No Parade in Hoboken to Celebrate St. Patrick’s

James Barron, New York Times, January 13, 2012

There will not be a St. Patrick’s Day parade in Hoboken, N.J., this year, but organizers say they may go elsewhere to march.

The private committee that organizes the parade canceled the 1.1-mile-long march because the mayor, Dawn Zimmer, wanted it held on a weekday, not a Saturday. It had been planned for March 3.

Last year the police arrested 34 people after the parade, and two women told the authorities that they were sexually assaulted.

Many of the charges involved punching police officers. Some involved vandalism—breaking a screen window with a bat, for example. In another instance, partiers on a balcony threw a flower pot on firefighters answering a call about a backyard blaze.

Mayor Zimmer said one woman noted that a frustrated partygoer smashed the door of her building when he could not get in. “She said it had survived the riots in Hoboken decades ago, but it did not survive Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day,” Ms. Zimmer said. “The aftermath of the parade has been a disaster. It was out of hand.”

For 25 years, the parade stepped off on the first Saturday in March, a day the parade organizers settled on to accommodate bagpipers and bands with other commitments closer to March 17. Bill Coughlin, a spokesman for the parade committee, said the performers would be unavailable on a weekday. “The vast majority, these are people with regular jobs” who take time off only for the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Manhattan, he said.



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  • The mayor, Dawn Zimmer, is a Jew.

  • Anonymous

    It figures that a Jew would value property over people.

  • Anonymous

    I really try hard to promote international Indo – European White unity…. But, sad to say.. the Irish are terrible drunks – hooligans here in Chicago on St. Patrick’s day. I attended the South Side Chicago Irish parade on St. Patrick’s day 3 years ago, must have been 300,000 people, and 299,999 drunks! Didn’t see any parade, cultural celebrations besides people puking and trashing the streets – glad to see there were many “Paddy Wagons” to handle the over supply of drunk Paddys that day and I note that the parade has been cancelled for 3 years. They want to bring it back this year. 

    I like lots of things Irish – just am a bit careful of my Irish ex wife Joan – Irish from Manchester England – yeah, the Irish get around everywhere. 

    Are the Irish “White”?

    This question has been talked about for centuries. 

    • Anonymous

      I generally agree about the parade but I must point out that the overwhelming majority of people at Paddy’s Day parades are not Irish. It’s mostly idiot college kids who think they’re being cool by downing too much Guinness (yuck) and puking in the street. Real Irish don’t need a parade to show that they’re degenerate alcoholics.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed. I was trying to be a bit funny, and I was “under the influence” of beer myself when I wrote that hit piece on the Irish.


        Still, the South Side St.Patrick’s Day parade was a terrible mess the last time it was held, yeah – idiot college punks. For some reason St. Patrick’s Day has become a drunk holiday.

      • In a few weeks, St. Louis and New Orleans will hold a similar event:  Mardi Gras.

        Almost all of these people partying aren’t Catholics who want to party down before Lent.

        Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day and Cinco de Mayo have become nothing more than excuses to drink and party.

    • Zorro

      Are the English “White” ? The way they suck up to all the Minorities, one could never really tell.

  • Anonymous

    23 yr old beaten to death by mob in philly entertainment district

  • Anonymous

    St. Patrick was a Christian (not a Catholic), and he was a Scot that was taken into captivity in Ireland.  Just a little FYI.

    (Kiss me, I’m Scottish?  LOL  Funny thing is, I am!)

    • Palnatoki

      A Celt is a Celt.

      • Anonymous

        True.  I’m of Scottish descent and my husband is part Irish.

        It’s interesting, though, how your average Joe takes advantage of the day to be proud of whatever Irish heritage he has.  Supposedly (if my genealogical information is accurage) I’m descended from Niall of the Nine Hostages, so that’s how far back mine goes!

    • Conan

      He was Welsh actually.

  • Anonymous

    Just as White people always looking for an official excuse to tie one on are the only people in the world who celebrate Cinco de Mayo, except for the town in Mexico where the battle was fought, St. Patrick’s Day is just another day in Ireland.

    It’s a puffed-up American holiday designed by cynical politicians trying to court the Shamrock vote, and the people who love it the most are people who sell beer with green food coloring.

    • You might want to recheck your facts. St.Patrick’s day is far from “just another day” in Ireland. Just like in large U.S. cities, parades in Dublin pull 100’s of thousands of people. These celebrations also usually start a few days before. A simple Google search will pull up hundreds of photos of these events in Ireland. They hold their alcohol much better then the college kids who attend most the events here in the states.

      • Anonymous

        It appears you are both correct. 

        Damned History Channel….

  • Anonymous

    Just excellent.  I descend from Scandinavian and Italian stock but my stepfather is Irish.  It was he that taught me what a man should be; I’d say I’m a little bit Irish myself by nurture.

    I couldn’t imagine life without my spouse, nee Donohoe.  She restored my faith in White women.  And her people are the absolute salt of the Earth, cantankerous and impulsive though they are, their loyalty is never in question.

    And it’s not like the English lack a reputation for debauchery.  Was it Wellington or Nelson who said the men under his charge were the “scum of the earth”?  Do we hear more about Irish football fans or English football fans?

  • The problems in this parade are as much about being in New Jersey as they are about St. Patrick’s Day.

  • Zorro

    Even our own Heritage Parade is sullied by Minorities, trying to be what they can never be.