D.C. Council Approves Huge Education Overhaul

Lisa Gartner, Washington Examiner, March 20, 2012

D.C. students would be required to apply to college or trade school and take the SAT or ACT under the most sweeping education legislation passed by the D.C. Council since a 2007 law set the stage for former Chancellor Michelle Rhee’s aggressive reforms.

Under the Raising the Expectations for Education Outcomes Omnibus Act of 2012, the District is set to become the first “state” in the nation to require students to apply to a postsecondary institution, according to council staff.

Top teachers would be given $10,000 annual bonuses to relocate to poor, struggling schools; several campuses would be turned into community hubs; and the District would amp up efforts to identify and provide interventions for at-risk students as early as elementary school.


The council voted 10-1, with At-large Councilman Phil Mendelson dissenting and Ward 6 Councilman Tommy Wells abstaining. Mayor Vincent Gray is expected to sign it into law.


The measure combines several bills introduced this session: One ensures that children enter kindergarten prepared and can read independently and compute before being promoted to the fourth grade; another requires school officials to track data as early as elementary school on students who are at risk of dropping out and provide interventions as they transition to middle and high school.


Critics of the bill have said the college exam and application requirement fails to address testing fees and college affordability.




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  • Another day, another “education reform bill” for D.C., another new arrangement for the deck chairs on the Titanic.  I would say “another dollar,” except those are pretty much worthless now.

    D.C. students would be required to apply to college or trade school and
    take the SAT or ACT under the most sweeping education legislation passed
    by the D.C. Council since a 2007 law set the stage for former
    Chancellor Michelle Rhee’s aggressive reforms.

    Look for the QPQ:  The College Board (publishes and develops the SAT) and ACT Inc. are probably paying off some important D.C. school officials.  If every student in DCPS has to take at  least one  of these tests, the publishers will make a mint.  As far as “applying to college” as a requirement, they’re probably doing that so that more DCPS students will get accepted to college, that way, the DCPS can artificially pump up its college acceptance rate, and I’m sure some money stream from government or a private source will follow in earnest.

    Critics of the bill have said the college exam and application
    requirement fails to address testing fees and college affordability.

    I’m sure the district will pay for the SAT/ACT tests for those who can’t afford it.

    • “The district” isn’t going to pay for jack. White men who are dummies, who are getting financially RAPED with a 50 percent combined local, state and federal tax rate, will just bend over and pay for it all.

      Yep. Our money will go to buy thinly veiled intelligence tests for stone cold morons who have to take off their Air Jordans to count to 20.

  • haroldcrews

    Considering that the SAT/ACT testing will be imposed universally in the District the stats coming out will prove interesting.  These tests unlike the earlier testing are self-selective for those students who consider themselves on the college or university track.  Therefore it tends to skew the results higher than what they would otherwise be.

  • Detroit_WASP

    Make them all apply to college….wow what a great idea, this should fix everything!

    Sadly as fewer and fewer white children are born, the college standards will go down and they probably will get into college, and eventually teach there!

    • It will let them sue when so many applications get turned down on merit.

  • I’ll say it again: MOST Black males should go straight into technical vocations.   To make them take college exams is a ludicrous waste of time.

    Let me put it this way: Blacks have an especially low tolerance for useless learning.  So the current liberal arts education in America is antithetical to the Black male.

    The article does mention trade schools, but it still forces all these Black men to jump through useless hoops.  Black men just want to shoot at the hoop.

    Hustle for the cash as an electrician.
    Hustle for the cash as carpenter.

    We have so many young Black men dealing drugs, because it is PRACTICAL to quickly do.  
    We know they have no patience, and just want to get their hustle on.  So why we expect them to sit through 4 years of stupid classes on “Sociology” and “English Literature” is beyond me.
    Of course those Black men who wish to study these things.  
    Overall though, we need to emphasize pragmatism and common sense.  Show them how to hustle right.

    • StivD

      Uh, pardon me for mentioning it but many black men couldn’t cut it as a truly skilled carpenter or electrician. You have know how to do more than pound nails and string wire to be a real craftsman.

    • MikeofAges

       This is a good point. For most of the history of the world, boys went to work at age 14 or younger. Twelve on the slave plantations, but often 12 for white boys too in that era. For many, including some considerable number of whites youths, this is a better plan than what we are doing now. Work could be combined with some classroom, group or programmed instruction intended to eventually bring people up to a GED level.

      Of course the problem is, there isn’t enough work for adults. How can you start hiring millions of at-risk or idle teenagers and apprentice them or at least start them in doable work. Not to mention, this idea is an outrage to the residual progressive mind set (I mean the kind of progressivism which prevailed in America early in the Twentieth Century, not our progressive [Popular Frontist] liberalism of today). Not mention, you will of necessity be training people for careers that might exist in present-day America.

      Good to point out that pragmatism and common sense are what appeals to black males. They do have some characteristics which can plugged into.  Much of this is true also for the lower element of the white population, those who stop attending school after eight grade or those who quickly leave high school. Better than leaving people on the street.

    • Blacks are even less gifted for technical work than for academic disciplines, actually that’s the reason they remain poor : they don’t value mentally demanding menial jobs, and it is these jobs that make peoples prosperous, not the high-brow ones.  Black have been good at all talking jobs wherever they have founded civilizations as they like them, that is to say with much art, poetry and music and zero equipment : I have nothing against such a choice provided they don’t resent against the better-equipped less talking peoples.  Timbuktu has always entertained philosophical discussions of the kind we imagine to be Athenian, but with mud huts for Acropolis temples (apart from the Acropolis, Athens has always been more like Timbuktu, by the way, for it being a non-Dorian, non-white community like Sparta was, for instance, capable only of parasitical academic work at the expense first of the rest of Greece then of Rome who succumbed to its charms like America at the hands of its university people).  What they are not good at is anything that requires hard work and pleasure denial.  Formerly, apparently useless educational disciplines like geometry and ancient Greek were only there to make sure only gratuitous-effort-minded people would access decision-making jobs.  Now that they have been suppressed in favor of mere talking, as was the case in ancient Athens (which had ruled out practical sciences as unworthy of a free man from Socrates onwards, in opposition to Sparta and Syracuse who condemned art and philosophy but favored military strategy, real technical science, real history, and real linguistics), Blacks can apply and help muddle-brained liberals push American civilization on the road to oblivion.

  • Their district is a sick, cruel joke on the White taxpayer. D.C. schools spend 25 grand per kid PER YEAR and less than 30 percent of the blacks graduate high school in 6 years. Less than 30 percent in 6 years!

    Are these the sorts who should receive more tax money, money taken from Whites, to be forced to stay in schools that they have no hope of learning anything in?

  • They now call 26 years old a “child” in terms of health insurance, so don’t be surprised if they eventually try.

  • StivD

    They can force them to apply while in the public school system. There is probably a trick to this.