3 Men Get Prison for Hate Crime at Morehouse School

The News Star, February 8, 2012

Three men have been sentenced to prison terms for tying a noose around a dead raccoon’s neck and hanging it from a flagpole to intimidate black students at a north Louisiana school.

U.S. Magistrate Karen Hayes in Monroe on Tuesday sentenced 25-year-old James Lee Wallis Jr., of Bastrop, to eight months in prison and sentenced his brother, 21-year-old Brian Wallis, of Conway, Ark., to five months in prison.

A third man—30-year-old Tony L. Johnson, of West Monroe—was sentenced to six months in prison.

The three men pleaded guilty last year to charges they hung the dead raccoon outside Beekman Junior High School in Morehouse Parish in 2007 out of anger about the school’s new busing policy, which had increased the number of black students.



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  • Anonymous

    Looks like “free speech” is dead in America . . .

    • Rocky Mountain

      So hanging a racoon from a flagpole in front of a school is “free speech”?  Looks like “clear thinking” is dead also.

      • Anonymous

        The first amendment to the Constitution is not in place just for “speech” that is inoffensive but is there to protect “speech” of a controversial and (yes) sometimes offensive nature. 
        What good is the first amendment if only “nice” speech is protected?  The first amendment applies to ALL speech.  Otherwise, it means NOTHING. 
        To echo other respondents, IF the situation were reversed (black “hate” speech) you can bet that the punishment for the “crime” would not be the same.  Even violent acts committed by blacks would receive less (if any) prison time.
        In addition, “hate” speech against minorities is usually a hoax in which the standard excuse is “although it’s a hoax, we can all learn from it”.
        Best regards,

      • I W

        If burning the flag that ordinarily hangs on that pole is ‘protected, free speech’ then I suppose so.

      • Anonymous

        Clear thinking is long dead.  It died when Jesus and Mary in excrement were determined to be speech.

  • Anonymous

    I’m much more upset about their killing of a raccoon just to make a point than I am about the motive behind it. 

    One possible way to have shown disapproval with busing would’ve been to have a picket line and block the buses from entering school property; even then they would have been busted on trumped up charges. But, it may have made it more difficult because the noose + (rac)coon symbolism gave the judge a perfect path to charge them with racial intimidation.It was a little stupid and makes them appear a little thickheaded.  But I can understand their frustration.  A stupid gesture doesn’t warrant prison time.

    • Blaak Obongo

      “I’m much more upset about their killing of a raccoon just to make a point than I am about the motive behind it. “

      I was beginning to think I was the only one who noticed.  Animal cruelty is the only crime that should apply here.  “Racial intimidation,” gah!  Every day a new legalese euphemism for the horrible sin of Offending a Precious African.

      • Rocky Mountain

        Animal cruelty should be an issue here unless they shot the racoon before which I assume in Louisiana would be legal.  But let’s be honest hanging (lynching?) something in front of a school doesn’t leave much room for interpretation does it?

        • Anonymous

          Nor does a gang beating a white girl on a train in Portland while yelling “white girl.”  But THAT wasn’t racially motivated.  Official people said so. 

    • Rocky Mountain

      A stiff fine would’ve been more appropriate.  I hope PETA doesn’t come after them which may be worse than how they’ve been treated by the judicial system.

    • Anonymous

      I initially assumed the raccoon was roadkill or some such thing (maybe I am being too naive). If they did in fact kill a raccoon for this stunt then yes, that is far worse.

  • This is similar to the white man who was initially charged with a Federal felony, pled down to a misdemeanor, for driving past the black rabble rouser protest in Jena, Louisiana with a noose tied to his pickup truck as a form of protest. (Incidentally, that alludes to my avatar choice.)

    Interesting that these two incidents come from not only the same state, but from the same Federal trial level district.  I wonder if there some real virulent anti-White bigots in the U.S. Attorney’s Office there.  Of course, asking if there are anti-White bigots among U.S. Attorneys and their assistants is like jumping in the ocean just to see out of curiosity if water is wet.

    • Anonymous
    • Rocky Mountain

      It’s ok to be concerned about anti-white bigotry but then you’ve got to sit down and ask yourself whether or not there is or has been any anti-black bigotry?

      • Sure, because nobody is concerned about “anti-black bigotry.”  Nobody but the Federal government, most states, Hollywood, academia, a panoply of “civil rights” and paranoia-industrial complex groups, two major American political parties, most religious institutions, and in all honesty, about half of the so-called “far right” or “hard right,” too.

  • Anonymous

    Sort of  a pointless rant there.

    • Rocky Mountain


  • I W

    Hanging a dead raccoon is a hate crime; but the epidemic of black on white attacks in Philli and elsewhere across the country are Not? That says it all; white people have less value to our justice department than a dead racoon.
    It is a sad day in America.

    • Rocky Mountain

      Last time I checked Philadelphia was quite a ways from Lousiana.  Anyway, while I don’t agree with the length of the sentences let’s be honest about what the hanging racoon was supposed to convey.  Even if it wasn’t meant to suggest lynching – which I doubt – it was a jerk thing to do.

      • Anonymous

        They did not destroy property and they did not hurt anyone (so far as we know, unless they killed the racoon). Probation would have been MORE than enough.
        Now if they had hung one of the black students from the flagpole then some prison time might be in order.

        You say it is a “jerk” thing to do, well busing black students into safe white schools is far more than just a “jerk” thing, it is dangerous and will force hard working White families to find alternative schooling if it continues. It could easily create a real hardship for some families.

  • Anonymous


    You are obviously very mentally disturbed!

  • .

    You’re absolutely right on both counts. I would strongly discourage anyone from doing something so stupid. Having said that, there’s been plenty of things that were legal but I didn’t want people to know about. And I’ve learned that there’s only one way to keep something a secret — do it alone and keep your mouth shut.

  • Anonymous

    You notice the pattern here.
    A female magistrate (probably white), no doubt getting great satisfaction by incarcerating young White men in order to bolster the black/female/gay Democrat anti White male alliance.
         It is this dynamic and the Freudian hatred and treachery of white women that will kill us more certainly than anything else.
     I konw I will catch a lot of guff by writing this, but it’s just one of those instinctive insights that flashed up in my mind.

    • Anonymous

      I feel like some white women are the enemy too. They chose it for some bizarre reason.

      •  I wouldn’t go so far as calling them the enemy, but they are most certainly enablers of our enemies, which…okay, close enough.

  • Rocky Mountain

    Yes, better yet, stop doing these childish stunts and figure out a way to respond both intelligently and responsibly.

  • Anonymous

    If I hung a dead rabbit from a flag pole in protest of Comrade Obama forcing church to pay for birth control and abortions, would that be racist?

  • Rocky Mountain


  •  If a cartoonist were to depict a bald eagle with Obama’s face, it would somehow be construed as racist.  

  • Anonymous

    “Three men have been sentenced to Prison for hanging a dead African from a flagpole in protest at a school’s policy of busing in extra raccoons…”

    Now that would have been a Story!

  • Hirene

    The only reason blacks want to go to school with whites is to torment them.  The whites wind up leaving, and they are left with a dysfunctional school at the end.

    • Anonymous

      You should talk to Black men who are now in their 60 and older who can tell stories of of being ran home almost everday by a group of White boys.

  • I W


    Last time I checked Philadelphia was quite a ways from Lousiana

    Your point? Okay then how about the black on white attacks at the superdome during Katrina? The Mexican border is a long way from where I live, but somehow we are still swarmed with illegal aliens…. Is Philli exempt from equal justice for whites because of its proximity, or distance from Louisiana? Miluakee? This server is housed some distance from the Rocky Mountains; so nothing on here is relevant to you anyway?

    let’s be honest about what the hanging racoon was supposed to convey.

    Burning King George in efigy conveyed a message too; that is called freedom of speech.
    Doing a ‘jerk thing’ is the action of a jerk; not a criminal action (presuming that they did not hang the raccoon to death -which would be a call for action from the SPCA, NOT Holder’s “justice” department.)
    Point is that whites are charged with a ‘hate crime’ for hanging a dead raccoon, (and not because they tried to ‘ethnically intimidate’ raccoons, but because the precious blacks were offended) but blacks are not charged with hate crimes for attacking, raping, beating and trying to murder white HUMAN BEINGS.

  • What objection could they possibly have had to the busing of blacks to their school?  Hmm…   Could it be that they don’t want their kids to live in constant fear for their safety, that they don’t want their relatives/friends being tormented, that their younger relatives might want to be able to use the bathroom without being beaten up?  Could it be that they are aware of the fate of other schools where blacks were bused in?  Maybe they don’t want their sisters getting raped or their teachers getting threatened.  Perhaps they want the local kids to be able to actually LEARN rather than constantly having to look over their shoulders.


  • Anonymous

    It may be that some of us don’t feel the need to prove what he-men we are by acting like tough little boys whenever the subject of small animals come up in the slightest way.

    The only people making it about raccoons are you and a few others, get over yourselves  for a change.

  • Anonymous

    This expression, while misguided, does not warrant jail time of 6-8 months or any jail time at all.  At most it should have carried a fine and possibly community service.

    Our legal system is totally out of control and most judges seem to be ultra left wing radicals and change agents who are ready to pounce on any white person who dares to violate cultural Marxist behavioral norms.   

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know if a citizen of the U.S. has ever been prosecuted under the Hate Crime Law for beating the snot out of someone whose political ideology they deem intolerable? If hate crime law includes race,gender,sexual preference, it would only seem logical to include political ideology as well.But then the real Haters who invented this law and their supporters in the MSM and all the other ‘anti-racist’ would be subjected to their own perverse, biased invention.

  • Anonymous

    This looks like a hate crime to me.

    • Anonymous

      Should a protester be charged with a threat against the President, or the nation, if they burn the flag, or burn him in effigy? Or is it a legitimate practice to convey disapproval?  They were using symbolism that’s all.

      • I W

        That depends;
        burning the flag of the United States = protected, free speech
        burning a ‘black power’ flag = hate crime
        burning or lynching an efigy of a white person (King George, George Bush etc.) = protected, free speech
        hanging a holloween decoration from a tree in your yard = hate crime

  • Anonymous

    Your last sentence is right on the money.

  • “…..out of anger about the school’s new busing policy, which had increased the number of black students.”

    The academic quality of any school district is generally directly proportional to the percentage of negroes (and hispanics) in that school district. 

    The average American negro’s IQ is about 20 points less than the average white American’s IQ (Reference: “The Bell Curve” by Richard J. Herrnstein, Ph.D. Psychology, Harvard University, and Charles Murray, Ph.D. Political Science, M.I.T.).

    The school districts are forced to dumb down the curriculum for the coloreds.

  • Anonymous

    John Kerry, whichever way the wind blows.

  • Anonymous

    Should a protester be charged with a threat against the President, or the nation, if they burn the flag, or burn him in effigy? Or is it a legitimate practice to convey disapproval?  They were using symbolism that’s all

    Stiv D:

    While I personally would never engag ein any of the acts you have asked me about, the fact is that aperson should have the right to do any of those behaviors as our constituion protects freedom of expression. That being said, all of thes eacts tend to result in a hatred of the person in question and some of it  (in the case of President Obama) is largely rooted in racism.