Girl, 15, Gives Harrowing Account of Being Plied with Alcohol and Passed Around Asian Gang for Sex

Jaya Narain, Daily Mail (London), February 23, 2012

A court yesterday heard harrowing testimony from a 15-year-old girl who was repeatedly plied with alcohol before being passed around a group of men to be used for sex.

The teenager was driven to houses where she was forced to have sex with various men and was later paid money to keep quiet.

Yesterday a jury was played a video of a police interview in which the girl described the first time she was plied with vodka before being raped in a room above a takeaway.

The teenager told the 59-year-old man she did not want to have sex with him, but he replied: ‘That’s the deal—I give you something and you do something for me.’

Throughout her ordeal on a bare mattress in the bedroom, the girl cried and pleaded with him to stop but her abuser told her ‘Don’t cry—I love you.’

A gang of 11 men are on trial accused of a variety of sex offences against children including rape, trafficking and sexual assault.

The girl told police she was left depressed and disgusted by her ordeal.

She said the abuse first began when she and friends went to a takeaway in Rochdale, Greater Manchester to get some food.

They were taken round the back of the restaurant and were talking to a man they called ‘chef’ when a 59-year-old man arrived.

The jury at Liverpool Crown Court heard the man handed a bottle of vodka to the girls before inviting the 15-year-old upstairs to a room above the takeaway.

The teenager said: ‘He told me to get on the bed and told me to have sex with him. I said ‘No’ but he said ‘I have just given you vodka so it is part of the deal—I have done something for you so you have to do something for me. He pulled his pants down and I said I don’t want to do it but he just carried on.’

She said: ‘He was just saying ‘Please, please we are good friends’ I was crying while he was doing it but he just ignored me. He started saying ‘Don’t cry, I love you’ and all this.

‘Afterwards I went downstairs and he said ‘Have you been crying?’ and I said ‘Yes’. He said: ‘I love you, when can I make love to you again?’ and I said ‘Never”

The teenager told the court the 59-year-old then raped her again and began to pass her round his friends and acquaintances.

The court heard she and her friend had accepted a lift home from the man but instead of taking her back to her own house he took her to a property in Oldham.

Once there he told the girl: ‘You have to have sex with me before I take you home’ before raping her and then inviting a second man into the room.

The girl told police: ‘The other man came in and he said I have to have sex with him as well. I just let him do it because I thought I had to or I wouldn’t be able to go home.’

When she was finally allowed home the 59-year-old gave her £40 saying: ‘Don’t tell anyone—I’ll give you money, anything you want.’

The court heard that on another occasion the 59-year-old forced the schoolgirl to have sex with another man despite her pleading: ‘I am only 15.’

In a video interview she said: ‘He said it didn’t matter and I had to have sex with him as well. Then after that he gave me £20 to keep my mouth shut and he kept bringing people and making me have sex with them and then gave me money to shut up about it.

‘I said I didn’t want to do it anymore and he said: ‘You have to.’

I said: ‘You will get done for this if I tell the police’ and he said: ‘I won’t get done’ because in his country you are allowed to have sex with people from the age of 11.’

She went on to tell police about an occasion when he raped her in his car before buying her cigarettes and telling her ‘It’s the deal. Every time we have sex I’ll buy you things.’

The girl said the man told her ‘I’ll get someone to kill you’ and threatened to tell her mother if she didn’t get into the car and comply with his demands.

The rape claims came to light in 2008 when the girl was arrested following a disturbance at a takeaway but the jury was told yesterday that Greater Manchester Police did not take her allegation further and the girl fell back into the hands of abusers.

Rachel Smith, prosecuting, said: ‘Regrettably the police officers who looked into the matter didn’t take the investigation further at that stage.’

Abdul Aziz, 41, Abdul Rauf, 43, Mohammed Sajid, 35, Adil Khan, 42, Abdul Qayyum, 43, Mohammed Amin, 44, Qamar Shahzad, 29, Liaquat Shah, 41, Kabeer Hassan, 24, and Hamid Safi, 22, along with the 59-year-old man have pleaded not guilty to all charges.

The case continues.

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  • loyalwhitebriton

    Muslim men have a very low opinion of White western women. Sluttish, easy, promiscuous, etc. But it’s more than that. Non-White men have a fetish for White women. Easy to understand why, White women are, naturally, more beautiful. This is why there are many more non-White on White rape, than the reverse.
    The above Asian men need to chemically castrated. Or executed. I prefer the latter, but would settle for the former.
    People often accuse us WN advocates of Hate. I think Hate is a strong word, and being a Christian I try not to Hate anybody. But it would be true to say that I dislike them intensely. Not simply because they are  different, but because of what they have done, and are doing, to our people.

    • Anan7

       “Muslim men have a very low opinion of White western women. Sluttish, easy, promiscuous, etc.”

      Is this a racial or a religious take on White women?

      • loyalwhitebriton

        I replied to you anan7, but my reply has disappeared. don’t know why. I’ll see if it reappears later, if not, i’ll try again.

      • absoluete nonsense. Many Middle eastern / Pakistani women in their own way are just attractive and in many cases even more feminine and attractive as compared to white Nordic females. Rape has nothing to do with beauty or attraction – more of a power-play and a way of subjugating a person you dislike.

    • Dan

      Your take on the concept of Hate is flawed.  Its not easy to figure out what is wrong but you have to do it none the less.  

      We dont Hate (TM) them for who they are, we are viciously ticked for what they do and that is do nothing for us and then nothing for anyone else.

    • Wayne Lo

      Oh you WN are a bunch of hypocrites. I am in Hong Kong right now. Can’t move walk 10 steps without seeing some white man with one of our pretty Chinese girls.

      You lot make me sick with your hypocrisy.

      • anmpr1

        Wayne, I doubt that your “pretty Chinese girls” are being beaten, plied with alcohol, and turned into prostitutes before your very eyes by evil white men.  In fact, the Chinese women are probably being treated better than they have ever been, hitherto.  At the same time I must disabuse you of your WN preconception; many white nationalists are against any form of miscegenation, so it is not they who are the hypocrites, necessarily.  To take revenge you might come to the US and date a “pretty white girl,”  …if you can, that is.  Besides, in HK there are plenty of white women.  Just use your Asian persuasion charm.  Should be no problem for you.

        • Wayne Lo

           Amazing. A WN encouraging miscegenation?

          Now a question. Are you against white men with Asian women or not?

          Your post betrays an ambiguity over this issue.

          And I suppose if a black man treats a white woman OK, that is fine for you too eh?

          The principle is this. Before white men stop dating Asian women, I rejoice everytime I hear of a white woman beaten, stabbed, raped, or smashed in the head by a black man.

          • Boereseun

            Wayne, you display something very sick. Why wish harm on an innocent white woman? White men engaging in miscegenation is just as wrong, to me that is, to a black, Arab or Asian man with a white woman.

            The difference between the above example in the article and what makes your opinion ‘sick’ as it were is because, while it might be wrong what these white guys are doing with those Chinese girls, they are not doing it against the will of the Chinese girl, they are not using alcohol to rape her or using violence to place her into submission. 

            Just remember one thing, not everyone here is a White Nationalist, not everyone here disagrees with miscegenation like you or I. This site allows everyone to air their view point. You cannot use one person’s views against another.

            There is a vibe of hate in your replies. I wish no harm upon you or your fellow Chinese women. I have a love for my people and wish to live in a Sovereign State for the Boere alone. I don’t wish to use your women, nor do I wish to have sex or marry them.

            I sincerely wish you well.

          • anmpr1


             I am against interbreeding.  This does not rise to the same level as being against interracial pairing.  There is no racial (genetic) degradation as long as there is no offspring.

            At same time, it is generally the case that women want to marry upward, or at the very least least, marry at an equal level.  That is why East Asian women are usually not averse to white men.  On the other hand, you rarely see East Asian women with blacks.  They seem to understand (better than many white women) that there is no upside to blacks.

            White women with blacks are themselves degenerate, since they are moving downward with their choice.  On the other hand, most white women with blacks have serious psychological problems, which is to be expected, given their choice in mates.  They usually lack self esteem, or in other cases have been influenced by an anti-white mass media.

            Culturally, an East Asian wife with a white man is not intrinsically debased, but only if the woman is traditional in outlook.  Most white Western women are emancipated, and liberal in their ways.  A white man with an emancipated white (or other race) woman is living in a degenerate manner, since the man should always be dominant, and the woman subservient.  Please note, this does not entail a”violent” relationship, but only a traditional one.  It does not mean that the woman has no say in the relationship, but is simply a statement of a natural principle.  The fact that such traditional relationships seem so bizarre today shows how far from tradition we have strayed.

            Generally speaking, Chinese women under 40 have lost any sense of tradition, unless they are from the mainland, and even that is questionable.  Western liberalism will destroy “modern” Communist China in a similar manner as Communism destroyed feudal “old” China.  Just what the world needs: a billion or more feminized Chinese women.

            In closing, I must say that for you to enjoy violence against white women because some women of your race have abandoned East Asian men demonstrates and infantile response on your part .   Your problem is not with white women, or even white men, but with your “pretty Chinese girls” who see their own race and culture as offering less than should otherwise be the case.  Asian men should work harder to reclaim what is theirs.  And if you think this way when Chinese women are with whites, heaven help you if they ever start dating negroes in any number.

      • MartelC

        Wayne, if we were engaging in 
        miscegenation , I would agree, But we do not . I believe chinese girls, pretty or not, should marry chinese men.   I can assure you that anyone who wants to preserve their own people would not marry outside their people. 

        I and many posters here are just as disgusted as you.  We don’t believe we should have ‘special rights’ only the right to national identity and sovereignty. 

      • You’re assuming every white man with yellow fever in HK are WNs?  I actually take that as proof that they’re not, if one uses actions as a barometer.

    • MartelC

      People forget that over 3 million whites were enslaved by muslims during the 13-18th centuries – and often they could conduct slave raids (unlike africa where europeans simply traded for them) along the english, irish and even icelandic coast. 

      white women were highly prized – and eventually the upper classes of the Ottoman empire essentially bread themselves out of existence because their harems were almost exclusively white ( there were some east african tribes they raided too – but NOT west african whom they only used as eunuchs and labor slaves.) 

      to this day the white sex slave trade is still practiced in the levant, most shamefully, in israel, the targets are usually fair haired east european girls. 

    • Flytrap

       While I dislike what Muslims in England are doing to white women as well, it’s easy to understand the low opinion they have of them.  Paragons of virtue they are not. 

  • MartelC

    if white women are not protected , they will start converting to islam

    Reade s scratch their heads and wonder why the left doesn’t see it… it’s because the left wants chaos, the left wants high crime –  The left wants this to happen. ANYTHING that helps destroy the west. ANYTHING that wipes out Christianity is ‘good’.   anything that helps them seize power is good.

  • ncpride

    Excellent post. I only wish I had come to the same conclusion years ago.  Coming from a very religious family myself growing up, I can tell you how hard it is to come to terms with the word “hatred” after years in a Baptist church. That’s all I’ll say on the subject, as religion seems to become a heated debate anywhere on the net.

  • Subhumans.

  • This_Name_Doesnt_Exist

    My immediate thought is about the father any time I hear about something like this.

    • Boereseun

      Probably kicked out of the family after a divorce, living alone in a cheap apartment with little to no access to his own children. Have you not noticed that the legal system favours divorcing the husband instead of keeping them in a stable marriage?

      If not, I would suggest you take a look at the effects of no fault divorce and custody challenges facing men who, after divorce,  are then required to pay an imputed amount of alimony and child payments that very often to not exceed their earning ability.

      You cannot encourage men to be good fathers by forcing them out of the family and turning them into financial slaves to their ex-wives. It simply will not work at all.  Also, the introduction of jailing fathers who cannot support their children has never, ever resulted in those same fathers being more encouraged to earn more.  Once you have shamed them into oblivion they would obviously prefer suicide than working longer hours with less reward and also being constantly thrown in jail every weekend because the ex-wife decided to spend the child support money on something else instead of her own children.

      Here’s a good site to learn something on the disastrous impact that the current marriage legal arrangement has on the future of our children and our race.

      • This_Name_Doesnt_Exist

        I don’t need a website to read about this sad and disgusting state of affairs.; I’m of the Millennial Generation and it was the reality in which I grew up, like so many others of my generation.

        Everything you say about the system is true.  I disagree with none of it.  What I disagree with is your assertion that it somehow abrogates men of their responsibilities to provide a stand-up role model to their children of whom they can be proud.

        My own father pissed and moaned all day every day about having to pay child support.  He thought being a father was seeing his son every other weekend and making sure the check was in the mail box on time every month.  Any time the subject came up of broken homes it always ended up being about how HE couldn’t put up with my mother and her family.  It was never about me.  Because he was a selfish man who didn’t want to give up going to the bars after work and playing with motorcycles and 4x4s all weekend long. 

        The truth is a lot closer to the middle.  White men have abandoned their responsiblities just as completely as White women have.

        • Boereseun

          Simple truth, you have to encourage people to be good and loving parents. They cannot do it without the support of society. Deny it all you want but those ideals are not common, they are bred. And they can equally be destroyed by rewarding the behaviour that leads to their destruction.

          Reward the bad choices of mothers by giving them welfare, alimony and child support for single motherhood and women will decide it is in their best interest to divorce their husbands. Take a look at divorce statistics, it’s women divorcing men, not the other way around. How can you blame men for the decisions of women to divorce them? Remember, we’re not dealing with abuse or adultery here, those were reasons for divorce under a ‘fault’ divorce system. We are dealing with frivolous reasons, such as ‘not being happy’ and ‘he talks back to me’. Men are not perfect, nor are women, to think that marriage should be peaches and cream is absurd and to divorce because it isn’t and reward that person for choosing to divorce and you have a recipe for single moms and ‘deadbeat dads’. Look at what is happening around you and connect the dots.

          The government has removed the responsibility of fatherhood and replaced it with socialism. You need to learn this, if you don’t reward people for choosing to marry and stay together and build loving homes, they will not do it. If you think marriage is meant to be happy days all the time and that’s what you expect, which is common place amongst most women these days, your marriage will end in divorce, guaranteed.

          My father did not abandon myself, my sisters or my mother. Even though he fought for many years on the border and got badly injured in his legs. After two years on the border and after meeting my mother, he got his engineering degree and worked for many years and then started his own business. I would gladly walk in his footsteps but I want to do that for a society that appreciates it and works with me, not against me.

          The one reason for my father’s actions was that my mother acted like a women and supported my father through is trials and tribulations. You cannot come here and tell me that there are women today like that, give me a break about the white men story. White women chose to collaborate with non-whites against white men, at least white feminists did.

          There’s only one way to reverse it and that is for white men and women to stop working against each other and to take a deep look at what is best for both of us. What makes loving families and a good society and what doesn’t. And for heaven’s sake, realise that marriage is not something that can be called off due to you being unhappy, it is a life union. One that should only be broken with the greatest, proved and definitive reasons.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          The core of this problem, however is what feminism did to the family and the male gender in general.  The laws that put women in total control of a relationship, the marital laws, divorce laws, all the while AA and other programs reduced the male earning capacity, replacing bread winner males with disposable income females, who would rather have fun.

          I did a search recently and found a web blog, one among a number, called “spearpoint.”  It seems that there is a huge percentage of males in the English speaking West who no longer wish to marry, have children, or do anything but perhaps date, and some, not even that.  They have a term, “Going Ghost,” or simply “Ghost.”  When a young man, and I mean anyone from 18-50 decides to forgo the traditional path expected of men, the decision is consciously made, it’s called “Ghost.”

          We have a generation, maybe two, of males who have decided that their country has nothing to offer them, doesn’t value them, and they are “Ghosts.”  They  no longer care to take part.  Sounds like what I decided in the early 1970s.  I was a pioneer ghost.  I used to think that I had something to offer and contribute, but that clearly is not desired any longer, either.  I have become full “Ghost.” I have realized it because there is no longer any point in voting. I am ready to let it all collapse. I believe it is collapsing, only too slow for most to sense. Insects don’t notice the foot coming down until too late.

  • KenelmDigby

    Just a correction here.The men are Pakistanis and not ‘middle eastern’ – if we take ‘middle east’ to mean the Arabic nations of the Levant etc.
    Actually there are relatively few Arabs in Britain – but enormous numbers of Pakistanis.

  • JackKrak

    I’d like to know why reader comments are never allowed in such articles in the British press. They say they can’t do it for “legal reasons”.  I’ve noticed that this doesn’t happen for any other kind of article. I’m convinced that if the story were about pedophile neo-Nazis who clubbed baby seals & failed to properly sort their recyclables while smoking in a restaurant and performing abortions, there would be no such reluctance to expose them to public ridicule.

    Then again, that would be an amazing story….

  • Commenter

    There was a white riot in Rochdale last night over this. 200 young men attacked a fast food restaurant at the centre of the case. The liberal media are in panic/lockdown/denial mixed with ecstasy over their long anticipated “racist mob”.

    Google “Rochdale disturbances” or “Heywood trouble”.

  • Indians are NOT included in the list stop looping the highly intelligent, wealthy & civilized Hindu Indians and Moslem Pakistanis as one.

  • anarchyst

    A just punishment for these (and any other) animals would be a lead injection into the spine, inducing permanent paralysis just above the waist.  When  they cannot function as MEN and have to live out their (miserable) lives in wheelchairs, THAT would be a just punishment . . .

  • Boereseun

    Put single mothers in jail who can’t support their own children, like the legal system currently does to men, bring back ‘fault’ divorce and a woman who cheats on her husband loses custody of her children when the man files for divorce, exactly the same as when a man commits adultery. Place real and tangible consequences on playing divorce lottery and women won’t nearly be as willing to send their husbands packing. Apply the laws equally or don’t expect men to play along. Women most certainly go around divorcing frivolously, that’s why the divorce rate went up from 10 % to over 50 % for first marriages and 70 % and higher for second and third marriages. There is nothing wrong with a ‘fault’ divorce system as it covers abuse and neglect. The ONLY difference is that the woman actually has to PROVE she suffered, she doesn’t just get to use the term for empathy from the judge.

    I’m tired of women telling me to ‘man up’ when I have a job, two degrees and just couldn’t be bothered to get married to a 30+year old , promiscuous, burnt out feminist. Thanks but no thanks.

    Why is it acceptable to send a man to jail because he couldn’t afford to have children, yet single mothers get welfare and aid? Send them to jail. As women have 100% reproductive rights and men have none, all women who have children and cannot support them should go to prison. I like it when laws are applied equally, just so happens that most are not and yet women will complain that men aren’t willing to commit to them. When they are the ones who determine when to have children, who to have sex with and even when making that mistake, get to choose abortion. Damn, women have it hard, give me a break!