
      What happened in Århus?  I know some folks from there have told me that the Somalis are out of control and enjoy raping blondes and there is in general a crime problem with the muslims- Turks, Somalis, Pakis…
      I am sure many regulars here enjoy hearing from our European brothers, I know I do.

  • Impertinent

    La Pen is the answer to Frances’ “youts” and Muslim problem!

    Then…it’ll be Viva La France and hopefully spread through all of Europe driving the savages and invaders back into the desert.

  • Impertinent

    Watch  out mate….Australia might turn into an Arkansas with a beach.

  • “The results are extremely worrying,” Thibault Renaudin, national secretary of Afev, the youth organisation which published the poll, told The Local.”

    I agree…I would have expected the 60% distrust of the third-world thug element to have been much higher….

    • I’ll bet that 60% figure was manipulated down, just as the polling agencies do here in the US.

  • Rad Matic

    Yankees told Southerners that they were ignorant about blacks despite having lived closely with large numbers of them for 300 yrs.  Later, the Euros did the same to the US as a whole, along with the South Africans. People never learn from the experience of others.

    • It just doesn’t fit into their marxist strategy for the US or the rest of the West.  After the slaves were freed and for about 100 years not much changed socially other than minimal welfare given to blacks.  At about the 100 yr mark, white communists began to implement their plan to use the black race in America as a fifth columnist movement.  The Model Cities Program- billions and really trillions spent of precious white treasure to demolish existing black neighborhoods and instead build huge “projects”, faceless living units modeled after the European Communist architecture.  Then when those structures could not bear the pounding from the inhabitants, they were razed to the ground and instead more money given to blacks under Section 8 Housing, pure grants to be used to move into white neighborhoods.  Along the way all sorts of programs designed to chew away at Traditional America:  removal of Christianity and morals from the public square, huge grants and welfare devices to transfer wealth from the whites’ bank accounts to blacks and in addition, other minorities, affirmative action to strip away jobs deserved by whites- but why go on.  We all know this.  What is a mystery to me and excluding the European communists, how in the world did the Europeans allow themselves to be suckered into the same morass that America is drowning?  Perhaps it was like us, in the beginning the frog is in cold water and the temp is gradually turned up.  Still, how have we all fallen and seem to can’t get up.  Options are few and will become increasingly more violent as time grows short.

  • For as much as I like Marine Le Pen, there is no way she can win the election.  Even if she were to make it into the second round, which at this point seems unlikely, she’d be subsequently crushed.

  • Impertinent

    Why white liberals are running from the Dem plantation and running scared. The first half of this video by Nancy Pelosi’s daughter is what we all know. The second half…if you can stand it…is Bill Maher….who of course attempts to excuse the truth in the first half. Watch.

    Maybe the French loathe them for the same reason we do?

  • America is the country that stands out for having no organized nationalist movement.

    That is an important point that must be addressed before it is too late.

  • It sickens me to watch another great Western country fall under the sway of multiculturalism.  I was always afraid that one of the last places to seek refuge as a white, Australia, would go our way in America.  I hear from an internet contact that even NZ will move in that direction.  Anyway, when they took your firearms away I knew there was mischief afoot.

  • Impertinent

    I’ve always regarded Australia as a forward thinking, enlightened and productive society. A kind of A USA with funny accents…but all around greatness, resolute, intelligent people.

    Not now…when I said Arkansas with a beach…I meant it. Arkansas being one the most backa$$ward dumps of all the lower 48 states. They even make Mississippi look better. 

    Once you allow yourselves to be thought of as a bunch or rubes to be duped into giving up your freedoms and independence…well…you deserve what you allow to happen. Fight back…if not for yourselves than at least for your own historical relevance.

    America will be all right…..the mutts don’t realize that the pendulum always swings the other way…and when it does…their heads will roll.

    We’re pretty close to it now.