Israel’s Demographic Time-Bomb: An Arab-Majority State?

Palash R. Ghosh, International Business Times, February 1, 2012


As in Arab Muslim countries, Palestinians have a very high birth rate—so high, in fact, that in a few decades to come, Arabs may outnumber Jews within the land of Israel.

Such an event would clearly pose a dire threat to Israel and its mandated Jewish identity.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his conservative, nationalist Likud Party have passed new measures to attract more Jews to relocate to West Bank settlements.

These incentives have outraged Palestinians who believe the Israeli leader is undermining peace talks.

Still, Netanyahu has alienated the more extreme elements of his party by agreeing (in principle) to the existence of an independent Palestinian state—which is anathema to ultra-nationalist Jews.


Palestinians warn that if new Jewish settlements are not halted, Israel faces a single-state in which Arabs will outnumber Jews.

Israelis also fear such an outcome.

For many years, Israeli politicians and scholars have warned that the higher birth rate of the country’s Palestinian population may ultimately lead to a state in which Jews become the minority—thereby threatening the very existence of the “Jewish homeland.”


As of 2010, the population growth rate for Israel as a whole was at 1.9 percent—but it is 2.6 percent for Arabs, only 1.7 percent for Jews.


Moreover, the median age of Arabs in the country (21.1 years) is far less than the figure for Jews (31.6).

Currently, Jews account for about 75 percent of Israel’s population, with the remaining 25 percent most Arab Muslims (with some Arab Christians and Druze). [These percentages, of course, exclude the millions of Palestinians living in Gaza and West Bank].

Dr. Wahid Abd Al-Magid, editor of Al-Ahram’s Arab Strategic Report, has predicted that Arabs may become a majority in Israel in 2035, and “will certainly be the majority in 2048.”


Early in the last decade, Dr. Yitzhak Ravid, an Israeli government armaments expert, proposed that Israel “implement a stringent policy of family planning in relation to its Muslim population.”

In a speech to Israel’s parliament in 2007, former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, warned of “a demographic battle, drowned in blood and tears.”

International Business Times discussed this topic with Ben Moscovitch, an expert on the Middle East and Israel, as well as the Israel blogger for the Foreign Policy Association.


IB TIMES: Hypothetically, if there were more Arabs than Jews in Israel, what would happen? Would Israel cease to exist as a “Jewish State”, would it have to be separated into two nations?

MOSCOVITCH: It is impossible to have a majority Muslim Arab population in a Jewish state; that would be antithetical to Jewish values. Israelis and Jews have a firm belief in democracy, which is one of the reasons that many Israelis do not want to annex the West Bank and result in more non-Jews living in a Jewish state.

A majority-Arab population would result in a one-state, bi-national solution, which would therefore eradicating the Jewish state. Both Jews and non-Jewish Arabs would live together and govern accordingly. However, elements on both sides would likely attempt to infuse religion into the debate. The Jewish population could seek the inclusion of Jewish law in governance, while Muslims could advocate governance by Sharia.

In that latter scenario, extremist Muslims could pursue a radical interpretation of Sharia that would include the suppression of minorities—including women, homosexuals and non-Muslims—therefore resulting in an anti-democratic state, possibly akin to Iran.

This one-state solution is unacceptable and would destroy the modern concept of Israel and Zionism. Annexing the West Bank would only bolster the likelihood of that doomsday one-state solution scenario.


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  • we have the exact same time bomb ticking in america, 2 or 3 actually. you’ve heard of the “bunker buster” bombs? well our time bombs are called “country busters”

  • The jews wont get in legal trouble for killing arabs so they dont have to worry

  • Benjamin Netanyahu is worried about the wrong kind of bomb.  He’s worried about Iran getting a nuclear bomb.  (Actually, he’s not as worried about it as either Rick Santorum or John Hagee, but I digress).  He should be more worried about the demographic time bomb.

    Even if Iran does get a conventional nuke, or develops suitcase devices, why should they bother bombing Israel when they can just wait around for non-Jews to outbreed Jews in the not too distant future?  Dropping a bomb means starting a world war, waiting for demographics to kick in is a nice and easy and painless means of warfare by any other means.

    • Anonymous

       Yep, and all we need to do to see our version in progress is to walk out of our own front doors – so to speak.

  • Anon

    Such an event would clearly pose a dire threat to Israel and its mandated Jewish identity

    Dire threat to Israel and it’s MANDATED Jewish Identity?

    So it is reported in this article a “mandated” Jewish identity?  Get it folks?  I thought America was to be a WHITE nation for WHITE peoples, so why doesn’t anyone ever state WE have a dire threat to AMERICA and to its mandated WHITE identity?

    • Anonymous

       Umm. well an awful lot of white Christians would argue and do all the time that the U.S. is a mandated Christian country.  But it isn’t designated anywhere in any of our national articles such as The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, that America is to be a white nation.

      I submit to you that since the U.N. Mandate that established the state of Israel had in its wording “as a national Jewish State,” that this is why the word mandate is used in this article.

      Sometimes understanding the details makes all the difference.

      Since being Jewish is not a racial issue, as it is a religion like Christianity, the real problem for Israel is a majority Muslim Israel.  If the Arabs in Israel were Jewish, there would be no issue.

      • Anonymous

        Oh really? So th emillions of completely non-religious Jews of the world aren’t really Jews at all???

        • What if a Jew converts from Judaism to atheism… he just ‘magically’ ceases to be a Jew?

          Does the reverse happen?  Could I, a Nordic German who could have qualified to serve in the SS convert to Judaism and be granted citizenship in Israel?

          To ask is to answer.

          • Anonymous

            Exactly! I personally know more than a few Jewish folks were are atheists, and still identify as 100% Jewish!!

          • Anonymous

            not only that,but if being jewish was merely a religion why is it that Tay-Sachs is most prevalent  among Eastern and Central European Ashkenazi Jews?

          • Anonymous

            To answer is to ask, Can you point to one case where a former SS member converted to Judaism and immigrated to Israel?  I have never heard of it, but I would bet that some Germans since WW2 have married Jews.  In fact, I’ve known a few.  I’ve also known many Ashkenazi Jews who could pass for German (or Nordic), and we have a number of public examples, such as Paul Newman, Kirk Douglas, many actors from classic Hollywood, as we have today people like Jennifer Anniston as just one of many blue-eyed blonde haired “Jews” in entertainment today.

            Black American entertainer Sammy Davis Jr., created a big controversy back in the 1960s when he became Jewish.  A Jewish rabbi made the comment, “I think doing what he did as a black man, going out a becoming a Jew like that was brave.  I myself haven’t the courage to go out and become a black man.”

            DNA genetic research was first initiated by Jewish researchers in an effort to determine who could be considered Jewish by genetics.  Their work has led to the larger and highly relevant (to Whites as well as forensic investigation) field of DNA research in general.  Since historical conversions are well accounted for during for example the Roman epic as well as during the early centuries of the diaspora, the question really becomes attitudinal.   Since today for example, we know that there are large and ancient populations of Ethiopian Jews who are BLACK, the question really comes back to your attitude, and the attitude of those who want to define Jewishness as a genetic identity, when it in fact is a very slippery and inconsistent commodity.

          • Anonymous


            “Not only that,but if being Jewish was merely a religion why is it that
            Tay-Sachs is most prevalent  among Eastern and Central European
            Ashkenazi Jews?”

            Do you realize you are talking to someone with medical training?

            Many ethnic groups that have existed in some sort of isolation, have genetic maladies peculiar to their group.  You are assuming that because West African Blacks are now well know for sometimes having genetically inherited Sickle Cell anemia means that all blacks can be racially identified through the presence of that marker when it only shows up in one third of Sub-Sharan Africans in areas where malaria has been historically present.  It was a genetic mutation that prevent the malaria larvae from gestating successfully, but created long term anemia.  Nature was protecting a select group from an infectious disease, by trading it for a  chronic one like anemia.

            Since Jews were isolated due to intolerance in Europe they were subjected to forced inbreeding.  This is all the explanation that is required.  That it may be used to ASSIST identifying someone who likely has a genetic link to that community is a useful tool in making distinctions, but it doesn’t tell you if that person is a Jew. 

            Look it up.  Tay Sachs is a mutation that can occur in any population that is isolated long enough.  In fact, Tay Sachs exists in the population of French Canadians in southeaster Quebec and also among Cajuns in Louisiana.  I am Quebecois by heritage, yet I do not have this disorder.  If I did, people like you would make the conclusion that it means that I am Jewish.  I was raised Christian.  My fourth great grandfather was one of the first setters in Michigan and he built a Catholic Church near present day Detroit.  Tay Sachs disease is not a reliable identifier for someone who may now or sometime in the past practiced Judaism or had relatives in such a community.  It also does account for how serious it took their religion, or if they were apostates living within the community.  Same goes for me and my French Quebecois ancestors.

            As for atheists inside the Jewish community, I believe there is an active debate in that community as to whether they are truly Jewish.  Atheists typically don’t care an awful lot whether another atheist was once a Christian, Jew, Muslim, or Buddhist.  It follows that they and their children will be even less concerned about any remaining ethnic identity because that is centered around extra religious traits  like language and food.  In Judaism in particular there are very strict rules concerning food and other domestic practices along with learning Hebrew that many Jews no longer follow.  As those practices fall away and someone who thinks they are a Jew goes out for pizza and beer on Saturday night, the probability that such an identity will be claimed for long is unlikely.

            There are many other inherited disorders that come from isolation, but there are often advantages in sub-racial isolation.  We could launch into the differences in temperament and intelligences between increased subdivisions of White Europeans.  One that has had much attention is the high IQ among Ashkenazi Jews.  Research has shown that the same isolation that produced the Tay Sachs mutation also produced an inheritable tendency toward higher brain function.  This isolation is absolutely responsible for Einstein and the theory that has made much of modern physical science possible.

          • Anonymous

             There is not formula for conversion to atheism.  It is usually the result of long term observation by intelligent people not afraid to question established dogmas.  There is no atheist “Church” or “Bible.”

          • Marcy Fleming

            No, I don’t believe that whiteplight has any ‘medical’ training or he would recognize specific diseases such as Tay-Sachs or the BRCA gene for breast cancer only in Ashkemazim and French Canadians or sickle cell anemia only in Blacks.
            Jews identify as a race or ethnic group, not as a religion.
            This guy is a pretentious poseur.

          • Anonymous

            Whiteplight;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Your premise that high Ashkenazi jewish I.Q is a result of isolation that led to inter-breeding  that  supposedly led to a genetic mutation that caused Tay-Sachs which in turn is proferred as the reason for Ashkenazi high I.Q. is highly speculative.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                For a more reasoned explanation  one can read a Featured Article in Amren pages titled,”The Chosen People” by Byron M Roth..Why are Jews so successful?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Richard Lynn:A Study of Jewish Intelligence and Achievement and Kevin McDonald-A People That Shall Dwell Alone……………………………..

          • Anonymous

            Whiteplight;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              “Look it up. Tay Sachs is a mutation that can occur in any population that is isolated long enough. In fact, Tay Sachs exists in the population of French Canadians in southeaster Quebec and also among Cajuns in Louisiana.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Your inferance is that i am ignorant.What is it did you not get when i   stated “Tay-Sachs is most Prevalent amongst Ashkenazi jews?” I am  also aware that Tay-Sachs in French Canadians is of a differant mutation than that seen in Ashkenazi Jews..but more likely resembles that seen in Cajuns in Louisiana. 

        • Anonymous

           I always so enjoy the subtle thought processes of so many responders.  I DID say that Jewish is an ethnicity, so secular Jews share an ethnic identity, but not a religious one.  And as secular Jewry is dissipated into the greater secular masses, typically secular Christian nations like Canada and the U.S., they marrying into non-Jewish lines.  Just how many generations back does the taint need to be traced, Heir Heinrich?

        • Anonymous

           No they aren’t.  Not by religious practice and probably not by practice customs.  They may consider themselves Jews because they are first or second generation apostates, but before long the lack of practice will result in their mixing with the general populations.   Most of Orthodox Jewry don’t consider them Jews either.

          So unless you are looking for those “tainted” with “Jewish” ancestry in an effort to identify them for some purpose say, eight generations back, there is no real technical reason to consider such people Jews.

          • Marcy Fleming

            “Tainted” is YOUR loaded term, not his.

        • Marcy Fleming

          Ignore WhitePlight, Heinrich, he’s an utter idiot who knows nothing of Jews and Judaism. By his definition 80% of the Jews in the world aren’t.

      • “Since being Jewish is not a racial issue, as it is a religion like
        Christianity, the real problem for Israel is a majority Muslim Israel. 
        If the Arabs in Israel were Jewish, there would be no issue.”

        Maybe its not an racial issue to you but to Jews it is. You cant just convert to Judaism and move on over to Israel. Muslims cant even marry Jews over there. Being Jewish is just as much about blood as any other race, The Jews know it and openly admit it but for whatever reason people choose to ignore details such as this, details that could make all the difference. Also what about the 30% of Jews in Israel who claim to be atheist, are they not considered Israelis? In the words of the Talmud (Sanhedrin 44a), “A Jew, although he has transgressed, is a Jew.”

        • Anonymous

           I think that there is a provision for apostates in Judaism that rather condemns them, but I’d have to consult my Jewish friends on that.

          I am aware that many Jews consider being Jewish a racial identity, that is part of the ethnic culture of many Jews, and has a historical cause.  Such rules as you list, were there to maintain the Jewish identity no matter what actually happened genetically.  That does not technically make it so.  My point is that the religion of Judaism is a religion first and a number of ethnicity’s next.  To claim otherwise is to pretend that blacks and Arabs and whites are the same race because they are Jews.   Again, I have known Jews of more racial identity than white. 

          There is no scientific definition of Jewish or Israeli as a racial group.  As Michael Scott points out, Orthodox Jews in Israel have questioned the claims of secular Jews to real Jewish identity. 

          I lived and worked in Central Europe for several years.  I was aware that many older people viewed other nationalities with the term “race.”  I am also aware that this is a greater historical practice, as even Winston Churchill used the term in for example, his tome, “The History of the English Speaking Peoples” as he refers to Americans as “The American Race.”  The habit of assigning racial identities to ethnic groups is old, but a colloquialism.  Since  the history of Ashkenazi Jewry is mostly centered in Central and Easter Europe, they learned this thought habit, as well as their own rules that have played into the double-edged sword of racial Jewish identity.

          • Marcy Fleming

            I hope your Jewish friends as in Some Of My Best Friends Are Jews are not as utterly ignorant as you are.

      • Marcy Fleming

        We do regard ourselves as race, whether true or not, and 80% of us here nonbelievers. Israel is an avowedly racist state. You need to not keep spreading
        so much disinformation.

        • Anonymous

           Well, if YOU do, then you must know that you are a Half-Breed.

          We Whites who regularly post on Amren think of ourselves as White Realists.  I don’t think we shrink away from the word racist.   Jews identify themselves as a race, as many Europeans used to regard their national identity as a race.  It is a word, not a technical fact. 

          You are operating on self-delusion and implanted disinformation.

          • Marcy Fleming

            No, because in Jewish law, if your Mother is Jewish you ARE considered a full Jew.

          • Marcy Fleming

            Your last sentence is pure projection, whiteplight, as it exactly describes you to a T.

    • Anonymous

      I believe its a ‘do as we say, not as we do’ scenario……..interpret that as you may……

  • Anonymous

    Yet, according to some whites, this dwindling Jewish nation and international minority of minorities, run the world – against whites.

    • Anonymous

       Do you doubt that premiss?

      • Anonymous

         I absolutely doubt it, in fact, I reject it.

        It is similar to idea of Nazis in the 1930s who convinced themselves that their problems were due to Jews in their population.  After the war, one former SS officer admitted that when they were tearing into the Jewish populations homes, business, records, etc., they never found any evidence of a conspiracy, not even as much as a phone tree.

        Jews are historically successful people because they are first, an ancient culture that were among the first literate peoples of the world.  Circumstance provided them with with unique opportunities.  For example, since Christianity in all its wisdom, condemned usury and the handling of money, Jews were used as bankers in Europe.  My own ancestors, the Normans, used Jewish bankers and merchants as they invaded and set up the Plantagenet dynasty.  As the highly superstitious Christian sect took hold in Europe, Jews were already established as doctors, merchants, etc., having already traded as far east as China (where an extinct medieval Jewish community has been documented).  During the Middle Ages, the only medical school in Europe was in Montpelier, France and was operated largely by Jews.  Such examples of ability, wealth, and worldliness led to envy among average Europeans that was already regularly enforced by the Church, which had to make Jews, not Romans responsible for the crucifixion for obvious reasons.   So when the epic of the Black Plague arrived and no amount of praying, physic, or cults of flagellates could reverse the spread of bubonic plague, the Church thought up the idea of the well poisoning Jews.  I do not need to explain to you, I hope the well known history of the persecution of Jews as the cause during the era of the Plague, do I?

        From this point on Jews were far more isolated in their communities than they had previously been.  This is when the Jewish population in Europe became as you might say, “hard wired.”  This is also the period where about zero intermarriages occurred resulting in an increasingly inbred Ashkenazi population in Europe.  After this epic the attitudes and views set into European culture.  Jews saw themselves as a race, (I don’t think the word “ethnicity” was understood, let alone used), and Christian Europeans saw themselves as a race.  This is why for example, many White Christians that regularly post on Amren imagine that Christianity carries some sort of racial identity for them.  It might in their attitude and ethnic experience, but it doesn’t technically.

        The discussion of issues like these requires objective and critical thought aimed at identifying facts that may be used to illustrate the real mechanisms operating in a situation as is currently being discussed regarding the future of a Jewish Israel.  For example, I have read about the concern that many Jews are marrying  Christians, or even atheists.  They may still consider themselves Jews today, but only a very short-sighted view would not see the dangerous trend for the notion of a Jewish state, let alone the existence very far into the future of any international Jewish identity.

        The discussion requires sober and unemotional considerations, which is why my post here is so long.  This is not a simple subject for the typical reactionary style of posters here on Amren.  I wonder at times if Amren posts are more a form of Gestalt therapy to posters than a forum for intelligent discussion.

        • Marcy Fleming

          As an atheist Jew I say your own posts are therapy, for yourself.
          Read The Invention Of The Jewish People by Professor Shlomo Sand of Tel Aviv University which makes a good argument that we Ashkenazim Jews are in no way descended from the ancient Hebrew tribes and as they were bloody genocidal cretins who wiped out a dozen other tribes, I say Thank  God for that !
          What do you mean by Jewish conspiracy ? Were the Nazis supposed to find a real Protocols floating around ?
          We Jews were way over represented in many public areas of German life,
          for good and ill.
          Intermarriage like between my Irish Dad and Jewish Mom is a great thing
          as we need to out of this inane Chosen People obsession.
          I resent uninformed Gentiles like you prattling on about Jewish oppression. We as a people spend WAY too much time in self-pity.
          The ‘holocaust’ nonsense is becoming our religion.
          That Mao murdered 110 million Chinese and the Soviets 70-80 million in the USSR and the US-UK murdered millions of Germans and Japanese in a real holocaust (a great conflagration) is entirely ignored.
          How can Israel be a Jewish State when 25% of its population is Non-Jewish State ?
          Imagine a Gentile State here where only 1.58% of us are Jewish !
          Read Israel Shahak’s Jewish Religion and Jewish History on the longstanding tribal anti-Gentilism of Jewish authorities.
          I’m tired of Gentiles like you that know nothing and pose as great friends
          of us Jews and give lectures on ‘objectivity’ to boot !
          I lived in Tel Aviv for two years. Great sex but a deeply troubled society. 

          • Anonymous

             I know about the genetic studies and do not consider the posited but familiar arguments of various radical Jews in Israel and elsewhere that are known for unsubstantiated theories that sometimes support Neo-Nazi viewpoints.

            Let me ask you this; since you have an Irish father, and a “Jewish” mother and are an atheist, how can you not recognize that you are  exhibiting the mechanism of the destruction of Jews that I am discussing on these posts? From my past reading on the subject, this has been a greater problem than the Arab displacement that this story is concerned with.

            Try this thought on; Radical oppression creates radical identities.  It may be that what is going on is the final destruction of Israel and the Jewish community.  I know about the philosophical conflicts going on.  But you represent one faction of it, and the one that is set on its destruction.  Imagine, self-alleged Jews doing all the work for the Nazis!

             Unless the Jews in Israel and elsewhere agree with you that destroying themselves as an identifiable group and nation is what their aim, then you are not the one qualified to represent Jews, or Jewish interests. For all you know, I might be as “Jewish” as you are.  Anway, you are just as much (or more) Gentile as you are Jewish, especially if you are an atheist.  Your claim to Jewishness is just your claim, and it doesn’t make you more qualified authority on the subject.

            Question;  Will you tell your children that they are Jewish?

            I have often pointed to my fellow White Realists on this site that the Jews have the sort of culture that has allowed them to retain an identity for three thousand years.  Being isolated as a racial pariah has the advantage of protection of the community.  When the White race becomes small enough to recognize itself as a threatened group, it will hold tighter together.  I know that Jews consider themselves The Chosen People and all the anti-Gentile junk you claim.  It is similar to many attitudes of conservatives here and in Europe or anywhere.  Who wants their group to be ruled by another one separate from them, that by the way, hates them?  Is it the fault of Jews that Christians spread the word that Jews were “God’s Chosen People?”  Many primitive groups have cosmologies that told them they were their god’s chosen ones.  This one simply survived and was usurped by new religions.

            Your comparison of the Holocaust to the U.S. and the Allies in WW2 is one of the  silliest and least accurate I have ever read.  The U.S. did not go to war by choice, it had to be dragged in.  If you don’t know the definition of genocide, the difference between war and and the systematic genocide of Jews in Europe, then you must have banged your brains completely out in Israel.

    • Not so much “against whites” but against anything not Jewish. They admit it, why cant you?

      • Anonymous

         This is not what I am talking about.  I always have recognized that many times, the subject is identifiable by its definition through negatives.  As Jews have been the target of persecution for a couple thousand years, they naturally were driven to define themselves as they have, and survive by achieving in spite of it, and creating a strong identity for themselves.

         I also recognize Whites in this process right here on the Amren pages, which I have been posting on for six years.

    • Marcy Fleming

      Gee, look at the membership of all Left and pro-Black organizations in most of the world and you will have your answer.

  • Oil Can Harry

    Decades ago Rabbi Meir Kahane warned the Israelis about the Palestinian population time bomb.

    In response his political party was banned from office on grounds that it was “racist and undemocratic”.

    Reminds me of the right wing parties in Europe being banned for opposing open borders and the blessings of diversity.

    • Hey, you know what happened to Kahane because of his hateful views, don’t you!?!
      Just food for thought.

    • Liberalssuck

      Sounds like whites in the US.  They don’t want to be warned about threats from nonwhites, but when it does happen, they will correct it (while pleading they aren’t racists) and move away and tell new neighbors there was a lot of crime, the politics, etc.  Then the same problems will follow them and they will repeat the vicious cycle. 

  • Thomas Carr

    This is wonderful news.  I suspect that eventually Jews will increase their terror campaign against Palestinians to full blown mass murder and ethnic cleansing like they did to 50 million European people. All the while whining about the holocaust. My hope is, when this happens, white Americans will finally be able to see who the enemy is. The tragedy is, with the passing of hate speech laws, ever-growing number of  non-whites in Europe and America, complete trashing of the Constitution, and now authority of the state to murder Americans who disagree with it’s agenda, it will likely be too late to act.

    • Anonymous

       Thomas, thank you for such a fine and honest comment……Alas, I doubt it will remain on here very long….B

  • Anonymous

    The Palestinians have embarked on a deliberate ‘outbreeding’ policy (families of 7 0r more children are the norm), in order to swamp Israelis and thus make Jewish control of the land untenable.
    Whatever the long term destiny of the state of Israel/Palestine is, I solemnly guarantee you one thing: That small stip of land on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean cannot possibly support such a huge population – expect massive Palestinian immigration into Europe and north America.
     Expect also the western political class to roll over like the dogs they are, showing their flaccid genitals, and accept every last one of them.
    Therein lies great danger.

    • Marcy Fleming

      What a lie ! If the population were Jews of 20 million Israel would take them.

      • Anonymous

        This is not a lie.
        Palestinians have already started emigrating to Europe.

        • Marcy Fleming

          Only because they are being daily harassed and dispossessed in their own country by Israel. And very few Palestinians relative to the total Palestinian population have emigrated AND my point still stands, if 20 million Jews immigrated today to Israel they would find a way to accomodate them, so the population pressure excuse for not admitting Palestinians is a big lie.

  • Anonymous

    Why is this a concern to AR or the White Race in general?

    • The Germans have a word for what I am feeling towards Israel and its demographic issue: Schadenfreude.

    • Regardless of your opinion on the question of whether Jews are white, I think the reason why AR goes with these stories is because it’s a close enough parallel to what is happening in the white world (if you don’t think Jews are white).  To me, Israel, South Africa and the American Southwest share many parallels.  All were sparsely populated by its indigenous population, so sparsely so as to be uninhabited for all practical purposes.  White (-ish) people show up, turn barren land into the first world, and all of a sudden, the brown indigenous people want their land back, when they didn’t want it when they “had” it, much less had the capability to make any use of it.

      • Anonymous

         Just so.

        • Marcy Fleming

          Not true, Palestinian Arab produce like oranges were known to the Founding Fathers of the US. You anti-Arabs are morons.

  • Anonymous

    Israel does not have defined boundaries- so it’s not clear what they mean by “Israel.” If they’re including the occupied territories does that mean that all the Arabs who live there now get to vote in Israeli elections?  

  • Anonymous

    This is a good, fair news story for American Renaissance – just shows other countries face similar problems as the United States, White states in Europe. 

    The solution isn’t hard to see. Lower the birth rate of Arab Muslims other non Whites, increase our birth rate. 

    Strictly control immigration the same way Singapore, Japan and Switzerland and yes Israel control immigration.

    When you/we are smeared as being evil, RACIST restrictionists by Leftist, Liberals and yes, idiot Libertarians like Ron Paul – just stay calm and state the fact that all countries that care about their people, their culture, their workers work to restrict immigration in common sense ways.

    Stop pandering, stop always backing down in fear when you are called a name. 

    And don’t support political candidates like Ron Paul who pander, back down.

    Go when Italian Americans like Tom Tancredo, Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

    Send the race denying, racial traitor Liberals/Leftists/Libertarians to the worst Arab Muslim slums in Gaza, or French Industrial suburbs.

    We should consider human sacrifice – just put traitorous Liberal/Leftist/Libertarian Whites in places where the Arab Muslims, Blacks will slaughter them like at some Egyptian soccer match.

    •  So sir, what’s your solution? Deportation, return people back to slavery, or put them in concentration camps!?! Very ” enlighten ideas” ,huh!?!

    • Cuddles

      The Israelis kinfolk in the USA are against this for white America. We don’t have the right but they do?

      Palestinians quit rioting and going nuts and just be good people and mass produce yourselves and encourage a one state solution but annoy them with demands and you’ll get your state before you know it.

  • ‘So Israel is a “religious” nation, but America wasn’t suppose to be’

    Not according to Thomas Paine.


  • Anonymous

    If THAT is indeed the reason, then I do understand that – but that is a departure from what AR might normally intend!

  • Oh the irony of this story. I wonder how all the leftest Jews in America feel about the diversity back home in Israel. So I suppose when this “time bomb” happens, Israel will be a much greater place. You know, just like America will be when white people are a minority. Irony really has a way of kicking you in the a**.

  • Hm, I don’t see how.  Especially not if the haredi jews maintain their current TFR over several decades.  We’re talking about a group that makes Somalis look infertile by comparison here.

  • Anonymous

     You have it right, in terming it a “tale.”

    The notion of a world wide cabal of a Jewish conspiracy, such as the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and its extensions have long been thoroughly debunked by well known evidence.  Wherever Jews exist in high places there are many more Christians, so we could as easily say that Christians are unfairly running the world.  In fact, the stated goal of the Roman Catholic Church has always been to convert and in effect, take over the world. 

    Judaism doesn’t work to attract converts, nor does it demand that the world convert to Judaism.  It could be seen as a very old, indigenous religion that others usurped to create new ones.

    As long as whites who wish to be white realists are not being realistic on these subjects and continue to harbor the conspiracy theorist mindset and incredible gullibility, the longer will the white race stumble along, losing numbers because anyone interested in a rationale place for white nationalism cannot find a sane quarter.

    • Marcy Fleming

      Actually Judaism was a proselytizing religion for centuries after the fall of the Second Temple in 70 AD.
      The reason it ceased to be proselytizing was frankly the insular racist tribalism of the demented Rabbinate.
      What you don’t know about Jews and Judaism, Whiteplight, could fill up several encyclopedias.
      Stop pretending to be an authority here, your not.

    • Marcy Fleming

      EXCEPT the AIPAC control of the US Congress, 400 House Members and 95 Senators, makes the Protocols seem like a model of understatement.
      The Jewish involvement in the Bolshevik Coup ranged from at least 35%
      to 100% for the Secret Police heads from 1917 to 1950.
      Conspiracies exist, they happen all the time and we need to ignore anyone who recycles the moronic Liberal Establishment no conspiracies line.
      There was no ‘evidence’ debunking the Protocols because you can’t prove a negative. People conspire all the time but don’t put it down writing as a rule. Even the Mafia doesn’t though the Communists did.
      Whiteplight, you are aptly named because you demonstrate the intellectual bankruptcy of neoconman thought. It doesn’t matter how long that you have been writing here if your comments on this thread are any indication.

  • Still, just before dinner Saturday, Taylor sounded resolute.

    “Ultimately, for all the things I care about to happen, Jews must be
    part of the movement,” he said in an interview. The reason, he added, is
    that Jews have influence and are widely seen as “the conscience of our

  • Anonymous

    Israel had a complete different set of pre-historical causes than the U.S. did.  It doesn’t matter if YOU don’t want to recognize the document that created Israel and that is considered internationally as legal, the fact is that it happened and Israel exists because of it.  That document identified that nation as a religiously identified one.  The U.S. has not got a similar document signed by most of the international community.

    As for what I think a white skinned Jew is racially, I refer you to the plethora of genetic research on the subject.  But I will tell you this; one finding is that most Germans carry a percentage of Ashkenazi” markers.  For me, a white skinned, blue eyed Jew is as much or more of a “White” than a brown eyed, dark haired German (or European).  But that is because I understand the technical differences and am not hung up on cultural biases in making identifications; something even many Jews do.

    You’ve got it a bit wrong on the problem Israel is having with blacks.  They had an Ethiopian Jewish population for a long time.  Lately, the problem with new Ethiopians and other Africans arriving in Israel has been causing problems the same way they are in Europe.  Israel wants to end that trend.  This has nothing to do with whether blacks can be Jewish or not, they are and have been since very ancient times.

    Our Founding Fathers were largely Deists, but they did not set up the U.S. as a Christian state.  In fact, they broke down the colonial system of the religious Parrish system (governing form used by The Church of England) that favored one sect over another.  I also never read anywhere where it says that this country is for Whites only.  The Ninth Amendment rather recognizes that they hadn’t covered everything, such as the issue of slavery and the common vote.  In other words, they expected issues, especially civil rights to be an evolving political epic with the provision made for future amendments.  If they had meant for their documents to be the final word, they would have contained a clause similar to those in the New Testament that calls on believers to neither add nor detract.  So no, I don’t KNOW AS WELL AS YOU.

    I would also point out to you that the argument style that you are using in  your comparison of Israel as a religious state and America as not but with an implied right to be, is a Marxist tool from the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory.  It works as you show here, where an illogical conclusion is made to sound rational through the application of a verbal equalizer.  This method was used by MLK and the Feminist Movement in gaining power through argument that is based mostly by establishing a notion of equal rights through the deconstruction of a sound argument in favor of a more emotionally appealing one.

    • Marcy Fleming

      Actually it does matter because Israel was created by force and fraud and it won’t stand in the middle of an area populated by the same Semitic tribe, Arabs, that it expelled.

  • Anonymous

     In the final analysis, it comes to this; Israel is unique because of outstanding historical conditions.  There is no case for comparing it to the U.S. or any other Western nation.  The problem of whether it outh to behave as a theocracy with a democratic process or a democracy with a Jewish majority is a problematic issue.  IF Israel is to survive, I believe the solution must be as unique as Jewish history; it must see itself and be accepted as a theocracy with a democratic process.

    I will note that this is similar to what many White Realists are demanding for Whites; a White nation, that has a democratic process for them, not the world.  This is the only way that the White race and every Western nation in the world will survive.  Israel is a sort of test case in this regard.

    • Marcy Fleming

      Democracy and theocracy are contradictions AND both are wrong.
      The US was set up as a Republic.

  • Anonymous

     You make a good point, but I think that it must come down to whether Muslims Arabs shall remain in the West Bank or even Jerusalem, let along in Israel.  I think that Islam built its Dome of the Rock where it did to prevent there ever being an Israel again.  I think it is ridiculous that Jews have to visit a ruin that any other nation would have long rebuilt as a centerpiece of national pride.  I know some big events would be required for this to transpire, but I believe that without that and a new, more defined Jewish state (theocracy) with a democratic process is the only way Israel or Judaism will survive long term.

    • Marcy Fleming

      Your utter ignorance on Palestinian history  is on par with the rest of your stupidity.
      Arabs were a majority in Palestine for 2,000 years before Israel was established by force and fraud in 1947-48.
      There were only two shortlived Hebrew Kingdoms in ancient Palestine.
      That centerpiece of national pride is directly on another group’s centerpiece of national pride.
      There is no place in Israel that hasn’t been built on the ruins of a demolished Arab village or town or farm.
      Stupid Americans like you need to BUTT OUT.

  • Anonymous

     Teddy Kennedy worked on the legislation with Emanuel Cellar and it is he, a white, Catholic Christian, who took it to committee and got it passed.

    For every Jew you can point to having a hand in our dispossession, I can point to  three White Christians – at least.

    • Marcy Fleming

      No, you can’t.

  • Marcy Fleming

    Son, you are not. Nor can a Jewish state exist where a quarter of the population is Non-Jewish.

  • Marcy Fleming

    This is really an answer to the imbecile who hides behind the WhitePlight label.
    The US did not have to be dragged into the war, the criminal FDR actively plotted to get us into war. See Back Door To War by Charles Callan, Tansill, Perpetual War For Perpetual Peace by Harry Elmer Barnes, Getting Us Into War by Porter Sargent, Design For War by Frederic Sanborn, America’s Second Crusade by William Henry Chamberlin, President Roosevelt And The Coming of The War, !941 by Charles Austin Beard, American Liberalism And World Politics, 1931-41,
    2 volumes, by James J. Martin, Churchill’s War, 2 volumes, by David Irving and The Forced War by David L. Hoggan.
    The US-UK actually committed far more serious and extensive war crimes than the Nazis.
    Genocide is a propaganda term invented by a Polish Jewish Jurist, Rafael Lemkin.
    See The Man Who Invented Genocide by James J. Martin.
    Mao’s killing of 110 million and the Soviets killing of 70-80 million are not considered ‘genocide’ which is one reason why Sam Ervin fought against US ratification of the UN Communist promoted Genocide Convention.
    By that definition US-UK saturation mass civilian bombing of germans and Japanese IS genocide.
    There was no Nazi ‘holocaust’ as you can quickly find out from reading the many works of Rassinier, Faurisson, Butz, Sanning, Rudolph, Harwood, Graf, Burger,
    Mattogno, and the recent Debating The Holocaust by Thomas Dalton, Ph.D.
    If I have kids I will mention both sides of my heritage plus whomever my boyfriend’s.  
    I like 99% of my fellow Jews have never been radically oppressed or oppressed at all nor do we consider intermarriage a bad thing. Why some Nordic nut like you would I can’t understand.
    In regard to your charming last sentence I made it a point to avoid the utterly narcissistic Ashkenazim males in Israel and took Ethiopian Jews and Palestinian Arabs as lovers.
    And Yes they were great ! They did bang my brains out during the sacred act for which I was most appreciative and I quickly recovered afterwards.
    My longtime boyfriend here is Anglo-Irish, if you have a problem I can have him see you……

  • Marcy Fleming

    There has been as much intolerance BY Jews as there has been against Jews.
    Israel Shahak’s Jewish Religion and Jewish History is helpful here.

  • Marcy Fleming

    Actually I’m replying again to whiteplight but he has taken out the Reply button in his attack on me.
    FDR and Churchill conspired to get the US into a war opposed by 80% of the American people.
    Holocaust means great conflagration and that is not how Jews in wartime Europe died but it is how millions of Germans and Japanese civilians died.
    Check out the Revisionist Bibliography on the website and see the many works by Barnes, Beard, Tansill, Sargent, Chamberlin, Hoggan, Sanborn, Irving,
    Neilson, Toland on Pearl Harbor, Morgenstern and others who document FDR’s decision to go to war because his New Deal had utterly failed.
    Check out the critical revisionist studies of what has become to be called the holocaust since 1968 by Dalton, Faurisson, Rassinier, Sanning, Butz, Graf, Mattogno, Burg, Harwood and others. You can go to IHR or VHO websites for these and most are available on Amazon.
    There was no genocide of the Jews and James J. Martin’s book on Rafael Lemkin,
    The Man Who Invented, is a debunking of both Lemkin and the concept.
    War itself is purely mass murder.
    As far as your nasty last sentence goes, I had a blast and followed my Ashkenazim Mom’s advice and stayed from Ashkenazim men. But that’s all the details you’ll get.

  • Wow, I really would have loved to see this whole discussion before the Moderators went in and tore it apart. Funny thing, one of my comments that was removed was a quote from White Identity by Jared Taylor. I guess one of the Moderators doesn’t agree with Jared.

  • Anonymous

    That Mao murdered 110 million Chinese and the Soviets 70-80 million in the USSR and the US-UK murdered millions of Germans and Japanese in a real holocaust (a great conflagration) is entirely ignored.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           I agree.The jewish people dont have a ‘patent’ on the word ‘holocaust’. It is ‘absurd’ and ‘silly’ to believe that no race or tribe of people have suffered more than the jewish people.Todays modern  day ‘holocaust’ is the killing of the unborn.

  • Anonymous

    John,i noticed it also.A certain moderator dosent like the use of my term”Christian God” as well for it was deleted and removed as well.

  • Marcy Fleming

    Thanks, Anon, for your very perceptive comments.
    Thank you, Moderator, for explaining how the Reply function works.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry,but thats a matter of opinion concerning whether or not my post was overt religious proselytization.The best judge of that is me and i can assure you i am not here to gain converts to the Christian Faith.Making an anology between Multi-culturalism  and the Biblical Tower of Babel is no more proselytizing than this site whose message is one of White Identity whose purpose it is to wake up Whites from a dark &  dispossessing ideology that has been waging war against civilzation and all that is good.                                                                                                                                                                     If i recall correctly we have had this conversation before and it revolved around a certain poster who in my opinion is overtly trying to convert Christians and agnostics to his/her atheist religion.If you are to judge/moderate,please do it fairly,otherwise it would appear you are being biased in this matter. Thankyou.

  • *Reply to Mod. not Anon*
    Well you might want to let the other Mods know that because I’ve seen quite a few posts deleted by them that could only be political censorship.

  • Anonymous

     Thank you Anon….if the Protocols are indeed a fabrication, they must have been written by Nostradamus……