Violent Crime in D.C. Surges in 2012

Andrea Noble, Washington Times, February 19, 2012

Violent crime so far this year in the District has spiked sharply—a 40 percent increase that includes twice as many robberies at gunpoint than at this time last year.

Across the city, all police districts are reporting increases in violent crime, and all but one have had double-digit percentage increases, according to internal Metropolitan Police Department documents. The documents contained preliminary crime data for the city as of Thursday.

The crime rate is increasing this year after a downward trend—the number of reported homicides last year dropped to the lowest level in a half-century.

Homicides were the only category of violent crime to decline in the first six weeks this year. As of Thursday, the city had recorded 10 homicides compared with 11 at a similar point last year.

Overall, though, incidents of violent crime—homicides, sexual assaults, robberies and assaults with deadly weapons—are rising at an alarming pace.

The biggest increase was in the 1st District, which includes Capitol Hill, where violent crime jumped by 69 percent, with 110 incidents reported compared with 65 at this point last year. The highest increase was in the 7th District, east of the Anacostia River, where 181 were reported, up 43 percent from the 127 incidents recorded at this point in 2011.

The 2nd District, which includes upper Northwest, reported the smallest increase in violent crime, at 4 percent. But of the 53 violent crimes reported there, 37 were robberies. {snip}


Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier warned of a citywide spike in robberies at a Feb. 10 news conference. She said the increase was attributable to criminals targeting smartphones and similar electronics.


Statistics obtained by The Washington Times show that the 578 robberies recorded this year represent an increase of 55 percent compared with figures from the opening weeks of 2011. In addition, the number of robberies in which a gun was used has more than doubled, with 252 such robberies this year compared with 124 last year. {snip}


Overall crime—violent crimes and property crimes such as burglary, theft and arson—has increased 25 percent from last year to this year.



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  • anonymous_amren

    I doubt it’s just caused by the increasing number and quality of smart-phones.

    Could someone enlighten me on the real reasons? Because I don’t know.

    It makes me doubt the accuracy/honesty of last year’s crime statistics.

  • Anan7

    As the nation becomes more Black and Hispanic every day, I fear that reports like this will become ever more common-place.

    Perhaps I am too quick to judge here, but as Jared Taylor has pointed out, Blacks are as more likely to commit crimes than Whites as men are more likely than women to commit a crime (rape/burglary/mugging/etc).

    What can we do to turn this around?  Certainly there has to be something better we can do than complaining about it on AmRen!

    • JohnEngelman

      The rate of violent crime in Washington, DC peaked in 1993, and declined until 2010. 
      It is too early to tell if the present upsurge is a new trend.  Because the black population in Washington, DC is declining, I doubt it.

    • bluffcreek1967

      Yes, I think we will see more of such reports as our nation goes the way of the third-world. I’m not so sure we can do anything to genuinely turn this around at such a late date. There might have been a chance 30 or 40 years ago, but I am not particularly hopeful now. Others have provided some direction and possible solutions to this matter that will be debated back and forth. On a practical level, perhaps the best we can do now is to urge other whites to reconsider their thoughts on affirmative action, the Black underclass, immigration, Islam and its effects on the West, the contributions that Whites have made to Europe and America, and a host of racial issues. Whites can also contribute to more White births, shun all ghetto and tribal culture, and warn a future generation of White children about the Black and Mexican underclass. We can also stop being ashamed of our Whiteness and start taking pride in what our race has accomplished for the betterment of the entire world!

      • blight14

         I truly see civil war ll in our future……

      • 1gravity

         Sounds like a plan. 

  • I heard this morning on the local news that the Guardian Angels were getting involved in the D.C. situation. They were going to publicize that a lot of the crime was hitting people with electronics (computers, cell phones, ipads etc.)    That people needed to be less obvious with their technology.  It is a shame. I thought D.C. was getting better. Baltimore was the city with all the crime. But I guess I was wrong. Violent DC is back. 


  • bluffcreek1967

    This article from the Washington Times demonstrates once again how racist and biased this newspaper is. It is not in Black communities that such high crime occurs, but in White and Asian communities! Historically, Blacks are known to be educated, refined in character, soft-spoken, articulate and respectful of others. Moreover, Black families have remained intact and unified in spite of much undeserved criticism from Whites. Contrary to what this newspaper states, Blacks have the lowest crimes rates of all the races. This is why it is safer to walk late at night in Black areas than in White areas. Our prisons are filled with more Whites and Asians than Blacks – and a simple examination of all the data would support this . . . . . Uh, well, it’s certainly a nice thought.  

  • I guess the thugs have been reading (or more likely, heard about on the TV/radio/from friends), of that series in the Washington Times about that reporterette and all the hoops she had to go thru just to buy and possess at home a handgun. They now know that extremely few people will run that gauntlet.

    As long as Obama is not able to appoint another SCOTUS justice (his 2 appointees voted AGAINST the 2nd Amendment in the McDonald decision), Gura/SAF/Calguns/NRA should win Shall Issue Right-to-Carry for the ENTIRE nation (think D.C., HI, CA, IL, MA, MD, NJ, NY/NYC), before 2013 July 4th!

    This year’s presidential election is extremely important since a couple of SCOTUS justices are over 80 y.o.

  • JackKrak

    Outside of Africa, is there another national capital in the world that’s known as a center of violent crime? Why is this just casually accepted?

    I think of all the foreign diplomats and their families who have served in Washington over the years & how they probably go home and tell everyone about the reality of the CAPITAL CITY of the RICHEST NATION ON EARTH. Absolutely humiliating……

  • Prima_Morte

    Hasn’t there been stories here that talk about the “gentrification” of Washington D.C? Whites moving back into the city?

    If they’re true, it’s just a case of predators following their food supply.

  • jackellis

    I was successfully robbed of an IPhone on a Chicago CTA bus a year and a half ago. It’s the first time in my entire life that I was successfully robbed and I’ve lived half of my life in high crime areas of Chicago and New York City (the worst years late 80s, early 90s). Letting your guard down and displaying an expensive IPhone, smart phone in public around non Whites/Blacks, that’s just plain stupid and I deserved getting robbed. It will never happen again. I was armed with a fighting walking cane, but the thieves were young and very swift.

  • John Doe

    What do you expect when DC residents arent allowed to defend themselves on the street.