Police Expect Arrests Soon in Severe Olney Beating

Allison Steele, Philly, January 19, 2012

Police questioned several teenagers Thursday in connection with a brutal, random beating of a 64-year-old war veteran, and sources said they expected arrests to be made soon.

Several juveniles contacted police after seeing news reports of the Tuesday-evening assault in Olney, which left the victim hospitalized with a fractured skull and jaw, as well as other serious injuries to his face, head, and a hand.

The role of the juveniles being questioned was unclear, Philadelphia Officer Tanya Little said. But police sources said officers had identified several of the teenagers involved.

The victim, Edward Schaefer, a decorated Vietnam War veteran, was jumped by a group of six teens about 6 p.m. Tuesday near his Olney home, apparently “just for sport,” police said.

Schaefer, who was being treated at Albert Einstein Medical Center, was walking in the 5000 block of North Fifth Street on his way to a bus stop to meet his wife when the assailants pounced.

Surveillance video captured the teens walking a short distance behind Schaefer when they made a spur-of-the-moment decision to strike, said Philadelphia Police Lt. George McClay of the Northwest Detective Division.

“It’s not even planned. They’re walking down the street, laughing,” McClay said. “One kid breaks off from the pack, beats him down, and the rest of them join in.”

The assault was so severe it could have proved fatal, and police intend to charge the attackers with attempted murder, McClay said.


The attackers were described as 16 to 18 years old, black and Hispanic. {snip}

Schaefer was shot in an eye in Vietnam, McClay said. Since then, he has worked in veterans’ support services, helping others find jobs.

He has no recollection of the attack, McClay said.


Edward Schaefer


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  • Anonymous

    For those that claim White victims never speak up to the media about the severity of black on White crime…this guy did. The victim stated the attackers should NOT spend time in prison, they should simply be buried.

    I am sure seeing this article appear on Amren will please eugenelane very much.

    • Anonymous

      sadly he has just been interviewed and states he holds no animosity toward them and does not want them to do jail time. he said it!! he says he just does not understand why they did it. i told you HOPELESS. the pattern here is that LIBERALS  are getting attacked every time it is leftists and liberals im not going to waste time explaining them again because we all know what they are

      • Anonymous

        What? Did he see the white light? He was saying they should be “buried” .

        Viet Nam War Vets are not the most soft-hearted individuals, maybe the guy is dying and making his peace? Please post a link.

        • Anonymous

          The massacre


          1. Natalie Brooks, age 11, student

          2. Paige Ann Herring, age 12, student

          3. Stephanie Johnson, age 12, student

          4. Britthney Ryen Varner, age 11, student

          5. Shannon Wright, age 32, teacher

          On the night before the shooting, Golden assisted Johnson in loading his mother’s Dodge Caravan
          with camping supplies, snack foods, and seven weapons (two
          semi-automatic rifles, one bolt-action rifle and four handguns), which
          had been stolen from Golden’s grandfather’s house. The following
          morning, the boys drove in the van to Westside Middle School. As they
          arrived, Golden pulled the fire alarm while Johnson took the weapons to
          the woods outside of the school. Golden then ran back to the woods where
          Johnson had taken the weapons. When children and teachers filed out of
          the school, the two boys opened fire. The boys killed four female
          students and one teacher and wounded ten others. Golden and Johnson
          attempted to run back to the van and escape, but police captured them.
          The boys evidently planned to run away as they had food, sleeping bags,
          and survival gear in their van.

          [edit] Imprisonment

          The two youths were among the youngest people ever charged with
          murder in American history. The Jonesboro prosecutor later stated that
          were it not for their ages, he would have sought a death sentence
          for the pair. In August 1998, both boys were both sentenced to
          confinement until they reached the age of 21, which is the maximum
          sentence available under Arkansas law. They would have served until only
          age 18 had federal authorities not added additional confinement for
          weapons charges. Judge Ralph Wilson commented, “This is a case where the
          punishment will not fit the crime.” The case led to a wide public
          outcry for tougher sentencing laws pertaining to juvenile offenders.
          Since then, the laws regarding young offenders have changed in Arkansas.
          Had Johnson and Golden committed their crimes several years later, they
          could have both been charged as adults and received life sentences.
          Johnson was released from custody on August 11, 2005. Golden was
          released on May 25, 2007. Many members of the Jonesboro community have
          since expressed outrage, citing the facts that the killers will not be
          placed under any supervision and will be able to legally purchase

          • Anonymous

            I am sure they will end up back “home”  after commiting more violence on innocent people.

        • Anonymous
        • Anonymous

          “I never saw them,” Schaefer told the Daily News last night in an
          exclusive interview inside his room on the fourth floor at Einstein.
          “All I can tell you is they did a number.” Still, he said he holds no
          anger toward his attackers.

          “I have very little animosity,” Schaefer said, adding that despite
          the cruelty that fueled the attack, he wants to see the teens pay for
          their actions without serving time in prison.

          “While they’re in jail, guess who’s paying for it? We are. Why should
          we?” Schaefer asked. “I have no animosity – now that I know what the
          hell happened.”

        • Anonymous

          Judges and prosecutors usually give weight to the victims wishes for the accused so by him saying he wants them to NOT serve jail time – that is really really bad for the other people whom they might attack since they wont even be in jail. Liberals are just demented no other explanation.

          • Anonymous

            How could he POSSIBLY say he does not want them to serve jail time?

            Is he really saying he wants them to do this to someone else? Because that is exactly what it sounds like. I am honestly shocked. WHY would he say that? Is someone paying him off?

          • the article said he suffered brain damage. this is obviously a symptom of it.

      • Anonymous

        (sigh) Sounds like the Target lady who was seriously injured when two “youths” threw the shopping cart several floors below hitting her in the head while shopping for Halloween candy in Harlem to give out to them . She said she forgives them and hopes the whole situation will bring more awareness to those poor minorities. No doubt if she ever recovers enough, she’ll be right back at it, trying to make a “difference” when those little thugs could care less about her intentions, and only care about the free stuff she’ll give them.

        When there is no righteous anger from the victims, I can’t see anything changing for other Whites.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, that is tough.

           But………probably eat her up too much to have that kind of hatred inside.

      • BunnyOle

        I also read an article that said “he is not quick to forgive” and said he hoped some time in jail would teach them a lesson.  So the media is probably either lying or somebody made him say that about ‘forgiving’ them, because they’re not even human.

    • Anonymous

      heres the link [email protected]_Diversity:disqus T THIS!!! HE SAYS HE HAS NO ANGER TOWARD THEM!!!

  • Anonymous

    You need to post direct links. CBS Local applies to most large metros. And yes, the comments are good!


    • The comments are really eye opening, all of the ones I read were 100% ‘awakened’. 

  • Anonymous

    And of course the race angle will be downplayed since these human cockroaches are non-white.

  • Guest

    I couldn’t agree more. When AG Eric Holder resolutely refused to punish those black panthers who openly threatened white voters at that Philadelphia poll, it was a clear invitation to Philly blacks to attack city whites with impunity. And now they are.

    One question to Philadelphia area natives: What is the impact of all this black-on-white and hispanic-on-white crime on Philadelphia businesses and cultural institutions? Do whites still patronize these establishments?  Why would any white person in his right mind want to live in, work in or visit Philadelphia?

    Please explain.

    • Anonymous

      They are liberals. They want to get a beat down by blacks to assuage their supposed guilt over slavery etc. They are sick mentally deranged demented maniacs who usually have some flaw personality wise or physical which makes them outcasts from the mainstream. To see what they look like look up Occupy movement. Witness every one of them excuses the attackers and says not to judge them give them a second chance etc. Many liberals are weak self hating and even suicidal people. By excusing people who abuse them they satisfy some twisted desire to punish themselves for their failure to fit in with society. They try to cover up these feelings by dressing in an outlandish style to draw attention to themselves like wearing piercings or a ring in their nose or hair 4 different shades of pink etc to be quote different but in reality it illustrates how insecure they are.

  • “Police expect arrests soon.”  That’s such a relief.  Of course, the news that the D.A. and the detectives won’t search for evidence of racial hate, or the ultimate disposition of these charges in the criminal justice system (probation only, no jail or prison time, slap on the hand), will get lost in the noise.  Then again, I forgot — Good boys, honor students, three-letter athletes, church choir, turning their lives around, but darn it, if it weren’t for that wrong crowd…

    • Anonymous

      Well the news video claims they “might be” charged with attempted murder.

      Rather interesting video, the victim is angry and not pc, the wife is angry and not pc, then the older black security guard sequence shows a black man saved the day.

      Video here: http://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=6655566

      • Anonymous

        one was charged with a.m. so far, 5 of the others wont be charged with  ANYTHING.  read the other reports he states he does not want them in jail which means he wont write an impact statement. also with juveniles they are released REGARDLESS  of their crime at 21. look up the school killing in jonesboro they massacred their class and teacher in a mass shooting and served about 7 years each because they were 12 oR so and now both boys are FREE!!!!  and have been for years after killing about 6-8 people. juves know the law thats why they dont care.

        • I remember reading the older boy in the Jonesboro school shooting was really big into vile, hateful gangster rap music, according to one of his English teachers.  It wasn’t long after Jonesboro that on one single day, then-President Clinton did a big speech about “gun control” (though as you said above, there were Federal weapons crimes they violated to keep them in Federal custody until they turned 21), then later on in the evening held a fund raiser at the home of a media conglomerate whose record labels cut and distribute and sell a lot of gangster rap.

  • Anonymous


    Here is another ISOLATED INCIDENT of blacks beating down a defenseless person.  No hate crime…says police!

  • Anonymous

    he is running an online electronics store called vigelante electronics.

  • Won’t be prosecuted as a hate crime.  

    Won’t make the national news.

    The boys will get off easy because the entire “black community” will be supporting them and politicians will interfere with the prosecution in order to get black votes.  

    If blacks felt they had the numbers to commit systematic genocide against whites, do you think they’d avoid doing so for moral reasons?…  I don’t think so.   This common pattern of “swarm attacks” by blacks on whites makes me think of the Hutu on Tutsi genocide in Rwanda back in the ’90s.   This is pure tribalism in its ugliest form, and I believe that young blacks are doing these beatings because they’ve been taught all their lives that hurting and killing whites and an heroic thing for a black person to do.  

  • Pax Romana

    1 teen arrested in vet beating, others cleared
    “OLNEY – January 20, 2012 (WPVI) — A 15-year-old boy has been arrested in the beating of a 64-year-old Vietnam veteran while other teens are being cleared.

    The attack, which happened Tuesday night in the Olney section of Philadelphia, was caught on surveillance camera. The victim, Edward Schaefer, was hospitalized and requires surgery.
    The 15-year-old is charged with Attempted Murder, Assault, Recklessly Endangering Another Person, Terroristic Threats, and Conspiracy”

  • just for sport – Yes, Hunting White People is Sport.  There is no reason, outside of just plain ‘ole unadulterated hate for White, for non-whites to attack White People.  They’re not attacking us out of Self Defense.

    spur of the moment – And this makes it what?  Seems to me, it’s basic Monkey Action.  Gorillas, Apes and Monkeys act without thinking, at the “spur of the moment” and also very violently and I see no difference between them and what passes for Black People of Today save for Hate Crime Charges that is.

    one pounced and the rest joined in – My Monkey Comment is Accurate.

    black and hispanic – Don’t get along unless there’s a White Person around…

  • Anonymous

    White Liberals think things like this is funny.

    You may think I am joking….that I am off in the head…..nope, they believe whitey has this and worse coming…..payback from Urban Americans.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    This did not make the news on the West Coast. 

     The So Cal media have far more important news items to report such as a decapitated head found by a dog in Griffith Park and whether  OJ is the father of Khloe Kardashian.

    Here are the on-line PC headlines:

    PC headline by CBS (local):  Vietnam Vet Randomly Attacked by Teens on Olney Street.

    PC Headline by ABC (local):  PA Police:  64-year-old Veteran Beaten. Six Suspects Sought.

    In today’s PC world, random means White.

    If the races were reversed, the headline would read:  Black Vietnam Vet Attacked for His Race.

    Yet the NAACP is screaming about the “avoid black ghettoes” app for smart phones.

    As another poster stated:  These black monsters are suffering from a severe cranial lead deficiency  and are in immediate need of remediation.  Where is Bernard Goetz now that we need him — 10,000 of him!!

    Seems those old, evil Southern segregationists were right after all.


  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe this guy wants them let off, he could have died. I went from feeling sympathy when I first heard about this guy to disgust. Nothing is going to stop these thugs from assaulting another person now since they know the justice system will just let them off, it’s only a matter of time.  I personally hold this idiot responsible for the next victim, I can only pray it isn’t a woman because she will be more than beaten.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, I am very shocked by his sudden change of heart and I just want to know WHY he now says he does not even want them to serve jail time.

      I can somewhat understand why people don’t want to be eaten up with hate, but it isn’t about that! If you were attacked and nearly killed by a vicious unstable stray dog you do not need to be angry or hate the dog, but any sensible person would say the dog CANNOT be left to run loose and attack more victims!

      It is not about hate or forgiveness or any of that, it is about common sense!

      • Anonymous

        there are people who have a defect in their personality due to low self esteem or whatever and they like to be abused hurt or even killed by others he must be one. mainly leftists. its a sickness from childhood trauma or something some of them even self mutilate emo people do this another offshoot of sick leftism. they have shame and self hate a lot of times because they are homosexual and feel outcast so they have a need to punish themselves

      • Yes, I am very shocked by his sudden change of heart and I just want to know WHY he now says he does not even want them to serve jail time.


        Maybe he still has to live among these savages.

    • Anonymous

      The victim’s brain is pretty much bashed in, so it’s hard to say he can think this out. The lying MSM reporter probably said something to the effect:

      “Do you want these young suspects to go to prison for their entire life, or do you think there is any hope for them to be saved?”

  • Anonymous

    ” Theirs is a war of attrition and when they are strong enough with the full backing of all branches of government they will forge ahead with hundreds of thousands of killings each day.”

    Random attacks are about all blacks can achieve. What you are suggesting requires far more organization than blacks are capable of. There’s no well organized black military in sub-Saharan Africa and there won’t be one here. Black-on-white murders and attacks will undoubtedly increase but not such as one might expect from a ‘war’. The future is Brazil.

    • 10mm AUTO

      Take you bong out of your mouth. In Rwanda, home of the fastest Genocide EVER, blacks were killing from directions on the radio. Now they have cell phones, texts, facebook, twitter and E-mail.

  • Anonymous

    I have nothing but contempt for white people who are savagely beaten by blacks or other non-whites, and then wish their attackers no malice, or want to see them “rehabilitated.”  Over time, “social selection” will cull these misfits from the herd, and those remaining, those with a natural will to survive, can perhaps make something positive from the ruins of civilization.

  • Anonymous

    One of my favorite writers once penned the line, “Once White people get some iron in their spines, they’ll have no trouble getting some iron in their hands.”

  • Anonymous

    Don’t put too much care in the supposed comments by the victim that he doesn’t want to perps punished. This is a trick the MSM media always does, manipulates some quote from the White vicim that he wants forgiveness for the NW suspects. 

    I strongly urge Amren readers to contact local and state Viet Nam Veterans associations and demand that they take action against these punks, in can not become a sport in Phily to target Viet Nam War vets for brutal attacks and then have the young punks get off scott free to brag to their friends. 

    Here are some Pennsylvania Vietnam Vet contacts:This [email protected] D. Holman6746 Souder St. ~ Philadelphia PA 19149-2206215.725.4938 (Home)e-mail: [email protected] Vice PresidentL. “Skip” Haswell260 Brook Drive ~ Beaver Falls, PA 15010724.495.9612 (cell)e-mail: [email protected] Vice PresidentTim Susangill222 Bedford street ~ Hollidaysburg, PA 16648e-mail: [email protected] Vice PresidentLarry Googins110 Hamilton Ct. ~ Baden, PA 15005Ph: 724.869.7090e-mail: [email protected] Vice PresidentJeffrey WhiteP.O. Box 433 ~ Newtown Square, PA 19073610.356.8524 (H)e-mail: [email protected]. Lee Corfield140 Knobvue Drive ~ Freedom PA 15042-9737724.775.3027 (Home)412.974.8586e-mail: [email protected] JohnstonP.O. Box 677 ~ Harrisburg, PA 17108-0677717.514.3418 (cell)e-mail: [email protected] State Council Delegates-at-LargeEastRichard A. Smith?73 War Admiral Lane ~ Media, PA19063?610.891.0802?e-mail: [email protected] P. Wade?142 Laurel Road ~ Boyertown,  PA   19512?610.689.5010 (H)  e-mail:  [email protected] County Chapter 131Vietnam Veterans of AmericaP.O. Box 13735 ~ Reading, PA 19612-3735 ~ 610.678.5812E-mail address: [email protected] Veterans of America, Inc.Chapter 67, Delaware County, PA.P.O. Box 1220 ~ Media, PA 19063 ~610.626.7598Chapter president e-mail address: [email protected] County Chapter 210Vietnam Veterans of AmericaP.O. Box 1095 ~ Doylestown, PA 18901 ~ 215.579.1480 ~Email address: [email protected] Bell Chapter 266Vietnam Veterans of America1517 E. Luzerne Street ~ Philadelphia, PA 19124 ~ 215.288.8387 ~ e-mail: [email protected] Bell Chapter meets the first Monday of the month at 7:30 p.m.at the Juniata Park Memorial American Legion Post 7381517 E. Luzerne Street ~ Philadelphia, PA 19124Vietnam Veterans of AmericaValley Forge Chapter 349MARM ~ 650 Sentry Parkway ~ Blue Bell, PA 19422-2318 ~ 610.941.2160 ~ email: [email protected] James A. Crew Chapter 359Vietnam Veterans of America222 Bedford Street ~ Hollidaysburg, PA 16648 ~ 814.695.9680~ email: [email protected] James A. Crew Chapter 359meets the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at SCI-Cresson, G-BlockLaurel Highlands Chapter 364Vietnam Veterans of AmericaP.O. Box 5237 ~ Johnstown, PA 15904-5237 ~ 814.269.4427 ~ email: [email protected] Valley Chapter 415Vietnam Veterans of AmericaP.O. Box 1901 ~ Easton, PA 18044 ~ 610.252-6171 ~ email: [email protected] Pennsylvania Chapter 435Vietnam Veterans of America4808 East Carver Avenue ~ Erie, PA 16511 ~ 814.899.2858 ~ Email address: [email protected] [email protected] Louis Guillermin Chester County Chapter 436Vietnam Veterans of AmericaP.O. Box 189 ~ Phoenixville, PA 19460 ~ 610.436.0392 ~ email: [email protected] of Graterford Chapter 466Vietnam Veterans of AmericaP.O. Box 244 ~ Graterford, PA 19426-244 ~ 610.489-4151 (ext. 2289)Upper Bucks/Lower Lehigh Chapter 468Vietnam Veterans of AmericaP.O. Box 759 ~ Richlandtown, PA 18955-0759 ~ 215.679.7770 ~email: [email protected] Bucks/Lower Lehigh Chapter 468 meets the first Sundayof each month at 2 p.m.at the VFW (Forrest Lodge) 2118 Old Bethlehem Pike, Sellersville, Pa. 18960 Phone – 215-257-9480Michael J. Novosel MOH Capital Chapter 542Vietnam Veterans of America8000 Derry Street ~ Harrisburg, PA 17111-5233 ~ 717.731.6028 ~ e-mail: [email protected] Chapter 542 meets the second Sunday of the month at 1 p.m.at 8000 Derry Street ~ Harrisburg, PA 17111-523Pottstown Keystone Chapter 565Vietnam Veterans of AmericaP.O. Box 472 ~ Pottstown, PA 19464 ~ 610.327.1044Pottstown Keystone Chapter 565 meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.at the VFW Post 780, 530 East High Street ~ Pottstown, PA 19464Somerset County Chapter 587Vietnam Veterans of AmericaP.O. Box 711 ~ Somerset, PA 15501 ~ 814.926.2191Vietnam Veterans of AmericaP.O. Box 63096 ~ Philadelphia, PA 19114-0896 ~ 215.679.4730 ~ e-mail: [email protected]“Continue the Mission” Chapter 590 meets the third Tuesday of each month (except December)at 7:00 p.m. at the American Legion Post 10, 493 Bethlehem Pike ~Fort Washington, PA 19034-9895Tri-State Chapter 623Vietnam Veterans of AmericaP.O. Box 594 ~ Dingmans Ferry, PA 18328 ~ 570.686.4195 ~ e-mail: [email protected]-State Chapter 623 meets the fourth Sunday of each month at 1:30 p.m.at the Matamoras Borough Building Annex, 1st Street & Avenue I, Matamoras, Pa. 18336There are no meetings in July and August.Pocono Chapter 678Vietnam Veterans of AmericaP.O. Box 103 ~ Stroudsburg, PA 18360e-mail: [email protected]

    • The victim might want the suspects punished, but the victim does not possess the power of criminal prosecution in Philadelphia.  I’m sure there is ample evidence besides the victim’s testimony, and in fact, because of the victim’s physical condition, it might actually hurt the prosecution’s case if he does testify, because the defense can come back with “confused, not all there.” 

      • Anonymous

        victim impact statements are a major influence at sentencing

    • Anonymous

      nice post. make sure to attach pics of his injuries when you email .

  • Anonymous

    In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Detroit had a successful “criminal eradication program” called STRESS (Stop The Robberies, Enjoy Safe Streets). Police officers would disguise themselves as vulnerable citizens (elderly men and women) and walk the various neighborhoods, waiting for the human vermin to attack. The program was a resounding success, many vermin were dispatched to the “great hereafter”. The program was so successful that Detroit’s first black mayor, Coleman Young used abolition of the STRESS program as his campaign promise. It seems that too many of his “brethren” were being eliminated. Look at Detroit now . . .

  • Actually, some of those comments come from an Amrener: me.

  • Bill

    I’m so overwhelmed by your comment; I don’t know where to begin
    with my response. I agree with you. I can’t tolerate reading comments from
    people lamenting, “Whites are doomed.” I will never roll over and
    expose my belly to anyone.


    White people need organization. We need to move beyond just
    discussing the problem to, as you said, taking action. Sites like American Renaissance
    have and are doing the white race a valuable service by pointing out that
    whites are systematically being targeted.


    I believe white people who come to this website are here because
    we know there is a problem. I started to slowly awaken to the problem a decade
    ago and over time started to discover other whites around the U.S. (Europe)
    were seeing the same pattern developing and were getting progressively worse.


    Whites are in disarray. There are far too many who are naive
    and complacent. They are not personally affected so “life’s good”; no
    thought beyond the present, no regard for what their offspring will have to deal
    with some day. On the other hand there are the white supremacists that
    do a great deal more damage than good to our cause. I wish they would wake-up
    and see that.


    I do not hate black people or for that matter any other race
    different from my own but I do not want to be subjected to any culture or race
    I choose not to be around. I do not like being around black people and black
    culture and I would venture to say most, if not all, blacks would not want to
    be around me either. That would not hurt my feelings at all.


    I can only hope that a white person with the leadership and
    organizational skills steps forward as soon as possible to organize whites to
    say we are not going to take it anymore. There has been more than enough
    groveling over the past few decades. Stand firm. Stand up.

  • madd mike

    And yet the government tells us we are safer with less guns carried by law abiding american citizens.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, true. Be pleasant, and also realize at ANY TIME you can say you wish to check out AMA (Against Medical Advice) and they cannot hold you. If a hospital cannot prove you are demented they must release you else they can be charged with assault/kidnapping.

    Do not get pushed around by doctors, hospital staff, EMT’s, etc…. Fact is we will all die, we do not have to die while being tormented by morons.

    • Anonymous

      also they should charged with elder abuse as he was OVER 60.
      view below  the photos of the black and hispanics (the media callED them
      INDIANS) who beat 23 yr old kevin klaas to death in philly saturday for


      • Anonymous

        I am not sure about the Hispanic hate crime thing. Yes they want their own utopia and they take advantage of the generous system etc…but my gut says they do not hate Whites, they are just overly violent and territorial.

        • Anonymous

          Agreed. The White vs Hispanic clash isn’t as dire as Black vs White. It seems to fall in to the line that Hispanics try to cash in on all the goodies of being a PC victim group like the Blacks. I see lots and lots of very successful White Anglo guy marriages with younger Hispanic women – both sides respect and appreciate each other. I think Amren needs to start a new Whiter Hispanic outreach program. All our efforts to work with English speaking Black Americans to resist the Hispanic illegal alien invasion have come to naught. Black pols simply hate White people, anything we’re against they’re for it, including massive Hispanic immigration.

  • Anonymous

    This is very disturbing. The rash of hate crimes reported over the country is very alarming. I could contribute it to juvenile foolishness and testosterone, but some of these dispicable attacks have been from women. The face of racism has changed, and in my circle, the fact that I even mention the ethnicity of these abundant and violent attacks, brings the usual comments of racism. I’m not even supposed to defend myself of my ethnicity, but that’s not gonna happen.

    Attorney General Eric Holder said “my people”. But white folks can’t even think of saying such a thing.

    And our jerk president said “typical white person”.

    The liberal argument seems to be that we should “cut them some slack” because of slavery.

    I say no. It’s about time whites can defend themselves.

  • Anonymous

    These animals should suffer a “fate worse than death”. I would like to see these “yutes” permanently paralyzed, confined to wheelchairs. Let’s see how much trouble they would cause then . . . since their paralysis was caused by their own criminal behavior, any type of “disability benefits” should be denied them.

  • Anonymous

    These animals should suffer a “fate worse than death”. I would like to see these “yutes” permanently paralyzed, confined to wheelchairs. Let’s see how much trouble they would cause then . . . since their paralysis was caused by their own criminal behavior, any type of “disability benefits” should be denied them.

  • Rob

    So he doesnt want the cowards to do jail time. He ia a  male Amy Biehl, or Wesley Whitfield, woman in San Francisco,a well known singer who was shot and paralyzed by black would be rapists,she strated that she wanted them to have a happy and free life. Nice guy, but he is not a race realist.9Peejay)

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    He also said there wasn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the Democrats and Republicans.

    Yes, wise man he.

  • Bardon Kaldian

    You must realize that only catastrophic, historical events mobilize people to the level of Russian resolve to fight Germans in WW2 – and even then, Soviet Army executed 155,000 (yes, you read it correctly) Soviet Army “deserters”. OR- constant media drumming & societal pressure (Ulster Protestant rebellion against British pro-Irish/Catholic autonomy (Home rule) during 1910s- Home rule, Rome rule).
    It’s not very likely that any people or big portions of a populace will rise in unison demand or strong resolve if they are relatively safe & well-fed. And, even when they are living in a Hell- Soviet purges in 1930s- complete media blockade & political police control can disperse any dissent easily.

    So, the realistic options for White homogenization &  action are two: head-on racial collisions on massive scale or fundamental change in mass media reporting. Anything else is, max, a worthy preparatory work, sort of patient toil on gradual awakening from self-destructive racial delusions.

  • This is a Test.

    I’m going to “share” this on FaceBook and see if the Article shows up.

  • This is a Test.

    I want to “share” this on FaceBook and see if this Article shows up. 

  • No, it doesn’t show.  Why not?  What is the point of “share” if the damn thing doesn’t show, doesn’t link or even mentions the “share”?

  • This Veteran or, White Man is Sixty-Four Years Old and has seen/experienced more than his fair share AND watched his Country go from Healthy, Strong and Great to Bankrupt, Corrupt and Dead yet he fails to see or, fails to acknowledge WHY he was beat within an inch of his life.  I wonder why.

    Is non-white worship really this strong?  I have a hard time believing this but am finding myself unable to find any other “reason” for all this “no, it’s not because I’m White” song and dance.

    On another note, someone needs to make this Man answer why it is that when it’s a non-white on White beat down, it’s always just Assault, Theft or whatever else they can name just as long as it’s not “hate crime” while it’s ALWAYS a “hate crime” when it’s White on non-white.  Why is that?”

    • Bardon Kaldian

      [Quote]Is non-white worship really this strong?  I have a hard time believing
      this but am finding myself unable to find any other “reason” for all
      this “no, it’s not because I’m White” song and dance. [/Quote]

      Well, yes. Media manipulation & Zeitgeist (the spirit of times) are SO strong that many people simply don’t know their power. I’ve lived for 2 decades in a Communist country -my formative years- so, I think, we who have lived through a system of outright lies, arbitrary power & police control. Even now, 20+ yrs after the fall of Communism, many of its casual victims still insist it was better re social security and similar stuff. In short- with enough time & resources, you can make any person believe & behave as you wish- it goes for ca.90% of populace. This is human nature.

      • From Russia are You?

        I understand what you’re saying but I don’t.  I cannot understand what you went through.  I’ve always been Free compared to where you came from is what I mean.

        The Media here, it seems to me, should be easy to see through given the Internet and our God Blessed Right to be Free to Associate with whomever “We” so choose but, were I to take Media, Hollywood, Parents and School together, then yes, I see your point about it being strong enough to pull this off.

        Communism – Let me ask this:  If you’re born into it and then it goes away and you are suddenly left alone to do for yourself with no knowledge of how, isn’t a person who still insists it’s good to be expected and especially so if you’re still just barely making it?

        • Bardon Kaldian

          Hm.. I’ll try to post a brief response:

          a) no, I grew up in Croatia/ex-Yugoslavia (although I know Russian & frequently use their Websites since they got at http://lib.ru many useful books not available in English or German)

          b) when I was 13-15 yrs old I’d read major works authored by Marx and Lenin & realized this whole stuff was a highly structured & quasi-religious pile of Utopian lies only the brain-washed or people with some fanatical streak in their psychological type/personality could sincerely believe in

          c) BUT- the vast majority just didn’t care about ideology & all that jazz. Socialist state made it impossible- for pretty long periods- for great masses of people to lose their jobs- once you got your employment, you were unassailable (if you didn’t mess with the ideology). You were secure re  pension etc. The state  provided you with decent living space- I own a house, a rather big garden & extra free space. In our country ca. 75% of people own private homes (in Germany less than 30%). 20 or 30 yrs mortgages on your house came with Capitalism. We were clueless about bonds, stock-exchange etc.; US movies came with the average 1 yr delay (but they came, all); we were- and still are- “immovable” (people traveled around the world, but when you got a job, it was 70-80% in your home town) – and you stayed put.

          Of course, the great part of it all was a sham. We borrowed money from all parts of the world; generally, we’ve been lazy & unambitious; evidently, a non-competitive & non- free market society has not much of a future. But, on a positive side: if you were not ideologically free, on the other hand you were not-so-bad taken care of. Job- you got it. Decent house- you got it. Evictions- no one could do this.

          So, some people are waxing nostalgic for those aspects of Socialism that gave them security & slow-paced, stress-free existence. Sure, it was “gray” in many areas & basically a charade. It couldn’t last indefinitely. Just- it wasn’t a harsh prison & enabled you to slip through life relatively unharmed.

    • Anonymous

      Stephanie Galonska writes:
      “This Veteran or, White Man is Sixty-Four Years Old and has seen/experienced more than his fair share AND watched his Country go from Healthy, Strong and Great to Bankrupt, Corrupt and Dead yet he fails to see or, fails to acknowledge WHY he was beat within an inch of his life.  I wonder why.”

      Jack Ryan responds: 

      We need to get away from this false nostalgia that everything was safe, White and beautiful in the past, but now everything is going downhill and there is supposedly nothing anyone can do. America ~ 1968 when this White victim was fighting in Viet Nam, ’68 America wasn’t any safe, moral, White place – the Black urban riots, crime wave, cultural Marxist rot was in full power. I would argue America has gotten better since then – I lived through New York City late 80s, early 90s – that had to be the worst. We’ve always had NW crime, urban problems, we faced them then and we will do so now. Look what the great Phily police chief, then mayor Frank Rizzo did then. We need tough Italian Americans like Frank Rizzo and get away from these nice, kind, sincere 76 year old Libertarians always talk, talk, talking about letting all Black criminals out of jail for dealing hard drugs. Anybody have a doubt what Frank Rizzo and his tough Phily cops would have done to these punks who jumped and nearly beat a decorated Viet Nam war vet to death? Frank’s boys would have made the Rodney King beating look tame in comparison. 

      • Actually, when I think of America, I think pre 1860.  I don’t mean to sound like an a-hole but I really don’t acknowledge this “america”.

        Rizzo – I believe he was successful because he responded to those people in the only manner they understood.  I happen to believe that those with a propensity for violence only understand violence.  They are unable to comprehend the meanings behind the words that are being spoken to them.

        king beating – and then there are those who will never learn, beating or no beating.  king took all of a month to commit crime again.

        • Anonymous

          Frank Rizzo, Joe Arpaio, Tom Tancredo, Morristown NJ mayor  Donald Cresitello – these tough White guys were/are strongly on our side and they don’t back down just because someone in the media/public calls them “RACIST”.

          Q: What do they have in common, besides being tough, White, anti NW crime, anti illegal immigrants?

          A: They are all Italians, Italian Americans.

          When in doubt, always go with Italians. 

          • I Stand First, with The South.  I cain’t help it.

            Italians – They’re European, Clean, Orderly and Right.  I’m alright with it.

      • Blaak Obongo

        “We need to get away from this false nostalgia that everything was safe, White and beautiful in the past, but now everything is going downhill and there is supposedly nothing anyone can do. America ~ 1968 when this White victim was fighting in Viet Nam, ’68 America wasn’t any safe, moral, White place…”

        I don’t think the “false” nostalgia you denigrate ever included the Sixties.  Certainly 1968 never figures in any of my nostalgic musings.  You need to go back further than that to find the “safe, White and beautiful” past.

        I do agree, though, that defeatists who whine that we can’t do anything about it are a drag on us all.

  • Anonymous

    view below  the photos of the black and hispanics (the media callED them INDIANS) who beat 23 yr old kevin klaas to death in philly saturday for sport

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone have mug shot photos of the teen punk suspects? I want to put together a good flyer on this to send to Viet Nam Vet groups around the country.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      dont forget. hes over sixty this means they have to be charged with elder abuse as well. you may have to sue for freedom of information to get their pictures and info as they are juveniles

  • JPF

    That is a fine idea, jackellis.  I would love to get my hands on these black savages!

  • Whole civilizations have been organized around the need to control young men and direct the raging energy- otherwise this is the result  – barbarianism.

  • who knew the worst battle he would ever face would be right here on american soil.

  • Anonymous

    My favorite sequence of comments:


    Bring back the noose.


    and Segregation.


    Amen to that.

  • Bardon Kaldian

    IMO, you- and not only you- are overestimating current US economic-political elites & their visions of future. Simply, the go with the flow & the ideology that has become dominant in post-counterculture yrs., ca. 1970s on. The entire Western civilization is now in thrall of forced universalist & globalist ideology, not unlike Communist ideology that had marked the 20th century.

    My opinion is:

    a) combined forces of a more chaotic, ungovernable world/USA & scientific (especially genetic) discoveries will dispel the myth of radically interpreted human equality, the motor of forced integration. The ideological matrix of  MLKism & libtardism will necessary have collapsed & no one will even pretend to believe in this.

    b) the best thing to do for White realists is to work in two fields: establishment of a legitimate political party (however marginal in the beginning) & hard work of propaganda & disssemination of race realist ideas among all strata of White people, based not on crude racial stereotypes, but on combination of science & emotional appeal. Essentially, this- party and propaganda- is what V.I. Lenin had done prior to the 1917. coup. Propaganda should be nuanced & AV media oriented (specialists in the field should be consulted).

    c) a not very popular idea among AR readers: White Hispanics & diluted other Caucasians who have lost religious fervor (Iranians, some white Arabs,..), plus some mixed types (a la singer Nora Jones) have to be incorporated into White race. No extreme purity is doable any more. Especially, a wedge has to be driven between White Hispanics & mestizos – don’t forger that the largest IR (or inter-cultural) marriage rate is between European & Hispanic Whites. Divide et impera. Also, a softer approach to phenotype conforming Withes  like Keanu Reeves.

    d) old-fashioned Christianity not working satisfactorily,  a hook-up culture has to be dismantled by other means of propaganda. Because this culture is the true Achilles’ heel.

    So, two basic ideas: promotion of superior White European heritage as opposed to cultural & historical relativism downplaying White accomplishment which is, basically, a lie. Murray’s: “The Human Accomplishment” distilled for masses. Plus counter-attack on moral erosion- also, the propaganda specialists should be consulted about various approaches.

    And put these ideas into practice through societal & political activism.

  • Anonymous

    yes freedom of information act and you also can go as as an observer to court hearings and cases

  • Anonymous
  • “advocacy” groups.  The “poor” must be “helped”…

  • Anonymous

    A lot of  anger that will fizzle out and lead nowhere. 

    Passivity and surrender aside, only electoral politics or armed revolt can lead to a solution. You need only look at the recent history of Ireland (which shouldn’t seem too culturally alien) to see that this is true. 

    The Anglo-American plurality voting system marginalizes the minority that doesn’t fall for the lies and fantasies promoted by the media/education system. If you’re in the un-PC minority (everything to the right of the neocons) you need low threshold PR in order to organize politically in an effective way. Look to Europe (True Finns, Swiss People’s Party, Lega Nord, etc.) to see how this produces political leadership a lot better than that offered by Ron Paul. What this boils down to is that people should use local home rule powers and initiative/referendum to get low threshold PR adopted at the local and state level. I know it sounds crazy, but I think it makes more sense than something like starting a new separatist church-militia in rural Texas or northern Idaho.

    Oh, and this talk you hear of “cultural groups” and “pressure groups” as an alternative (instead of a supplement ) to politics is nonsense. Someone show me an historical example of this working.

  • Anonymous

    I made a one page PDF flyer for this story, which I encourage activists here to send/attach to various veterans/patriots/regular folks who care about crime.


    E-mail me if you have problems downloading this PDF file.

  • BunnyOle

    just like the animals they are

  • BunnyOle

    This is true and I just read a comment on another story from yahoo where one woman literally said: black people can’t be racist because they were not ‘the oppressors’  – I replied to her that the belief that racism is only directly linked to ‘those who oppress’ is wrong, and also something new invented by blacks to avoid gaining the label of racist.  They also use it now for religious animosity and one black guy said “yeah, see if I didn’t like that guy over there because he was gay, then I’d be racist against him for being gay”  XD XD XD  So the word has virtually NO meaning any more.