Portland Train Mob Attack on White Teen Ruled Not a Hate Crime! Huh?

YouTube, January 25, 2012


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  • Anonymous

    Her mother helped in the beat down?  LOL

    What did the FATHER(S) have to say about his daughters attacking this girl?

    I wonder, Can they use their bridge cards in prison?

    What these white liberals don’t understand is that EVERYTHING is a racial issue to blacks.  They singled out this girl because she was white.  They were jealous of her white skin so they picked on her, when she told them where to go, they attacked.   

    If the white girl had been black, this would have not happened.   I used to ride the public bus to school in Detroit, believe me, I know.  

    • Anonymous

      sadly thats why whites are devided. a black parent will back their child regardless of WHAT  the child did right or wrong just like a black will vote for other blacks regardless. whereas a white parent will turn their child in to police. whites better wake up

  • Two years ago in Des Moines, IA during the Iowa state fair, black teens were running around the fairgrounds screaming “Beat Whitey Night” and randomly assaulting any white person they ran into.  One white guy got a skull fracture and nearly died.   He’s got permanent neurological injuries now.  Not only wasn’t it not investigated as a hate crime, nobody was even charged with a crime.  And the cops who wrote the report about what the black teens were saying were demoted and sent to the traffic division.   The democrats who run Des Moines and the local paper pulled out all the stops to literally rewrite history as if the beatings never happened.  Earlier that Summer a group of black high schoolers beat a white sixth grader unconscious while screaming racial epithets.   One of the black kids was a local high school basketball star.  He received no punishment whatsoever and was playing on his high school team six months later.   The Des Moines Register did a write up on the kid like he was some sort of a damn hero.

    I’m telling you people, real history and actual reality of the United States is being rewritten and scrubbed from the books in order to make an elite class out of any group that is not white, not Christian, or hates the United States.  The John Birchers were right all along. 

  • Funny thing is I personally know people  in Portland/Oregon that have been charged and convicted of hate crimes for much less than this. Of course, they were white though. You can go back and look at some of the cases yourself. Portland was at one time the “hate crime capital” of the U.S. Off the top of my head I know of a case where a white couple were at a bar and the man went to the restroom. When he returned, he found a group of blacks hitting on his wife. A fight started and one of the blacks was beat pretty good while his bros ran away. No racial slurs were said and it was charged as a mutual fight between two people where both were charged the same. Once the prosecution found out the white guy was a well known racialist everything changed and he ended up getting 18 years. That’s justice for ya in America.

  • Anonymous

    When I look for intelligent, reasonable and informed insight into social issues, a college classroom in Portland, Oregon ranks just barely ahead of the headquarters of the Massachusetts ACLU at the bottom of my list.

  • If I ever meet Professor Blazack, I would beat him to a bloody pulp.  I would then be charged with a ‘Hate Crime’ because he is a queer.

  • It does happen sometimes but most the time the “victims” are brown.Very rare that the “victim” is white.

  • Anonymous

    The three white boys that told the black kid he had best stop sexually harrassing their female cousin? I say good job!

    The victim told Fox Chicago News that one of the three suspects pulled a knife and warned him, “Stop talking to my cousin. You are annoying her. If you don’t stop, I’m going to kill you.”

  • sarah stein

    See Eric Holder on YouTube “Holder Admits No Equality Under Hate Crime Bill”

  • Anonymous

    It’s important to remember that just because some district attorney somewhere doesn’t feel like he can win a hate crimes case (such cases tend to be harder to prove, from what I’ve read) doesn’t at all mean that race wasn’t involved in the incident.

    Of course race was involved. We all know it. Many have us have witnessed or experienced the particularly white phenomenon of being alone in a non-white part of town or riding public transportation where most of the people riding are non-whites.

    We all know that in such situations, when a non-white wants to bully a white, they will use any pretext – like how in this case the attack was supposedly triggered by an exchange over a boy. So sure, it won’t be like some Hollywood fantasy of a skinhead gang going on a rampage looking for someone to attack, instead all sorts of pretexts are used to justify bullying, intimidation, and outright violent assault on whites.

    The fact that some sort of pretext might cloud the incident enough to dissuade a timid district attorney from pressing hate crime charges in no way clears the air of the obvious racial component to the attack.

    These black kids were delighting in tormenting their victim. Screeching, whooping and hollering. One spits on the white girl and the others cackle gleefully. Reports are the attackers did use racial epithets – so of course we know race was involved here. The entire incident is steeped in anti-white racism.

    Just because there’s no hate crime charges and no hate crime conviction doesn’t mean there is no anti-white hate here.

  • I should be famous: whenever I hear about certain crimes, I can with 99% accuracy divine the “details” of the events. And this is even when the MSM will only report a criminal as being “such-and-such tall” then describe the guy’s hair style, and that’s it.  Maybe others have this amazing talent as well. It really becomes sharp when I see words like “mob”, “beating”, “teens”, “youths”, and “thugs”. Or maybe I juss be raciss. 

    • Top-hour local radio news a few weeks ago:  “A man robbed a bank on the South Side this morning.  If you’ve seen a man, call the St. Louis Police Department tip line at…”