St. Louis Man Carrying Petition Forms for a Safer Missouri Is Fatally Shot

Christine Byers, STL Today, February 8, 2012

A man who was found shot multiple times and carrying petitions to support A Safer Missouri’s local control ballot initiative Tuesday night has died, according to police.

Police found 55-year-old Darryl Winston of the 4400 block of Anderson Avenue in an alley between Holly and Clarence avenues near Carter Avenue just before 9 p.m. Tuesday. {snip}

He had been shot multiple times in the chest, police say.

Police say witnesses heard two men arguing before the shooting. Police did not have any information on a suspect.


A Safer Missouri Citizens’ Coalition is sponsoring the 2012 ballot initiative to return control of the St. Louis police department to the city from the state.

A Safer Missouri Citizens’ Coalition contracted with National Petition Management to hire workers to collect signatures. About 100 workers signed up to work at polling places yesterday to collect signatures from registered voters, said National Petition Management president Lee Albright.


Albright said it is unlikely the man was collecting signatures at the time of the shooting because it is not the company’s protocol to have workers out that late at night. He said the company employs its workers as independent contractors and pays them per signature.


[Editor’s Note: U.S. News and World Report ranked St. Louis as the “most dangerous U.S. city” in 2011.]


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  • This deserves a little bit of background.

    As the article states, the man in question was a paid hack collecting signatures for a ballot measure that would return control of the St. Louis City Police Department to the city.  Now, most cities already control their own PDs, but 4 of the 5 members of the St. Louis City Police Board are appointed by Missouri’s Governor (the Mayor of St. Louis is the fifth ex officio).  During the beginning months of the War Between the States, not long after the legitimately elected Missouri government seceded from the Union and joined the Confederacy, the legislature also stripped heavily pro-enemy St. Louis City of its control of the PD, in order to keep the city from using the police as de facto enemy troops.  The legitimate state government was overthrown and a pro-enemy government put in its place, but the state-run SLPD was kept in place, why I don’t know.

    And it remains in place to this day.

    Returning to local control is a pet cause of just about every black activist and white liberal in this town.  While Missouri has had liberal Democrat governors, no BOPC appointee by a liberal Democrat who can win a statewide election is as bad as the way City Hall would govern the SLPD.  And remember, the St. Louis Board of Aldermen is a body which endorsed reparations for slavery, 20 of its 28 members, (only 2 said no).  If local control returns, City Hall installs every black radical kook and white leftist kook it can to supervise the PD.  There will be a civilian review board, sure as Christ made apples.  Every action of a white cop arresting or accosting a black criminal suspect will be put under a microscope.  Black crime in this city will shoot through the roof.

    That’s why I took the news in this article with a sense of irony, or a sense of petard-hoisted-own. 

    Personally, I think the trend should be the other direction: The state governments should control the PDs of various heavily black cities.

    • Anonymous

      Camden County is taking over murder capital Camden, New Jersey’s PD for obvious reasons. Naturally, the locals are outraged.

    • Anonymous

       Sounds like he got a dose of the justice he wanted for everyone else.

      How is a petition going to make an area safe, anyway? Move the blacks out of St. Louis and replace them whites, Asians or Martians and it magically will be a safer place overnight.

    • Thanks for putting that up. While I knew generally what was going on with that situation, that put it into much better perspective. Are you from STL? Do we know each other?

      • Yes, and I doubt it, unless you’re the meteorologist John Fuller on Channel 11, formerly of Channel 5.

        • I hate you!!!! lol No I’m not him but I’ve heard it for quite some time now.

          • Back to the subject matter at hand, the SLPOA opposes local control, but it can’t muster up any reasoning beyond the pensions issue, the very real fear that the city would raid the cops’ pension fund.  While that’s always a concern, it would be muted with a simple few words in any local control bill, then the SLPOA is out of luck.  They’re too scared to tackle the racial angle, the real reason to oppose local control, that local control means the SLPD is effectively subordinated to the whim of our city’s numerous cracker jack box theology degree black preachers.

    • Anonymous

       Too bad it was just some paid hack. Sounds like this would be poetic justice for someone who actually believes in the ballot measure.

    • Great job.  I would also point out that Anderson Avenue is in an area of St. Louis which is 99% black for miles.  At age 55, he was probably an aging activist getting a payoff through whatever politician was his “ace”.    I am sure that 
      National Petition Management  would higher petitioners recommended by its client on a particular case.  Much cheaper than having to fly people in from other areas.  This ballot measure has very little chance of getting enacted into law, but serves the purpose of raising money from guilty whites and redistributing it to politically connected blacks.

      But by all means though, there are paid, professional, signature gatherers, mostly young people working their way through college.  Let this be a lesson to the parents:  do not let your kid take this job and then just be sent wherever they send him.  Get the neighborhood checked out first.

      • This ballot measure has very little chance of getting enacted into law

        Unfortunately I don’t agree.  If it makes the ballot, it will pass, precisely because nobody has the courage, not even the SLPOA, to talk about the racial angle.  This thing would be sold under “fairness” and “local people making local decisions,” and it would win easily statewide. 

        There have been three St. Louis City referenda on local control in my conscious lifetime, all non-binding, and it has won and won big, blacks voting for it monolithically and whites voting for it in an overwhelming majority, all three times.  If a City white voter doesn’t grok the racial perfidy, then what makes you think that a white person in Kirksville or Rolla or Springfield or West Plains can pick up on it when nobody will tell them?

        • nothing “St. Louis” can win with “out-state” voters.  That is why you have not had a St. Louis Senator or Gov. in a gazillion years.  If it is perceived as something that St. Louis wants, it will not pass.  Especially if it is perceived as a St. Louis power grab at the expense of the State.

  • Oil Can Harry

    So an activist collects signatures for an anti-police petition in the ghetto because he feels the cops are oppressing the black community.

    The blacks respond by gunning him down and leaving him to die in an alley.

    I probably won’t cry myself to sleep tonight over this story… 

    • R P

      Whenever I need to collect signatures for a petition I usually do it in a dark alley too …..

  • R P


    JPG of Avast AV log:

  • Anonymous

    As someone who during his youth was on the receiving end of black crime, St. Louis-style, I can relate.  

  • Well, in fairness, it was a local article written by a local byliner in the local bird cage liner, so I guess everyone involved assumed that almost everyone who would read this article would grok the context.

  • Marcy Fleming

     Me too !