Dire Finances Leave Detroit Stalled

Andrea Billups, Washington Times, March 19, 2012

Despite assurances from Clint Eastwood and Eminem, Detroit’s rebirth may be on hold, as the city is on a Greece-like track to run out of money before summer, and things are getting increasingly testy between the state’s Republican governor and the city’s Democratic mayor.

Although the automotive sector and some other parts of the city’s business picture have bounced back in recent years, Detroit city government finances are still on an unsustainable course, and the city does not have a viable fiscal plan to avoid running out of money in May.

Last week, the city rejected a proposed consent agreement that would have given a nine-member state-appointed oversight board a voice in city government and started a war of words with the state government, which has its own deadline set for next week.

Mayor Dave Bing said it would be “nuts” to think he would accept the oversight board. “When I did read it, I was appalled.” Mr. Bing and the City Council were expected to meet this week to come up with their own plan, though such efforts have failed in the past.

The political conundrum—the city won’t cede power, but seemingly can’t solve its problems—means analysts and activists here are increasingly resigned to the possibility that Michigan will step in and humiliate its biggest city by appointing an emergency manager to take over its finances, essentially turning Detroit into an American version of Greece.


Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has repeatedly warned that time is running out and that while it’s not his preferred option, the state would appoint an emergency manager and strip power from the mayor and City Council if necessary. On March 26, an emergency review team he put into place months ago must come back with recommendations on the need for a financial takeover.

That law letting the state do that has been used successfully in such other Michigan cities as Ecorse and Benton Harbor. Detroit’s public school district has been under an emergency financial manager for several years in a reorganization widely considered to have been painful but successful.


The notion of the state running its largest city and the image it sends to the nation and world, however, has angered many Detroiters, including some civic and religious leaders, who decry big-foot tactics from Lansing—even as money needed to fund police, fire and emergency services and even pension payments—continues to evaporate.


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  • Meanwhile tax collection will become more difficult.  There won’t be
    anyone to enforce tax collections and people will stop paying, making
    enforcement even worse.

    That probably won’t be much of an issue, as most Detroiters don’t pay any taxes.

    • You are wrong thanks to reagan unemployment benefits get taxed. Oh wait you need to have had a job to get that sorry.

      • The_Bobster
      • I was being a little glib.  I don’t know if Detroit has a city income or earnings tax.  If it does not, then its major tax revenue sources are sales taxes and PPT on real estate and automobiles.

        •  It’s a cinch Detroit, like every other liberal-run dung pile, taxes everything from A to Z and then some. If they don’t have an “oxygen tax” on every breath residents take, it’s only because no easy way to collect it has been found — yet.

  • JohnEngelman

    I think it will be awesome!  I will start a service of armored tours (perhaps armored helicopters) to let white liberals see what their dream looks like in reality.     
    – Guest 
    When white liberals run a city with a vibrant economy, like San Francisco, the results are positive. What has happened to Detroit has been caused by de industrialization, which in turn has been cause by global capitalism. 
    Our economy is running out of reasonably well paying jobs that can be learned by those of average or slightly below average intelligence. Charles Murray has demonstrated in his recent book, “COMING APART: THE STATE OF WHITE AMERICA, 1960-2010,” that the process has lead to increases in social pathology among white blue collar workers as well. 

    • How much of the “problems” Detroit  had with junk cars—remember when they said never buy a car made on a Monday or a Friday–the workers being either hung over or getting drunk–were due to the Black worker? That Strong Black man!!!!!! so militant,so angry so demanding rights and benefits and rights but producing utter junk with drunken, lazy, high, sleeping., good for nothing workers?? On the African plains the blacks would fight and kill but afterword laze around getting high. Sound familiar?

  • Hirschibold

    If anyone wants to see what America will look like when it is majority-minority in ten years, feel free to peak into my crystal ball: 


    • Anan7

      But what can we do to turn this around?  We are still in the majority, after all.

  • 89 percent of the city is black. That means there is no tax base and hundreds of thousands of people out of about 900,000 who are net tax mooches.

    Detroit ain’t got no money fo’ sheeeeeyit. Paying taxes is for White people.

    The state itself, the senators and governors, will balk at flushing money down Detoilet with the current imbecile black “leadership. The emergency adviser and oversight board will be put into place, it will be White people and the Afro-American soul brothers down with the mahogany struggle against the blue eyed devils will LOSE THEIR MINDS.

    Stay away from Detroit metro this summer. There will be a riot. Detroit will go up in flames. Possibly upwards of 50 dollars worth of property damage will occur. :p

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Forty years of black liberal rule was all it took to decimate what was once America’s most prosperous city.

    The hard working, innovative and creative population have all been run off and what’s left are the laziest, most ignorant and most dependent.  Rebirth?  The leftover “labor pool” and bulk of the population have no skills, no education, a sense of entitlement and no desire to do anything except drink, take drugs and collect welfare. 

    These people cannot be salvaged.

    A second 0bama term will mean more U.S. cities are Detroited.

    Although the automotive sector and some other parts of the city’s business picture have bounced back in recent years.

    Fiat owns almost 60% of Chrysler.  An Italian company that’s now building  cars in Ontario, Canada and Mexico.  Their best selling model, the Ram Heavy Duty pickups, are all made in Mexico. Half ton regular cabs are also made in Mexico. Italian owned and Mexico made. 


    • JohnEngelman

      Blacks did not move to Detroit for welfare benefits, but for factory jobs, and to escape Jim Crow discrimination in the South. When the factories closed the blacks stayed because they lacked alternatives. 
      The deindustrialization of the United States has also hurt white blue collar workers and contributed to their social pathology, as Charles Murray has documented in his book, “COMING APART: THE STATE OF WHITE AMERICA, 1960-2010.” 

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Blacks were invited to Detroit by Henry Ford as union busters to break the unions.

        Blacks destroyed Detroit. This. Is. Not. In. Dispute.


        • Bon is correct. Henry Ford considered labor unions to be a work of the devil, and imported Bantus as scab labor, when the regular workers went on strike.

          It wasn’t limited to the auto industry, of course. In his classic book, “The Jungle”, Upton Sinclair mentions that Bantus were brought in from the South as scab labor, when Chicago’s meat packers went on strike in the early 1900’s.

          It seems to me that John Engleman is becoming an apologist for the Bantus. 

  • better_times

    Does anyone know if the Detroit Institute of the Arts is in an ok area?  The city could sell off the art & raise money that way.

  • RobRoySimmons

    Detroit by definition is not diverse, it is black.

  • Anan7

    If you import a bunch of Africans to a city, don’t be surprised if it starts to look like Africa!  Same thing goes for Mexicans or Muslims.

    We are not welcome there, I see no reason why they should be welcome here in America or in Europe.

  • Detroit needs a hurricane “Katrina” and make this symbol of black pride/inginuity go away. 

  • saxonsun

    I had a student whose mom grew up in Detroit. The mom said it was a great city, then the blacks ruined it.

  • Kurt Plummer


    Actually I think it would be a great idea! Inaction is the way forward. Let us turn Detroit into an example of the triumph of Black Run America.

    Two thoughts come to mind here:

    1.  The characteristics of money.
    Money has three characteristics.  Foremost is that it is universal and so you can pay for a pig, a sack of potatoes or a pickup truck with the same worthless bits of paper currency.

    Second, it is scaleable.  This is how the U.S. stays atop an ocean of debt which should have destroyed us long ago: by making everyone pay in U.S. dollar equivalencies which keeps our money in circulation as a dominant if debunked currency.

    The Third characteristic of money is it’s Vulnerability.  For the instant it can no longer be used because it is no longer generated, economies will revert to barter status.  And that means that, no matter how much you have in circulation, you will begin to fight a war over how much the consumer mind accepts that it truly -is- a universal currency of marque.  Ruining it’s power to enslave the poor to the rich.

    This may be a good thing or not.  It certainly would be the beginnings of the fragmentation of the U.S. by separations of currencies.

    2.  Disease.
    You start shutting down the services and outbreaks will happen of such basic diseases of bad sanitation as diarrhoea, typhoid, cholera and schistosomiasis.  Try and ‘close off the city’ and you will have race war for real as the black rats try to escape the sinking ship and are shot down for it.

    Try and ‘contain the outbreak’ and you will have church groups and other bleeding hearts move in with camcorders that show a slum like Kibera or Dharavi which will lead the world to further their suspicion that we are a weak, corrupted, has-been of a nation.

    The latter of which is most assuredly true.  But which we don’t need to advertise as the beginnings of a war for a new petro currency between the USD, Euro and Renmimbi further accelerates us into the sewer of our post continental nation state hood.


    Be careful what you wish for, lest the gods agree it is a fitting punishment.

  • There is something that is referenced as a “tipping point” with the percentages of blacks a White city will be able to sustain and tolerate. I’d say its about 25 percent. Possibly as high as 35.

    After that, blacks will gerrymander districts and vote for one another en masse as a racist voting bloc. They will demand and receive positions on the county board, school board, fire departments and police departments.

    Word will get out to all the other blacks that the city is “black friendly” and has “black leadership” and the city will get swarmed like it were a candy bar next to a black ant mount.

    Before you know it, every other person in the city is black, and 2 out of 3 of the leadership positions are black.

    Then it is game over. You want a surefire way to destroy a White city and possibly a White nation?

    Give it heavy doses of “black leadership.” Look at President Obama! He’s the topper on the “black leadership” dung heap.

  • Collect taxes on income derived from what work,exactly??

  • I’m sure there are cities full of poor whites who are on welfare, Section 8 housing, and free school means, and which use the head start program.  Yet, they’re not blatantly dysfunctional like Detroit.  So it has to be something else.  Trying to put my finger on it…

  • there’s no one left in detroit who even knows how to read so what are you even talking about??

  • good thing obama’s days are almost up. just in time to be mayor of detroit.