10 Arrested After Crowds of Teens Create Chaos at Inner Harbor

CBS Baltimore, March 19, 2012

Violence at Baltimore’s most popular tourist attraction. Teens are arrested and tasered as police try to control an out-of-control crowd at the Inner Harbor.


Calm in and around the Inner Harbor was shattered Saturday night when hundreds of teenagers converged downtown in a large area from the Block to 1st Mariner Arena. Police say, like others, this recent incident turned violent and investigators believe it was all organized online using Facebook.

“Really from different neighborhoods across the city—east, west,” said Anthony Guglielmi, Baltimore City Police. “And really fought over trivial, silly things.”

Ameen Tyler, who works at a nearby restaurant, watched it unfold.

“It was a lot of commotion, a lot of people running around, frantic and scared,” Tyler said.

Police confirm to WJZ they used a taser to break up one fight and a teen was taken to the hospital in another altercation.

“She was stabbed in the arm as a result of a petty dispute,” Guglielmi said.


[Editor’s Note: A video of this report is available here.]


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      What does SMH mean?

      Here’s one I found:

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  • Detroit_WASP

    It was 80 degrees in Detroit today.  Summer is here!  Let the flash mobbing begin!  

  • The Video from the original article is Proof of White Genocide.  Unless I’m mistaken, I didn’t see a White Person in sight outside of the Police Chief and I’m sure he’ll be gone just as soon as they can figure out a way to get rid of him.
    Do White People really want to live under non-white rule?  These people see nothing wrong with it just being all them but have fits the size of real life heart attacks whenever and wherever Whites are in charge and even when they’re just the Majority in a Neighborhood.

    Last, we’ve been reduced to “tourists” and “taxpayers” and still, most people still can’t see it.

    • Would you have wanted a white face in that crowd? Let them savage each other.

      • I couldn’t help but laugh at this one!  Thanks for that and to answer:

        Depends.  Liberal Whites, yes.  Yes I do want them there.  I want them to be right smack dab in the middle of it.

        I don’t mean to sound so mean it’s just, were it not for White People, non-whites wouldn’t be allowed to do what they do.  White People put these non-whites in charge and White People gave them every last ounce of all their Non-White Privilege.  White People put White People last and those White People either need to be ‘re-programmed’ or sent to live with those they love and should they be attacked, let them cry to their beloved non-whites about it.

        I could always be wrong here but it seems to me that it has only been since “civil rights” is when non-whites started rioting and again, who gave “civil rights”?

        I’m sorry.  White People are the ones who Voted in and Voted to keep in, White Traitors and now “We” are forced to accept all these Anti-White Policies and pay for them too.  I love my fellow White Peoples but I’m also mad at many of them too.

  • Teens, huh?

    Why can’t people just say Black? I’m more radical than that. I’d like to go a lot further than the moderators permit.

    Anyways, to answer my own question, if the thousands of crimes a day committed by blacks were documented by race no self-respecting White nation would be able to stand it. Blacks would at best be forcibly repatriated back to Africa.

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  • StivD

    This may sound a little silly I guess , but the very early warm weather seems to have driven blacks into a manic frenzy around these parts too. The kids at least.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Yes, the spring weather does drive blacks into violent frenzies.

      And the summer weather. And the autumn weather. And the winter weather.

  • SMH = “shaking my head”

  • Sarah

    Time for a list.  Hmmm, places to avoid.  Iowa State Fair, Wisconsin State Fair, Chicago, Philadelphia, Columbia, SC, and Baltimore. 

  • Dey din do nuffin!!! 

  • Isn’t the Mayor black?  I thought that black woman at the end of the video was the mayor.

  • Detroit_WASP

    What did Obama and Eric Holder have to say about this?  Will there be an investigation?