Black Americans Die Up to 8 Years Sooner in Some States, Life-Expectancy Study Shows

Marni Jameson, Orlando Sentinel, February 29, 2012

In every state across the country, white men and women are outliving blacks, in some cases by a margin as wide as eight years, says a new life-expectancy study from the University of California, Los Angeles.

In America, a white male born today has a life expectancy of 74.8 years, while black males are expected to live to 67.7, creating a seven-year disparity. Meanwhile, white women can expect to live to 79.8, while their black counterparts have a life expectancy five years shorter, at 74.6 years, said the UCLA report.

Overall, the life-expectancy gap nationwide seems to be narrowing slightly, according to researchers, but it continues to vary widely by state.


[Lead researcher Dr. Nazleen] Bharmal warns, however, that although closing the gap is a worthy public-health goal, that shouldn’t be the focus.

Where small disparities in life expectancy exist, that happens because the white populations are doing as poorly as black populations, she said.

“The goal,” said Bharmal, “is not just to eliminate the disparity, but also to help both groups reach optimal life expectancy.”


Though examining differences between races is important to find and fix disparities, diversity experts say the race gap only tells part of the story.

“If you stratified for other categories like income, education or whether the person lived in a rural area or an urban environment, you would find that rates between the races get more equal,” said Michael Rovito, instructor of health sciences and director of the men’s-health initiative at the University of Central Florida.

“In my opinion, it’s all about money and education,” Rovito said.

Bharmal said her group plans to look at the effect of socioeconomic factors next.

“Preliminary data indicate that if income and education were factored in, the racial gap would shrink, but it wouldn’t go away,” she said.


Blacks die sooner than whites for a variety of reasons, experts say. Chief among the causes of death for black males are homicide and HIV. For black women, diabetes takes a heavy toll. Both groups get hit harder and sooner by heart disease.

For black males ages 15 to 30, the primary cause of death is homicide, Rovito said.

Young black men are 15 times more likely to be murdered as young white men, according to a 2010 study from Columbia University.


Black men also are 2.5 times more likely to die of prostate cancer than whites, a problem that could be reversed by earlier screenings and interventions, Rovito said.


In black women, culture and lifestyle habits amp up their risk, Rovito said: “The foods they eat and their culture of exercise play a role in heart disease.”

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  • Good. What can we do to speed up the process?

    I suggest Whites stop feeding them for starters. They are the fattest race in America, after all. No more breakfast and lunch in school. No more WIC for the mothers and the babies. No more food stamps buying steak and lobster and soda and fruit punch for black famblies.

    I wonder what the life expectancy for blacks would be if whites didn’t do everything but wipe their noses and butts? Hey, what is it in Africa? 40 or 50?

    • Yes they love schoo. Liberals love to write about the black “passion” for education. Like theyre some type of intellectuals-deicated to “learning”!! Schoo is where they drop off their kids,to get free meals and God knows what else. They view schoo as a Magic Place that will make them smart,so as to get “good” jobs,i.e. get a lot of money for doing nothg.

  • Alexandra1973

    Somehow whitey will be blamed.

    • Oh, of course. Imagine an alternative, nearly entirely non-White history say, 50 or 100 year’s hence. The last Whites in existence are kept in a museum/zoo exhibit about how evil Whites are. The second the Whites either die for their mistreatment in captivity or are executed before a cheering throng of non-Whites the specter, the LEGACY OF WHITE RACISM AND IMPERIALISM will be used to explain the world being a giant, less-than-medieval True Dark Ages gutter.

      Somehow it is always whitey’s fault.

    • crystal evans

      Yeah, because whitey brings the drugs into their communities.

      • Whitey, as in Juan and Pablo?

        • Beloved Comrade

          Clight12 is 100% right and I for one appreciate his comment.

          Last time I looked, this is a pro-white issues site.  If I, as an identified white, went on a pro-Asian issues site and mentioned something about “yellow” do you think that would be tolerated there?  I would be banned immediately no doubt.

          Are “Juan” and “Pablo” tolerated on a pro-mexican issues site in reference to posters?  Again, if I identified myself as white and went on a pro-mexican site referring to the commenters there are “Juan” and “Pablo” how long do you think I’d last.Do you think a few people might object and call me a racist?  Did you not think we whites might feel the same way?

          Same thing on a pro-black site if I used the term “darkies” in reference to the posters there.  They’d call Je$$e and demand the site be taken down.

  • Anan7

    “while black males are expected to live to 67.7, creating a seven-year disparity”. 

    There are two solutions for this.  We could take the affirmative action approach and start murdering Whites so that the averages even out.  This is probably the role that the US government will attempt.  On the other hand, they could try to extend the life of the Black man.  This is like saying the Black Plague should’ve lasted longer.

    Races are different, and no amount of moralizing from the likes of Tim Wise will change that.

    Blacks are more prone to drug use and violence than anyone else.  It’s their own fault, don’t blame “Whitey”.

    • The_Bobster

      This is probably the role that the US government will attempt. 


      Death panels anyone? Those old White people don’t need Medicare funding.

  • I forget, does smoking crack and you mom smoking crack while pregnant make you live longer or shorter?

  • Studies have shown blacks mature physically much earlier than whites.  My theory is that biologically,  nature adjusted for the lack of mental prowess with physical prowess in blacks.  It could also be that blacks lack the neanderthal DNA that whites and Asians have.  Whites and Asians evolved in much harsher climates than blacks and therefore have hardier genes for overall survival.

    • Kurt Plummer

      Africa is a hole and always has been.  Without _snow_ to kill microbes and keep seasonal control over predators, four footed and otherwise, you end up with a situation whereby the only way to keep ahead of the plagues and critters as population pressures (as in rivers and prime real estate ownership) is to breed often and early.
      This will select for rapid maturity (blacks, with 20% higher testosterone, enter puberty TWO YEARS sooner…) so that you literally can use Mullers Ratchet and other recombinant DNA mechanisms to stay ahead of particularly the diseases.
      Faster maturation = Faster burn on metabolism = Faster cellular aging as clockout.
      The L1/L2 gene groups stayed too long in Africa and now they are doomed by the evolutionary backwater who optimizations are those of 50,000 years ago, not the modern world.  The sad part, for me, living in a homeless shelter is the number of black-white couples where the black man pays attention to the white girl just to get in her pants and the white girl knows -nothing- of what she is committed to, genetically, in her partner.

      • Beloved Comrade

        I agree with your comment.

        Without _snow_ to kill microbes and keep seasonal control over predators, four footed and otherwise, you end up with a situation whereby the only way to keep ahead of the plagues and critters as population pressures (as in rivers and prime real estate ownership) is to breed often and early.

        Winters selected for intelligence in the White and Asian races.  The predators were most likely to be other humans who did not plan ahead for the inevitable food shortages and long icy winters.  IOW, those who lived in the frigid climate of N. Europe and Asia HAD to be intelligent to stay alive.  Mother Nature took care of those who lacked the ability to plan ahead, understand the environment or protect what was theirs.

        • Kurt Plummer

          Beloved Comrade,

          Winters selected for intelligence in the White and Asian races.

          You know, I’m willing to give credit where it is due from what I know of the desperately harsh conditions of the post L1/2/3 split.

          But I fully believe that the rapid rise of white culture in the post-iceage environment (i.e. less than 20KYA, long after the snows began to recede) is at least as much an indication of happenstance as environmental good fortune.

          1.  If the snow which is four feet deep in drifts, even in a good winter, keeps you from traveling far and wide to kill your neighbor because you can’t reach him, then that may result in higher intelligence and certainly social altruism as a function of both increased survival in families supported by living-not-wandering fathers who benefit their children with a variety of gender-specific behavior imprints as much as calories.  Yet the intelligence is a derivative -benefit- of this.  Not necessarily an entitlement to it.

          2.  Similarly, Sub-Saharan Africa has a monsoon type seasonal spring of 2-3 months and then spends the rest of the year drying out to a dustbowl.  You chase the herds as migratory hunter gatherers or you come up short of protein.  Period.
          Advanced agro in Europe developed, first and foremost, as a means to control the -wet- of a soil which is inundated in Winter and frequently has rains throughout the summer as well.  If prey animals don’t move, you don’t have to either but you do need to be very careful of the coastal marine climate effects of being exposed to the North Atlantic Pump.  Such wetness allowed 2-3 growing seasons but only if the grounds were well planted and high yield crops (which burned the soils nutrients) mixed with fallow season abeyances.  This DOES require intelligence, though it can be one which is learned as much as intuited.  And so the resulting bounty in calories as a function of mixed game, meat animals and cereal crops gives higher amounts of brain-food.

          3.  Bugs.  As diseases, have nothing to do with intelligence perse (yes, there are ones which feed on the brain and sensory systems but these are generally -fatal- to the geneline of the victim who is rendered an idiot by them and hence do not nominally effect intelligence directly…) but everything to do with the development of the lymph and immune systems as well as the generation-per-century intervals between viably reproductive adults.  Testosterone and the Progestins all nominally speed the onset of maturation as puberty but only at the cost of huge deficits in brain development.

          Which is why our children, heavily breast fed into toddlerhood (oxytocin is a major stress reliever which helps stabilize brain function, increasing IQ  by up to 5 points) and generally ‘younger’ in their developmental age, physically, until later in their teens, have produced some of the greatest works of science, philosophy, art, engineering, exploration and the rest.  While the world slumbered and warred among themselves.

          Is it somehow ‘bad’ to accredit the environment for our greatness?  No. 

          We are what we are and the environment has no choice in how it nurtured us.  But we have a major choice, in reserving for ourselves, that benefit, exclusively.  Because, no matter what you believe about the universal adaptability of modern culture in overcoming extreme environments, ‘somewhere along the way’ we _did learn_ one particular skill which is entirely ours and ours alone.  Vs. the whole of the rest of Homo Sapiens:

          We have learned to control our population numbers.  No one else can say this.  And no one else can match our total IQ as achievements.  Which means, to preserve the advanced culture which we have created, we MUST force Hispanics, Asians, Africans and the like to live within their own environments.  MUST.  For if they flood our countries, looking to have the advantages of our social as much as physical environment, their twin innate cultural deficits of lower IQ (India: 84, China: 91, Africa: 70…) and tendency to overpopulation will swamp the cultural as geographic terrain isolates behind which our great societies must _continue_ to be protected.

          Not by ice but by Us.

        • MikeofAges

          Just so you know, Laurasia and Gondwana broke up 200 million years ago, at the beginning of the Age of Dinosaaurs. This basic division has been the fundamental fact of world biogeography since them. It clearly dominates the physical and socioeconomic life of the human race.

  • MikeofAges

    How many black men are abusing themselves well into their middle years? Oskar Schindler, of Schindler’s List fame, once was described as “living the life of a much younger man” until the day he died, at 66. That was how someone who didn’t quite have the right words described the situation. How about “party animal”?

    Everyone who continues to do heavy clubbing and get high as they get older dies young. Middle class Latin American men were notorious for this, at least in earlier eras. These guy stayed out past midnight seven days a week, made it to work at eight in the morning, had their siesta, worked until about 7 p.m., and started over. Their lifetime plan was get married at about 35 to a much younger woman, pass their business along to their son or sons, or their son-in-law or nephew if they had no sons, die at 59, and leave their wife a widow for 40 years. She could party on or stay home, her choice.

    Eat like Miss Piggy, you have to expect to end up face down in the trough. I’ll bet you a buck skinny black women don’t die young.

  • JackKrak

    All of the reasons for their earlier death that are listed in the article are self-inflicted. The fact that the leading cause of death for young black men is homicide in this country would be hilarious if it weren’t so deadly serious & it tells you all you need to know about the “African-American community”.

  • slobotnavitch

    Aside from the simple fact that blacks are far more likely to die in violent altercations, has anybody noticed the gross obesity of many blacks?  I drive through black neighborhoods on my way to visit my daughter at Penn and am always  shocked by the almost incredible obesity of many blacks, particularly females.  Many can barely walk.  God only knows what and how much they must eat.

  • Life-expectancy must be racist…